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12019The Blue Green Sensory Rhodopsin SRM from Haloarcula marismortui Attenuates Both Phototactic Responses Mediated by Sensory Rhodopsin I and II in Halobacterium salinarumJ. L. Chen; Y. C. Lin; H. Y. Fu; C. S. Yang Journal Article00
22019Optogenetic Modulation and Reprogramming of Bacteriorhodopsin Transfected Human Fibroblasts on Self Assembled Fullerene C60 NanosheetsP. W. Luo; H. W. Han; C. S. Yang ; L. K. Shrestha; K. Ariga; S. H. HsuJournal Article13
32019Potential of Engineered Bacteriorhodopsins as Photoactivated Biomaterials in Modulating Neural Stem Cell BehaviorH. W. Han; L. N. Ko; C. S. Yang ; S. H. HsuJournal Article00
42018Overexpression of Different Types of Microbial Rhodopsins with a Highly Expressible Bacteriorhodopsin from Haloarcula marismortui as a Single Protein in E coliC. H. Tu; H. P. Yi; S. Y. Hsieh; H. S. Lin; C. S. Yang Journal Article00
52018Complete Genome Sequence of a New Halophilic Archaeon, Haloarcula taiwanensis, Isolated from a Solar Saltern in Southern TaiwanP. C. Chen; T. W. Chen; Y. A. Han; W. V. Ng; C. S. Yang Journal Article00
62018Non viral delivery of an optogenetic tool into cells with self healing hydrogelF. Y. Hsieh; H. W. Han; X. R. Chen; C. S. Yang ; Y. Wei; S. H. HsuJournal Article78
72017Schiff Base Proton Acceptor Assists Photoisomerization of Retinal Chromophores in BacteriorhodopsinC. C. Hung; X. R. Chen; Y. K. Ko; T. Kobayashi; C. S. Yang ; A. YabushitaJournal Article11
82016A Unique Light Driven Proton Transportation Signal in Halorhodopsin from Natronomonas pharaonisX. R. Chen; Y. C. Huang; H. P. Yi; C. S. Yang Journal Article66
92015Structural and Functional Studies of a Newly Grouped Haloquadratum walsbyi Bacteriorhodopsin Reveal the Acid resistant Light driven Proton Pumping ActivityM. F. Hsu; H. Y. Fu; C. J. Cai; H. P. Yi; C. S. Yang ; A. H. J. WangJournal Article66
102014Evaluation of allelic strength of human TET2 mutations and cooperation between Tet2 knockdown and oncogenic Nras mutationCHII-SHEN YANG journal article1111
112014Photochemistry of a dual-bacteriorhodopsin system in haloarcula marismortui: HmbRI and HmbRIICHII-SHEN YANG journal article55
122013A transducer for microbial sensory rhodopsin that adopts GTG as a start codon is identified in Haloarcula marismortuiCHII-SHEN YANG journal article22
132013Insight into a single halobacterium using a dual-bacteriorhodopsin system with different functionally optimized pH ranges to cope with periplasmic pH changes associated with continuous light illuminationCHII-SHEN YANG journal article99
142013Using Haloarcula marismortui Bacteriorhodopsin as a Fusion Tag for Enhancing and Visible Expression of Integral Membrane Proteins in Escherichia coliCHII-SHEN YANG journal article2726
152012Fluorescence-based assay probing regulator of G protein signaling partner proteinsHuang, Po-Shiun; Yeh, Hsin-Sung; Yi, Hsiu-Ping; Lin, Chain-Jia; Yang, Chii-Shen journal article11
162012Ser262 determines the chloride-dependent colour tuning of a new halorhodopsin from Haloquadratum walsbyiCHII-SHEN YANG journal article56
172012Codon changed immobilization antigen (iAg), a potent DNA vaccine in fish against Cryptocaryon irritans infectionCHII-SHEN YANG journal article1415
182011Crystal structures of Bacillus alkaline phytase in complex with divalent metal ions and inositol hexasulfateJE-RUEI LIU ; Zeng, YF; Ko, TP; CHII-SHEN YANG ; Lai, HL; Cheng, YS; Wu, TH; Ma, Y; Chen, CC; Yang, CS; Cheng, KJ; Huang, CH; Guo, RT; Liu, JR.journal article1921
192010Effects of Dimer Formation Efficiency on the Potency and Thermostability in Ganoderma Fungal Immunomodulatory ProteinsHsu, Min-Feng; Lin, Chian-Wan; Wu, Ming-Yueh; Huang, Ching-Shin; Fu, Hsu-Yuan; Hseu, Ruey-Shyang; Wang, Andrew H-J; Huang, Ching-Tsan ; Yang, Chii-Shen 
202010Two isochromatic light-driven proton transporters in a six-rhodopsin system in a single archaeonFu, Hsu-Yuan; Lin, Yu-Cheng; Tseng, Hsiaochu; Huang, Ching-Che; Chang, Yung-Ning; Liu, Kang-Cheng; Huang, Ching-Shin; Su, Che-Wei; Weng, Rueyhung Roc; Ng, Wailap Victor; Yang, Chii-Shen 
212010A Novel Six-Rhodopsin System in a Single ArchaeonFu, Hsu-Yuan; Lin, Yu-Cheng; Chang, Yung-Ning; Tseng, Hsiaochu; Huang, Ching-Che; Liu, Kang-Cheng; Huang, Ching-Shin; Su, Che-Wei; Weng, Rueyhung Roc; Lee, Yin-Yu; Ng, Wailap Victor; Yang, Chii-Shen journal article3434
222010Phototaxis of Haloarcula marismortui Revealed Through a Novel Microbial Motion Analysis AlgorithmLin, Yu-Cheng; Fu, Hsu-Yuan; Yang, Chii-Shen journal article54
232009Fluorescently modified AtRGS1 protein unveiled the third alpha helical domain inte4racts with ground state AtGPA1Huang, Ching-Shin; Huang, Po-Shiun; Yang, Chii-Shen 
242009Insights into the catalytic properties of bamboo vacuolar invertase through mutational analysis of active site residuesChen, Tai-Hung; Huang, Yu-Chiao; Yang, Chii-Shen ; Yang, Chien-Chih ; Wang, Ai-Yu ; Sung, Hsien-Yijournal article2423
252007Cloning and Expression of Six Photoreceptors from Haloarcula marismortuiHsu-Yuan Fu; Jer-Wei Su; Chii-Shen Yang 
262007Real-time monitoring of plant AtRGS1 protein interaction with plant G-alpha protein, AtGPA1Ching-Shin Huang; Yu-Chen Lin ; Yi-Che Chen; Chii-Shen Yang 
272006Upper mantle structure beneath the Azores hotspot from finite-frequency seismic tomographyYang, Ting ; Shen, Yang ; Lee, Suzan van der; Solomon, Sean C.; Hung, Shu-Huei journal article9285
282005Erratum: The cytoplasmic membrane-proximal domain of the HtrII transducer interacts with the E-F loop of photoactivated Natronomonas pharaonis sensory rhodopsin II (Journal of Biological Chemistry (2004) 279 (42970-42976))Yang C.-S.; Sineshchekov O.; Spudich E.N.; Spudich J.L.; CHII-SHEN YANG others
292005FBW2 targets GCMa to the ubiquitin-proteasome degradation systemYang, C. S.; Yu, C. C.; Chuang, H. C.; Chang, C. W.; Chang, G. D.; Yao, T. P.; Chen, H. W.; CHII-SHEN YANG journal article38
302004The cytoplasmic membrane-proximal domain of the HtrII transducer interacts with the E-F loop of photoactivated Natronomonas pharaonis sensory rhodopsin IICHII-SHEN YANG journal article3734
312004Imaging seismic velocity structure beneath the Iceland hot spot: A finite frequency approachHung, Shu-Huei ; Shen, Yang ; Chiao, Ling-Yun journal article10396
322001Light-induced structural changes occur in the transmembrane helices of the Natronobacterium pharaonis HtrII transducerYang C.-S.; Spudich J.L.; CHII-SHEN YANG journal article3835
332000Retinylidene proteins: Structures and functions from archaea to humansCHII-SHEN YANG book437424
342000Fluorescent probes as indicators of conformation changes in transducin on activationCHII-SHEN YANG book
351999The α-helical domain of Gα(t) determines specific interaction with regulator of G protein signaling 9CHII-SHEN YANG journal article6362
361999Conformational changes at the carboxyl terminus of Gα occur during G protein activationCHII-SHEN YANG journal article4341
371998Molecular basis for interactions of G protein βΓ subunits with effectorsCHII-SHEN YANG journal article350340
381997Molecular basis for gβγ-effector interaction: Structural correlation with ga binding siteCHII-SHEN YANG journal article