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12019A Potential Antifungal Effect of Chitosan Against Candida albicans Is Mediated via the Inhibition of SAGA Complex Component Expression and the Subsequent Alteration of Cell Surface IntegrityP. Y. Shih; Y. T. Liao; Y. K. Tseng; F. S. Deng; C. H. Lin Journal Article00
22018Identification and characterization of ORF19.1725, a novel gene contributing to the white cell pheromone response and virulence-associated functions in Candida albicansCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article22
32018Cpp1 phosphatase mediated signaling crosstalk between Hog1 and Cek1 mitogen activated protein kinases is involved in the phenotypic transition in Candida albicansF. S. Deng; C. H. Lin Journal Article32
42018Chitosan Inhibits the Rehabilitation of Damaged Microbes Induced by Photodynamic InactivationC. H. Lin ; H. F. Chien; M. H. Lin; C. P. Chen; M. Shen; C. T. ChenJournal Article22
52017Cpp1 phosphatase mediated signaling crosstalk between Hog1 and Cek1 mitogen-activated protein kinases is involved in the phenotypic transition in Candida albicansCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article32
62016The conserved dual phosphorylation sites of the Candida albicans Hog1 protein are crucial for white-opaque switching, mating, and pheromone-stimulated cell adhesion.CHING-HSUAN LIN journal article76
72014Interactions of MAP Kinases, Histidine Kinase and YAP1 in the Citrus Fungal Pathogen Alternaria alternataCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article
82014A novel function for Hog1 Stress-Activated protein kinase in controlling white-opaque switching and mating in candida albicansCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article1514
92013A nonribosomal peptide synthetase mediates siderophore production and virulence in the citrus fungal pathogen Alternaria alternataCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article2324
102013Genetic Control of Conventional and Pheromone-Stimulated Biofilm Formation in Candida albicansCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article5148
112012Roles for SKN7 response regulator in stress resistance, conidiation and virulence in the citrus pathogen Alternaria alternataCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article2930
122011The SLT2 mitogen-activated protein kinase-mediated signalling pathway governs conidiation, morphogenesis, fungal virulence and production of toxin and melanin in the tangerine pathotype of Alternaria alternataCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article3737
132011Defining pheromone-receptor signaling in Candida albicans and related asexual Candida speciesCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article1211
142011Cellular responses required for oxidative stress tolerance, colonization, and lesion formation by the necrotrophic fungus Alternaria alternata in CitrusCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article3030
152011Gene inactivation in the citrus pathogenic fungus Alternaria alternata defect at the Ku70 locus associated with non-homologous end joiningCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article1211
162010The FUS3 MAPK signaling pathway of the citrus pathogen Alternaria alternata functions independently or cooperatively with the fungal redox-responsive AP1 regulator for diverse developmental, physiological and pathogenic processesCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article3030
172010Specialized and shared functions of the histidine kinase- and HOG1 MAP kinase-mediated signaling pathways in Alternaria alternata, a filamentous fungal pathogen of citrusCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article5555
182010A Gα subunit gene is essential for conidiation and potassium efflux but dispensable for pathogenicity of Alternaria alternata on citrusCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article1516
192010Characterization of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris heat shock protein A (HspA), which possesses an intrinsic ability to reactivate inactivated proteinsCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article86
202009The YAP1 homolog-mediated oxidative stress tolerance is crucial for pathogenicity of the necrotrophic fungus alternaria alternata in citrusCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article7469
212009Coordinate control of oxidative stress tolerance, vegetative growth, and fungal pathogenicity via the AP1 pathway in the rough lemon pathotype of Alternaria alternataCHING-HSUAN LIN journal article2929
222007Characterization of a novel T4-type Stenotrophomonas maltophilia virulent phage Smp14CHING-HSUAN LIN journal article1818