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12016Degree three unramified cohomology groupsMING-CHANG KANG journal article22
22015Invariants of wreath products and subgroups of S<inf>6</inf>MING-CHANG KANG journal article44
32015Noether's problem for groups of order 243HUAH CHU ; MING-CHANG KANG journal article66
42014The Bogomolov multiplier of rigid finite groupsMING-CHANG KANG journal article99
52014Rational invariants for subgroups of S5 and S7MING-CHANG KANG journal article33
62014Quasi-monomial actions and some 4-dimensional rationality problemsMING-CHANG KANG journal article43
72014Bogomolov multipliers and retract rationality for semidirect productsMING-CHANG KANG journal article77
82013Frobenius groups and retract rationalityMING-CHANG KANG journal article11
92013Noether's problem and unramified brauer groupsMING-CHANG KANG book1916
102012Retract rational fieldsKang, Ming-chang ; MING-CHANG KANG journal article1313
112012Noether's problem for y Ŝ4 and y Ŝ5MING-CHANG KANG journal article10
122012Noether's problem for the groups with a cyclic subgroup of index 4MING-CHANG KANG journal article32
132012The rationality problem for finite subgroups of GL 4(Q)MING-CHANG KANG journal article43
142012Noether’s problem for S? 4 and S? 5Kang, Ming-Chang ; Zhou, Jianjournal article
152012The rationality problem for finite subgroups of GL4(Q)Kang, Ming-Chang ; Zhou, Jianjournal article
162012Noether’s problem for groups with a cyclic subgroup of index 4Kang, Ming-Chang ; Michailov, Ivo; Zhou, Jianjournal article
172011A note on projective normalityChu, Huah ; HUAH CHU ; Hu, Shou-Jen; Kang, Ming-Chang journal article32
182011Noether's problem for p-groups with a cyclic subgroup of index p2Kang, Ming-chang ; MING-CHANG KANG journal article1313
192010Noether's problem and the unramified brauer group for groups of order 64Chu, Huah ; HUAH CHU ; Hu, Shou-Jen; MING-CHANG KANG ; Kang, Ming-chang ; Kunyavskii, Boris E.journal article2425
202010Bezout's Theorem and ideals of terminal formsKang, Ming-chang ; MING-CHANG KANG journal article00
212010Rationality of three-dimensional quotients by monomial actionsKang, Ming-chang ; MING-CHANG KANG ; Prokhorov, Yuri G.journal article77
222010Twisted symmetric group actionsHoshi, Akinari; MING-CHANG KANG ; Huang, Yu-Tsung; Kang, Ming-chang ; Liao, Chun-Hsing; Teng, Lee-Jene ; Hsu, Hsin-Sui; Hsueh, Po-Ren ; 薛博仁 ; 鄧麗珍 journal article66
232010Noether’s problem for some p-groupsMING-CHANG KANG book50
242009Retract rationality and Noether's problemMING-CHANG KANG journal article97
252009Reduction theorems for noether's problemMING-CHANG KANG ; Kang, M.C.; Plans, B.journal article1515
262009Some primitive linear groups of prime degree in memory of walter feitMING-CHANG KANG ; Shi, Jianyi; Zhang, Jiping; Yau, Stephen S. T.; Yu, Yung; Kang, M. C.journal article11
272009Rationality problem for some meta-abelian groupsMING-CHANG KANG ; Kang, M. C.journal article1412
282008不變量理論(3/3)康明昌 report
292008Kaplansky's lecture notesMING-CHANG KANG journal article
302008Groups with essential dimension oneMING-CHANG KANG book
312008A rationality problem of some Cremona transformationMING-CHANG KANG ; Hoshi, A; Kang, M.C.journal article11
322008A central extension theorem for essential dimensionsMING-CHANG KANG ; Kang, M. C.journal article30
332008Noether's problem for groups of order 32HUAH CHU ; MING-CHANG KANG journal article2623
342007Some rationality problems revisitedKang, Ming-Chang conference paper
352007A rationality problem of certain A4Kang, Ming-Chang conference paper
362006Fixed fields of triangular matrix groupsMING-CHANG KANG journal article88
372006Noether's problem for metacyclic p-groupsMING-CHANG KANG journal article1512
382005逆Galois問題與有理性問題(3/3)康明昌 report
392005Noether's problem for dihedral 2-groups IIMING-CHANG KANG journal article
402005Some group actions on K(x1, x2, x3)MING-CHANG KANG journal article
412005A variant of the Reynolds operatorHUAH CHU ; MING-CHANG KANG journal article11
422005Actions of dihedral groupsKang, Ming-Chang conference paper
432004逆Galois問題與有理性問題(2/3)康明昌 ; Kang, Ming-Chang report
442004Noether problem for Dihedral-2GroupsChu, Huah ; Hu, Shou-Jen; Kang, Ming-chang journal article
452004Introduction to Noether's Problem for Dihedral GroupsMING-CHANG KANG journal article
462004Rationality problem of GL4 group actionsMING-CHANG KANG journal article1111
472004Noether's problem for dihedral 2-groupsHUAH CHU ; MING-CHANG KANG journal article1817
482003逆Galois問題與有理性問題(1/3)康明昌 report
492002有理性問題與Galois理論(3/3)康明昌 report
502002Quartic fields and radical extensionsHUAH CHU ; MING-CHANG KANG journal article00
512002Addendum to "Almost Cohen-Macaulay Modules"MING-CHANG KANG journal article45
522001有理性問題與Galois理論(2/3)康明昌 report
532001Almost Cohen-Macaulay modulesMING-CHANG KANG journal article1211
542001Rationality of P-group actionsHUAH CHU ; MING-CHANG KANG journal article3230
552000有理性問題與Galois理論(1/3)康明昌 report
562000Rationality of some projective linear actionsMING-CHANG KANG journal article4142
571999不變量與交換代數(3/3)康明昌 report
581999Chiungtze C. Tsen (1898-1940) and Tsen's theoremsMING-CHANG KANG journal article
591999A note on cyclotomic polynomialsMING-CHANG KANG journal article
601999Generation of invariantsMING-CHANG KANG journal article
611998不變量與交換代數(2/3)康明昌 report
621998The rationality problem of finite group actionsKang, Ming-Chang conference paper
631998Negligibility of Projective Linear AutomorphismsMING-CHANG KANG journal article33
641998Integral representations of cyclic groups of order p2MING-CHANG KANG journal article
651997不變量與交換代數(1/3)康明昌 report
661997Minimal Polynomial over Cyclotomic FieldsKang, Ming-Chang journal article
671997Twisted Actions of Symmetric GroupsMING-CHANG KANG journal article44
681997Integral representations of some p-groupsKang, Ming-Chang ; Boulagouaz, M.; Tignol, J. P.; Dekker, Marcelconference paper
691996不變量研究專題(II)康明昌 report
701996Group Actions of Some Aubgroups of Parabolic SubgroupsKang, Ming-Chang journal article
711996Group actions of some subgroups of parabolic subgroupsMING-CHANG KANG journal article00
721996Efficient generation of the ring of invariantsMING-CHANG KANG journal article77
731996Multiplicative Actions of Finite GroupsKang, Ming-Chang conference paper
741995近世代數康明昌 book
751995不變量研究專題(I)康明昌 report
761995Central Graded Division AlgebrasMING-CHANG KANG ; Kang, M. C.journal article00
771995Some Actions of Symmetrical GroupsMING-CHANG KANG journal article4846
781994對稱群之不變量康明昌 report
791994Azumaya p-AlgebrasKang, Ming-Chang conference paper
801994高中數學康明昌 ; 余文卿; 鄭國順book
811994Finite Group Actions on Rational Function FieldsKang, Ming-Chang conference paper
821994Three-Dimensional Purely Monomial Group ActionsMING-CHANG KANG journal article2828
831994Function Fields of Conics as Invariant SubfieldsMING-CHANG KANG journal article44
841993台大康明昌教授出席「Galois群問題之最新進展研討會」康明昌 report
851993有理性問題康明昌 report
861992A note on the birational cancellation problemMING-CHANG KANG journal article32
871992Finite group actions on rational function fieldsMING-CHANG KANG journal article2525
881991有理函數體之變換群康明昌 report
891990Constructions of Brauer-Severi Varieties and Norm HypersurfacesKang, Ming-Chang conference paper
901990Abhyankar-Moh's Epimorphism TheoremKang, Ming-Chang conference paper
911989The invariants of projective linear group actionsMING-CHANG KANG journal article11
921989Metacyclic AlgebrasKang, Ming-Chang conference paper
931989Algebra, Analysis and Geometry康明昌 ; Lih, Ko-Wei; Kang, Ming-Chang ; Lih, Ko-Weiconference paper
941988Metacyclic p-algebrasMING-CHANG KANG journal article00
951988The corestriction of p-symbolsMING-CHANG KANG journal article00
961988幾個有名的數學問題康明昌 book
971987The cancellation problemMING-CHANG KANG journal article23
981987The biregular cancellation problemMING-CHANG KANG ; Kang, M. C.journal article11
991986p-Algebras over an algebraic function field over a perfect fieldMING-CHANG KANG journal article10
1001985微積分入門康明昌 book
1011982Algebra, Analysis and Geometry康明昌 ; Lih, Ko-Weibook
1021980Projective Modules over Some Rings of InvariantsKang, Ming-Chang journal article
1031979Picard groups of some rings of invariantsMING-CHANG KANG journal article1010
1041979Projective modules over some polynomial ringsMING-CHANG KANG journal article1111
1051974Brauer群康明昌 ; 朱樺; Kang, Ming-Chang ; Chu, Huah report