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12022Bulbophyllum ×omerumbellatum, a natural hybrid of B. umbellatum and B. omerandrumTSAN-PIAO LIN TAIWANIA11
22022Bulbophyllum cryptomeriicola, a new orchid species of TaiwanYu, SK; Wang, CM; Wang, KH; TSAN-PIAO LIN TAIWANIA00
32019Newly discovered native orchids of Taiwan (XIV)Yung-I LEE ; Yu, S.-K.; Liao, P.-C.; Wang, K.-H.; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwania22
42019Newly discovered native orchids of Taiwan (XIII)Huang, Da-Ming; Chen, Ya-Te; Wang, Kuo-Hsiung; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwania00
52018Newly discovered native orchids of Taiwan (XII)Wang, Wei Jen; Chen, Ren Jye; Wang, Kuo Hsiung; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwania01
62018Newly discovered native orchids of Taiwan (XI)Hsieh, Fang Mei; Shen, Po Neng; Liu, Ching Hwang; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwania22
72017Newly discovered native orchids of Taiwan (X)TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Huang, Da MingTaiwania22
82017Newly discovered native orchids of Taiwan (IX)TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwania22
92017UBC18 mediates ERF1 degradation under light–dark cyclesCheng, Mei Chun ; Kuo, Wen Chieh; Wang, Yi Ming; Chen, Hsing Yu; TSAN-PIAO LIN New Phytologist1918
102016Complete list of the native orchids of Taiwan and their type informationLin, T.P.; Liu, H.Y.; Hsieh, C.F.; TSAN-PIAO LIN TAIWANIA3731
112015Increased glutathione contributes to stress tolerance and global translational changes in ArabidopsisCheng, M.C., Ko, K., Chang, W.L., Kuo, W.C., Chen, G.H., Lin, T.P.; Ko, K.; Chang, W.-L.; Kuo, W.-C.; Chen, G.-H.; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; MEI-CHUN CHENG Plant Journal127109
122015Newly discovered native orchids of taiwan (VIII)=臺灣新發現的野生蘭(VIII)TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwania11
132014Newly Discovered Native Orchids of Taiwan (VII)=臺灣新發現的野生蘭 (VII)TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwania60
142013Newly Discovered Native Orchids of Taiwan (VI)=臺灣新發現的野生蘭(VI)TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Yan-Ni ChangTaiwania60
152013The Arabidopsis ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR1 regulates abiotic stress-responsive gene expression by binding to different cis-acting elements in response to different stress signalsCheng, M.C., Liao, P.M., Kuo, W.W., Lin, T.P.; Liao, P.-M.; Kuo, W.-W.; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; MEI-CHUN CHENG Plant Physiology406374
162013Functional characterization of an abiotic stress-inducible transcription factor AtERF53 in Arabidopsis thalianaHsieh, E.J.; MEI-CHUN CHENG ; TSAN-PIAO LIN Plant Molecular Biology7970
172012Newly Discovered Native Orchids of Taiwan (V)=臺灣新發現的野生蘭 (五)TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Shu-Hui WuTAIWANIA 00
182012Drought and Salt Stress Tolerance of an Arabidopsis Glutathione S-Transferase U17 Knockout Mutant Are Attributed to the Combined Effect of Glutathione and Abscisic AcidChen, Jui-Hung; Jiang, Han-Wei; Hsieh, En-Jung; Chen, Hsing-Yu; Chien, Ching-Te; Hsieh, Hsu-Liang ; Lin, Tsan-Piao Plant Physiology269231
192011Newly Discovered Native Orchids of Taiwan (IV)=臺灣新發現的野生蘭(IV)Tsan-Piao Lin ; Wei-Min LinTaiwania00
202011Two soybean (Glycine max L.) GmPM proteins reduce liposome leakage during desiccationYang, Shu-Yi ; Shih, Ming-Der; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Hsing, Yue-Ie C.Botanical Studies2
212011Structural and Functional Assays of AtTLP18.3 Identify Its Novel Acid Phosphatase Activity in Thylakoid LumenWu, Hsin-Yi; Liu, Mao-Sen; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Cheng, Yi-Sheng Plant Physiology 00
222011Molecular characterization of TLP 18.3 gene of Arabidopsis thalianaAnsari, Mohammad Israil; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Liu, Mao-SenInternational Journal of Integrative Biology6
232010Geographical variation and differential selection modes of paralogs of chloroplast small heat shock protein genes in Machilus kusanoi (Lauraceae)Chung, Jeng-Der; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Cheng, Yu-Pin; Hwang, Shih-YingBotanical Studies 
242010Reexamination of the pattern of geographical disjunction of Chamaecyparis (Cupressaceae) in North America and East AsiaLiao, Pei-Chun; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Hwang, Shih-YingBotanical Studies 
252010Historical spatial range expansion and a very recent bottleneck of Cinnamomum kanehirae Hay. (Lauraceae) in Taiwan inferred from nuclear genesLiao, Pei-Chun; Kuo, Dai-Chang; Lin, Chia-Chia; Ho, Kuo-Chieh; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Hwang, Shih-YingBMC Evolutionary Biology6051
262010Duplication of the class i cytosolic small heat shock protein gene and potential functional divergence revealed by sequence variations flanking the α-crystallin domain in the genus Rhododendron (Ericaceae)Liao, Pei-Chun; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Lan, Wei-Chieh; Chung, Jeng-Der; Hwang, Shih-YingAnnals of Botany86
272010Two genetic divergence centers revealed by chloroplastic DNA variation in populations of Cinnamomum kanehirae HayKuo, Dai-Chang; Lin, Chia-Chia; Ho, Kuo-Chieh; Cheng, Yu-Pin; Hwang, Shih-Ying; Lin, Tsan-Piao Conservation Genetics1410
282009Newly discovered native orchids of Taiwan (III)=臺灣新發現的野生蘭(三)TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Wei-Min LinTaiwania00
302008Arabidposis thaliana不同生態型CBF基因內啟動子與譯碼區之序列多樣性與功能差異表現相關性之研究 (新制多年期第1年)林讚標 
322008Arabidposis thaliana不同生態型CBF基因內啟動子與譯碼區之序列多樣性與功能差異表現相關性之研究 (新制多年期第2年)林讚標 
332008Molecular Evolution of the Pi-ta Gene Resistant to Rice Blast in Wild Rice (Oryza rufipogon)Huang, Chun-Lin; Hwang, Shih-Ying; Chiang, Yu-Chung; Lin, Tsan-Piao Genetics7268
342008Molecular population genetics and gene expression analysis of duplicated CBF genes of Arabidopsis thalianaLin, Yen-Heng; Hwang, Shih-Ying; Hsu, Po-Yen; Chiang, Yu-Chung; Huang, Chun-Lin; Wang, Chun-Neng ; Lin, Tsan-Piao BMC Plant Biology2322
352008Constitutive Components and Induced Gene Expression are Involved in the Desiccation Tolerance of Selaginella tamariscinaLiu, Mao-Sen; Chien, Ching-Te; Lin, Tsan-Piao Plant and Cell Physiology5349
362007Phylogeographic study reveals the origin and evolutionary history of a Rhododendron species complex in TaiwanChung, Jeng-Der; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Chen, Yu-Ling; Cheng, Yu-Pin; Hwang, Shih-YingMolecular Phylogenetics and Evolution2624
372007Uniform genetic diversity, low differentiation, and neutral evolution characterize contemporary refuge populations of Taiwan fir (Abies kawakamii, Pinaceae)Shih, Fu-Lung; Hwang, Shih-Ying; Cheng, Yu-Pin; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Lin, Tsan-Piao American Journal of Botany1818
382007Intermediate storage behaviour and the effect of prechilling on germination of Japanese Zelkova (Zelkova serrata) seedsYang, Jeng Chuann; Kuo, Shingrong; TSAN-PIAO LIN Seed Science and Technology95
392007Divergent Evolution of the Chloroplast Small Heat Shock Protein Gene in the Genera Rhododendron (Ericaceae) and Machilus (Lauraceae)Wu, Miao-Lun; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Lin, Min-Yi; Cheng, Yu-Pin; Hwang, Shih-YingAnnals of Botany89
402006Allozyme variation of populations of Castanopsis carlesii (Fagaceae) revealing the diversity centres and areas of the greatest divergence in Taiwan.Cheng, YP; Hwang, SY; Chiou, WL; Lin, TP; CHENG, YU-PIN; HWANG, SHIH-YING; CHIOU, WEN-LIANG; TSAN-PIAO LIN Ann Bot-London88
412006昆?樹之巢?支序分析黃星凡; ?讚標 Taiwania 
422006Seed storage behavior and germination of fragrant manjack (Cordia dichotoma G. Forst.) and chinese hackberry (Celtis sinensis Pers.)Jeng-Chuann Yang; Shing-Rong Kuo; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwan Journal of Forest Science
432006昆欄樹之巢狀支序分析林讚標 ; 黃星凡; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Huang, Shing-FanTaiwania 
442006Partial concordance between nuclear and organelle DNA in revealing the genetic divergence among Quercus glauca (Fagaceae) populations in TaiwanShih, F.L.; Cheng, Y.P.; Hwang, S.Y.; TSAN-PIAO LIN International Journal of Plant Sciences98
452006Seed storage behavior of taiwan cow-tail fir (keteleeria davidiana (franchet) beissner var. formosana hayata)Yang, Jeng-Chuann; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Kuo, Shing-RongTaiwan Journal of Forest Science
462006Comparison of phospholipids and their fatty acids in recalcitrant and orthodox seedsLiu, M. S.; Chang, C. Y.; TSAN-PIAO LIN Seed Science and Technology1010
472006Nested Phylogeographical Clade Analysis of Trochodendron aralioides (Trochodendraceae) in TaiwanHuang, Shing-Fan; Lin, Tsan-Piao Taiwania 
482006Newly Discovered Native Orchids of Taiwan=台灣新發現的野生蘭Lin, Wei-Min; Kuo Huang, Ling-Long ; Lin, Tsan-Piao Taiwania 0
492006Seed storage behavior of Sapium discolor Muell.-Arg. and Bischofia javanica blumeYang, Jeng-Chuann; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Kuo, Shing-RongTaiwan Journal of Forest Science
502006Migration of Trochodendron aralioides (Trochodendraceae) in Taiwan and Its Adjacent AreasHuang, Shing-Fan; Lin, Tsan-Piao Botanical Studies 
512006台灣油杉種子的儲藏性質楊正釧; 林讚標 ; 郭幸榮臺灣林業科學:journals25612 
522006Source Populations of Quercus glauca in the Last Glacial Age in Taiwan Revealed by Nuclear Microsatellite MarkersLee, Yuan-Jr; Hwang, Shih-Ying; Ho, Kuo-Chieh; Lin, Tsan-Piao Journal of Heredity2019
532006破布子與朴樹種子的儲藏性質與發芽楊正釧; 郭幸榮; 林讚標 臺灣林業科學:journals25612 
542006Contrasting phylogeographical patterns of two closely related species, Machilus thunbergii and Machilus kusanoi (Lauraceae), in TaiwanWu, Su-Hwa; Hwang, Ching-Yuan; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Chung, Jeng-Der; Cheng, Yu-Pin; Hwang, Shih-YingJournal of Biogeography 
552006Contrasting phylogeographical patterns of two closely related species, Machilus thunbergii and Machilus kusanoi Lauraceae), in TaiwanWu, Su-Hwa; Hwang, Ching-Yuan; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Chung, Jeng-Der; Cheng, Yu-Pin; Hwang, Shih-YingJournal of Biogeography4644
562006白?與茄苳種子的儲藏性質楊正釧; 林讚標 ; 郭幸榮臺灣林業科學:journals25612 
582005Storability and treatments to overcome dormancy of sweetheart tree (Euscaphis japonica (Thunb.) Kanitz) seedsYang, Jeng-Chuann; Kuo, Shing-Rong; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwan Journal of Forest Science
592005Potential refugia in Taiwan revealed by the phylogeographical study of Castanopsis carlesii Hayata (Fagaceae)CHENG, YU-PIN; HWANG, SHIH-YING; LIN, TSAN-PIAO Molecular Ecology9599
602005Evolution of the Euphrasia transmorrisonensis complex (Orobanchaceae) in alpine areas of TaiwanWu, Ming-Jou; Huang, Shing-Fan; Huang, Tseng-Chieng; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Lin, Tsan-Piao Journal of Biogeography1211
612005Bulbophyllum albociliatum (Liu & Su) Nakejima var. weiminianum and Flickingeria shihfuana, Two New Native Orchids from Taiwan黃玲瓏 ; 林讚標 ; Huang, Ling-Lung; Lin, Tsan-Piao Taiwania 0
632005Bulbophyllum albociliatum (Liu & Su) Nakejima var. weiminianum and Flickingeria shihfuana, Two New Native Orchids from TaiwanLin, Tsan-Piao ; Kuo-Huang, Ling-LongTaiwania 
642005野鴉樁種子可儲性與解除休眠處理之研究楊正釧; 郭幸榮; 林讚標 臺灣林業科學:journals25561 
652005Continuous monitoring of water loading of trees and canopy rainfall interception using the strain gauge methodHuang, Yansan; Chen, Shinshin; TSAN-PIAO LIN Journal of Hydrology2525
682004昆欄樹與青剛櫟DNA序列變異的親源地理研究(1/3)林讚標 ; Lin, Tsan-Piao 
692004Seed storage behavior of Lindera communis, Lindera megaphylla, Phoebe formosana, Helicia cochinchinensis, and Helicia formosana in TaiwanChien, Ching-Te; Yang, Jeng-Chuann; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwan Journal of Forest Science
702004含水率與溫度對流蘇種子儲藏性質之影響楊正釧; 林讚標 臺灣林業科學:journals25602 
712004香葉樹、大香葉樹、臺灣雅楠、紅葉樹與山龍眼種子的儲藏性質簡慶德; 楊正釧; 林讚標 臺灣林業科學:journals25602 
722004Genetic diversity and biogeography of Cunninghamia konishii (Cupressaceae), an island species in Taiwan: a comparison with Cunninghamia lanceolata, a mainland species in ChinaChung, J.D.; Lin, T.P.; Tan, Y.C.; Lin, M.Y.; Hwang, S.Y.; Chung, JD; Lin, TP; Tan, YC; Lin, MY; TSAN-PIAO LIN Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution5149
732004Phylogeography of Trochodendron aralioides (Trochodendraceae) in Taiwan and its adjacent areasHuang, Shing-Fan; Hwang, Shih-Ying; Wang, Jenn-Che; Lin, Tsan-Piao Journal of Biogeography5556
742004Effects of seed moisture content and storage temperature on the storage behavior of seeds of the Chinese fringetree (chionanthus retusus lindl. & paxt.)Yang, Jeng-Chuann; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwan Journal of Forest Science9
752003Historical biogeography and phylogenetic relationships of the genus Chamaecyparis (Cupressaceae) inferred from chloroplast DNA polymorphism.Wang, WP; Hwang, CY; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Hwang S.Y.Plant Syst Evol5649
762003Evidence for the existence of some dissociation in an otherwise strong linkage disequilibrium between mitochondrial and chloroplastic genomes in Cyclobalanopsis glauca.TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Chuang, WJ; Huang, SSF; Hwang S.-Y.Mol Ecol1110
772003Postglacial population growth of Cunninghamia konishii (Cupressaceae) inferred from phylogeographical and mismatch analysis of chloroplast DNA variationHwang, Shih-Ying; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Ma, Chiu-Shun; Lin, Chung-Ling; Chung, Jeng-Der; Yang, Jenq-ChuanMolecular Ecology7471
782003Allozyme variation of a cryptomeria japonica plantation in Liu-Kuei Branch, Taiwan forestry research instituteYang, Jenq-Chuan; Chang, Chiung-Wen; TSAN-PIAO LIN Acta Horticulturae00
792001Allozyme variations in Michelia formosana (Kanehira) Masamune (Magnoliaceae), and the inference of a glacial refugium in Taiwan.TSAN-PIAO LIN Theor Appl Genet2423
802001No Clinal Variation in Cunninghamia lanceolata Wood Density Sampled from Thirteen Chinese ProvincesYang, Jenq-Chuan; Chiu, Chih-Ming; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Kung, Fan-HaoTaiwan Journal of Forest Science 
812001Allozyme variation of Cyclobalanopsis championii (Fagaceae), a narrowly distributed species in Southern TaiwanCheng, Yupin; Chien, Chingte; Chen, H. W.; TSAN-PIAO LIN Journal of Heredity3
822001Effects of stratification on the dormancy and germination of Elaeocarpus japonicus Sieb. & Zucc. seedsYang, Jeng Chuann; Chen, Yuhsin; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwan Journal of Forest Science
832001層積處理對薯豆種子休眠和發芽之影響楊正釧; 陳裕星; 林讚標 臺灣林業科學:journals25593 
842001RAPD Variation in Relation to Population Differentiation of Chamaecyparis formosensis and Chamaecyparis taiwanensisHwang, Shih-Ying; Lin, Huei-Wen; Kuo, Yi-Shou; Lin, Tsan-Piao Botanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica 
852000Seed storage behavior of Gordonia axillaris (Boxb.) Dietr., Pistacia chinensis bunge, and Koeireuteria henryi dummerYang, Jeng-Chuann; Chen, Yu-Hsin; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwan Journal of Forest Science
862000大頭茶、黃連木與台灣欒樹種子之儲藏性質楊正釧; 陳裕星; 林讚標; Jeng-Chuann Yang; Yu-Hsin Chen; TSAN-PIAO LIN 臺灣林業科學0
872000Glass formation by galactopinitol with other sugars and their ability to protect phospholipid vesicles from drying damageShen, Li-Kuo; Chien, Ching-Te; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwan Journal of Forest Science0
882000紅檜與台灣扁柏低的葉綠體DNA遺傳變異及族群分化黃麗虹; 黃士穎; 林讚標; Li-Houng Hwang; Shih-Ying Hwang; TSAN-PIAO LIN 臺灣林業科學0
892000Low Genetic Diversity of Cycas taitungensis (Cycadaceae), an Endemic Species in Taiwan, Revealed by Allozyme Analysis林讚標; 孫于卿; 羅漢強; 鄭育賦; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Yu-Ching Sun; Hann-Chung Lo; Yu-Pin Cheng臺灣林業科學0
902000Population genetics of geographically restricted and widespread species of Myrica (Myricaceae)Cheng, Yu-Pin; Chien, Chingte; TSAN-PIAO LIN Journal of Heredity118
912000Low genetic diversity of Cycas taitungensls (Cycadaceae), an endemic species in Taiwan, revealed by allozyme analysisTSAN-PIAO LIN ; Sun, Yu-Ching; Lo, Hann-Chung; Cheng, Yu-PinTaiwan Journal of Forest Science
922000Low chloroplast DNA variation and population differentiation of Chamaecyparis formosensis and Chamaecyparis taiwanensisHwang, Li-Houng; Hwang, Shih-Ying; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwan Journal of Forest Science14
932000Geographic variation of China fir (Cunninghamia lanceolate (Lamb.) Hook) in Taiwan: Analysis of provenance division by ecotype and by provinceYang, Jenq-Chuan; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Kung, Fan-HaoTaiwan Journal of Forest Science
941999Seed storage behavior of five species of AcerYang, Jeng-Chuann; TSAN-PIAO LIN Taiwan Journal of Forest Science
951999五種槭樹之種子儲藏性質楊正釧; 林讚標; Jeng-Chuann Yang; TSAN-PIAO LIN 臺灣林業科學
961999Effects of moisture content and temperature on the storage and germination of Cinnamomum camphora seedsChien, Ching-Te; TSAN-PIAO LIN Seed Science and Technology17
971998Control of fungal growth with sphagnum for cold stratification and germination of tree seedsWang, Ben S. P.; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Chang, Tun-TschuTaiwan Journal of Forest Science10
981998Disappearance of desiccation tolerance of imbibed crop seeds is not associated with the decline of oligosaccharidesTSAN-PIAO LIN Journal of Experimental Botany230
991998Changes in Ultrastructure and Abscisic Acid Level, and Response to Applied Gibberellins inTaxus maireiSeeds Treated With Warm and Cold StratificationCHIEN, CHING-TE; Kuo-Huang, Ling-Long ; LIN, TSAN-PIAO Annals of Botany5538
1001998Seed storage behaviour of Schima superba and storability of seeds treated with n-pentaneChien, Ching-Te; TSAN-PIAO LIN Seed Science and Technology
1011998Inheritance and linkage relationships of allozymes, and estimation of outcrossing rates in a seed orchard of Cunninghamia konishii Hay.Wang, Ch.-T.; TSAN-PIAO LIN Silvae Genetica
1021997Effect of harvest date on the storability of desiccation-sensitive seeds of Machilus kusanoi HayChien, Ching-Te; TSAN-PIAO LIN Seed Science and Technology
1031996Seed storage behaviour deviating from the orthodox and recalcitrant typeTSAN-PIAO LIN Seed Science and Technology
1041996Low genetic variation in Amentotaxus formosana Li revealed by isozyme analysis and random amplified polymorphic DNA markersWang C.-T.; Wang W.-Y.; Chiang C.-H.; Wang Y.-N.; YA-NAN WANG ; TSAN-PIAO LIN Heredity2020
1051996含水率與儲藏溫度對烏心石種子可儲藏性之影響林讚標; TSAN-PIAO LIN 臺灣林業科學
1061996Occurrence of a Novel Galactopinitol and its Changes with Other Non-Reducing Sugars during Development of Leucaena leucocephala SeedsChien, Ching-Te; Lin, Tsan-Piao ; Juo, Chiun-Gung; Her, Guor-RongPlant and Cell Physiology 
1071996Content of adenylate nucleotides and energy charge in the early stage ofgermination of orthodox and recalcitrant seedsChao, Chih-Chang; TSAN-PIAO LIN Botanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica7
1081996Occurrence of a novel galactopinitol and its changes with other non- reducing sugars during development of Leucaena leucocephala seedsTSAN-PIAO LIN Plant and Cell Physiology1311
1091995六種楨楠屬植物種子之不耐旱特性林讚標; 簡慶德; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Chine-Te Chien林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1101995Biochemical characteristics associated with the development of the desiccation-Sensitive seeds of machilus thunbergii sieb. & zuccTSAN-PIAO LIN ; Chen, Mei-HueiAnnals of Botany2825
1111995數種殼斗科植物種子之儲藏性質-赤皮、青剛櫟、森氏櫟與高山櫟林讚標; TSAN-PIAO LIN 林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1121995乾濕藏影響小西氏楠種子的活力簡慶德; 高毓斌; 林讚標; Ching-Te Chien; Yu-Ping Kao; TSAN-PIAO LIN 林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1131995暖溫和低溫之組合層積促進臺灣紅豆杉種子的發芽簡慶德; 楊佳如; 鍾永立; 林讚標; Ching-Te Chien; Ju-Ju Yang; Yung-Ly Chung; TSAN-PIAO LIN 林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1141995林木種子儲藏性質的分類王世彬; 林讚標; 簡慶德; Ben S. P. Wang; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Ching-Te Chien林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1151994臺灣黃蘗種子的發芽促進與儲藏性質林讚標; 陳美惠; 吳濟琛; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Mei-Hui Chen; Chih-Tsen Wu林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1161994香楠種子儲藏性質的再探討簡慶德; 莊身田; 林讚標; Ching-Te Chien; Shen-Tien Juang; TSAN-PIAO LIN 林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1171994The relationship between carbohydrate composition of some tree seeds and their longevityTSAN-PIAO LIN ; Huang, Nai-HongJournal of Experimental Botany5653
1181994Dormancy in seeds of phellodendron wilsonii is mediated in part by abscisic acidTSAN-PIAO LIN ; Chen, Mei-Hui; Lin, Chin-HoPlant and Cell Physiology7
1191994不同營養系愛玉子之生長表現―太和試區五年生結果劉哲政; 林讚標; 黃吳清標; Chih-Chen Liu; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Ching-Biau Hwang Wu林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1201994Molecular evidence for the hybrid origin of Paulownia Taiwaniana based on RAPD markers and RFLP of chloroplast DNAWang, W.Y.; Pai, R.C.; Lai, C.C.; TSAN-PIAO LIN Theoretical and Applied Genetics2014
1211993牛樟與冇樟林讚標; TSAN-PIAO LIN 林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1221993大葉楠種子不耐乾燥林讚標; 陳美清; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Mei-Ching Chen林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1231993香楠種子儲藏性質屬於異儲型林讚標; 莊身田; 鍾永立; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Shen-Tien Juang; Yung-Ly Chung林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1241993陽明山地區台北菫菜族群遺傳結構之研究王震哲; 黃生; 林讚標; Jenn-Che Wang; Shong Huang; TSAN-PIAO LIN 師大生物學報
1251991樟科種子儲藏與發芽試驗一、土肉桂與長葉木薑子林讚標; 吳濟琛; TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Ji-Shen Wu林業試驗所研究報告季刊
1261991Paulownia taiwaniana, a hybrid between P. fortunei and P. kawakamii (Scrophulariaceae)TSAN-PIAO LIN ; Wang, Ying-SengPlant Systematics and Evolution20
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