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1 2004Using cDNA sequences for phylogenetic analysisJER-MING HU 植物多樣性與保育遺傳學多樣性研討會 
2 2004Petaloidy and expression of petal identity genes in Mussaenda pubescens (Rubiaceae)JER-MING HU Botany 2004, alpine diversity: adapted to the peaks. Annual meeting of Botanical Society of America
3 2001Studies of evolution and development of petaloid bracts in dogwoods (Cornus)JER-MING HU Molecular Evolution and Molecular Systematics symposium
42021早田文藏-《臺灣植物圖譜》與科學繪圖發展胡哲明 薰風
52020成為一張張的精美植物印記-植物標本胡哲明 科學月刊
62020Sonerila calcicola (Melastomataceae), a new karst dwelling species from Northern ThailandWai, J. S.; JER-MING HU Kew Bulletin1
72020Climate-based approach for modeling the distribution of montane forest vegetation in TaiwanLin, H.-Y.; Li, C.-F.; Chen, T.-Y.; Hsieh, C.-F.; Wang, G.; Wang, T.; Hu, J.-M.; JER-MING HU Applied Vegetation Science2
82020Geographical distribution of dioecy and its ecological correlates based on fine-scaled species distribution data from a subtropical islandLin, H.-Y.; Tseng, Y.-H.; Hsieh, C.-F.; Hu, J.-M.; JER-MING HU Ecological Research2
92020科學繪圖在早期臺灣植物自然史發展中的角色胡哲明 臺灣博物季刊
102019Novel genetic code and record-setting AT-richness in the highly reduced plastid genome of the holoparasitic plant BalanophoraSu H.-J.; Barkman T.J.; Hao W.; Jones S.S.; Naumann J.; Skippington E.; Wafula E.K.; Hu J.-M.; Palmer J.D.; DePamphilis C.W.; JER-MING HU Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2137
112019Genome-Wide Classification and Evolutionary and Functional Analyses of the VQ FamilyCai H.; Zhang M.; Liu Y.; He Q.; Chai M.; Liu L.; Chen F.; Huang Y.; Yan M.; Zhao H.; Hu J.; Qin Y.; JER-MING HU Tropical Plant Biology46
122019Identification of SWI2/SNF2-Related 1 Chromatin Remodeling Complex (SWR1-C) Subunits in Pineapple and the Role of Pineapple SWR1 COMPLEX 6 (AcSWC6) in Biotic and Abiotic Stress ResponseJakada, Bello Hassan; Aslam, Mohammad; Fakher, Beenish; Greaves, Joseph G.; Li, Zeyun; Li, Weimin; Lai, Linyi; Ayoade, Oyekunle Adenike; Cheng, Yan; Cao, Shijiang; Li, Gang; Hu, Jer-Ming; Qin, Yuan; JER-MING HU Biomolecules14
132019Molecular phylogeny and morphology of Elatostema s.l. (Urticaceae): Implications for inter- and infrageneric classificationsTseng Y.-H.; Monro A.K.; Wei Y.-G.; Hu J.-M.; JER-MING HU Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution715
142019寶可夢奇想生物學胡哲明 科學人
152019繪自然:博物畫裡的臺灣胡哲明 ; 王錦堯; 向麗容; 郭昭翎
162018Flora of nam kading national protected area III: Begonia namkadingensis (Begoniaceae), a new species in limestone areaYang C.-J.; Tagane S.; Souladeth P.; Okabe N.; Hu J.-M.; Yahara T.; JER-MING HU Phytotaxa1012
172018A dynamic downscaling approach to generate scale-free regional climate data in TaiwanLin H.-Y.; Hu J.-M.; Chen T.-Y.; Hsieh C.-F.; Wang G.; Wang T.; JER-MING HU Taiwania28
182018硃砂根的傳家寶胡哲明 ; 楊承瑞科學人
192018Bacterial leaf nodule symbiosis in flowering plantsChen-Jui Yan; Jer-Ming Hu Symbiosis0
202018為誰辛苦為誰忙:植物與昆蟲的錯綜關係胡哲明(Hu, Jer-Ming); JER-MING HU 臺灣博物季刊
212017Convergence, consilience, and the evolution of temperate deciduous forestsEdwards E.J.; Chatelet D.S.; Chen B.-C.; Ong J.Y.; Tagane S.; Kanemitsu H.; Tagawa K.; Teramoto K.; Park B.; Chung K.-F.; Hu J.-M.; Yahara T.; Donoghue M.J.; JER-MING HU American Naturalist1327
222017Concomitant loss of NDH complex-related genes within chloroplast and nuclear genomes in some orchidsLin, C.-S.; JER-MING HUet al. Plant Journal 3047
232016Evolutionary analysis of iron (Fe) acquisition system in Marchantia polymorphaJing-Chi Lo; Munkhtsetseg Tsednee; Ying-Chu Lo; Shun-Chung Yang; Jer-Ming Hu ; Kimitsune Ishizaki; Takayuki Kohchi; Der-Chuen Lee; Kuo-Chen YehNew Phytologist 911
242016可可李科、使君子科、山茱萸科、第倫桃科、杜英科、大戟科、豆科、大葉草科、茶茱萸科、玉蕊科、火筒樹科、馬錢科、桑寄生科、黃褥花科、紫金牛科、遠志科、薔薇科、清風藤科、林仙科胡哲明 索羅門群島植物圖鑑
252016The complete chloroplast genome of hemiparasitic flowering plant Schoepfia jasminodoraJER-MING HU Mitochondrial DNA Part B: Resources 68
262015Phylogenetic relationships of Santalales with insights into the origins of holoparasitic BalanophoraceaeJER-MING HU Taxon 430
272015貢寮水梯田農民傳統生態知識的變遷:以水稻農作中的水資源管理為例謝傳鎧; 胡哲明 臺灣人類學與民族學學會(TSAE)暨東亞人類學學會(EAAA)2015聯合年會:多重地景的人類學
292015Changes of teaching and learning by using loan box in classroomsCheng, S.-F.; JER-MING HU ; Y.-J. Lin; Z. Chen; M. L. Wen; Y.-T. K. LinThe 46th Annual ASERA (Australasian Science Education Research Association) Conference
302015Assessing species richness, endemism and phytogeographical affinities of Taiwan based on an integrated vascular plant distribution databaseChao, W.-C.; JER-MING HU ; C.-F. Hsieh; H.-Y. Lin58th Annual Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science: Understanding broad-scale vegetation patterns
312015Evolution of agamospermy and the host specificity of Balanophora laxiflora and allied taxa (Balanophoraceae)Y.-C. Hsieh; S.-P. Chang; H.-J. Su; JER-MING HU Botany 2015
322015Plant exploration in the pacific islands during Taihoku Imperial University period (1928-1945) based on herbarium dataCheng, Y.-R.; JER-MING HU Botanical Society of America
332015Examining dioecy and the associated ecological correlates in the flora of Taiwan based on an integrated plant distribution databaseLin, H. -Y.; Y.-H. Tseng; JER-MING HU Botanical Society of America
342015The role of TAI herbarium and its collections in studying the history of botanical research in TaiwanLiu, S.-Y.; K.-H. Wang; JER-MING HU International Council of Museums Committee for Museums and Collections of Natural History(ICOM NATHIST)
352015Taxonomic Revision of "Elatostema" J. R. Forst. & G. Forst. (Urticaceae) in TaiwanJER-MING HU ; Yu-Hsin TsengTAIWANIA 13
362014Cat favus caused by Microsporum incurvatum comb. nov.: the clinical and histopathological features and molecular phylogenyPei-Lun Sun; JER-MING HU ; Chao-An Mu; Chi-Chen Fan; Yun-Chen FanMedical Mycology95
372014A new hybrid from Taiwan, Elatostema ×hybrida (Urticaceae), is the first confirmed natural hybrid for UrticaceaeYu-Hsin Tseng; Jer-Ming Hu Phytotaxa 55
382014Phylogenetic and Cophylogenetic Analyses of the Leaf-Nodule Symbiosis in Ardisia Subgenus Crispardisia (Myrsinaceae): Evidence from Nuclear and Chloroplast Markers and Bacterial rrn OperonsJER-MING HU International Journal of Plant Sciences 24
392014A case of obligate apomixis in Elatostema (Urticaceae)Tseng, Y. H.; JER-MING HU International symposium on plant reproduction
402014Phylogenetics and molecular evolutionary characteristics of Balanophora, a non-photosynthetic flowering plantJER-MING HU NTU-Kyoto University Joint symposium
412014Knowledge and practices of wild edible plants of the Amis of 'Tolan: contents and social distribution of a locally-bound traditional ecological knowledge systemLo, S.-M.; JER-MING HU Pacific History Association 21st Biennial Conference
422014Plant exploration in the pacific islands during Taihoku Imperial University period (1928-1945) based on herbarium dataCheng, Y.-R.; JER-MING HU The 2nd International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching, Asian Regional Conference
432014University museum outreach to school: a case study of two loan boxesJER-MING HU ; S.-F. Cheng; Y.-J. Lin; M. L. Wen; Y.-T. K. LinAPRU Research Symposium on University Museums 2014 at NTU
442014大學博物館行動展示盒之發展與教案之設計鄭淑芬; 林怡蓉; 胡哲明 ; 溫媺純; 林雨德第五屆博物館研究雙年學術研討會「想的與跳的:博物館中的教與學及其超越」研討會論文集
452014Accessing species distribution patterns for the flora of Taiwan based on various databasesJER-MING HU NTU-Kyoto University Joint symposium
462014The genome and occlusion bodies of marine Penaeus monodon nudivirus (PmNV, also known as MBV and PemoNPV) suggest that it should be assigned to a new nudivirus genus that is distinct from the terrestrial nudivirusesJER-MING HU ; SHIH-SHUN LIN BMC Genomics1828
472014花園裡的誘惑與機心JER-MING HU 臺灣博物季刊 
482013DNA萃取方式以及分離葉綠體DNA方法在非光合作用植物中的比較與應用徐馨怡; 胡哲明 Taiwania 
492013Comparison of six DNA extraction procedures and the application of plastid DNA enrichment methods in selected non-photosynthetic plantsShyu S.-Y.; Hu J.-M.; JER-MING HU Taiwania00
502013Sequence Analyses of MHC Class II DQB Gene in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops spp.) and the Other Delphinid Species from the Western PacificJER-MING HU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
512013Complete plastid genome sequence of the basal asterid Ardisia polysticta Miq. and comparative analyses of asterid plastid genomesChuan Ku; JER-MING HU ; Chih-Horng KuoPLoS ONE2935
522013University museum outreach to school: a case study of two loan boxesJER-MING HU ; S.-F. Cheng; Y.-J. Lin; M. L. Wen; Y.-T. K. LinThe 3rd Biennial Conference of East-Asian Association for Science Education
532013Complete plastid genome sequence of the non-photosynthetic plant Mitrastemon kanehiraiShyu, S.-Y.; JER-MING HU Plant Biology 2013
542013第5章,系統分類學原理及方法胡哲明 植物系統分類學
552013華萊士和達爾文的交錯人生胡哲明 華萊士 : 一個科學與人文的先行者 : 出版紀念華萊士逝世百年科普書
562013第9章,生殖系統胡哲明 植物系統分類學
572013Is there any obligate apomixis in plants? A case study in Elatostema (Urticaceae)Tseng, Y. H.; JER-MING HU 9th International Flora of Malesiana Symposium
582013Phylogeny of Phyllanthus subsection Urinaria (Phyllanthaceae, Euphorbiaceae sensu lato)Liu, C.-C.; JER-MING HU ; M.-J. WuPhilippine Native Plants Conservation Society Inc (PNPCSI First International Symposium)
592012Rate heterogeneity in six protein-coding genes from the holoparasite Balanophora (Balanophoraceae) and other taxa of SantalalesJER-MING HU ; Su, H.-J.Annals of Botany55
602012Morphology and phylogenetics of two holoparasitic plants, Balanophora japonica and Balanophora yakushimensis (Balanophoraceae), and their hosts in Taiwan and JapanJER-MING HU Journal of Plant Research volume1414
612012Sequence Analysis of MHC Class II Genes in CetaceansJER-MING HU ; Wei-Cheng Yang; Lien-Siang ChouHistocompatibility 00
622012Developing loan boxes of university museum and the teaching lesson plansLin, Y.-J.; S.-F. Cheng; JER-MING HU ; M. L. Wen; Y.-T. Lin43rd Annual ASERA Conference
632012Molecular phylogeny of Elatostema sensu lato based on sequences of nuclear ITS and chloroplast trnH-psbA spacerTseng, Y.-H.; JER-MING HU Botany 2012. Annual meeting of Botanical Society of America
642012腳邊的綠色小雨傘-臺灣常見的地錢類植物胡哲明 國家公園季刊
652012Size- and shape-controlled synthesis of Prussian blue nanoparticles by polyvinylpyrrolidone-assisted crystallization process.Ming, Hu ; Torad, Nagy L.K.; Chiang, Ya-Dong; Wu, Kevin C.-W.; Yamauchi, YusukeCrystEngComm 84115
662011The duplicated B-class MADS-box genes display dualistic characters in orchid floral organ identity and growth.JER-MING HU Plant and Cell Physiology5152
672011Cryptic dioecy of Symplocos wikstroemiifolia Hayata (Symplocaceae) in TaiwanWang, Yu-Chen; Hu, Jer-Ming Botanical Studies 4
682011臺灣生物多樣性胡哲明 ; 胡哲明 
692011Elatostema x hybrida, the first hybrid in Urticaceae of the worldTseng, Y.-H.; JER-MING HU NTU-NTNU jointed symposium on Ecology and Evolution
702011Genetic tools for re-examining the classification and phylogenetic relationships of Balanophora (Balanophoraceae)Su, H.-J.; Y.-C. Hsieh,; JER-MING HU Philippine Native Plants Conservation Society Inc (PNPCSI First International Symposium)
712011Evolutionary rate heterogeneity in the genome of holoparasitic plant Balanophora laxiflora (Balanophoraceae)Su, H.-J.; JER-MING HU 2011 Annual meeting of SMBE
722011台灣水青岡的遺傳變異胡哲明 ; 孔祥璿冰河孑遺的夏綠林 : 台灣水青岡
732011High evolutionary rate of 18S and 16S rDNA is not a ubiquitous phenomenon in hetertrophic plantsShyu, S.-Y.; JER-MING HU NTU-NTNU jointed symposium on Ecology and Evolution
742011Morphologies and phylogenetics of two holoparasitic plants, Balanophora japonica and Balanophora yakushimensis (Balanophoraceae), and their hosts in Taiwan and JapanSu, H.-J.; JER-MING HU NTU-NTNU jointed symposium on Ecology and Evolution
752011Rate variation and expression of floral B-class genes in holoparasitic Balanophora (Balanophoraceae)Su, H.-J.; JER-MING HU NTU-NTNU jointed symposium on Ecology and Evolution
762011Population genetics of Fagus hayatae Palib. Hayata based on chloroplast and nuclear microsatellite markersKung, H.-H.; JER-MING HU NTU-NTNU jointed symposium on Ecology and Evolution
772011Rate variation and expression of floral B-class genes in holoparasitic Balanophora (Balanophoraceae)Su, H.-J.; JER-MING HU Penn State Plant Biology Symposium
782011BabuvirusJer-Ming Hu ; Hsin-Hung YehThe Springer Index of Viruses 00
792011Cryptic Dioecy of Symplocos Wikstroemiifolia Hayata(Symplocaceae) in TaiwanJER-MING HU; JER-MING HU Botanical Studies 
802010Phylogenetic Analyses of MHC Class II Genes in Bottlenose Dolphins and Their Terrestrial Relatives Reveal Pathogen-Driven Directional SelectionYang, Wei-Cheng; Hu, Jer-Ming ; Chou, Lien-Siang Zoological Studies 
812010Identification of Ardisia (Myrsinaceae) leaf-nodule endosymbionts and cophylogenetic analyses of plant-bacteria symbiosisKu, C.; JER-MING HU 第二十七屆中華植物學會年會前瞻植物生物科技研討會暨蘭花生物科技研討及產學交流會
822010Identification of Ardisia (Myrsinaceae) leaf-nodule endosymbionts and cophylogenetic analyses of plant-bacteria symbiosisKu, C.; JER-MING HU 第二十七屆中華植物學會年會前瞻植物生物科技研討會暨蘭花生物科技研討及產學交流會
832010真真假假的雄蕊黃俊溢; 胡哲明 科學月刊
842010花的極限-最大v.s.最小胡哲明 科學月刊
852010Short-term program: what Taiwan can offer, what students can getJER-MING HU ; J.-C. Chen; H.-L. Chang
862009臺灣產薔薇科懸鉤子屬植物訂正黃俊溢; 胡哲明 Taiwania 
872009Unusual events involved in Banana bunchy top virus strain evolutionFu, H.C.; Hu, J.M.; Hung, T.H.; Su, H.J.; Yeh, H.H.; Fu, H. C.; Fu, H.C.; JER-MING HU ; TING-HSUAN HUNG ; Hu, J.M.; Hu, J. M.; Hung, T. H.; Hung, T.H.; Su, H.J.; Su, H. J.; Yeh, H. H.; Yeh, H.H.Phytopathology 1815
882009花瓣不張開的懸鉤子黃俊溢; 胡哲明 科學人
892009演化論被遺忘的推手-華萊士胡哲明 達爾文200校
902009Revision of Rubus (Rosaceae) in TaiwanHuang, J.-Y.; JER-MING HU Taiwania0
912009重現侏儸紀公園:演化學家的綺夢還是惡夢?胡哲明 臺灣博物季刊
922009花園裡的心機-植物的性別與演化胡哲明 科學月刊
932009Petaloidy and floral organ identity genes in Hydrangea chinensis (Hydrangeaceae)JER-MING HU Botany & Mycology 2009
942009MADS about flowers - evo-devo studies on floral organ formationJER-MING HU The 10th Developmental Biology Retreat
952008Incidences and ecological correlates of dioecious angiosperms in Taiwan and its outlying Orchid IslandTseng, Y.-H.; Hsieh, C.-F.; Hu, J.-M. Botanical Studies 
962008LZF1, a HY5-regulated transcriptional factor, functions in Arabidopsis de-etiolation.Chang, Chiung-swey Joanne; JER-MING HUet al. Plant Journal97119
972008臺灣海域瓶鼻海豚(Tursiops truncatus)第二型主要組織相容性複合體DQB基因之序列變異楊瑋誠 ; 胡哲明 ; 周蓮香 Taiwania 0
982008Phylogenetic relationships of Balanophoraceae and Santalales based on floral B homeotic genesSu, H.-J.; JER-MING HU Botany 2008, Annual meeting of Botanical Society of America
992008How to compete in the Asian market? - What Asian students want? European Association of International EducationJER-MING HU 
1002008Reassortment and Concerted Evolution in Banana Bunchy Top Virus GenomesJER-MING HU Journal of Virology 00
1012007檀香目植物花部器官發育基因之演化與功能研究 (新制多年期第1年)胡哲明 
1022007玉葉金花花部器官決定基因之功能與蛋白質交互作用研究(3/3)胡哲明 ; 胡哲明 
1032007Reassortment and concerted evolution in banana bunchy top virus genomes.Jer-Ming Hu ; Hui-Chuan Fu; Chia-Hua Lin; Hong-Ji Su; Hsin-Hung YehJournal of Virology4944
1042007Molecular Characterization of Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II DQB and DRB Genes in Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus and T. aduncus) from the Western PacificYang, Wei-Cheng; Chou, Lien-Siang ; Hu, Jer-Ming Zoological Studies 
1052007The Identification of A-, B-, C-, and E-Class MADS-box Genes and Implications for Perianth Evolution in the Basal Eudicot Trochodendron aralioides (Trochodendraceae)Wu, Hsiu-Chung; Su, Huei-Jiun; Hu, Jer-Ming International Journal of Plant Sciences 2121
1062007從昆欄樹談真雙子葉植物花被的演化胡哲明 臺灣植物多樣性研究現況與前瞻研討會﹣基因與生態演化
1072007生物科技與遺傳教學研究網路資源丁詩同 ; 胡哲明 
1082006A simplified explanation for the frameshift mutation that created a novel C-terminal motif in the APETALA3 gene lineageKramer, Elena M.; Su, Huei-Jiun; Wu, Cheng-Chiang; Hu, Jer-Ming BMC Evolutionary Biology 6: 6560
1092006The identification of A-, B-, C-, and E-class MADS homologues and the implication of perianth evolution in Trochodendron aralioides (Trochodendraceae)Wu, H.-C.; H.-J. Su; JER-MING HU Botany 2006, Annual meeting of Botanical Society of America
1102006Identification of ORF-162 homologues from four liverworts in TaiwanTseng, Y.-H.; Y.-W. Gan; JER-MING HU Botany 2006, Annual meeting of Botanical Society of America
1112006Studies of plastid 16S rDNA suggest that the evolutionary rates vary among nonphotosynthetic plantsShyu, S.-Y.; JER-MING HU Botany 2006, Annual meeting of Botanical Society of America
1122005花非花,葉非葉胡哲明 ; 呂佳穎從基因體科學到基因體醫學 
1132005Molecular characterization of expressed DQB and DRB genes in the bottlenose dolphinsYang, Wei-Cheng; Hu, Jer-Ming ; Chou, L. S.The 16th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals 
1142005Extracting evolutionary signals using corresponding analysis of codon usage from selected chloroplast genesWu, H.-C.; S.-L. Chuang; JER-MING HU Symposium of Theoretical Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
1152005Petal organ-identity genes are expressed in the petaloid bracts of dogwoodsMaturen, N.; JER-MING HU ; M. FrohlichInternational Botanical Congress, Vienna
1162005Evolution of floral organ identity genes in Buxus microphylla sspHuang, N.-L.; JER-MING HU 
1202004非光合作用被子椊物質體基因研究徐馨怡; 胡哲明 生物多樣性在農業生技產業發展之國際學術研討會 
1212004The Evolution of Chloroplast matK Genes, Including Identification of New Homologues from Ophioglossum petiolatum and Two LycophytesChuang, Shu-Lan; Hu, Jer-Ming Taiwania 
1222004非光合作用被子植物質體基因研究徐馨怡; 胡哲明 生物多樣 性在農業生技產業發展之國際學術研討會
1232004Expression pattern of floral organ identity genes in Trochodendron aralioidesWu, H.-C.; JER-MING HU 生物多樣性在農業生技產業發展之國際學術研討會
1242004Gene duplication and genetic diversity: example from floral identity genes of flowering plantsSu, H.-J.; JER-MING HU 生物多樣性在農業生技產業發展之國際學術研討會
1252004山珊瑚核及質體基因序列分析蔡依倫; 胡哲明 生物多樣性在農業生技產業發展之國際學術研討會
1262004Studies of evolution of floral B-class genes in basal core eudicotsSu, H.-J.; JER-MING HU Annual meeting of Botanical Society of America
1282004石松類和瓶爾小草葉綠體matK 基因之鑑定與matK 基因的演化胡哲明 ; 莊樹嵐; Hu, Jer-Ming ; Chuang, Shu-LanTaiwania 
1292003利用葉綠體rbcL的譜系分析鑑定豆科雞血藤群的兩個新成員:Endosamara racemosa (Roxb.) Geesink 和 Callerya vasta (Kosterm.) Schot胡哲明 ; 張世白Taiwania 
1302003Two New Members of the Callerya Group (Fabaceae) Based on Phylogenetic Analysis of rbcL Sequences: Endosamara racemosa (Roxb.) Geesink and Callerya vasta (Kosterm.) SchotHu, Jer-Ming ; Chang, Shih-PaiTAIWANIA 00
1312003台灣鐵線蓮屬(毛茛科)植物分子親緣關係之探討黃佳茵; 胡哲明 中華植物學會植物生長與發育研討會
1322003玉葉金花類花瓣構造之基因調控研究呂佳穎; 胡哲明 中華植物學會植物生長與發育研討會
1332003Studies of evolution of floral B-class genes in basal eudicotsSu, H.-J.; JER-MING HU 中華植物學會植物生長與發育研討會
1342003原始陸生植物葉綠體matK基因的演化莊樹嵐; 胡哲明 中華植物學會植物生長與發育研討會
1352002Phylogenetic Analysis of Nuclear Ribosomal ITS/5.8S Sequences in the Tribe Millettieae (Fabaceae): Poecilanthe-Cyclolobium, the core Millettieae, and the Callerya GroupHU, JER-MING ; LAVIN, MATT; WOJCIECHOWSKI, MARTIN F.; SANDERSON, MICHAEL J.Systematic Botany 
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