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12014Non-parametric and adaptive modelling of dynamic periodicity and trend with heteroscedastic and dependent errorsMING-YEN CHENG journal article4843
22014Nonparametric independence screening and structure identification for ultra-high dimensional longitudinal dataCheng, M.-Y.; MING-YEN CHENG ; Honda, T.; Li, J.; Peng, H.journal article3332
32013Local linear regression on manifolds and its geometric interpretationMING-YEN CHENG ; Cheng, M.-Y.; Wu, H.-T.journal article2119
42011Illumination invariant feature extraction based on natural images statistics Taking face images as an exampleMING-YEN CHENG conference paper140
52010Variance reduction for kernel estimators in clustered/longitudinal data analysisMING-YEN CHENG ; Cheng, M.-Y.; Paige, R.L.; Sun, S.,; Yan, K.journal article50
62009Confidence intervals for the first crossing point of two hazard functionsCheng, Ming-Yen ; MING-YEN CHENG ; Qiu, Peihua; Tan, Xianming; Tu, Dongshengjournal article1010
72009Conditional variance estimation in heteroscedastic regression modelsMING-YEN CHENG ; Chen, L.H.; Cheng, M. Y.; Peng, L.journal article1919
82009Statistical estimation in generalized multiparameter likelihood modelsCheng, M. Y.; MING-YEN CHENG ; Zhang, W. Y.; Chen, L. H.journal article3231
92008幾種不同型態數據的半參數模型 (新制多年期第1年)鄭明燕 report
102008Kernel methods for optimal change-points estimation in derivativesCheng, M.Y.; Yeh, Yu-Chang ; MING-YEN CHENG ; Sun, Wei-Zen ; Raimondo, M; Ko, Wen-Je; Chan, Wing-Sum; Fan, Shou-Zen ; Tsai, Jui-Chang ; Lin, Tzu-Yu; 孫維仁 ; 蔡瑞章 ; 范守仁 ; 柯文哲; 葉育彰 journal article1311
112007幾種不同型態數據的半參數模型 (新制多年期第2年)鄭明燕 report
122007Variance reduction in multiparameter likelihood modelsMING-YEN CHENG journal article54
132007Reducing variance in univariate smoothingMING-YEN CHENG ; Cheng, M. Y.; Peng, L.; Wu, J. S.journal article1311
142006Variance reduction in multiparameter likelihood modelsCheng, Ming-Yen ; Peng, Liangjournal article
152006Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Quantile EstimationCheng, Ming-Yen ; Sun, Shanjournal article
162006Methods For Tracking Support Boundaries with CornersCheng, Ming-Yen ; Hall, Peterjournal article
172006CONFIDENCE BANDS FOR HAZARD RATE UNDER RANDOM CENSORSHIPCheng, Ming-Yen ; Hall, Peter; Tu, Dongshengjournal article
182006Choice of the bandwidth ratio in Rice's boundary modificationCheng, Ming-Yen journal article
192006Confidence bands for hazard rates under random censorshipMING-YEN CHENG journal article1314
202006Methods for tracking support boundaries with cornersMING-YEN CHENG journal article10
212006Simple and efficient improvements of multivariate local linear regressionMING-YEN CHENG journal article65
222005自動適應的無母數濾波與估計(1/2)鄭明燕 report
232004多維及相關數據的非參數估計問題(2/2)鄭明燕 report
242003多維及相關數據的非參數估計問題(1/2)鄭明燕 report
252003Reducing variance in nonparametric surface estimationCheng, M.-Y.; MING-YEN CHENG ; Hall, P.journal article55
262003Dynamic nonparametric filtering with application to volatility estimationCheng, M.-Y.; MING-YEN CHENG ; Fan, J.; Spokoiny, V.book76
272002估計二維函數曲面(2/2)鄭明燕 report
282002Regression modeling for nonparametric estimation of distribution and quantile functionsMING-YEN CHENG journal article
292002Error-dependent smoothing rules in local linear regressionMING-YEN CHENG journal article
302001估計二維函數曲面(1/2)鄭明燕 report
312001A study of local linear ridge regression estimatorsMING-YEN CHENG ; Deng, Wen-Shuenn; Chu, Chih-Kang; Cheng, Ming-Yen journal article75
322000估計陡坡樹狀圖鄭明燕 report
332000Skewing methods for two-parameter locally parametric density estimationMING-YEN CHENG journal article
342000Skewing-methods for two-parameter locally-parametric density EstimationCheng, Ming-Yen ; Choi, Edwin; Hall, Peter; Fan, Jianqingjournal article
351999區域線性迴歸平滑量由誤差決定之方法鄭明燕 report
361999High-derivative parametric enhancements of nonparametric curve estimatorsCheng, Ming-Yen journal article65
371999Nonparametric density estimation under unimodality and monotonicity constraintsMING-YEN CHENG journal article
381999Mode testing in difficult casesMING-YEN CHENG journal article
391998Calibrating the excess mass and dip tests of modalityMING-YEN CHENG ; Cheng, Ming-Yen ; Hall, Peterjournal article
401998On mode testing and empirical approximations to distributionsMING-YEN CHENG journal article
411997Boundary aware estimators of integrated density derivative productsMING-YEN CHENG journal article
421997On automatic boundary correctionsMING-YEN CHENG journal article
431997A bandwidth selector for local linear density estimatorsMING-YEN CHENG journal article
441997On the shrinkage of local linear curve estimatorsMING-YEN CHENG ; Cheng, Ming-Yen ; Hall, Peter; Titterington, D.M.journal article
451996Boundary Aware Estimators of Integrated Density Derivative ProductsMING-YEN CHENG journal article