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12019Uniqueness of Minimal Graph in General CodimensionLee, Yng-Ing ; Ooi, Yuan Shyong; Tsui, Mao-Pei ; 李瑩英00
22019Generalized Lagrangian mean curvature flows: The cotangent bundle caseSmoczyk, Knut; Tsui, Mao-Pei; Wang, Mu-Tao; MAO-PEI TSUI journal article00
32016Curvature decay estimates of graphical mean curvature flow in higher codimensionsMAO-PEI TSUI journal article33
42014Stability of the minimal surface system and convexity of area functionalMAO-PEI TSUI journal article1
52012Soliton solutions for the Laplacian co-flow of some G 2-structures with symmetryMAO-PEI TSUI journal article1311
62010Self-similar solutions and translating solitons for Lagrangian mean curvature flowMAO-PEI TSUI journal article2628
72009Camera response function signature for digital forensics - Part I: Theory and data selectionMAO-PEI TSUI conference paper170
82008Ancient solutions of the affine normal flowMAO-PEI TSUI journal article78
92007Using geometry invariants for camera response function estimationMAO-PEI TSUI conference paper400
102007Lessons learned from online classification of photo-realistic computer graphics and photographsMAO-PEI TSUI conference paper9
112005Physics-motivated features for distinguishing photographic images and computer graphicsMAO-PEI TSUI conference paper1340
122004Mean curvature flows and isotopy of maps between spheresMAO-PEI TSUI journal article2426
132002A Bernstein type result for special Lagrangian submanifoldsMAO-PEI TSUI journal article9