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12019A numerical model for multiphase liquid?�vapor?�gas flows with interfaces and cavitationPelanti, M.; Shyue, K.-M.; KEH-MING SHYUE journal article11
22018High fidelity discontinuity-resolving reconstruction for compressible multiphase flows with moving interfacesDeng, Xi; Inaba, Satoshi; Xie, Bin; Shyue, Keh-Ming ; Xiao, Feng; 薛克民 107
32018A numerical model for three-phase liquid?�vapor?�gas flows with relaxation processesFl?tten, T.; Pelanti, M.; Shyue, K.-M.; KEH-MING SHYUE Conference Paper00
42016A Roe-type scheme with low Mach number preconditioning for a two-phase compressible flow model with pressure relaxationPelanti, M.; Shyue, K.-M.; KEH-MING SHYUE journal article21
52015Corrigendum to "A mixture-energy-consistent six-equation two-phase numerical model for fluids with interfaces, cavitation and evaporation waves" [J. Comput. Phys. 259 (2014) 331-357]KEH-MING SHYUE journal article10
62015Corrigendum to "A mixture-energy-consistent six-equation two-phase numerical model for fluids with interfaces, cavitation and evaporation waves" [J. Comput. Phys. 259 (2014) 331-357]Pelanti, M.; Shyue, K.-M.; KEH-MING SHYUE other10
72014A mixture-energy-consistent six-equation two-phase numerical model for fluids with interfaces, cavitation and evaporation wavesKEH-MING SHYUE ; Pelanti, Marica; Shyue, Keh-Ming journal article4841
82014An Eulerian interface sharpening algorithm for compressible two-phase flow: The algebraic THINC approachShyue, Keh-Ming ; KEH-MING SHYUE ; Xiao, Fengjournal article4036
92013Relaxation Models and Schemes for Compressible Multiphase Flows with Interfaces, Cavitation, and Evaporation WavesShyue, Keh-Ming conference paper
102013Gas kinetic scheme for anisotropic Savage-Hutter modelChen, Wen-Chi; KEH-MING SHYUE ; Kuo, Chih-Yu; Shyue, Keh-Ming ; Tai, Yih-Chinjournal article12
112012An Eulerian interface-sharpening algorithm for compressible gas dynamicsShyue, Keh-Ming conference paper00
122012An anti-diffusion based Eulerian interface-sharpening algorithm for compressible two-phase flow with cavitationShyue, Keh-Ming conference paper00
132012A mixture-energy-consistent numerical approximation of a two-phase flow model for fluids with interfaces and cavitationShyue, Keh-Ming ; Pelanti, M.conference paper
142012A moving-mesh relaxation scheme for one-dimensional barotropic two-phase flow with cavitationShyue, Keh-Ming journal article00
152011An adaptive moving-mesh relaxation scheme for compressible two-phase barotropic flow with cavitationShyue, Keh-Ming ; KEH-MING SHYUE conference paper10
162010A cavitation tracking method for elastic-plastic flow in solidsShyue, Keh-Ming ; KEH-MING SHYUE conference paper00
172010A high-resolution mapped grid algorithm for compressible multiphase flow problemsShyue, K.-M.; KEH-MING SHYUE journal article97
182009A wave propagation method for compressible multiphase flow on mapped gridsShyue, Keh-Ming journal article
192009Numerical simulations of low Mach compressible two-phase flows: Preliminary assessment of some basic solution techniquesBraconnier, Benjamin; Hu, Jeu-Jiun; Niu, Yang-Yao; Nkonga, Boniface; Shyue, Keh-Ming ; Ismail, M.; Maury, B.; Gerbeau, J.-F.journal article00
202009A Simple Unified Coordinates Method for Compressible Homogeneous Two-Phase FlowsShyue, Keh-Ming journal article
212008具毛細管效應之可壓縮性流體數值計算法薛克民 report
222008Role of coordinates in computational fluid dynamicsKEH-MING SHYUE ; Hui, W.H.; Hu, J.J.; Shyue, K.M.journal article10
232008A wave-propagation based generalized Lagrangian method for compressible multicomponent flow problemsShyue, Keh-Ming journal article
242008A moving-boundary tracking algorithm for inviscid compressible flowShyue, Keh-Ming journal article04
252007雙曲線平衡定律之廣義拉格朗基計算法 (新制多年期第1年)薛克民 report
262006A Wave-Propagation Based Volume Tracking Method for Compressible Multicomponent Flow in Two SpaceDimensionsShyue, Keh-Ming journal article00
272006A volume-fraction based algorithm for hybrid barotropic and non-barotropic two-fluid flow problemsKEH-MING SHYUE journal article1313
282006Mathematical Models and Numerical Methods for Compressible Multicomponent FlowShyue, Keh-Ming journal article
292006Mach-uniform methods for compressible two-phase flow problemsShyue, Keh-Ming journal article
302006A wave-propagation based volume tracking method for compressible multicomponent flow in two space dimensionsShyue, K.-M.; KEH-MING SHYUE journal article4845
312005可壓縮性多相位流與非凸性狀態方程的數值解法 (三)薛克民 report
322004可壓縮性多相位流與非凸性狀態方程的數值解法(2/2)薛克民 ; Shyue, Keh-Ming report
332004A fluid-mixture type algorithm for barotropic two-fluid flow problemsKEH-MING SHYUE journal article2217
342003可壓縮性多相位流與非凸性狀態方程的數值解法(1/2)薛克民 ; Shyue, Keh-Ming report
352002在異質狀態下、可壓縮流問題的有效解法(3/3)薛克民 ; Shyue, Keh-Ming report
362001在異質狀態下、可壓縮流問題的有效解法(2/3)薛克民 report
372001Time evolution of cosmic-ray modified plane shocksKEH-MING SHYUE journal article2017
382001A Fluid-Mixture Type Algorithm for Compressible Multicomponent Flow with Mie-Grüneisen Equation of StateKEH-MING SHYUE journal article10985
392001A simple volume tracking method for compressible two-phase flowShyue, Keh-Ming journal article
402000在異質狀態下、可壓縮流問題的有效解法(1/3)薛克民 report
411999非線性雙曲線方程中高頻率解的計算(I)薛克民 report
421999Numerical simulation of shock waves in bubbly liquids: A preliminary testShyue, Keh-Ming journal article
431999A Fluid-Mixture Type Algorithm for Compressible Multicomponent Flow with van der Waals Equation of StateKEH-MING SHYUE ; Shyue, K. M.journal article9078
441999A volume-of-fluid type algorithm for compressible two-Phase flowsShyue, Keh-Ming journal article
451998An Eulerian interface-capturing approach for compressible two-Phase flow with van der Waals-type fluidsShyue, Keh-Ming journal article
461998波動方程中高頻率解的計算薛克民 report
471998Three dimensional front trackingShyue, Keh-Ming ; Glimm, J.; Grove, J.; Li, X. L.; Zeng, Y.; Zhang, Q.journal article
481998An Efficient Shock-Capturing Algorithm for Compressible Multicomponent ProblemsKEH-MING SHYUE journal article223183
491998Three-dimensional front trackingGlimm, J.; Grove, J.W.; Li, X.L.; Shyue, K.-M.; Zeng, Y.; Zhang, Q.; KEH-MING SHYUE journal article246219
501997具守恆性的界面蹤法(II)薛克民 report
511996正交網格法在多孔隙流中的計算薛克民 report
521996Two-dimensional front tracking based on high resolution wave propagation methodsKEH-MING SHYUE journal article7463
531996Cartesian Grid Methods for Porous Media Flow Problems with InterfacesShyue, Keh-Ming report
541995台灣大學薛克民先生出席「第五屆國際性可壓縮亂流混合物理現象研討會」短期學術活動薛克民 report
551995具守恆性的界面追蹤法I薛克民 report
561995One-dimensional front tracking based on high resolution wave propagation methodsShyue, Keh-Ming ; LeVeque, R. J.journal article045
571994Front tracking based on high-resolution wave propagation methodsShyue, Keh-Ming journal article
581993Front tracking methods based on Wave PropagationShyue, Keh-Ming journal article