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22018The Global Well-Posedness of the Kinetic Cucker-Smale Flocking Model with Chemotactic MovementsChen, Chiun-Chuan ; Ha, Seung-Yeal; Zhang, Xiongtao; 陳俊全 00
32018An N-Barrier Maximum Principle for Elliptic Systems Arising from the Study of Traveling Waves in Reaction-Diffusion SystemsChen, Chiun-Chuan ; Hung, Li-Chang; 陳俊全 00
42018N-Barrier Maximum Principle for Degenerate Elliptic Systems and Its ApplicationChen, Chiun-Chuan ; Hung, Li-Chang; Liu, Hsiao-Feng; 陳俊全 11
52017Critical exponent of a simple model of spot replicationCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article00
62016Nonexistence of traveling wave solutions, exact and semi-exact traveling wave solutions for diffusive Lotka-Volterra systems of three competing speciesCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article66
72016Traveling waves for the FitzHugh–Nagumo system on an infinite channelCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article76
82016A maximum principle for diffusive Lotka–Volterra systems of two competing speciesCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article65
92016Distribution of first arrival position in molecular communicationCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN conference paper00
102015Mean field equation of liouville type with singular data: Topological degreeCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN ; CHANG-SHOU LIN journal article3233
112013Semi-exact equilibrium solutions for three-species competition-diffusion systemsCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article76
122013Travelling wave solutions of a free boundary problem for a two-species competitive modelCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article55
132012Simple pde model of spot replication in any dimensionCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article22
142012Exact travelling wave solutions of three-species competition-diffusion systemsCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article1514
152010Mean field equations of Liouville type with singular data: Sharper estimatesChen, Chiun-Chuan ; CHIUN-CHUAN CHEN ; CHANG-SHOU LIN ; Lin, Chang-Shou journal article4746
162009Lower Bounds on the Blow-Up Rate of the Axisymmetric Navier-Stokes Equations II?Chen, Chiun-Chuan ; Strain, Robert M.; Tsai, Tai-Peng; Yau Horng-Tzerjournal article
172008系統 Liouville 型方程(3/3)陳俊全 report
182008系統 Liouville 型方程(2/3)陳俊全 report
192008Lower bound on the blow-up rate of the axisymmetric navier-stokes equationsChen, Chiun-Chuan ; CHIUN-CHUAN CHEN ; Strain, Robert M.; Yau, Horng-Tzer; Tsai, Tai-Pengjournal article4222
202007Thermal transpiration for the linearized boltzmann equationChen, Chiun-Chuan ; I-KUN CHEN ; Chen, I-Kun ; CHIUN-CHUAN CHEN ; Liu, Tai-Ping; Sone, Yoshiojournal article3334
212005Delta函數在mean field方程中的作用 II陳俊全 report
222004Existence of boundary layer solutions to the Boltzmann equationChen, Chiun-Chuan ; Liu, Tai-Ping; Yang, Tongjournal article021
232004Delta函數在mean field方程中的作用陳俊全 report
242004Profile of blow-up solutions to Mean Field equations with singular dataBartolucci, Daniele; Shun, Chia-Tung ; CHIUN-CHUAN CHEN ; 孫家棟 ; Yeh, Chiou-Yueh; Chen, Chiun-Chuan ; 葉秋月; CHANG-SHOU LIN ; Lin, Chang-Shou ; 張家榮; Chang, Chia-Jung; Tarantello, Gabriella; Wu, Shu-Hui; 吳淑惠; Lien, Huei-Ting; 連惠婷; 陳振陽; Chen, Jen-Yang; Wang, Shoei-Shen ; 王水深 ; 賈景山 ; Chia, Jean-San ; SHUN, CHIA-TUNG ; YEH, CHIOU-YUEH; CHANG, CHIA-JUNG; WU, SHU-HUI; LIEN, HUEI-TING; CHEN, JEN-YANG; WANG, SHOEI-SHEN ; CHIA, JEAN-SAN journal article8683
252003指數型Mean Field方程的Leray-Schauder度II陳俊全 report
262003Topological Degree for a Mean Field Equation on Riemann SurfacesCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN ; CHANG-SHOU LIN journal article151156
272002指數型Mean Field方程的Leray-Schauder度陳俊全 report
282002Sharp Estimates for Solutions of Multi-Bubbles in Compact Riemann SurfacesCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN ; CHANG-SHOU LIN journal article144143
292001Mean Field形態方程解的存在性陳俊全 report
302001On the symmetry of blowup solutions to a mean field equationCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN ; CHANG-SHOU LIN journal article3736
312001Prescribing scalar curvature on SN, Part 1: Apriori estimatesCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article430
322000波茲曼方程格林函數的精確估計陳俊全 report
332000On axisymmetric solutions of the conformal scalar curvature equation on SnCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article2
342000Blowup behavior of mean field type equationsCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article09
351999線性Boltzmann方程解的逐點估計陳俊全 report
361999On the asymptotic symmetry of singular solutions of the scalar curvature equationsCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article2217
371999Existence of positive weak solutions with a prescribed singular set of semilinear elliptic equationsCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article21
381999Blowing up with infinite energy of conformal metrics on SnCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article1819
391998高維球上保角純量曲率方程解的存在性陳俊全 report
401998A sharp sup+inf inequality for a nonlinear elliptic equation in ℝ2CHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article350
411998Estimate of the conformal scalar curvature equation via the method of moving planes. IICHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article7460
421997N維球上保角純量曲率方程解的存在性及BLOW-UP行為陳俊全 report
431997On the method of moving planes and symmetry of solutions of semilinear elliptic equationsCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article0
441997Estimates of the conformal scalar curvature equation via the method of moving planesCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN journal article84
451995Local behavior of singular positive solutions of semilinear elliptic equations with sobolev exponentCHIUN-CHUAN CHEN ; CHANG-SHOU LIN journal article3835
461991Uniqueness of the Ground State Solutions of ∆u+ f(u)=0 in R<sup>n</sup>, n ≥ 3CHIUN-CHUAN CHEN ; CHANG-SHOU LIN journal article9893