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12019Compressed Hierarchical Schur Algorithm for Frequency-domain Analysis of Photonic StructuresDu, Cheng-Han; Chiou, Yih-Peng; Wang, Weichung ; 王偉仲 00
22015Effective anatomical priors for emission tomographic reconstructionHuang Hsuan-Ming ; Tsai, Yu-Jung; Huang, Huang-Ming; Chou, Cheng-Ying ; Wang, Weichung ; Hsiao, Ing-Tsungjournal article11
32015A Complete Study of the Ground State Phase Diagrams of Spin-1 Bose–Einstein Condensates in a Magnetic Field Via Continuation MethodsChen, Jen-Hao; Chern, I-Liang ; Wang, Weichung journal article33
42015Singular value decompositions for single-curl operators in three-dimensional Maxwell's equations for complex mediaWEICHUNG WANG ; Chern, Ruey-Lin ; Hsieh, Han-En; RUEY-LIN CHERN ; Huang, Tsung-Ming; Lin, Wen-Wei; Wang, Weichung journal article34
52015A modified Particle Swarm Optimization technique for finding optimal designs for mixture modelsWong, Weng Kee; WEICHUNG WANG ; Chen, Ray-Bing; Huang, Chien-Chih; Wang, Weichung journal article1616
62014Adaptive block size for dense QR factorization in hybrid CPU-GPU systems via statistical modelingWEICHUNG WANG journal article74
72014Using animal instincts to design efficient biomedical studies via particle swarm optimizationQiu, Jiaheng; WEICHUNG WANG ; Chen, Ray-Bing; Wang, Weichung ; Wong, Weng Keejournal article1210
82014Adaptive block size for dense QR factorization in hybrid CPU–GPU systems via statistical modelingChen, Ray-Bing; Tsai, Yaohung M.; Wang, Weichung journal article
92014Ray-Bing Chen;Yaohung M. Tsai;Weichung WangHuang, Tsung-Ming; Hsieh, Han-En; Lin, Wen-Wei; Wang, Weichung journal article
102014Minimax optimal designs via particle swarm optimization methodsWEICHUNG WANG ; Chen, Jen-Hao; Chern, I-Liang ; Wang, Weichung journal article1613
112014Different solvers evaluation for a bucking problemWEICHUNG WANG book00
122014Performance models and workload distribution algorithms for optimizing a hybrid CPU-GPU multifrontal solverWEICHUNG WANG journal article21
132014Eigenvalue solvers for three dimensional photonic crystals with face-centered cubic latticeWEICHUNG WANG journal article89
142014A Complete Study of the Ground State Phase Diagrams of Spin-1 Bose–Einstein Condensates in a Magnetic Field Via Continuation MethodsWEICHUNG WANG ; I-LIANG CHERN journal article33
152014Discrete particle swarm optimization for constructing uniform design on irregular regionsWEICHUNG WANG ; Chen, Ray-Bing; Hsu, Yen-Wen; Hung, Ying; Wang, Weichung journal article109
162014Performance models and workload distribution algorithms for optimizing a hybrid CPU–GPU multifrontal solverYu, Chenhan D.; Wang, Weichung journal article
172013A continuous-coordinate image reconstruction method for list-mode time-of-flight position emission tomographyWEICHUNG WANG ; CHENG-YING CHOU conference paper00
182013Eigendecomposition of the discrete double-curl operator with application to fast eigensolver for three-dimensional photonic crystalsHuang, Tsung-Ming; WEICHUNG WANG ; Hsieh, Han-En; Lin, Wen-Wei; Wang, Weichung journal article910
192013Matrix representation of the double-curl operator for simulating three dimensional photonic crystalsHuang, Tsung-Ming; WEICHUNG WANG ; Hsieh, Han-En; Lin, Wen-Wei; Wang, Weichung journal article55
202013Contour estimation via two fidelity computer simulators under limited resourcesWEICHUNG WANG ; Chen, Ray-Bing; Hung, Ying-Chao; Wang, Weichung journal article01
212013Computing extremal eigenvalues for three-dimensional photonic crystals with wave vectors near the brillouin zone centerWEICHUNG WANG ; Huang, Tsung-Ming; Kuo, Yueh-Cheng; Wang, Weichung journal article33
222013Optimizing Latin hypercube designs by particle swarmChen, Ray-Bing; WEICHUNG WANG ; Hsieh, Dai-Ni; Hung, Ying; Wang, Weichung journal article3427
232013On the multiple spike solutions for singularly perturbed elliptic systemsWang, Weichung ; WEICHUNG WANG ; Wu, Tsung-fang; Liu, Chien-Hsiangjournal article00
242012Accelerating Image Reconstruction in Dual-Head PET System by GPU and Symmetry PropertiesWEICHUNG WANG ; Chou, Cheng-Ying ; CHENG-YING CHOU ; Dong, Yun; Hung, Yukai; Kao, Yu-Jiun; Wang, Weichung ; Kao, Chien-Min; Chen, Chin-Tujournal article44
252012FDOPA kinetics analysis in PET images for Parkinson's disease diagnosis by use of particle swarm optimizationHuang, Chih-Kang; WEICHUNG WANG ; Wang, Weichung ; CHENG-YING CHOU ; Tzen, Kai-Yuan ; KAI-YUAN TZEN ; Lin, Win-Li ; Chou, Cheng-Ying conference paper50
262012Accelerating parallel particle swarm optimization via GPUHung, Yukai; WEICHUNG WANG ; Wang, Weichung journal article2619
272012Tuning block size for QR factorization on CPU-GPU hybrid systemsWEICHUNG WANG ; Tsai, Yaohung M.; Chen, Ray-Bing; Wang, Weichung conference paper60
282012Rotational quotient procedure: A tracking control continuation method for PDEs on radially symmetric domainsWEICHUNG WANG ; Kuo, Yueh-Cheng; Shieh, Shih-Feng; Wang, Weichung journal article11
292012Image reconstruction and signal detectability in dual-head small animal PETWEICHUNG WANG ; CHENG-YING CHOU conference paper00
302012A two-level polynomial Jacobi-Davidson algorithm for cubic acoustic eigenvalue problemsCheng, Yu-Fen; Huang, Tsung-Ming; Hwang, Feng-Nan; Wang, Weichung conference paper
312011A parallel polynomial Jacobi-Davidson approach for dissipative acoustic eigenvalue problemsWEICHUNG WANG ; Huang, Tsung-Ming; Hwang, Feng-Nan; Lai, Sheng-Hong; Wang, Weichung ; Wei, Zih-Haojournal article22
322011A CPU-GPU hybrid approach for the unsymmetric multifrontal methodYu, Chenhan D.; WEICHUNG WANG ; Wang, Weichung ; Pierce, Dan'ljournal article2321
332011Building surrogates with overcomplete bases in computer experiments with applications to bistable laser diodesChen, Ray-Bing; WEICHUNG WANG ; Wang, Weichung ; Wu, C.F.Jeffjournal article64
342011Exploring ground states and excited states of spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates by continuation methodsWEICHUNG WANG ; Chen, Jen-Hao; Chern, I-Liang ; I-LIANG CHERN ; Wang, Weichung journal article1011
352011Exploring bistability in rotating BoseEinstein condensates by a quotient transformation invariant continuation methodKuo, Yueh-Cheng; WEICHUNG WANG ; Lin, Wen-Wei; Shieh, Shih-Feng; Wang, Weichung journal article22
362011Using adaptive multi-accurate function evaluations in a surrogate-assisted method for computer experimentsWang, Weichung ; WEICHUNG WANG ; Chen, Ray-Bing; Hsu, Chia-Lungjournal article11
372011Ultrafast image reconstruction of a dual-head PET system by use of CUDA architectureWEICHUNG WANG ; CHENG-YING CHOU conference paper10
382011A fast forward projection using multithreads for multirays on GPUs in medical image reconstructionChou, Cheng-Ying ; WEICHUNG WANG ; CHENG-YING CHOU ; Chuo, Yi-Yen; Hung, Yukai; Wang, Weichung journal article2827
392010An Efficiency Study of Polynomial Eigenvalue Problem Solvers for Quantum Dot SimulationsHuang, Tsung-Ming; Wang, Weichung ; Lee, Chang-Tsejournal article22
402010An efficiency study of polynomial eigenvalue problem solvers for quantum dot simulationsWEICHUNG WANG journal article22
412010Preconditioning bandgap eigenvalue problems in three-dimensional photonic crystals simulationsWEICHUNG WANG ; Huang, Tsung-Ming; Chang, Wei-Jen; Huang, Yin-Liang; Lin, Wen-Wei; Wang, Wei-Cheng; Wang, Weichung journal article1112
422010Photoacoustic image reconstruction for linear scanning geometry using particle swarm optimization methodWEICHUNG WANG conference paper00
432010A parallel scalable PETSc-based Jacobi-Davidson polynomial Eigensolver with application in quantum dot simulationWei, Z.-H.; WEICHUNG WANG ; Hwang, F.-N.; Huang, T.-M.; Wang, W.book10
442010A parallel additive schwarz preconditioned jacobi-davidson algorithm for polynomial eigenvalue problems in quantum dot simulationHwang, Feng-Nan; WEICHUNG WANG ; Wei, Zih-Hao; Huang, Tsung-Ming; Wang, Weichung journal article1918
452010A hyperplane-constrained continuation method for near singularity in coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equationsWEICHUNG WANG ; Kuo, Yuen-Cheng; Lin, Wen-Wei; Shieh, Shih-Feng; Wang, Weichung journal article44
462010Photoacoustic image reconstruction for linear scanning geometry using particle swarm optimization with a K-space simulation schemeSheu, Yae-Lin; Wang, Weichung ; Hung, Yukai; Li, Pai-Chi conference paper
472009A Minimal Energy Tracking Continuation Method for Coupled Nonlinear Schrodinger EquationsKuo, Yuen-Cheng; Lin, Wen-Wei; Shieh, Shih-Feng; Wang, Weichung journal article
482009A minimal energy tracking method for non-radially symmetric solutions of coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equationsWEICHUNG WANG journal article77
492008Efficient Numerical Schemes for Electronic States in Coupled Quantum DotsHwang, Tsung-Min; Wang, Wei-Hua; Wang, Weichung journal article65
502008薛丁格複合方程組具尖端型態解的數值計算(3/3)王偉仲 report
512008Efficient numerical schemes for electronic states in coupled quantum dotsWEICHUNG WANG journal article65
522008Finding effective points by surrogate models with overcomplete basesWEICHUNG WANG ; Wang, W.C.; Chen, R.B .journal article11
532007Numerical schemes for three-dimensional irregular shape quantum dots over curvilinear coordinate systemsHwang, Tsung-Min; WEICHUNG WANG ; Wang, Wei-Cheng; Wang, Weichung journal article1112
542007A Palais-Smale approach to Lane-Emden equationsWEICHUNG WANG journal article34
552006Applying a Multimedia Storytelling Website in Foreign Language LearningTsou, Wenli; Wang, Weichung ; Tzeng, Yenjunjournal article10387
562006A Second-Order Finite Volume Scheme for Three Dimensional Truncated Pyramidal Quantum DotWang, Weichung ; Hwang, Tsung-Min; Jang, Jia-Chuanjournal article1010
572006Applying a multimedia storytelling website in foreign language learningWEICHUNG WANG journal article10387
582006Erratum to "Numerical simulation of three dimensional pyramid quantum dot" [J. Comput. Phys. 196 (2004) 208-232] (DOI:10.1016/ WANG journal article00
592006A second-order finite volume scheme for three dimensional truncated pyramidal quantum dotWEICHUNG WANG journal article1010
602005Jacobi–Davidson Methods for Cubic Eigenvalue ProblemsHwang, Tsung-Min; Lin, Wen-Wei; Liu, Jinn-Liang; Wang, Weichung journal article
612005Jacobi-Davidson methods for cubic eigenvalue problemsWEICHUNG WANG journal article133
622005Energy states of vertically aligned quantum dot array with nonparabolic effective massHwang, Tsung-Min; WEICHUNG WANG ; Wang, Weichung journal article88
632005Numerical simulation of three-dimensional vertically aligned quantum dot arrayWEICHUNG WANG conference paper00
642004Fixed-point methods for a semiconductor quantum dot modelWEICHUNG WANG ; Hwang, Tsung-Min; Lin, Wen-Wei; Liu, Jinn-Liang; Wang, Weichung journal article33
652004On the energy levels of three dimensional quantum dot with irregular shapeWEICHUNG WANG conference paper0
662004Numerical simulation of three dimensional pyramid quantum dotWEICHUNG WANG ; Hwang, Tsung-Min; Lin, Wen-Wei; Wang, Wei-Cheng; Wang, Weichung journal article6366
672004Numerical computation for pyramid quantum dotWEICHUNG WANG conference paper0
682003Numerical Methods for Semiconductor Heterostructures with Band NonparabolicityWang, Weichung ; Hwang, Tsung-Min; Lin, Wen-Wei; Liu, Jinn-Liangjournal article2827
692003Subcarrier multiplexing by chaotic multitone modulationWEICHUNG WANG journal article66
702003Applying computer multimedia storytelling Website in foreign language learningWEICHUNG WANG conference paper00
712002Analyzing and Computing a Discretized Semilinear Elliptic Problem with Neumann BoundaryHwang, Tsung-Min; Wang, Weichung journal article
722002A fast spectral/difference method without pole condition for Poisson-type equation in cylindrical and spherical geometriesLai, Ming-Chih; Lin, Wen-Wei; Wang, Weichung journal article
732002The convergence of an interior-point method using modified search directions in final iterationsWang, Weichung ; WEICHUNG WANG journal article00
742002A fast spectral/difference method without pole conditions for Poisson-type equations in cylindrical and spherical geometriesWEICHUNG WANG journal article2124
752002Analyzing and visualizing a discretized semilinear elliptic problem with Neumann boundary conditionsWEICHUNG WANG journal article44
762002How computers facilitate English foreign language learners acquire English abstract wordsWEICHUNG WANG journal article4938
772002How Computers Facilitate Foreign Language Learners Acquire English Abstract WordsTsou, Wenli; Wang, Weichung ; Li, Hong-Yijournal article
782001Chaotic Behaviors of Bistable Laser Diodes and Its Application in Synchronization of Optical CommunicationWang, Weichung ; Hwang, Tsung-Min; Juang, Cheng; Juang, Jong; Liu, Chin-Yueh; Lin, Wen-Weijournal article66
792000Final iterations in interior point methods - Preconditioned conjugate gradients and modified search directionsWEICHUNG WANG journal article21
802000Adaptive use of iterative methods in predictor-corrector interior point methods for linear programmingWang, Weichung ; WEICHUNG WANG ; O’Leary, Dianne P.journal article2117
811995Skew communication on the Intel Touchstone DeltaGuo, Weiming; Jacobson, Elaine M.; Wang, Weichung journal article