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12023Thallium exposure interfered with heart development in embryonic zebrafish (Danio rerio): From phenotype to genotypeChang, Yung; Tsai, Jui-Feng; PEI-JEN CHEN ; Huang, Ying-Tzu; Liu, Biing-Hui The Science of the total environment20
22023Exploring specific biomarkers regarding neurobehavioral toxicity of lead dioxide nanoparticles in medaka fish in different water matricesKung, Te-An; PEI-JEN CHEN The Science of the total environment31
32022Revealing the toxicity of monovalent and trivalent thallium to medaka fish in controlled exposure conditionsYang, Ching-Hsin; Tan, Shih-Wei; Cheng, Chiung-Ju; PEI-JEN CHEN Aquatic toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands)42
42022Monitoring of ion release, bioavailability and ecotoxicity of thallium in contaminated paddy soils under rice cultivation conditionsHsu Y.-C; Thia E; PEI-JEN CHEN Journal of Hazardous Materials97
52020In vitro and in vivo screening for environmentally friendly benzophenone-type UV filters with beneficial tyrosinase inhibition activityThia, E.; Chou, P.-H.; PEI-JEN CHEN Water Research1210
62020Use of embedded Chelex chelating resin and sediment toxicity bioassays with medaka embryos to determine the bioavailability and toxicity of lead-contaminated sedimentChen, G.-W.; DAR-YUAN LEE ; PEI-JEN CHEN Science of the Total Environment54
72019Differential alteration in reproductive toxicity of medaka fish on exposure to nanoscale zerovalent iron and its oxidation productsYang, C.-H.; Kung, T.-A.; PEI-JEN CHEN Environmental Pollution1514
82019Establishing a quick screening method by using a microfluidic chip to evaluate cytotoxicity of metal contaminantsTan, S.-W.; PEI-JEN CHEN ; Sun, Y.-S.; Chou, S.-E.; Lin, F.-Y.; KAI-YIN LO Science of the Total Environment
92019In vivo evidence of intestinal lead dissolution from lead dioxide (PbO 2 ) nanoparticles and resulting bioaccumulation and toxicity in medaka fishNg D.-Q.; Chu Y.; Tan S.-W.; SHAN-LI WANG ; YI-PIN LIN ; Chu C.-H.; Soo Y.-L.; Song Y.-F.; PEI-JEN CHEN Environmental Science: Nano1513
102019Exposure to aflatoxin B1 interferes with locomotion and neural development in zebrafish embryos and larvaeWu, T.-S.; Cheng, Y.-C.; Chen, P.-J.; Huang, Y.-T.; Yu, F.-Y.; PEI-JEN CHEN Chemosphere3430
112018Environmentally relevant concentrations of di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate exposure alter larval growth and locomotion in medaka fish via multiple pathwaysYang W.-K.; Chiang L.-F.; Tan S.-W.; PEI-JEN CHEN Science of the Total Environment
122018Illicit drug ketamine induces adverse effects from behavioral alterations and oxidative stress to p53-regulated apoptosis in medaka fish under environmentally relevant exposuresLiao P.-H.; Yang W.-K.; Yang C.-H.; Lin C.-H.; Hwang C.-C.; PEI-JEN CHEN Environmental Pollution
132017利用自動更水式全底泥暴露系統評估鄰苯二甲酸二(2-乙基己基)酯污染底泥對青?魚之慢毒性影響江麗芬(Li-Fen Chiang); 吳柏成(Po-Cheng Wu); 陳佩貞(Pei-Jen Chen) 土壤及地下水污染整治
142016Early life exposure to a rodent carcinogen propiconazole fungicide induces oxidative stress and hepatocarcinogenesis in medaka fishTu, T.-Y.; CHWAN-YANG HONG ; Sasado, T.; Kashiwada, S.; PEI-JEN CHEN Aquatic Toxicology
152016Nanoscale zerovalent iron (nZVI) at environmentally relevant concentrations induced multigenerational reproductive toxicity in Caenorhabditis elegansYang Y.-F.; Chen P.-J. ; VIVIAN LIAO Chemosphere4540
162016Developmental exposures to an azole fungicide triadimenol at environmentally relevant concentrations cause reproductive dysfunction in females of medaka fishChu, S.-H.; Liao, P.-H.; PEI-JEN CHEN Chemosphere
172016Dissolved Organic Matter or Salts Change the Bioavailability Processes and Toxicity of the Nanoscale Tetravalent Lead Corrosion Product PbO2 to Medaka FishChiang C.-W.; Ng D.-Q.; Lin Y.-P.; PEI-JEN CHEN ; YI-PIN LIN Environmental Science and Technology1211
182015Developmental exposures to waterborne abused drugs alter physiological function and larval locomotion in early life stages of medaka fishLiao, P.-H.; Hwang, C.-C.; Chen, T.-H.; PEI-JEN CHEN Aquatic Toxicology
192014Persistent endocrine disruption effects in medaka fish with early life-stage exposure to a triazole-containing aromatase inhibitor (letrozole)Liao, P.-H.; Chu, S.-H.; Tu, T.-Y.; Wang, X.-H.; ANGELA YU-CHEN LIN ; PEI-JEN CHEN Journal of Hazardous Materials
202014Two azole fungicides (carcinogenic triadimefon and non-carcinogenic myclobutanil) exhibit different hepatic cytochrome P450 activities in medaka fishLin, C.-H.; Chou, P.-H.; PEI-JEN CHEN Journal of Hazardous Materials
212013The zerovalent iron nanoparticle causes higher developmental toxicity than its oxidation products in early life stages of medaka fishPEI-JEN CHEN ; Wu, W.-L.; KEVIN CHIA-WEN WU Water Research
222012Stabilization or oxidation of nanoscale zerovalent iron at environmentally relevant exposure changes bioavailability and toxicity in medaka fishPEI-JEN CHEN ; Tan, S.-W.; Wu, W.-L.Environmental Science and Technology
232011Confocal viviperception of a transparent medaka fish (Otyzias latipes) using functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs)Lin, W.-C.; Chiang, C.-W.; Hong, C.-Y.; Chen, P.-J.; Wu, K.C.-W.; KEVIN CHIA-WEN WU ; PEI-JEN CHEN Chemistry Letters
242011Propiconazole increases reactive oxygen species levels in mouse hepatic cells in culture and in mouse liver by a cytochrome P450 enzyme mediated processNesnow, S.; Grindstaff, R.D.; Lambert, G.; Padgett, W.T.; Bruno, M.; Ge, Y.; PEI-JEN CHEN ; Wood, C.E.; Murphy, L.Chemico-Biological Interactions 
252011Toxicity assessments of nanoscale zerovalent iron and its oxidation products in medaka (Oryzias latipes) fishPEI-JEN CHEN ; Su, C.-H.; Tseng, C.-Y.; Tan, S.-W.; Cheng, C.-H.Marine Pollution Bulletin 
262009Three conazoles increase hepatic microsomal retinoic acid metabolism and decrease mouse hepatic retinoic acid levels in vivoPEI-JEN CHEN ; Padgett, W.T.; Moore, T.; Winnik, W.; Lambert, G.R.; Thai, S.-F.; Hester, S.D.; Nesnow, S.Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology
272008Cytotoxic effects of propiconazole and its metabolites in mouse and human hepatoma cells and primary mouse hepatocytesPEI-JEN CHEN ; Moore, T.; Nesnow, S.Toxicology in Vitro 
282007Biological assessments of a mixture of endocrine disruptors at environmentally relevant concentrations in water following UV/H2O2 oxidationPEI-JEN CHEN ; Rosenfeldt, E.J.; Kullman, S.W.; Hinton, D.E.; Linden, K.G.Science of the Total Environment
292007Destruction of estrogenic activity in water using UV advanced oxidationRosenfeldt, E.J.; PEI-JEN CHEN ; Kullman, S.; Linden, K.G.Science of the Total Environment
302007Comparisons of polychromatic and monochromatic UV-based treatments of bisphenol-A in water via toxicity assessmentsPEI-JEN CHEN ; Kullman, S.W.; Hinton, D.E.; Linden, K.G.Chemosphere
312006Biological assessment of bisphenol A degradation in water following direct photolysis and UV advanced oxidationPEI-JEN CHEN ; Linden, K.G.; Hinton, D.E.; Kashiwada, S.; Rosenfeldt, E.J.; Kullman, S.W.Chemosphere
322005Water quality technology conference 2005 biological assessments of bisphenol A (BPA) in water following directphotolysisand UV advanced oxidation processesPEI-JEN CHEN ; Kullman S.W.; Hinton D.E.; Linden K.G.2005 Water Quality Technology Conference Proceedings
332005Resolving mechanisms of toxicity while pursuing ecotoxicological relevance?Hinton D.E.; Kullman S.W.; Hardman R.C.; Volz D.C.; PEI-JEN CHEN ; Carney M.Marine Pollution Bulletin
342003Infrared Investigation of the Sequestration of Toluene Vapor on Clay MineralsChang, Meei-Ling; Wu, Shian-Chee; Chen, Pei-Jen ; Cheng, Shu-ChunEnvironmental Toxicology and Chemistry