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12019H2O2-Based Method for Rapid Detection of Transgene-Free Rice Plants from Segregating CRISPR/Cas9 Genome-Edited ProgeniesWu, Tsung-Meng; Huang, Jian-Zhi; Oung, Hui-Min; Hsu, Yi-Ting; YU-CHANG TSAI ; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article00
22019Transcriptome analysis reveals potential roles of a barley ASR gene that confers stress tolerance in transgenic riceP?rez-D?az J.; P?rez-D?az J.R.; Medeiros D.B.; Zuther E.; Hong C.-Y.; Nunes-Nesi A.; Hincha D.K.; Ruiz-Lara S.; Casaretto J.A.; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article11
32018Correction to: Shoot regeneration process and optimization of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in Sinningia speciosa (Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC), (2018), 134, 2, (301-316), 10.1007/s11240-018-1424-7)Kuo W.-H.; Hung Y.-L.; Wu H.-W.; Pan Z.-J.; Hong C.-Y.; Wang C.-N.; CHWAN-YANG HONG others00
42018The transcription factor OsbHLH035 mediates seed germination and enables seedling recovery from salt stress through ABA-dependent and ABA-independent pathways, respectivelyChen H.-C.; Cheng W.-H.; Hong C.-Y.; Chang Y.-S.; Chang M.-C.; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article32
52018Shoot regeneration process and optimization of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in Sinningia speciosaKuo W.-H.; Hung Y.-L.; Wu H.-W.; Pan Z.-J.; Hong C.-Y.; Wang C.-N.; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article01
62018Cross-protection by oxidative stress: Improving tolerance to abiotic stresses including salinityHarshavardhan V.T.; Govind G.; Kalladan R.; Sreenivasulu N.; Hong C.-Y.; CHWAN-YANG HONG book chapter10
72018Shoot regeneration process and optimization of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in Sinningia speciosa (vol 134, pg 301, 2018)Kuo, Wen-Hsi; Hung, Yu-Ling; Wu, Ho-Wei; Pan, Zhao-Jun; Hong, Chwan-Yang; Wang, Chun-Neng; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article0
82017Molecular characterization and subcellular localization of salt-inducible lipid transfer proteins in riceLin K.-C.; Wu T.-M.; Chandrika N.N.P.; Chou S.-J.; Hong C.-Y.; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article11
92017Glutathione reductase and abiotic stress tolerance in plantsHarshavardhan V.T.; Wu T.-M.; Hong C.-Y.; CHWAN-YANG HONG book chapter50
102016Genetic and Evolutionary Analysis of Purple Leaf Sheath in RiceChin, H.-S.; Wu, Y.-P.; Hour, A.-L.; CHWAN-YANG HONG ; YANN-RONG LIN 107
112016A set of GFP-based organelle marker lines combined with DsRed-based gateway vectors for subcellular localization study in rice (Oryza sativa L.)CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article1210
122016A rice mutant defective in antioxidant-defense system and sodium homeostasis possesses increased sensitivity to salt stressCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article74
132016Genetic and Evolutionary Analysis of Purple Leaf Sheath in RiceCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article107
142016Early life exposure to a rodent carcinogen propiconazole fungicide induces oxidative stress and hepatocarcinogenesis in medaka fishCHWAN-YANG HONG ; PEI-JEN CHEN journal article1514
152016Multiple patterns of regulation and overexpression of a ribonuclease-like pathogenesis-related protein gene, OsPR10a, conferring disease resistance in rice and ArabidopsisHuang L.-F.; Lin K.-H.; He S.-L.; Chen J.-L.; Jiang J.-Z.; Chen B.-H.; Hou Y.-S.; Chen R.-S.; Hong C.-Y.; Ho S.-L.; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article86
162015Three novel alleles of FLOURY ENDOSPERM2 (FLO2) confer dull grains with low amylose content in riceWu, Y.-P.; Pu, C.-H.; Lin, H.-Y.; Huang, H.-Y.; Huang, Y.-C.; CHWAN-YANG HONG ; Chang, M.-C.; YANN-RONG LIN 1413
172015Hygromycin B-induced cell death is partly mediated by reactive oxygen species in rice (Oryza sativa L.)CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article32
182015Gene knockout of glutathione reductase 3 results in increased sensitivity to salt stress in riceCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article2019
192015A novel soybean (Glycine max) gene encoding a family 3 β-glucosidase has high isoflavone 7-O-glucoside-hydrolyzing activity in transgenic riceCHWAN-YANG HONG ; NAN-WEI SU journal article22
202014Screening differentially expressed genes in an amphipod (Hyalella azteca) exposed to fungicide vinclozolin by suppression subtractive hybridizationCHWAN-YANG HONG ; JUI-HUNG YEN journal article44
212014Divergence of the expression and subcellular localization of CCR4-associated factor 1 (CAF1) deadenylase proteins in Oryza sativaCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article1713
222014Expression of a gene encoding a rice RING zinc-finger protein, OsRZFP34, enhances stomata openingCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article2017
232014Organ- and stress-specific expression of the ASR genes in riceCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article1514
242014Functional characterization of the stunt lemma palea 1 mutant allele in riceHou Y.-L.; Hong C.-Y.; Chen K.-Y.; CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article43
252013Identification and characterization of a novel chloroplast/mitochondria co-localized glutathione reductase 3 involved in salt stress response in riceCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article2822
262013Abscisic acid- and stress-induced highly proline-rich glycoproteins regulate root growth in riceCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article2321
272012Heme oxygenase is involved in nitric oxide- and auxin-induced lateral root formation in riceCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article3126
282012Comprehensive analysis of differentially expressed rice actin depolymerizing factor gene family and heterologous overexpression of OsADF3 confers Arabidopsis Thaliana drought toleranceCHWAN-YANG HONG ; MEN-CHI CHANG journal article1819
292012植物分子農業的發展現況CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article
302012The role of hydrogen peroxide in cadmium-inhibited root growth of rice seedlingsCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article109
312011Effect of magnesium deficiency on antioxidant status and cadmium toxicity in rice seedlingsCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article6658
322011The Importance of Glutathione in Defence against Cadmium-induced Toxicity of Rice SeedlingsCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article
332011Cadmium-induced physiological response and antioxidant enzyme changes in the novel cadmium accumulator, Tagetes patulaCHWAN-YANG HONG ; ZUENG-SANG CHEN journal article3731
342011OsAKR5基因於逆境處理下水稻培養細胞之暫時性表現CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article
352010水耕培養下孔雀草對鎘之生理反應CHWAN-YANG HONG ; ZUENG-SANG CHEN journal article00
362010The decline in ascorbic acid content is associated with cadmium toxicity of rice seedlingsCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article5248
372010Physiological responses of hydroponically-grown Tagetes patula as affected by cadmiumCHWAN-YANG HONG journal article0
382009NaCl-induced expression of glutathione reductase in roots of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings is mediated through hydrogen peroxide but not abscisic acidHong, Chwan-Yang ; CHWAN-YANG HONG ; Chao, Yun-Yang; Yang, Min-Yu; Cheng, Sin-Yuan; Cho, Shih-Chueh; Kao, Ching Hueijournal article5355
392009Na(+) but not Cl(-) or osmotic stress is involved in NaCl-induced expression of Glutathione reductase in roots of rice seedlingsHong, Chwan-Yang ; Chao, Yun-Yang; Yang, Min-Yu; Cho, Shih-Chueh; Kao, Ching Hueijournal article2522
402008受逆境調控之水稻醛糖還原酶基因之表現CHWAN-YANG HONG journal article
412008NaCl-induced expression of ASCORBATE PEROXIDASE 8 in roots of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings is not associated with osmotic componentHong, Chwan Yang ; Kao, Ching Hueijournal article40
422007Global functional analyses of rice promoters by genomics approachesCHWAN-YANG HONG ; Yu, Su-May; Ko, Swee-Suak; Hong, Chwan-Yang ; Sun, Hsou-Jan; Hsing, Yue-Ie; Tong, Chii-Gong; Ho, Tuan-Hua Davidjournal article1210
432007Expression of ASCORBATE PEROXIDASE 8 in roots of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings in response to NaClHong, Chwan-Yang ; CHWAN-YANG HONG ; Hsu, Yi Ting; Tsai, Yu-Chang ; Kao, Ching Hueijournal article6149
442005Expression of ascorbate peroxidase and glutathione reductase in roots of rice seedlings in response to NaCl and H2O2Tsai, Yu-Chang ; CHWAN-YANG HONG ; Hong, Chwan-Yang ; Liu, Li-Fei; Kao, Ching Hueijournal article6961
452004Production of two Highly Active Bacterial Phytases with Broad pH Optima in Germinated Transgenic Rice SeedsHong, Chwan-Yang ; Cheng, Kuo-Joan; Tseng, Tung-Hai; Wang, Chang-Sheng; Liu, Li-Fei; Yu, Su-Mayjournal article7467
462004Relative importance of Na + and Cl - in NaCl-induced antioxidant systems in roots of rice seedlingsTsai Y.-C.; Hong C.-Y.; Liu L.-F.; Ching H.K.; CHWAN-YANG HONG conference paper7568
472004Relative importance of Na+ and Cl- in NaCl-induced antioxidant systems in roots of rice seedlingsTsai, Yu-Chang ; Hong, Chwan-Yang ; Liu, Li-Fei; Kao, Ching Hueijournal article7568