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12024Exploring the multifaceted impact of lanthanides on physiological pathways in human breast cancer cellsHuang, Yi-Ming; Hsu, Tsu-Yu; Liu, Ching-Yu; Hsieh, Yu-Chen; Lai, Kuan-Yun; Yang, Ya-Wen; KAI-YIN LO Toxicology
22023Gallium maltolate shows synergism with cisplatin and activates nucleolar stress and ferroptosis in human breast carcinoma cellsChen, Chieh-Hsin; Huang, Yi-Ming; LOUIS GRILLET ; Hsieh, Yu-Chen; YA-WEN YANG ; KAI-YIN LO Cellular oncology (Dordrecht)10
32022Functional Characterization and Structural Modeling of a Novel Glycine Oxidase from Variovorax paradoxus Iso1KAI-YIN LO ; Tsai, Yi Fang; CHUN-HUA HSU ; CHIA-YIN LEE Applied and Environmental Microbiology00
42022Translation initiation factor eIF4G1 modulates assembly of the polypeptide exit tunnel region in yeast ribosome biogenesisTseng, Yun-Ting; Sung, Yu-Cheng; Liu, Ching-Yu; KAI-YIN LO Journal of cell science11
52022The dedicated chaperones of eL43, Puf6 and Loc1 can also bind RPL43 mRNA and regulate the production of this ribosomal proteinYueh L.-Y; Tseng Y.-T; Chu C.-Y; KAI-YIN LO Journal of Biochemistry01
62022Phosphorus conversion during anaerobic digestion of high-calcium chicken manures and phosphorus recovery as struviteChang H.-C; Chou P.-Y; Cheng M.-P; Hsiao T.-H; KAI-YIN LO ; SHAN-LI WANG Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering64
72021Elp1 facilitates RAD51-mediated homologous recombination repair via translational regulationWEI-TING CHEN; Tseng, Huan Yi; Jiang, Chung Lin; Lee, Chih Ying; Chi, Peter ; Chen, Liuh Yow; KAI-YIN LO; Wang, I. Ching; KAI-YIN LO Journal of Biomedical Science44
82021Poly(U)-specific endoribonuclease ENDOU promotes translation of human CHOP mRNA by releasing uORF element-mediated inhibitionLee, Hung-Chieh; Fu, Chuan-Yang; Lin, Cheng-Yung; Hu, Jia-Rung; Huang, Ting-Ying; Lo, Kai-Yin; HSIN-YUE TSAI ; Sheu, Jin-Chuan; KAI-YIN LO The EMBO journal1010
92021High-dose copper activates p53-independent apoptosis through the induction of nucleolar stress in human cell linesChen, Chieh-Hsin; Chou, Yi-Ting; YA-WEN YANG ; KAI-YIN LO Apoptosis : an international journal on programmed cell death97
102021Study of the degradation conditions of biodegradable plastics polylactic acidTing Y.-H; Lo K.-Y.; KAI-YIN LO Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Science00
112021Comparison of the Recovery of Phosphorus from Wastewater into Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate by Sedimentation Tank and Up-flow Fluidized Crystallization Bed [以沉澱槽及上流式流體化結晶床回收廢水中的磷成磷酸銨鎂的比較]Chang H.-C; Huang L.-S; Cheng M.-P; Hsiao T.-H; Lee H.-J; KAI-YIN LO ; SHAN-LI WANG Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Science00
122021Antimicrobial and anticorrosion activity of a novel composite biocide against mixed bacterial strains in Taiwanese marine environmentsChang S.-Y; Huang S.-Y; Chu Y.-R; Jian S.-Y; Lo K.-Y; YUEH-LIEN LEE ; KAI-YIN LO Materials33
132020Correction: Effects of Substrate-Coating Materials on the Wound-Healing Process. [Materials., 12, (2019) (2775)] DOI: 10.3390/ma12172775Lin, J.-Y.; Lo, K.-Y.; Sun, Y.-S.; KAI-YIN LO Materials00
142020Quantifying the role of different surface coatings in experimental models of wound healingJin, W.; Lo, K.-Y.; Sun, Y.-S.; Ting, Y.-H.; Simpson, M.J.; KAI-YIN LO Chemical Engineering Science53
152020Differences in anti-inflammatory properties of water soluble and insoluble bioactive polysaccharides in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW264.7 macrophagesSu C.-H; Tseng Y.-T; Lo K.-Y; Lai M.-N; Ng L.-T.; KAI-YIN LO Glycoconjugate Journal119
162019Use Microfluidic Chips to Study the Phototaxis of Lung Cancer CellsKAI-YIN LO; Lin, Jin Young; Sun, Yung Shin; Lin, Fong Yi; KAI-YIN LO; Lin, Jin Young; Sun, Yung Shin; Lin, Fong Yi; KAI-YIN LO International journal of molecular sciences55
172019Effects of substrate-coating materials on the wound-healing processKAI-YIN LO; Sun, Yung Shin; Lin, Jin Young; KAI-YIN LO; Sun, Yung Shin; Lin, Jin Young; KAI-YIN LO Materials87
182019Inhibitive properties of benzyldimethyldodecylammonium chloride on microbial corrosion of 304 stainless steel in a desulfovibrio desulfuricans-inoculated mediumHsu, C.-W.; Chen, T.-E.; Lo, K.-Y.; KAI-YIN LO ; YUEH-LIEN LEE Materials106
192019Establishing a quick screening method by using a microfluidic chip to evaluate cytotoxicity of metal contaminantsTan, S.-W.; Chen, P.-J.; Sun, Y.-S.; Chou, S.-E.; Lin, F.-Y.; KAI-YIN LO ; PEI-JEN CHEN ; PEI-JEN CHEN Science of the Total Environment54
202019Puf6 and Loc1 are the dedicated chaperones of ribosomal protein Rpl43 in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeLiang, K.-J.; Yueh, L.-Y.; Hsu, N.-H.; Lai, J.-S.; Lo, K.-Y.; KAI-YIN LO International Journal of Molecular Sciences98
212019A microfluidics-based wound-healing assay for studying the effects of shear stresses, wound widths, and chemicals on the wound-healing processLin, J.-Y.; Lo, K.-Y.; Sun, Y.-S.; KAI-YIN LO Scientific Reports2724
222019Thallium(I) treatment induces nucleolar stress to stop protein synthesis and cell growthLO, KAI-YIN; KAI-YIN LO Scientific Reports2018
232019Evaluation of PVA/dextran/chitosan hydrogel for wound dressingLin S.-P.; LO KAI-YIN ; Tseng T.-N.; Liu J.-M.; Shih T.-Y.; KUAN-CHEN CHENG ; KAI-YIN LO Cellular Polymers3233
242019Hole-closing model reveals exponents for nonlinear degenerate diffusivity functions in cell biologyMcCue S.W.; Jin W.; Moroney T.J.; Lo K.-Y.; Chou S.-E.; Simpson M.J.; KAI-YIN LO Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena3132
252018百里酚對304不銹鋼表面微生物腐蝕行為之影響-以淡水河菌種為例張守毅(S.-Y. Chang); 張介宇(J.-Y. Chang); 謝子晴(T.-C. Xie); 羅凱尹(K.-Y. Lo); 李岳聯(Y.-L. Lee); KAI-YIN LO 中國造船暨輪機工程學刊
262018以氣象與水文型乾旱指標整合評估臺灣南部區域乾旱特性羅凱尹(Kai-Yin Lo); 葉信富(Hsin-Fu Yeh); 李哲瑋(Jhe-Wei Lee); 羅偉誠(Wei-Cheng Lo); KAI-YIN LO 農業工程學報0
272018The role of initial geometry in experimental models of wound closingJin W.; Lo K.-Y. ; Chou S.-E.; McCue S.W.; Simpson, Matthew J.Chemical Engineering Science2223
282017A wound-healing assay based on ultraviolet light ablationWu S.-Y.; Sun Y.-S.; KUAN-CHEN CHENG ; KAI-YIN LO SLAS Technology88
292017Use microfluidic chips to study the effects of ultraviolet lights on human fibroblastsHuang C.-H.; Hou H.-S.; KAI-YIN LO ; Cheng J.-Y.; Sun, Yung-ShinMicrofluidics and Nanofluidics98
302017Quantifying the roles of random motility and directed motility using advection-diffusion theory for a 3T3 fibroblast cell migration assay stimulated with an electric fieldSimpson M.J.; Lo K.-Y.; KAI-YIN LO ; KAI-YIN LO BMC Systems Biology1414
312017Bcp1 Is the Nuclear Chaperone of Rpl23 in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeTing Y.-H.; Lu T.-J.; Johnson A.W.; Shie J.-T.; Chen B.-R.; Suresh Kumar S.; KAI-YIN LO ; KAI-YIN LO Journal of Biological Chemistry2829
322016A microfluidic device for studying the production of reactive oxygen species and the migration in lung cancer cells under single or coexisting chemical/electrical stimulationLO, KAI-YIN ; Wu, S.-Y.; Sun, Yung-ShinMicrofluidics and Nanofluidics1212
332016Enrichment of two isoflavone aglycones in black soymilk by Rhizopus oligosporus NTU 5 in a plastic composite support bioreactorLiu, Chi-Te; Erh, Mei-Hui; Lin, Shin-Pin; Lo, Kai-Yin; Chen, Kuan-I.; KAI-YIN LO ; CHI-TE LIU ; KUAN-CHEN CHENG ; SHAU-PING LIN ; Cheng K.-C. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture1111
342016Bioethanol production from taro waste using thermo-tolerant yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus K21Wu, W.-H.; Hung, W.-C.; KAI-YIN LO ; Chen, Y.-H.; Wan, H.-P.; KUAN-CHEN CHENG Bioresource Technology6445
352016The Roles of Puf6 and Loc1 in 60S Biogenesis Are Interdependent, and Both Are Required for Efficient Accommodation of Rpl43Yi-Ting Yang; Ya-Han Ting; Kei-Jen Liang; KAI-YIN LO Journal of Biological Chemistry1617
362016Designing microfluidic devices for studying cellular responses under single or coexisting chemical/electrical/shear stress stimuliChou T.-Y.; Sun Y.-S.; Hou H.-S.; Wu S.-Y.; Zhu Y.; Cheng J.-Y.; KAI-YIN LO ; KAI-YIN LO Journal of Visualized Experiments22
372015Correlation between cell migration and reactive oxygen species under electric field stimulationWu, S.-Y.; Hou, H.-S.; Sun, Y.-S.; Cheng, J.-Y.; KAI-YIN LO Biomicrofluidics2527
382013Effects of shear stresses and antioxidant concentrations on the production of reactive oxygen species in lung cancer cellsKAI-YIN LO ; Zhu, Y.; Tsai, H.; Sun, Yung-ShinBiomicrofluidics3229
392012Increasing the storage and oxidation stabilities of N-acyl-d-amino acid amidohydrolase by site-directed mutagenesis of critical methionine residuesPeng I.-C.; Lo K.-Y.; Hsu C.-H.; KAI-YIN LO ; CHUN-HUA HSU ; CHIA-YIN LEE Process Biochemistry84
402011Label-free detection of surface markers on stem cells by oblique-incidence reflectivity difference microscopyKAI-YIN LO ; Sun, Y.-S.; Landry, J.P.; Zhu, X.; KAI-YIN LO BioTechniques2010
412010Defining the pathway of cytoplasmic maturation of the 60S ribosomal subunitKAI-YIN LO ; Li, Z.; Bussiere, C.; Bresson, S.; Marcotte, E.M.; Johnson, Arlen W.Molecular Cell9148
422009Reengineering ribosome exportKAI-YIN LO ; Johnson, Arlen W.Molecular Biology of the Cell1714
432009Ribosome stalk assembly requires the dual-specificity phosphatase Yvh1 for the exchange of Mrt4 with P0Lo, K.-Y.; Li, Z.; Wang, F.; Marcotte, E.M.; KAI-YIN LO ; KAI-YIN LO Journal of Cell Biology9085
442008Arx1 is a nuclear export receptor for the 60S ribosomal subunit in yeastHung, N.-J.; Lo, K.-Y.; Patel, S.S.; Helmke, K.; KAI-YIN LO ; KAI-YIN LO Molecular Biology of the Cell 6765
452007Novel interaction of the 60S ribosomal subunit export adapter Nmd3 at the nuclear pore complexWest, M.; Hedges, J.B.; KAI-YIN LO ; Johnson, Arlen W.Journal of Biological Chemistry010