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12023Structural insights into the role of N-terminal integrity in PhoSL for core-fucosylated N-glycan recognitionLou, Yuan-Chao; Tu, Cheng-Fen; Chou, Chun-Chi; Yeh, Hsin-Hong; Chien, Chia-Yu; Sadotra, Sushant; Chen, Chinpan; Yang, Ruey-Bing; CHUN-HUA HSU International journal of biological macromolecules00
22023Differential cellular responses to FDA-approved nanomedicines: an exploration of albumin-based nanocarriers and liposomes in protein corona formationPutri, Athika Darumas; Hsu, Ming-Jen; Han, Chia-Li; Chao, Fang-Ching; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Lorenz, Christian D; Hsieh, Chien-MingNanoscale00
32023Characterization and Crystal Structures of a Cubebol-Producing Sesquiterpene Synthase from Antrodia cinnamomeaChen, Sheng-Chia; Jiang, Bo-Chen; Lu, Yen-Ju; Chang, Chia-Hao; Wu, Tsung-Han; Lin, Sheng-Wei; Yin, Hua-Wen; TZONG-HUEI LEE ; CHUN-HUA HSU Journal of agricultural and food chemistry40
42023Proline Isomerization and Molten Globular Property of TgPDCD5 Secreted from Toxoplasma gondii Confers Its Regulation of Heparin Sulfate BindingLin, Gloria Meng Hsuan; Yu, Tsun Ai; Chang, Chi Fon; CHUN-HUA HSU JACS Au
52023Crystallographic and biophysical analysis of the fusion core from SARS-CoV-2 spike proteinCHUN-HUA HSU Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society00
62022Functional Characterization and Structural Modeling of a Novel Glycine Oxidase from Variovorax paradoxus Iso1KAI-YIN LO ; Tsai, Yi Fang; CHUN-HUA HSU ; CHIA-YIN LEE Applied and Environmental Microbiology00
72022Engineered multivalent DNA capsules for multiplexed detection of genotoxicants via versatile controlled release mechanismsSinguru, Murali Mohana Rao; Liao, Yu-Chieh; Lin, Gloria Meng-Hsuan; Chen, Wei-Tzu; Lin, Yu-Hsuan; To, Ching Tat; Liao, Wei-Ching; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Chuang, Min-ChiehBiosensors & bioelectronics11
82022Structural insights into DNA binding domain of vancomycin-resistance-associated response regulator in complex with its promoter DNA from Staphylococcus aureusKumar J.V; Tseng T.-S; Lou Y.-C; Wei S.-Y; Wu T.-H; Tang H.-C; Chiu Y.-C; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Chen C.Protein Science21
92022Discovery and characterization of a monoclonal antibody targeting a conformational epitope of IL-6/IL-6Rα to inhibit IL-6/ IL-6Rα/gp130 hexameric signaling complex formationChou, Chun-Chi; KUO-TAI HUA ; Chen, Min-Wei; CHIN-JUI WU ; CHUN-HUA HSU ; JANN-TAY WANG ; Hsiao, Michael; LING-HUNG WEI mAbs53
102021Expanding the Substrate Specificity of Macro Domains toward 3″-Isomer of O-Acetyl-ADP-riboseChiu Y.-C; Tseng M.-C; CHUN-HUA HSU ACS Catalysis
112021Structural and biochemical insights into a hyperthermostable urate oxidase from Thermobispora bispora for hyperuricemia and gout therapyChiu Y.-C; Hsu T.-S; Huang C.-Y; CHUN-HUA HSU International Journal of Biological Macromolecules5
122021Elucidating the tunability of binding behavior for the MERS-CoV macro domain with NAD metabolitesLin M.-H; Cho C.-C; Chiu Y.-C; Chien C.-Y; Huang Y.-P; Chang C.-F; CHUN-HUA HSU Communications Biology3
132021以師博課教學法與即時反饋系統改善生物化學實驗課程CHUN-HUA HSU ; 徐駿森教育部教學實踐研究計畫
142021Crystal structures of Aspergillus oryzae Rib2 deaminase: the functional mechanism involved in riboflavin biosynthesisSheng-Chia Chen; Li-Ci Ye; Te-Ming Yen; Ruei-Xin Zhu; Cheng-Yu Li; San-Chi Chang; Shwu-Huey Liaw; CHUN-HUA HSU {IUCrJ}1
152021Molecular elucidation of a urate oxidase from deinococcus radiodurans for hyperuricemia and gout therapyChiu Y.-C; Hsu T.-S; Huang C.-Y; CHUN-HUA HSU International Journal of Molecular Sciences8
162021Structural basis for promoter DNA recognition by the response regulator OmpRSadotra S; Lou Y.-C; Tang H.-C; Chiu Y.-C; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Chen C.Journal of Structural Biology55
172021NMR assignments of the macro domain from severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)Lin M.-H; Huang Y.-P; Chang C.-F; CHUN-HUA HSU Biomolecular NMR Assignments1
182020Crystal Structure of α-Galactosidase from Thermus thermophilus: Insight into Hexamer Assembly and Substrate SpecificitySheng-Chia Chen; Szu-Pei Wu; Yu-Yung Chang; Tzann-Shun Hwang; TZONG-HUEI LEE ; Chun-Hua Hsu; CHUN-HUA HSU Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry56
192020Distribution of positively charged amino acid residues in antimicrobial peptide epinecidin-1 is crucial for in vitro glioblastoma cytotoxicity and its underlying mechanismsSu, B.-C.; Wu, T.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Chen, J.-Y.Chemico-Biological Interactions1313
202020The crystal structure of protein-transporting chaperone BCP1 from Saccharomyces cerevisiaeLin, M.-H.; Kuo, P.-C.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Chen, S.-C.; CHUN-HUA HSU Journal of Structural Biology33
212020Synthesis and characterization of Gd-DTPA/fucoidan/peptide complex nanoparticle and in vitro magnetic resonance imaging of inflamed endothelial cellsCheng, T.-M.; Li, R.; Kao, Y.-C.J.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Chu, H.-L.; Lu, K.-Y.; Changou, C.A.; Chang, C.-C.; Chang, L.-H.; Tsai, M.-L.; Mi, F.-L.Materials Science and Engineering C2724
222020Integrative SPOCs and Share-Start Teaching Approach with 3D Printing Aided Teaching in Structural Biochemistry's LearningCHUN-HUA HSU ; 徐駿森教育部教學實踐研究計畫
232020N-Terminal Segment of TvCyP2 Cyclophilin from Trichomonas vaginalis Is Involved in Self-Association, Membrane Interaction, and Subcellular LocalizationAryal, Sarita; HONG-MING HSU ; Lou, Yuan-Chao; Chu, Chien-Hsin; Tai, Jung-Hsiang; Hsu, Chun-Hua; CHUN-HUA HSU Biomolecules22
242020Structural, Biophysical, and Biochemical Elucidation of the SARS-CoV-2 Nonstructural Protein 3 Macro DomainLin, M.-H.; Chang, S.-C.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Jiang, B.-C.; Wu, T.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU ACS infectious diseases2625
252020NMR resonance assignments of the programmed cell death protein 5 (PDCD5) from Toxoplasma gondiiLin, M.-H.; Yu, T.-A.; Chang, C.-F.; Nishikawa, Y.; CHUN-HUA HSU Biomolecular NMR Assignments10
262020Adaptation of thermophilic acetyltransferase to a water-mediated catalytic mechanismChang, Y.-Y.; Hagawa, S.; CHUN-HUA HSU Chemical Communications11
272019C‐terminal redox domain of Arabidopsis APR1 is a non‐canonical thioredoxin domain with glutaredoxin functionChien, Chia Yu; Chang, Yu Yung; Chen, Fang Fang; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Cho, Chao ChengAntioxidants
282019Structural basis for −35 element recognition by σ<inf>4</inf> chimera proteins and their interactions with PmrA response regulator; Lou, Yuan Chao; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Sadotra, Sushant; Chou, Chun Chi; Chien, Chia Yu; Chen, Chinpan; Yeh, Hsin HongProteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics00
292019Reagent-free DOPA-dioxygenase colorimetric biosensor for selective detection of L-DOPAChou Y.-C.; Shih C.-I.; Chiang C.-C.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Yeh Y.-C.Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical
302019Structural and biochemical evidence supporting poly ADP-ribosylation in the bacterium Deinococcus radioduransCho C.-C.; Chien C.-Y.; Chiu Y.-C.; Lin M.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU Nature Communications
312019Plant Cytosolic Ascorbate Peroxidase with Dual Catalytic Activity Modulates Abiotic Stress TolerancesChin D.-C.; Senthil Kumar R.; Suen C.-S.; Chien C.-Y.; Hwang M.-J.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Xuhan X.; Lai Z.X.; Yeh K.-W.iScience
322018Identification of Novel Cdc7 Kinase Inhibitors as Anti-Cancer Agents that Target the Interaction with Dbf4 by the Fragment Complementation and Drug Repositioning ApproachCheng A.N.; Lo Y.-K.; Lin Y.-S.; Tang T.-K.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Hsu J.T.-A.; Lee A.Y.-L.EBioMedicine
332018Structural basis of interaction between dimeric cyclophilin 1 and Myb1 transcription factor in Trichomonas vaginalisMartin, T.; Lou, Y.-C.; Chou, C.-C.; Wei, S.-Y.; Sadotra, S.; Cho, C.-C.; Lin, M.-H.; Tai, J.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Chen, C.Scientific Reports3
342018Mitochondrial Lon sequesters and stabilizes p53 in the matrix to restrain apoptosis under oxidative stress via its chaperone activitySung, Y.-J.; CHUN-HUA HSU et al. Cell Death and Disease
352017DNA Modulates the Interaction of Genetically Engineered DNA-Binding Proteins and Gold Nanoparticles: Diagnosis of High-Risk HPV InfectionJu-Yi Mao; CHUN-HUA HSU et al. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
362017Temperature/pH/Enzyme Triple-Responsive Cationic Protein/PAA-b-PNIPAAm Nanogels for Controlled Anticancer Drug and Photosensitizer Delivery against Multidrug Resistant Breast Cancer CellsTrong-Ming Don; Kun-Ying Lu; Li-Jie Lin; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Jui-Yu Wu; Fwu-Long MiMolecular Pharmaceutics47
372017SEPT12 phosphorylation results in loss of the septin ring/sperm annulus, defective sperm motility and poor male fertilityCHUN-HUA HSU PLOS Genetics3235
382017Development of a new type of multifunctional fucoidan-based nanoparticles for anticancer drug deliveryLu, K.-Y.; Li, R.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Lin, C.-W.; Chou, S.-C.; Tsai, M.-L.; Mi, F.-L.Carbohydrate Polymers106
392017CK1δ/GSK3β/FBXW7α axis promotes degradation of the ZNF322A oncoprotein to suppress lung cancer progressionLiao S.-Y.; Chiang C.-W.; Hsu C.-H.; Chen Y.-T.; Jen J.; Juan H.-F. ; Lai W.-W.; Hsu, C.-H. Oncogene1312
402016NMR assignments of the macro domain from Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)Yi-Ping Huang; Chao-Cheng Cho; Chi-Fon Chang; CHUN-HUA HSU Biomolecular NMR Assignments5
412016Macro Domain from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Is an Efficient ADP-ribose Binding Module: CRYSTAL STRUCTURE AND BIOCHEMICAL STUDIES.CHUN-HUA HSU 3936
422016Multiple Conformations of the Loop Region Confers Heat-Resistance on SsArd1, a Thermophilic NatA.CHUN-HUA HSU 55
432016Importance of the C-terminal histidine residues of Helicobacter pylori GroES for Toll-like receptor 4 binding and interleukin-8 cytokine productionLee H.; Su Y.-L.; Huang B.-S.; Hsieh F.-T.; Chang Y.-H.; SHIOU-RU TZENG ; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Huang P.-T.; KUO-LONG LOU ; Wang Y.-T.; LU-PING CHOW Scientific Reports60
442015Effect of Grape Seed Proanthocyanidin-Gelatin Colloidal Complexes on Stability and in Vitro Digestion of Fish Oil EmulsionsSu, Y.-R.; Tsai, Y.-C.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Chao, A.-C.; Lin, C.-W.; Tsai, M.-L.; Mi, F.-L.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
452015Structural Basis for Substrate-specific Acetylation of Nα-acetyltransferase Ard1 from Sulfolobus solfataricusChang, Y.-Y.; CHUN-HUA HSU Scientific Reports
462015Characterization and application of a common epitope recognized by a broad-spectrum C4 monoclonal antibody against capsid proteins of plant potyvirusesLiu, H.-L.; Liu, Y.-W.; TANG-LONG SHEN ; CHUN-HUA HSU ; YA-CHUN CHANG Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology1
472015Solution structure and base specificity of cytotoxic RC-RNase 2 from Rana catesbeianaCHUN-HUA HSU ; Chang, C.-F.; Liao, Y.-D.; Wu, S.-H.; Chen, C.Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics2
482014Critical residues of class II PHA synthase for expanding the substrate specificity and enhancing the biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoateChen Y.-J.; Tsai P.-C.; Hsu C.-H. ; CHIA-YIN LEE Enzyme and Microbial Technology1515
492014FRET-based dual-emission and pH-responsive nanocarriers for enhanced delivery of protein across intestinal epithelial cell barrierLu, K.-Y.; Lin, C.-W.; Hsu, C.-H.; Ho, Y.-C.; Chuang, E.-Y.; Sung, H.-W.; CHUN-HUA HSU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces3434
502014Selection of aptamers for fluorescent detection of alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase by single-bead SELEXYang, D.-K.; LIN-CHI CHEN ; Lee, M.-Y.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Chen, C.-S.Biosensors and Bioelectronics22
512014Antroquinonol D, isolated from Antrodia camphorata, with DNA demethylation and anticancer potentialWang, S.-C.; TZONG-HUEI LEE ; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Chang, Y.-J.; Chang, M.-S.; Wang, Y.-C.; Ho, Y.-S.; Wen, W.-C.; Lin, R.-K.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
522014Backbone resonance assignments of the α sub-domain of Brevibacillus thermoruber Lon proteaseChen, Y.-D.; Wu, S.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU Biomolecular NMR assignments2
532014Crystallization of the C-terminal redox domain of the sulfur-assimilatory enzyme APR1 from Arabidopsis thalianaChen, F.-F.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Cho, C.-C.; CHUN-HUA HSU Acta Crystallographica Section:F Structural Biology Communications2
542014Structural basis for DNA-mediated allosteric regulation facilitated by the AAA+ module of Lon proteaseLee, A.Y.-L.; Chen, Y.-D.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Lin, Y.-C.; Chang, C.-F.; Huang, S.-J.; Wu, S.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography
552013Inhibitory potential of fatty acids on key enzymes related to type 2 diabetesSu, C.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Ng, L.-T.; LEAN-TEIK HUANG BioFactors57
562013Nonhost resistance of tomato to the bean pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae B728a is due to a defective E3 ubiquitin ligase domain in AvrPtoB B728aChien C.-F.; Mathieu J.; Hsu C.-H.; Boyle P.; Martin G.B.; NAI-CHUN LIN ; CHUN-HUA HSU Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions1210
572013Identification and Characterization of an Extracellular Alkaline Phosphatase in the Marine Diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutumLin, H.-Y.; Shih, C.-Y.; Liu, H.-C.; Chang, J.; Chen, Y.-L.; Chen, Y.-R.; Lin, H.-T.; Chang, Y.-Y.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Lin, H.-J.Marine Biotechnology41
582013Crystal structures and molecular dynamics simulations of thermophilic malate dehydrogenase reveal critical loop motion for co-substrate bindingHung, C.-H.; Hwang, T.-S.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Luo, H.-R.; Wu, S.-P.; CHUN-HUA HSU PLoS ONE8
592013Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of the a subdomain of Lon protease from Brevibacillus thermoruberChen, Y.-D.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Wu, S.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications
602013Cloning, overexpression, purification and crystallization of malate dehydrogenase from Thermus thermophilusChang, Y.-Y.; Hung, C.-H.; Hwang, T.-S.; CHUN-HUA HSU Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications6
612013Up-regulation of neutrophil activating protein in Helicobacter pylori under high-salt stress: Structural and phylogenetic comparison with bacterial iron-binding ferritinsLiao, J.-H.; Sun, Y.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Lin, Y.-C.; Wu, S.-H.; Kuo, C.-J.; Huang, C.-H.; Chiou, S.-H.Biochimie5
622013Using single-molecule approaches to study archaeal DNA-binding protein Alba1Lu, Y.-W.; Huang, T.; Tsai, C.-T.; Chang, Y.-Y.; HUNG-WEN LI ; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Fan, H.-F.Biochemistry9
632012Structure-based systems biology and drug design in cancer researchCHUN-HUA HSU Systems Biology: Applications in Cancer-Related Research00
642012Increasing the storage and oxidation stabilities of N-acyl-d-amino acid amidohydrolase by site-directed mutagenesis of critical methionine residuesPeng I.-C.; Lo K.-Y.; Hsu C.-H.; KAI-YIN LO ; CHUN-HUA HSU ; CHIA-YIN LEE Process Biochemistry84
652012Characterization of the role of protein-cysteine residues in the binding with sodium arseniteChang, Y.-Y.; Kuo, T.-C.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Hou, D.-R.; Kao, Y.-H.; RONG-NAN HUANG Archives of Toxicology
662012Evaluation of the regioselective delactonization of tri-sialic acid lactone by in-solution molecular dynamics simulationChen, C.-S.; Yu, Y.-P.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Zou, W.; Fang, J.-M.; Wu, S.-H.Carbohydrate Research0
672012Solution structure of the oncogenic MIEN1 protein reveals a thioredoxin-like fold with a redox-active motif.TANG-LONG SHEN ; CHUN-HUA HSU 1311
682011The DNA-recognition fold of Sso7c4 suggests a new member of SpoVT-AbrB superfamily from archaeaCHUN-HUA HSU ; Wang, A.H.-J.Nucleic Acids Research14
692010Resonance assignments of human C35 (C17orf37) protein, a novel tumor biomarker.TANG-LONG SHEN ; CHUN-HUA HSU 44
702010Binding and cleavage of E. coli HU beta by the E. coli Lon protease. (vol 98, pg 129, 2010)Liao, Jiahn-Haur; Hsu, Chun-Hua et al. Biophysical Journal00
712010Twisting of the DNA-binding surface by a beta-strand-bearing proline modulates DNA gyrase activityHsieh, Tung-Ju; Yen, Tien-Jui; Lin, Te-Sheng; Chang, Hsun-Tang; Huang, Shu-Yun; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Farh, Lynn; Chan, Nei-LiNucleic Acids Research23
722010Binding and cleavage of E. coli HUβ by the E. coli Lon proteaseLiao, J.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU et al. Biophysical Journal
732010NMR and biophysical elucidation of structural effects on extra N-terminal methionine residue of recombinant amphibian RNases from Rana catesbeianaCHUN-HUA HSU ; Pan, Y.-R.; Liao, Y.-D.; Wu, S.-H.; Chen, C.Journal of Biochemistry
742010Binding and Cleavage of E. coli HUβ by the E. coli Lon Protease(Biophysical Journal (2010) 98, (129-137))Liao J.-H.; Lin Y.-C.; Hsu J.; Lee A.Y.-L.; Chen T.-A.; Hsu C.-H.; Chir J.-L.; Hua K.-F.; Wu T.-H.; Hong L.-J.; Yen P.-W.; Chiou A.; CHUN-HUA HSU Biophysical Journal
752010A high-throughput colorimetric assay to characterize the enzyme kinetic and cellular activity of spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltransferase 1Lin, H.-J.; Lien, Y.-C.; CHUN-HUA HSU Analytical Biochemistry
762010Molecular modeling studies of the conserved B(12)-binding motif and its variants from Clostridium tetanomorphum glutamate mutase.CHUN-HUA HSU ; Chen, H.P.Protein and peptide letters
772010Obtusilactone A and (-)-sesamin induce apoptosis in human lung cancer cells by inhibiting mitochondrial Lon protease and activating DNA damage checkpointsWang, H.-H.; Cheng, K.-C.; Lin, C.-J.; Hsu, S.-W.; Fang, W.-C.; Hsu, T.-F.; Chiu, C.-C.; Chang, H.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Lee, A.Y.-L.Cancer Science
782010Preliminary crystallographic characterization of the Grb2 SH2 domain in complex with a FAK-derived phosphotyrosyl peptideChen, H.-H.; Chen, C.-W.; Chang, Y.-Y.; TANG-LONG SHEN ; CHUN-HUA HSU Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications
792009DNA-binding specificity of the Lon protease α-domain from Brevibacillus thermoruber WR-249Lin, Y.-C.; Lee, H.-C.; Wang, I.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Liao, J.-H.; Lee, A.Y.-L.; Chen, C.; Wu, S.-H.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications13
802009Tyrosine phosphorylation of growth factor receptor-bound protein-7 by focal adhesion kinase in the regulation of cell migration, proliferation, and tumorigenesisChu P.-Y.; Huang L.-Y.; Hsu C.-H.; Liang C.-C.; Guan J.-L.; Hung T.-H.; TING-HSUAN HUNG ; Hsu, Chun-Hua ; Shen, Tang-Long Journal of Biological Chemistry5151
812008Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of PAT, an acetyltransferase from Sulfolobus solfataricusCho, C.-C.; Luo, C.-W.; CHUN-HUA HSU Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications1
822008Targeting therapy for breast carcinoma by ATP synthase inhibitor aurovertin bHuang T.-C.; Chang H.-Y.; Hsu C.-H.; WEN-HUNG KUO ; KING-JEN CHANG ; Hsu, Chun-Hua ; Juan, Hsueh-Fen Journal of Proteome Research9490
832007An apoptosis-related gene network induced by novel compound-cRGD in human breast cancer cells.Huang, Hsuan-Cheng; Chang, Chih-Chin; Chang, Hsin-Yi; Ou, Chern-Han; Hsu, Chun-Hua ; Chen, Shui-Tein; Juan, Hsueh-Fen ; Huang, Tsui-ChinFEBS Letters
842007Conformation of trisialic acid lactone: NMR spectroscopic analysis and molecular dynamics simulationChen, C.-S.; YU-PING YU ; CHUN-HUA HSU ; YEN-TZU WU ; Zou, W.; JIM-MIN FANG ; Wu, S.-H.European Journal of Organic Chemistry5
852007Mithramycin A inhibits DNA methyltransferase and metastasis potential of lung cancer cellsLin, R.-K.; CHUN-HUA HSU ; Wang, Y.-C.Anti-Cancer Drugs
862005Structural and DNA-binding studies on the bovine antimicrobial peptide, indolicidin: Evidence for multiple conformations involved in binding to membranes and DNACHUN-HUA HSU ; Chen, C.; Jou, M.-L.; Lee, A.Y.-L.; Lin, Y.-C.; Yu, Y.-P.; Huang, W.-T.; Wu, S.-H.Nucleic Acids Research239
872004Functional domains of Brevibacillus thermoruber lon protease for oligomerization and DNA binding: Role of N-terminal and sensor and substrate discrimination domainsLee, Alan Yueh-Luen; Hsu, Chun-Hua ; Wu, Shih-HsiungJournal of Biological Chemistry6260
882004Immunological, structural, and preliminary X-ray diffraction characterizations of the fusion core of the SARS-coronavirus spike proteinCHUN-HUA HSU ; Ko, T.-P.; Yu, H.-M.; Tang, T.-K.; Chen, S.-T.; Wang, A.H.-J.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
892003Solution structure of the cytotoxic RNase 4 from oocytes of bullfrog Rana catesbeianaCHUN-HUA HSU ; Liao, Y.-D.; Pan, Y.-R.; Chen, L.-W.; Wu, S.-H.; Leu, Y.-J.; Chen, C.Journal of Molecular Biology18
902002Structural Characterizations of Fusion Peptide Analogs of Influenza Virus HemagglutininHsu, Chun-Hua ; Wu, Shih-Hsiung; Chang, Ding-Kwo; Chen, ChinpanJournal of Biological Chemistry4746
9120011H, 15N and 13C resonance assignments and secondary structure determination of the RC-RNase 2 from oocytes of bullfrog Rana catesbeiana [6]CHUN-HUA HSU ; Chen L.-W.; Liao Y.-D.; Wu S.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU Journal of Biomolecular NMR
9220011H, 13C and 15N resonance assignments and secondary structure of the cytotoxic protein RNase 4 from bullfrog Rana catesbeiana oocytes [3]CHUN-HUA HSU ; Liao Y.-D.; Wu S.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU Journal of Biomolecular NMR
932001Solution Structure of a Kunitz-type Chymotrypsin Inhibitor Isolated from the Elapid Snake Bungarus fasciatusChen, Chinpan; Hsu, Chun-Hua ; Su, Ning-Yuan; Lin, Yu-Ching; Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Wu, Shih-HsiungJournal of Biological Chemistry5556