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12017The relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance: Influence of family governanceLee, T.; Chu, W.; WEN-YI CHU journal article1513
22016群眾募資專案成效之影響因素-台灣flyingV群眾募資平台之實證研究朱文儀(Wenyi Chu); 林亭佑(Tingyu Lin); WEN-YI CHU journal article00
32015Antecedents and consequences of co-opetition strategies in small and medium-sized accounting agenciesHuang, H.-C.; Chu, W.; WEN-YI CHU journal article43
42013How Entrepreneurial Orientation Influences Firm Performance: From Outside-in and Inside-out ViewsWEN-YI CHU conference paper00
52013Ownership, resources, and business-group effects on affiliate performance: Evidence from TaiwanWang, C.-H.; Chu, W.; Chen, C.-N.; WEN-YI CHU journal article12
62013How entrepreneurial orientation, environmental dynamism, and resource rareness influence firm performanceLee, T.; Chu, W.; WEN-YI CHU journal article1111
72012Unequal Business-group Effects: Power and Status of Different Affiliated CompaniesWEN-YI CHU conference paper
82012Diversification, resource concentration, and business group performance: Evidence from TaiwanChen, C.-N.; Chu, W.; WEN-YI CHU journal article86
92012大型集團企業之成員競爭優勢:資源、控制與內部市場陳建男(Chien-Nan Chen); 朱文儀(Wen-Yi Chu); WEN-YI CHU journal article00
102011Evidence of association between Nucleosome Occupancy and the Evolution of Transcription Factor Binding Sites in YeastSwamy, Krishna B. S.; Chu, Wen-Yi; Wang, Chun-Yi; Tsai, Huai-Kuang; Wang, Daryi; WEN-YI CHU journal article78
112011Family ownership and firm performance: Influence of family management, family control, and firm sizeChu, W.; WEN-YI CHU journal article9891
122010Entrepreneurial Orientation, Resource Attributes and Competitive Advantage: A Resource-Based ViewWEN-YI CHU conference paper
132010Enhancement of product development capabilities of OEM suppliers: Inter- and intra-organisational learningHuang, Y.-T.; Chu, W.; WEN-YI CHU journal article2619
142009The Synergy of Business Groups in the Emerging EconomyWEN-YI CHU conference paper
152009Model for Organizational Governance Structure Choice in Construction Joint Ventures: Theory and EvidenceWEN-YI CHU journal article1315
162009Innovation through ambidexterity: how to achieve the ambidextrous organizationWEN-YI CHU book
172009Strategic linkage process and value-driven system: A dynamic analysis of high-tech firms in a newly-industrialized countryHuang, H.-C.; Chu, W.; Lai, M.-C.; Lin, L.-H.; WEN-YI CHU journal article1315
182009Empirical test of a model for organizational governance structure choices in construction joint venturesPing Ho, S.; Lin, Y.-H.; Wu, H.-L.; Chu, W.; WEN-YI CHU journal article150
192009The Influence of Family Ownership on SME Performance: Evidence from Public Firms in TaiwanWEN-YI CHU journal article6452
202008How Much Does the Business Group Matter in Taiwan? A Multilevel StudyWEN-YI CHU conference paper
212008The market share-profitability relationships in the securities industryChu, W.; Chen, C.-N.; Wang, C.-H.; WEN-YI CHU journal article98
222007制度環境、交易成本、社會網絡與資源:新興經濟體中的廠商成長與績效 (新制多年期第1年)朱文儀 report
232007制度環境、交易成本、社會網絡與資源:新興經濟體中的廠商成長與績效 (新制多年期第2年)朱文儀 report
242007Strategic Performance Measurement and Value Drivers: Evidence from the International Tourist Hotels in an Emerging EconomyWEN-YI CHU journal article2118
252007跨國企業子公司自主權影響因素之研究-以外商在台子公司為例朱文儀(Wen-Yi Chu); 陳克名(Ke-Ming Chen); 陳建男(Chien-Nan Chen); WEN-YI CHU journal article00
262006Capability Enhancement in Interorganizational Relations: An Institutional PerspectiveWEN-YI CHU conference paper
272006How Much Does The Group Effect Matter in Emerging Economies? Long-Run Evidence From TaiwanWEN-YI CHU conference paper
282006規模、年齡、廠商成長與績效之關係陳建男(Chien-Nan Chen); 朱文儀(Wen-Yi Chu); WEN-YI CHU journal article00
292005Operating Characteristics of Foreign Subsidiaries of Small TransnationalsWEN-YI CHU conference paper
302005Differentiated Roles of Social Mechanisms in Safeguarding International AlliancesWEN-YI CHU conference paper
312005家族企業網絡中的家族連帶、社會連帶與事業互賴朱文儀 report
322004Family System versus Economic System: Chinese Family Business Networks in TaiwanWEN-YI CHU conference paper
332004「策略資料庫與集團企業研究」WEN-YI CHU conference paper
342004集團效果與事業單位效果在新興市場中之比較朱文儀 report
352004Are group-affiliated firms really more profitable than nonaffiliated?Chu, W.; WEN-YI CHU journal article3026
362003The Choice of Governance Structure and Coordination Mechanisms of Small Transnationals: Taiwanese Foreign Direct Investment in mainland ChinaWEN-YI CHU conference paper
372003新興經濟體中集團隸屬效果對績效影響之探討朱文儀 report
382002國際策略聯盟中廠商間知識移轉與廠商能力發展朱文儀 ; 黃延聰journal article00
392002華人家族企業網絡的管理控制型態:家族/人際因素與經濟/策略因素之考量朱文儀 report
402001「多角化企業之協調機制:資訊處理觀點、情境理論,與資源基礎觀點之整合」WEN-YI CHU conference paper
412001Governance Structure and Coordination Mechanisms of Taiwanese Firms in Vietnam: An Integrated PerspectiveWEN-YI CHU conference paper
422001制度環境、任務環境、組織型態與協調機制-越南台商的實證研究莊正民 ; 朱文儀 ; 黃延聰journal article; journal article00
432001新興市場之企業集團:交易成本理論、體制理論,與社會網路觀點之整合朱文儀 report
442001Contingency organizations and shared values: Multiple logics in managing diversificationChu, W.; WEN-YI CHU journal article100
452000多角化企業之協調機制:資訊處理觀點、情境理論,與資源基礎觀點之整合朱文儀 report
461999Coordination Mechanisms and Effectiveness within Diversified Business groups: Evidence from TaiwanWEN-YI CHU conference paper
471999Corporate-Divisional Relations and Divisional Performance in Strategy ImplementationWEN-YI CHU conference paper
481999Autonomy versus Strategic Control in Diversified Companies: The Management of Conflicting Strategic ImperativesWEN-YI CHU conference paper
491999The Determinants and Performance Implications of Divisional Autonomy in Diversified Firms: Evidence from TaiwanWEN-YI CHU conference paper
501999The changing pattern of diversification strategy of business groups in Taiwan朱文儀 journal article
511999多角化企業之管理型態與經營績效之研究 - 結構管理方法與文化管理方法之比較朱文儀 report
521999Taiwanese investment in Southeast AsiaChu, W.; Ye, K.-D.; Hsu, M.-L.; WEN-YI CHU journal article10
531999Decision-Making Autonomy and Divisional Effectiveness in Multibusiness Firms: From Contingency Perspective to Cultural Control Perspective朱文儀(Wen-Yi Chu); 莊正民(Cheng-Min Chuang); WEN-YI CHU journal article00
541999Managerial Roles of Country Managers and Coordination Mechanisms: An Empirical Research of Transnational Corporations in Taiwan莊正民(Cheng-Min Chuang) ; 朱文儀 journal article00
551998The Investment Strategy and Organizations of Taiwanese Enterprises in South-East AsiaWEN-YI CHU conference paper
561998Control Mechanisms and Economic Performance of Multibusoness EnterprisesWEN-YI CHU conference paper
571997Internal Differentiation in Diversified Companies: The Determinants of Divisional AutonomyWEN-YI CHU conference paper
581997Contingency Organizations and Shared Values: Managing DiversificationWEN-YI CHU conference paper00
591997Managing Diversification: An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Business GroupsWEN-YI CHU book
601996Divisional Characteristics and HQ’s Control Style in A Multibusiness Firm: Can HQs Manage Different Divisions Differently?(theory paper)WEN-YI CHU conference paper
611996Divisional Characteristics and HQ’s Control Style in Multibusiness Firms: Can HQs Manage Different Divisions Differently? (empirical paper)WEN-YI CHU conference paper
621996Strategy, Diversification Mode and Business Groups: An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Business GroupsWEN-YI CHU conference paper
631991高科技產業從事共同研究發展之實證探討─以資訊電子業為例WEN-YI CHU book