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12019A chemical structure approach enhancing light outcoupling of dopant OLEDs and internal quantum efficiency of non-dopant OLEDs having bluish TADF emittersLee, Y.-T.; Tseng, P.-C.; Komino, T.; Mamada, M.; Lee, J.-H.; Adachi, C.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Digest of Technical Papers - SID International Symposium0
22018Simple Molecular-Engineering Approach for Enhancing Orientation and Outcoupling Efficiency of Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent Emitters without Red-Shifting EmissionLee, Y.-T.; Tseng, P.-C.; Komino, T.; Mamada, M.; Ortiz, R.J.; Leung, M.-K.; Chiu, T.-L.; Lin, C.-F.; Lee, J.-H.; Adachi, C.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces1017
32018Oligothiophenes and alkyl side-chain arrangement the structure-property study of their diketopyrrolopyrrole copolymers for organic photovoltaicsWu, J.-L.; Lin, C.-W.; Golder, J.; Lin, T.-W.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T. Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications23
42018Solution-processed Small Molecular Materials: Bulk Heterojunction Organic Photovoltaic Materials, Host Materials for Phosphorescence Organic Light-emitting Diodes, and Nondopant Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence MaterialsWu, J.-L.; Lee, Y.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T. Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society12
52017Polymer side-chain substituents elucidate thermochromism of benzodithiophene-dithiophenylacrylonitrile copolymers-polymer solubility correlation of thermochromism and photovoltaic performanceChen, H.-Y.; Lin, C.-W.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T. ; Golder, J.; Lan, Y.-B.; Wang, J.-K.Polymer Chemistry55
62017Simple mono-halogenated perylene diimides as non-fullerene electron transporting materials in inverted perovskite solar cells with ZnO nanoparticle cathode buffer layersWu, J.-L.; Huang, W.-K.; Chang, Y.-C.; Tsai, B.-C.; Hsiao, Y.-C.; Chang, C.-Y.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T. Journal of Materials Chemistry A4153
72016The first aggregation-induced emission fluorophore as a solution processed host material in hybrid white organic light-emitting diodesLee, Y.-T.; Chang, Y.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T. Journal of Materials Chemistry C2322
82016SimCP3-An advanced homologue of SimCP2 as a Solution-Processed small molecular host material for blue phosphorescence organic Light-Emitting diodesChen, C.-T.; Lee, Y.-T.; Chang, Y.-T.; Wu, C.-L.; Golder, J.; Chen, C.-T. Molecules00
92015Diindeno[1,2-g:1′,2′-s]rubicene: All-carbon non-fullerene electron acceptor for efficient bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells with high open-circuit voltageChen, H.-Y.; Golder, J.; Yeh, S.-C.; Lin, C.-W.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN RSC Advances 2528
102015Delineation of G-Quadruplex Alkylation Sites Mediated by 3,6-Bis(1-methyl-4-vinylpyridinium iodide)carbazole-Aniline Mustard ConjugatesChen, C.-H.; Hu, T.-H.; Huang, T.-C.; Chen, Y.-L.; Chen, Y.-R.; Cheng, C.-C.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Chemistry - A European Journal 55
112015New platinum complexes exhibiting host dependent photoluminescence as single dopants in double emitting layer, voltage independent hybrid white electroluminescence devicesPoloek, A.; Wang, C.; Chang, Y.-T.; Lin, C.-W.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1014
122015Tuning of hydrogen peroxide-responsive polymeric micelles of biodegradable triblock polycarbonates as a potential drug delivery platform with ratiometric fluorescence signalingFu, Y.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Polymer Chemistry 1515
132014Solution-processed bipolar small molecular host materials for single-layer blue phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodesLee, Y.-T.; Chang, Y.-T.; Lee, M.-T.; Chiang, P.-H.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2727
142014High colour rendering index and colour stable hybrid white efficient OLEDs with a double emitting layer structure using a single phosphorescence dopant of heteroleptic platinum complexesPoloek, A.; Lin, C.-W.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2628
152014High efficiency non-dopant blue organic light-emitting diodes based on anthracene-based fluorophores with molecular design of charge transport and red-shifted emission proofWu, C.-L.; Chang, C.-H.; Chang, Y.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; Su, C.-J.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4751
162014Synthesis and characterization of heteroatom-bridged bisspirobifluorenes for the application of organic light-emitting diodesWua, C.-L.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 00
172014Synthesis and characterization of heteroatom-bridged bis-spirobifluorenes for the application of organic light-emitting diodesWu, C.-L.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Organic Letters 1818
182014High performance hybrid white OLEDs based on new platinum complexes and new blue fluorescence hostPoloek, A.; Wang, C.; Lin, C.-W.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 00
192014High performance hybrid white and multi-colour electroluminescence from a new host material for a heteroleptic naphthyridinolate platinum complex dopantPoloek, A.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2932
202013Facile fabrication of dextran-based fluorescent nanogels as potential glucose sensorsZhou, S.; Min, X.; Dou, H.; Sun, K.; Chen, C.-Y.; Chen, C.-T.; Zhang, Z.; Jin, Y.; Shen, Z.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Chemical Communications 2832
212013Feasibility studies using thin sol-gel films doped with a novel lead-selective fluorophore for optical fibre sensing applicationsGuillemain, H.; Rajarajan, M.; Lin, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-T.; Sun, T.; Grattan, K.T.V.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation 76
222013Alkaline earth metal ion induced coil-helix-coil transition of lysine-coumarin-azacrown hybrid foldamers with OFF-OFF-ON fluorescence switchingLin, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Chemistry - A European Journal 55
232013A new strategy for intracellular delivery of enzyme using mesoporous silica nanoparticles: Superoxide dismutaseChen, Y.-P.; Chen, C.-T.; Hung, Y.; Chou, C.-M.; Liu, T.-P.; Liang, M.-R.; Chen, C.-T.; Mou, C.-Y.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Journal of the American Chemical Society 111115
242013Reaction-based and single fluorescent emitter decorated ratiometric nanoprobe to detect hydrogen peroxideChen, C.-Y.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Chemistry - A European Journal 1012
252013Pregnenolone activates CLIP-170 to promote microtubule growth and cell migrationWeng, J.-H.; Liang, M.-R.; Chen, C.-H.; Tong, S.-K.; Huang, T.-C.; Lee, S.-P.; Chen, Y.-R.; Chen, C.-T.; Chung, B.-C.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Nature Chemical Biology 2727
262013New platinum complexes for hybrid white organic light-emitting diodesPoloek, A.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 20
272013Solution processable small molecular host materials for blue and white phosphorescence OLEDsLee, Y.-T.; Chang, Y.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 00
282012Comparison of thiophene- and selenophene-bridged donor-acceptor low band-gap copolymers used in bulk-heterojunction organic photovoltaicsChen, H.-Y.; Yeh, S.-C.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Journal of Materials Chemistry 5661
292012Rapid-throughput competitive colorimetric assay based on monosaccharide-capped gold nanoparticles for detecting lectin-protein interactionsTsai, C.-S.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ChemPlusChem 44
302012Rare solvent annealing effective benzo(1,2-b:4,5-b′)dithiophene-based low band-gap polymer for bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaicsChen, H.-Y.; Wu, J.-L.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Chemical Communications 2222
312011Preparation of highly luminescent mannose–gold nanodots for detection and inhibition of growth of Escherichia coliCHAO-TSEN CHEN; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG 2627
322011Highly Efficient Control of Thrombin Activity by Multivalent NanoparticlesHsu, Chia-Lun; Chang, Huan-Tsung; Chen, Chao-Tsen; Wei, Shih-Chun; Shiang, Yen-Chun; Huang, Chih-Ching; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Chemistry - A European Journal 2628
332011Fluorescent substrate analog for monitoring chain elongation by undecaprenyl pyrophosphate synthase in real timeTeng, Kuo-Hsun; Chen, Annie P.-C.; Kuo, Chih-Jung; Li, Yu-Chin; Liu, Hon-Ge; Chen, Chao-Tsen; Liang, Po-Huang; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Analytical Biochemistry 87
342011Specifically and reversibly immobilizing proteins/enzymes to nitriolotriacetic-acid-modified mesoporous silicas through histidine tags for purification or catalysisLin, Y.-C.; Liang, M.-R.; Lin, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Chemistry - A European Journal 2525
352011En route to white-light generation utilizing nanocomposites composed of ultrasmall CdSe nanodots and excited-state intramolecular proton transfer dyesPeng, Hsin-Chieh; Kang, Chia-Cheng; Liang, Ming-Ren; Chen, Chun-Yen; Demchenko, Alex; er; Chen, Chao-Tsen; Chou, Pi-Tai; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; PI-TAI CHOU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2829
362011Generation and spectroscopic profiles of stable multiarylaminium radical cations bridged by fluorenesChang, C.-C.; Yueh, H.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Organic Letters 2930
372011A PNIPAM-based fluorescent nanothermometer with ratiometric readoutChen, C.-Y.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Chemical Communications 101108
382011Preparation of highly luminescent mannose-gold nanodots for detection and inhibition of growth of Escherichia coliTseng, Yu-Ting; Chang, Huan-Tsung ; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Chen, Chien-Han; Huang, Chih-ChingBIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS 2627
392010Photoassisted Synthesis of Luminescent Mannose-Au Nanodots for the Detection of Thyroglobulin in SerumHuang, Chih-Ching; Hung, Yu-Lun; Shiang, Yen-Chun; Lin, Tai-Yuan; Lin, Yu-Shen; Chen, Chao-Tsen; Chang, Huan-Tsung; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Chemistry - An Asian Journal 3740
402010Synthesis and characterization of a new series of blue fluorescent 2, 6-linked 9, 10-diphenylanthrylenephenylene copolymers and their application for polymer light-emitting diodesChen, H.-Y.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Macromolecules 4143
412009Achieving high-efficiency non-doped blue organic light-emitting diodes: Charge-balance control of bipolar blue fluorescent materials with reduced hole-mobilityChi, C.-C.; Chiang, C.-L.; Liu, S.-W.; Yueh, H.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Journal of Materials Chemistry 7575
422009Time-resolved luminescence-based assay for thyroglobulinHuang, C.-C.; Lin, T.-Y.; Yu, W.-S.; Chen, C.-T.; Chang, H.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; HUAN-TSUNG CHANG Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 1111
432009Acridinium salt-based fluoride and acetate chromofluorescent probes: molecular insights into anion selectivity switchingLin, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Organic Letters 5048
442009Fibre optic chloride sensor based on fluorescence quenching of an acridinium dyeNguyen, T.H.; Lin, Y.C.; Chen, C.T.; Surre, F.; Venugopalan, T.; Sun, T.; Grattan, K.T.V.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 20
452009Synthesis of Fluorescent Carbohydrate-Protected Au Nanodots for Detection of Concanavalin A and Escherichia coliHuang, Chih-Ching; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Shiang, Yen-Chun; Lin, Zong-Hong; Chang, Huan-Tsung Analytical Chemistry 187182
462009High efficiency organic light-emitting diodes: Unusual charge balancing of bipolar blue fluorophores with reduced hole-mobilityChi, C.-C.; Chiang, C.-L.; Liu, S.-W.; Yueh, H.; Chen, C.-T.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN 2009 International Display Manufacturing Conference, 3D Systems and Applications, and Asia Display0
472008A disposable optical fiber-based capillary probe for sensing lead ionsGuillemain, H.; Rajarajan, M.; Sun, T.; Grattan, K.T.V.; Lin, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN IEEE Sensors Journal 11
482007設計並合成針對十一異戊二烯焦磷酸合成 〞瑪疇 探針及抑制劑(3/3)陳昭岑 
492007設計並合成針對十一異戊二烯焦磷酸合成 〞瑪疇 探針及抑制劑(2/3)陳昭岑 
502006Pregnenolone stabilizes microtubules and promotes zebrafish embryonic cell movementHsu, H.-J.; Liang, M.-R.; Chen, C.-T.; Chung, B.-C.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Nature 7271
512006Hexaamide Molecule Annexed with Pyrenes for Selective Detection of Phosphate and Pyrophosphate Ions by Ratiometric Fluorescence ChangesJIM-MIN FANG ; 廖仁海; 陳昭岑 Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 44
522005Gold nanoparticle-based competitive colorimetric assay for detection of protein-protein interactionsTsai, C.-S.; Yu, T.-B.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Chemical Communications 135125
532005Substrate and product specificities of cis-type undecaprenyl pyrophosphate synthaseChen, A.P.-C.; Chang, S.-Y.; Lin, Y.-C.; Sun, Y.-S.; Chen, C.-T.; Wang, A.H.-J.; Liang, P.-H.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Biochemical Journal 2221
542005Spectroscopy and femtosecond dynamics of 7-N,N-diethylamino-3-hydroxyflavone. The correlation of dipole moments among various states to rationalize the excited-state proton transfer reactionCheng, Y.-M.; Pu, S.-C.; Yu, Y.-C.; Chou, P.-T.; Huang, C.-H.; Chen, C.-T.; Li, T.-H.; Hu, W.-P.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; PI-TAI CHOU Journal of Physical Chemistry A 3638
552005Stereoselective recognition of tripeptides guided by encoded library screening: Construction of chiral macrocyclic tetraamide ruthenium receptor for peptide sensingChang, K.-H.; Liao, J.-H.; Chen, C.-T.; Mehta, B.K.; Chou, P.-T.; Fang, J.-M.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; PI-TAI CHOU ; JIM-MIN FANG Journal of Organic Chemistry 1716
562005Stereoselective Recognition of Tripeptides Guided by Encoded Library Screening: Construction of Chiral Macrocyclic Tetraamide Ruthenium Receptor for Peptide SensingChang, Kuei-Hua; JenLiao, -Hai; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Mehta, Barun K.; Chou, Pi-Tai ; Fang, Jim-Min The Journal of Organic Chemistry 
582005Gold nanoparticle-based competitive colorimetric assay for detection of protein–protein interactionsTsai, Charng-Sheng; Yu, Ting-Bin; Chen, Chao-Tsen Chemical Communications
592004Fluorescent and Circular Dichroic Detection of Monosaccharides by Molecular Sensors: Bis[(Pyrrolyl)ethynyl]naphthyridine and Bis[(Indolyl)ethynyl]naphthyridineFang, Jim-Min; Selvi, Srinivasan; Liao, Jen-Hai; Slanina, Zdenek; Chen, Chao-Tsen; Chou, Pi-Tai; Fang, Jim-Min ; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; PI-TAI CHOU Journal of the American Chemical Society 8994
602004Solvent-Polarity Tuning Excited-State Charge Coupled Proton-Transfer Reaction in p-N,N-DitolylaminosalicylaldehydesChou, Pi-Tai ; Yu, Wei-Shan; Cheng, Yi-Ming; Pu, Shih-Chieh; Yu, Yueh-Chi; Lin, Yu-Chung; Huang, Chien-Huang; Chen, Chao-Tsen The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 9398
612004Tuning Excited-State Charge/Proton Transfer Coupled Reaction via the Dipolar FunctionalityChou, Pi-Tai ; Huang, Chien-Huang; Pu, Shih-Chieh; Cheng, Yi-Ming; Liu, Yi-Hong; Wang, Yu; Chen, Chao-Tsen The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 7378
632003Ortho-substituent effect on fluorescence and electroluminescence of arylamino-substituted coumarin and stilbeneChen, C.-T.; Chiang, C.-L.; Lin, Y.-C.; Chan, L.-H.; Huang, C.-H.; Tsai, Z.-W.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Organic Letters 107116
642003Two-arm ferrocene amide compounds: Synclinal conformations for selective sensing of dihydrogen phosphate ionKuo, Li-Jun; Liao, Jen-Hai; Chen, Chao-Tsen; Huang, Chien-Huang; Chen, Chien-Sheng; Fang, Jim-Min; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; JIM-MIN FANG Organic Letters 9691
662002Theoretical Study and X-ray Determination of Bianthrones: Long C?C Bond Length and Preferred Gauche ConformationLi, Pai-Chi ; Wang, Tsung-Shing ; Lee, Gen-Hsian; Liu, Yi-Hong; Wang, Yu; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Chao, ItoJournal of Organic Chemistry 
6720022,7-Bis(1H-pyrrol-2-yl)ethynyl-1,8-naphthyridine: An Ultrasensitive Fluorescent Probe for GlucopyranosideLiao, J.-H.; Chen, C.-T.; Chou, H.-C.; Cheng, C.-C.; Chou, P.-T.; Fang, J.-M.; Slanina, Z.; Chow, T.J.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; JIM-MIN FANG ; PI-TAI CHOU Organic Letters 5757
682002A Novel Photochromic System of 4,5-Dialkenylthiophenes Constructed by the Samarium Diiodide Promoted Coupling Reactions of Thiophene-2-carboxylate with Aryl KetonesShie, J.-J.; Yang, S.-M.; Chen, C.-T.; Fang, J.-M.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; JIM-MIN FANG Organic Letters 118
692002Theoretical study and X-ray determination of bianthrones: Long C-C bond length and preferred gauche conformationLi, P.-C.; Wang, T.-S.; Lee, G.-H.; Liu, Y.-H.; Wang, Y.; Chen, C.-T.; Chao, I.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; TSUNG-SHING WANG Journal of Organic Chemistry 1417
702002Synthesis and Application of A Fluorescent Substrate Analogue to Study Ligand Interactions for Undecaprenyl Pyrophosphate SynthaseChen, Annie P.-C.; Chen, Yi-Hung; Liu, Hsiao-Pei; Li, Yu-Chin; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Liang, Po-HuangJournal of the American Chemical Society 3836
7120022,7-Bis(1H-pyrrol-2-yl)ethynyl-1,8naphthyridine: An Ultrasensitive Fluorescent Probe for GlucopyranosideLiao, Jen-Hai; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Chou, He-Chun; Cheng, Chung-Chih; Chou, Pi-Tai ; Fang, Jim-Min ; Slanina, Zdenek; Chow, Tashin J.Organic Letters 
722002A Highly Selective Fluorescent Chemosensor for Lead IonsChen, Chao-Tsen ; Huang, Wan-PeiJournal of the American Chemical Society 292286
732002Probing the Conformational Change of Escherichia coli Undecaprenyl Pyrophosphate Synthase during Catalysis Using an Inhibitor and Tryptophan MutantsChen, Yi-Hung; Chen, Annie P.-C.; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Wang, Andrew H.-J.; Liang, Po-HuangJournal of Biological Chemistry 3735
742002A Novel Phosphate Chemosensor Utilizing Anion-Induced Fluorescence ChangeLiao, Jen-Hai; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Fang, Jim-Min Organic Letters 142143
762001Samarium diiodide-promoted sequential coupling-aldol-reduction reactions of ferrocene-substituted enonesJong, S.-J.; Chen, C.-T.; Fang, J.-M.; Liu, Y.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Wang, Y.; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; JIM-MIN FANG Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences - Series IIc: Chemistry 55
772001Sequence-selective peptide detection by small synthetic chemosensors selected from an encoded combinatorial chemosensor libraryIorio, E.J.; Shao, Y.; Chen, C.-T.; Wagner, H.; Still, W.Clark; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 1514
792001Polymer-Supported Benzotriazoles as Catalysts in the Synthesis of Tetrahydroquinolines by Condensation of Aldehydes with Aromatic AminesTalukdar, Sanjay; Chen, Rong-Jiunn; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Lo, Lee-Chiang ; Fang, Jim-Min Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry 2220
802000A novel coumarin-type derivatizing reagent of alcohols: Application in the CD exciton chirality method for microscale structural determinationLo, L.-C.; Liao, Y.-C.; Kuo, C.-H.; Chen, C.-T.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Organic Letters 11
812000A Stereoselective Route to Polysubstituted Tetrahydroquinolines by Benzotriazole-Promoted Condensation of Aliphatic Aldehydes and Aromatic AminesTalukdar, Sanjay; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Fang, Jim-Min Journal of Organic Chemistry 5351
822000A Novel Coumarin-Type Derivatizing Reagent of Alcohols: Application in the CD Exciton Chirality Method for Microscale Structural DeterminationLo, Lee-Chiang ; Liao, Yuan-Chang; Kuo, Chi-Hsien; Chen, Chao-Tsen Organic Letters 1113
841999Cooperative Catalysis of Samarium Diiodide and Mercaptan in a Stereoselective One-Pot Transformation of 5-Oxopentanals into £_-LactonesHsu, Jue-Liang; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Fang, Jim-Min Organic Letters 1214
861998Fluorescent, sequence-selective peptide detection by synthetic small moleculesChen, C.-T.; Wagner, H.; Still, W.C.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Science 119119
881997A glucose-sensing polymerChen, G.; Guan, Z.; Chen, C.-T.; Fu, L.; Sundaresan, V.; Arnold, F.H.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Nature Biotechnology 130117
891997A metal-chelating lipid for 2D protein crystallization via coordination of surface histidinesPack, D.W.; Chen, G.; Maloney, K.M.; Chen, C.-T.; Arnold, F.H.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Journal of the American Chemical Society 6764
901996Polymeric sensor materials for glucoseChen, C.-T.; Chen, G.; Guan, Z.; Lee, D.; Arnold, F.H.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN American Chemical Society, Polymer Preprints, Division of Polymer Chemistry 10
911996Mediation of signal transduction in keratinocytes of human middle ear cholesteatoma by ras proteinHuang, C.C.; Chen, C.T.; Huang, T.S.; Shinoda, H.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 70
921996Synthesis and structure of the nanodimensional multicyclophane "kuratowski cyclophane", an achiral molecule with nonplanar K3,3 topologyChen, C.-T.; Gantzel, P.; Siegel, J.S.; Baldridge, K.K.; English, R.B.; Ho, D.M.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Angewandte Chemie (International Edition in English) 27
931996Two-dimensional protein crystallization via metal-ion coordination by naturally occurring surface histidinesFrey, W.; Schief Jr.; W.R.; Pack, D.W.; Chen, C.-T.; Chilkoti, A.; Stayton, P.; Vogel, V.; Arnold, F.H.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 8283
941995Chirally enshrouded 2,6-diarylbenzoic acids with two-fold symmetryChen, C.-T.; Chadha, R.; Siegel, J.S.; Hardcastle, K.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Tetrahedron Letters 1517
951994Through-space polar-π effects on the acidity and hydrogen-bonding capacity of carboxylic acidsChen, C.-T.; Siegel, J.S.; CHAO-TSEN CHEN Journal of the American Chemical Society 76