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12019Author Correction: Mechanochromism induced through the interplay between excimer reaction and excited state intramolecular proton transfer (Communications Chemistry, (2019), 2, 1, (10), 10.1038/s42004-019-0113-8)Wei, Y.-C.; Zhang, Z.; Chen, Y.-A.; Wu, C.-H.; Liu, Z.-Y.; Ho, S.-Y.; Liu, J.-C.; Lin, J.-A.; Chou, P.-T. journal article00
22019Phenothiazine Scope: Steric Strain Induced Planarization and Excimer FormationChen, D.-G.; Chen, Y.; Wu, C.-H.; Chen, Y.-A.; Chen, M.-C.; Lin, J.-A.; Huang, C.-Y.; Su, J.; Tian, H.; Chou, P.-T. journal article22
32019Bending-Type Electron Donor-Donor-Acceptor Triad: Dual Excited-State Charge-Transfer Coupled Structural RelaxationLin, J.-A.; Li, S.-W.; Liu, Z.-Y.; Chen, D.-G.; Huang, C.-Y.; Wei, Y.-C.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Tsai, Z.-H.; Lo, C.-Y.; Hung, W.-Y.; Wong, K.-T. ; Chou, P.-T. journal article44
42019Harnessing Dielectric Confinement on Tin Perovskites to Achieve Emission Quantum Yield up to 21%Lin, J.-T.; Liao, C.-C.; Hsu, C.-S.; Chen, D.-G.; Chen, H.-M.; Tsai, M.-K.; Chou, P.-T. ; Chiu, C.-W. journal article79
52019Sulfur-Based Intramolecular Hydrogen-Bond: Excited-State Hydrogen-Bond On/Off Switch with Dual Room-Temperature PhosphorescenceLiu, Z.-Y.; Hu, J.-W.; Huang, C.-H.; Huang, T.-H.; Chen, D.-G.; Ho, S.-Y.; Chen, K.-Y.; Li, E.Y.; Chou, P.-T. journal article1010
62019Low Internal Reorganization Energy of the Metal-Metal-to-Ligand Charge Transfer Emission in Dimeric Pt(II) ComplexesChen, W.-C.; Chou, P.-T. ; Cheng, Y.-C. journal article31
72019A Facile Molecular Machine: Optically Triggered Counterion Migration by Charge Transfer of Linear Donor-£k-Acceptor Phosphonium FluorophoresBelyaev, A.; Cheng, Y.-H.; Liu, Z.-Y.; Karttunen, A.J.; Chou, P.-T. ; Koshevoy, I.O.journal article45
82019Functional Pyrimidinyl Pyrazolate Pt(II) Complexes: Role of Nitrogen Atom in Tuning the Solid-State Stacking and PhotophysicsGanesan, P.; Hung, W.-Y.; Tso, J.-Y.; Ko, C.-L.; Wang, T.-H.; Chen, P.-T.; Hsu, H.-F.; Liu, S.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Jen, A.K.Y.; Chi, Y.journal article1111
92019Intramolecular Phosphacyclization: Polyaromatic Phosphonium P-Heterocycles with Wide-Tuning Optical PropertiesBelyaev, A.; Chen, Y.-T.; Liu, Z.-Y.; Hindenberg, P.; Wu, C.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Romero-Nieto, C.; Koshevoy, I.O.journal article89
102019Enhancing the Catalytic Activity of Tri-iodide Reduction by Tuning the Surface Electronic Structure of PtPd Alloy NanocrystalsChou, K.-J.; Chou, S.-W.; Chen, D.-G.; Lo, T.-H.; Shen, S.-W.; Yang, Y.-Y.; Lin, C.-Y.; Chou, H.-L.; Shyue, J.-J.; Wu, C.-I.; Chou, P.-T. journal article11
112019Ratiometric tuning of luminescence: interplay between the locally excited and interligand charge-transfer states in pyrazolate-based boron compoundsChen, D.-G.; Ranganathan, R.; Lin, J.-A.; Huang, C.-Y.; Ho, M.-L.; Chi, Y.; Chou, P.-T. journal article44
122019In vivo imaging of insulin-secreting human pancreatic ductal cells using MRI reporter gene technique: A feasibility studyWu, M.-R.; Hsiao, J.-K.; Liu, H.-M.; Huang, Y.-Y.; Tseng, Y.-J.; Chou, P.-T. ; Weng, T.-I.; Yang, C.-Y.journal article12
132019Diindeno-Fused Dibenzo[a,h]anthracene and Dibenzo[c,l]chrysene: Syntheses, Structural Analyses, and PropertiesBoominathan, S.S.K.; Chang, K.-H.; Liu, Y.-C.; Wang, C.-S.; Wu, C.-F.; Chiang, M.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Wu, Y.-T.journal article00
142019Indeno[1,2-b]fluorene-Based [2,2]Cyclophanes with 4n/4n and 4n/[4n+2] £k Electrons: Syntheses, Structural Analyses, and Excitonic Coupling PropertiesWang, C.-S.; Wei, Y.-C.; Chang, K.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Wu, Y.-T.journal article22
152019Cross-linkable hole transporting layers boost operational stability of high-performance quantum dot light-emitting deviceChao, S.-W.; Chen, W.-S.; Hung, W.-Y.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Lin, Y.-M.; Wong, K.-T. ; Chou, P.-T. journal article10
162019Designed Conformation and Fluorescence Properties of Self-Assembled Phenazine-Cored Platinum(II) MetallacyclesZhou, Z.; Chen, D.-G.; Saha, M.L.; Wang, H.; Li, X.; Chou, P.-T. ; Stang, P.J.journal article1714
172019Reactions of Cyclometalated Platinum(II) [Pt(N∧C)(PR3)Cl] Complexes with Imidazole and Imidazole-Containing Biomolecules: Fine-Tuning of Reactivity and Photophysical Properties via Ligand DesignSolomatina, A.I.; Chelushkin, P.S.; Abakumova, T.O.; Zhemkov, V.A.; Kim, M.; Bezprozvanny, I.; Gurzhiy, V.V.; Melnikov, A.S.; Anufrikov, Y.A.; Koshevoy, I.O.; Su, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Tunik, S.P.journal article21
182019Low Internal Reorganization Energy of the Metal-Metal-to-Ligand Charge Transfer Emission in Dimeric Pt(II) ComplexesChen, W.-C.; Chou, P.-T. ; Cheng, Y.-C. journal article31
192018The Cyclic Hydrogen-Bonded 6-Azaindole Trimer and its Prominent Excited-State Triple-Proton-Transfer ReactionTu, Ting-Hsun; Chen, Yi-Ting; Chen, Yi-An; WEI-YU CHEN; Chen, You-Hua; Chen, Chi-Lin; Shen, Jiun-Yi; Chen, Yi-Han; Ho, Ssu-Yu; Cheng, Kum-Yi; Lee, Shern-Long; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article65
202018The influence of tetraphenylethylene moieties on the emissive properties of dipyrrolonaphthyridinedionesSadowski, B.; Su, S.-H.; Lin, T.-C.; Lohrey, T.D.; Deperasi?ska, I.; Chou, P.-T. ; Gryko, D.T.journal article22
212018PtCoFe Nanowire Cathodes Boost Short-Circuit Currents of Ru(II)-Based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells to a Power Conversion Efficiency of 12.29%Chiang, C.-C.P.; Hung, C.-Y.; Chou, S.-W.; Shyue, J.-J.; Cheng, K.-Y.; Chang, P.-J.; Yang, Y.-Y.; Lin, C.-Y.; Chang, T.-K.; Chi, Y.; Chou, H.-L.; Chou, P.-T. journal article3934
222018Bis-Tridentate Iridium(III) Phosphors with Very High Photostability and Fabrication of Blue-Emitting OLEDsKuo, H.-H.; Zhu, Z.-L.; Lee, C.-S.; Chen, Y.-K.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Jen, A.K.Y.; Chi, Y.journal article2021
232018Luminescent Diiridium Complexes with Bridging Pyrazolates: Characterization and Fabrication of OLEDs Using Vacuum Thermal DepositionLiao, J.-L.; Rajakannu, P.; Gnanasekaran, P.; Tsai, S.-R.; Lin, C.-H.; Liu, S.-H.; Chang, C.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Chen, Z.-N.; Chi, Y.journal article1311
242018Detecting glucose levels in blood plasma and artificial tear by au(I) Complex on the carbopol polymer: A microfluidic paper-based methodLuo, J.-J.; Pan, S.-W.; Yang, J.-H.; Chang, T.-L.; Lin, P.-Y.; Wu, C.-L.; Liu, W.-F.; Huang, X.-R.; Koshevoy, I.O.; Chou, P.-T. ; Ho, M.-L.journal article12
252018Blue-emitting bis-tridentate Ir(iii) phosphors: OLED performances: Vs. substituent effectsKuo, H.-H.; Hsu, L.-Y.; Tso, J.-Y.; Hung, W.-Y.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Wong, K.-T.; Zhu, Z.-L.; Lee, C.-S.; Jen, A.K.-Y.; Chi, Y.journal article33
262018The azatryptophan-based fluorescent platform for in vitro rapid screening of inhibitors disrupting IKK£]-NEMO interactionChao, W.-C.; Chiang, T.-H.; Chaudhari, P.D.; Lin, L.-J.; Lu, J.-F.; Hong, B.-C.; Wang, J.-S.; Lin, T.-C.; Shen, J.-Y.; Chou, P.-T. journal article10
272018Tuning the Conformation and Color of Conjugated Polyheterocyclic Skeletons by Installing ortho-Methyl GroupsZhang, Z.; Chen, C.-L.; Chen, Y.-A.; Wei, Y.-C.; Su, J.; Tian, H.; Chou, P.-T. journal article2725
282018A silver metal complex as a luminescent probe for enzymatic sensing of glucose in blood plasma and urinePan, Z.-B.; Wang, Y.-C.; Chakkaradhari, G.; Zhu, J.F.; He, R.-Y.; Liu, Y.-C.; Hsu, C.-H.; Koshevoy, I.O.; Chou, P.-T. ; Pan, S.-W.; Ho, M.-L.journal article44
292018Engineered core-shell magnetic nanoparticle for MR dual-modal tracking and safe magnetic manipulation of ependymal cells in live rodentsPeng, Y.-K.; Lui, C.N.P.; Chen, Y.-W.; Chou, S.-W.; Chou, P.-T. ; Yung, K.K.L.; Edman Tsang, S.C.journal article32
302018Improvement of the photophysical performance of platinum-cyclometalated complexes in halogen-bonded adductsSivchik, V.; Sarker, R.K.; Liu, Z.-Y.; Chung, K.-Y.; Grachova, E.V.; Karttunen, A.J.; Chou, P.-T. ; Koshevoy, I.O.journal article109
312018Optically Triggered Planarization of Boryl-Substituted Phenoxazine: Another Horizon of TADF Molecules and High-Performance OLEDsChen, D.-G.; Lin, T.-C.; Chen, C.-L.; Chen, Y.-T.; Chen, Y.-A.; Lee, G.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Liao, C.-W.; Chiu, P.-C.; Chang, C.-H.; Lien, Y.-J.; Chi, Y.journal article3535
322018Water-soluble cyclometalated platinum(ii) and iridium(iii) complexes: Synthesis, tuning of the photophysical properties, and: In vitro and in vivo phosphorescence lifetime imagingSolomatina, A.I.; Su, S.-H.; Lukina, M.M.; Dudenkova, V.V.; Shcheslavskiy, V.I.; Wu, C.-H.; Chelushkin, P.S.; Chou, P.-T. ; Koshevoy, I.O.; Tunik, S.P.journal article64
332018Amino proton donors in excited-state intramolecular proton-transfer reactionsChen, C.-L.; Chen, Y.-T.; Demchenko, A.P.; Chou, P.-T. journal article4346
342018Isomeric spiro-[acridine-9,9¡¬-fluorene]-2,6-dipyridylpyrimidine based TADF emitters: Insights into photophysical behaviors and OLED performancesGanesan, P.; Chen, D.-G.; Liao, J.-L.; Li, W.-C.; Lai, Y.-N.; Luo, D.; Chang, C.-H.; Ko, C.-L.; Hung, W.-Y.; Liu, S.-W.; Lee, G.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Chi, Y.journal article1716
352018Probe exciplex structure of highly efficient thermally activated delayed fluorescence organic light emitting diodesLin, T.-C.; Sarma, M.; Chen, Y.-T.; Liu, S.-H.; Lin, K.-T.; Chiang, P.-Y.; Chuang, W.-T.; Liu, Y.-C.; Hsu, H.-F.; Hung, W.-Y.; Tang, W.-C.; Wong, K.-T.; Chou, P.-T. journal article3334
362018Metalated Ir(III) Complexes Based on the Luminescent Diimine Ligands: Synthesis and Photophysical StudyShakirova, J.R.; Tomashenko, O.A.; Galenko, E.E.; Khlebnikov, A.F.; Hirva, P.; Starova, G.L.; Su, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Tunik, S.P.journal article77
372018Dendrimer-and copolymer-based nanoparticles for magnetic resonance cancer theranosticsRay, S.; Li, Z.; Hsu, C.-H.; Hwang, L.-P.; Lin, Y.-C.; Chou, P.-T. ; Lin, Y.-Y.journal article1413
382018Correlation among Hydrogen Bond, Excited-State Intramolecular Proton-Transfer Kinetics and Thermodynamics for -OH Type Proton-Donor MoleculesLiu, Z.-Y.; Hu, J.-W.; Chen, C.-L.; Chen, Y.-A.; Chen, K.-Y.; Chou, P.-T. journal article25
392018Unveiling the water-associated conformational mobility in the active site of ascorbate peroxidaseChao, W.-C.; Lin, L.-J.; Lu, J.-F.; Wang, J.-S.; Lin, T.-C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chen, Y.-T.; Yang, H.-C.; Chou, P.-T. journal article11
402018Revisiting Dual Intramolecular Charge-Transfer Fluorescence of Phenothiazine-triphenyltriazine DerivativesChen, D.-G.; Lin, T.-C.; Chen, Y.-A.; Chen, Y.-H.; Lin, T.-C.; Chen, Y.-T.; Chou, P.-T. journal article2020
412018Iridium(III) Complexes Bearing Tridentate Chromophoric Chelate: Phosphorescence Fine-Tuned by Phosphine and Hydride AncillaryLiao, J.-L.; Rajakannu, P.; Liu, S.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Jen, A.K.-Y.; Chi, Y.journal article55
4220185,14-Diaryldiindeno[2,1- f:1¡¬,2¡¬ -j]picene: A New Stable [7]Helicene with a Partial Biradical CharacterHsieh, Y.-C.; Wu, C.-F.; Chen, Y.-T.; Fang, C.-T.; Wang, C.-S.; Li, C.-H.; Chen, L.-Y.; Cheng, M.-J.; Chueh, C.-C.; Chou, P.-T. ; Wu, Y.-T.journal article1315
432018Excited-State Proton Transfer in 3-Cyano-7-azaindole: From Aqueous Solution to IceTu, T.-H.; Chen, Y.-T.; Shen, J.-Y.; Lin, T.-C.; Chou, P.-T. journal article33
442018Strongly Coupled Tin-Halide Perovskites to Modulate Light Emission: Tunable 550–640 nm Light Emission (FWHM 36–80 nm) with a Quantum Yield of up to 6.4%Chen, M.-Y.; Lin, J.-T.; Hsu, C.-S.; Chang, C.-K.; Chiu, C.-W. ; Chen, H.M. ; Chou, P.-T. journal article1212
452017Effective heating of magnetic nanoparticle aggregates for in vivo nano-theranostic hyperthermiaWang, C.; Hsu, C.-H.; Li, Z.; Hwang, L.-P.; Lin, Y.-C.; Chou, P.-T. ; Lin, Y.-Y.journal article1613
462017Silver Alkynyl-Phosphine Clusters: An Electronic Effect of the Alkynes Defines Structural DiversityChen, Y.-T.; Krytchankou, I.S.; Karttunen, A.J.; Grachova, E.V.; Tunik, S.P.; Chou, P.-T. ; Koshevoy, I.O.journal article1111
472017Breaking the Kasha Rule for More Efficient PhotochemistryDemchenko, A.P.; Tomin, V.I.; Chou, P.-T. journal article8986
482017Engineering of Single Magnetic Particle Carrier for Living Brain Cell Imaging: A Tunable T <inf>1</inf> -/T <inf>2</inf> -/Dual-Modal Contrast Agent for Magnetic Resonance Imaging ApplicationPeng, Y.-K.; Lui, C.N.P.; Chen, Y.-W.; Chou, S.-W.; Raine, E.; Chou, P.-T. ; Yung, K.K.L.; Tsang, S.C.E.journal article1817
492017Sky Blue-Emitting Iridium(III) Complexes Bearing Nonplanar Tetradentate Chromophore and Bidentate AncillaryLi, Y.-S.; Liao, J.-L.; Lin, K.-T.; Hung, W.-Y.; Liu, S.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Chi, Y.journal article1111
502017A study of the competitive multiple hydrogen bonding effect and its associated excited-state proton transfer tautomerismChen, Y.-T.; Wu, P.-J.; Peng, C.-Y.; Shen, J.-Y.; Tsai, C.-C.; Hu, W.-P.; Chou, P.-T. journal article1010
512017Functional Pyrimidine-Based Thermally Activated Delay Fluorescence Emitters: Photophysics, Mechanochromism, and Fabrication of Organic Light-Emitting DiodesGanesan, P.; Ranganathan, R.; Chi, Y.; Liu, X.-K.; Lee, C.-S.; Liu, S.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Lin, T.-C.; Chen, Y.-T.; Chou, P.-T. journal article4040
522017Unprecedented Homoleptic Bis-Tridentate Iridium(III) Phosphors: Facile, Scaled-Up Production, and Superior Chemical StabilityLin, J.; Wang, Y.; Gnanasekaran, P.; Chiang, Y.-C.; Yang, C.-C.; Chang, C.-H.; Liu, S.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Chi, Y.; Liu, S.-W.journal article2727
532017The Excited-State Triple Proton Transfer Reaction of 2,6-Diazaindoles and 2,6-Diazatryptophan in Aqueous SolutionChung, K.-Y.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chen, Y.-T.; Hsu, Y.-H.; Shen, J.-Y.; Chen, C.-L.; Chen, Y.-A.; Chou, P.-T. journal article2323
542017Networking hole and electron hopping paths by Y-shaped host molecules: promoting blue phosphorescent organic light emitting diodesHuang, J.-J.; Yun, L.-K.; Kung, T.-J.; Chen, C.-L.; Lee, J.-H.; Wu, Y.-R.; Chiu, T.-L.; Chou, P.-T. ; Leung, M.-K.journal article44
552017The Quest of Excited-State Intramolecular Proton Transfer via Eight-Membered Ring £k-Conjugated Hydrogen Bonding SystemMeng, F.-Y.; Hsu, Y.-H.; Zhang, Z.; Wu, P.-J.; Chen, Y.-T.; Chen, Y.-A.; Chen, C.-L.; Chao, C.-M.; Liu, K.-M.; Chou, P.-T. journal article55
562017Cyclometalated Platinum(II) Cyanometallates: Luminescent Blocks for Coordination Self-AssemblySchneider, L.; Sivchik, V.; Chung, K.-Y.; Chen, Y.-T.; Karttunen, A.J.; Chou, P.-T. ; Koshevoy, I.O.journal article1617
572017Snapshotting the excited-state planarization of chemically locked N,N¡¬-disubstituted dihydrodibenzo[a,c]phenazinesChen, W.; Chen, C.-L.; Zhang, Z.; Chen, Y.-A.; Chao, W.-C.; Su, J.; Tian, H.; Chou, P.-T. journal article4746
582017Efficient thermally activated delayed fluorescence of functional phenylpyridinato boron complexes and high performance organic light-emitting diodesShiu, Y.-J.; Chen, Y.-T.; Lee, W.-K.; Wu, C.-C.; Lin, T.-C.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Lu, C.-W.; Cheng, I.-C.; Lien, Y.-J.; Chi, Y.journal article3432
592017First N-Borylated Emitters Displaying Highly Efficient Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence and High-Performance OLEDsLien, Y.-J.; Lin, T.-C.; Yang, C.-C.; Chiang, Y.-C.; Chang, C.-H.; Liu, S.-H.; Chen, Y.-T.; Lee, G.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Lu, C.-W.; Chi, Y.journal article2627
602017Near-infrared organic light-emitting diodes with very high external quantum efficiency and radianceTuong Ly, K.; Chen-Cheng, R.-W.; Lin, H.-W.; Shiau, Y.-J.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Tsao, C.-S.; Huang, Y.-C.; Chi, Y.journal article176152
612017Anomalously Long-Lasting Blue PhOLED Featuring Phenyl-Pyrimidine Cyclometalated Iridium EmitterSarma, M.; Tsai, W.-L.; Lee, W.-K.; Chi, Y.; Wu, C.-C.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Wong, K.-T.journal article3732
622017Copper-mediated phospha-annulation to attain water-soluble polycyclic luminophoresBelyaev, A.; Chen, Y.-T.; Su, S.-H.; Tseng, Y.-J.; Karttunen, A.J.; Tunik, S.P.; Chou, P.-T. ; Koshevoy, I.O.journal article1110
632017Room-temperature phosphorescence from small organic systems containing a thiocarbonyl moietyHuang, C.-H.; Wu, P.-J.; Chung, K.-Y.; Chen, Y.-A.; Li, E.Y.; Chou, P.-T. journal article88
642017Mesoporous Silica Promoted Deposition of Bioinspired Polydopamine onto Contrast Agent: A Universal Strategy to Achieve Both Biocompatibility and Multiple Scale Molecular ImagingChen, Y.-W.; Peng, Y.-K.; Chou, S.-W.; Tseng, Y.-J.; Wu, P.-C.; Wang, S.-K.; Lee, Y.-W.; Shyue, J.-J.; Hsiao, J.-K.; Liu, T.-M.; Chou, P.-T. journal article76
652016Triboluminescence and Metal Phosphor for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes: Functional Pt(II) Complexes with Both 2-Pyridylimidazol-2-ylidene and Bipyrazolate ChelatesHsu, C.-W.; Ly, K.T.; Lee, W.-K.; Wu, C.-C.; Wu, L.-C.; Lee, J.-J.; Lin, T.-C.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Lee, G.-H.; Chi, Y.journal article2122
662016Ethylene glycol modified 2-(2¡¬-aminophenyl)benzothiazoles at the amino site: The excited-state N-H proton transfer reactions in aqueous solution, micelles and potential application in live-cell imagingLiu, B.-Q.; Chen, Y.-T.; Chen, Y.-W.; Chung, K.-Y.; Tsai, Y.-H.; Li, Y.-J.; Chao, C.-M.; Liu, K.-M.; Tseng, H.-W.; Chou, P.-T. journal article46
672016Highly Twisted Dianchoring D-£k-A Sensitizers for Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsLo, C.-Y.; Kumar, D.; Chou, S.-H.; Chen, C.-H.; Tsai, C.-H.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Wong, K.-T.journal article1717
682016Tri-iodide Reduction Activity of Shape- and Composition-Controlled PtFe Nanostructures as Counter Electrodes in Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsChang, P.-J.; Cheng, K.-Y.; Chou, S.-W.; Shyue, J.-J.; Yang, Y.-Y.; Hung, C.-Y.; Lin, C.-Y.; Chen, H.-L.; Chou, H.-L.; Chou, P.-T. journal article3530
692016Control of the Reversibility of Excited-State Intramolecular Proton Transfer (ESIPT) Reaction: Host-Polarity Tuning White Organic Light Emitting Diode on a New Thiazolo[5,4-d]thiazole ESIPT SystemZhang, Z.; Chen, Y.-A.; Hung, W.-Y.; Tang, W.-F.; Hsu, Y.-H.; Chen, C.-L.; Meng, F.-Y.; Chou, P.-T. journal article5757
702016Ambipolar Phosphine Derivatives to Attain True Blue OLEDs with 6.5% EQEKondrasenko, I.; Tsai, Z.-H.; Chung, K.-Y.; Chen, Y.-T.; Ershova, Y.Y.; Dom?nech-Carb?, A.; Hung, W.-Y.; Chou, P.-T. ; Karttunen, A.J.; Koshevoy, I.O.journal article2424
712016N−H‐Type Excited‐State Proton Transfer in Compounds Possessing a Seven‐Membered‐Ring Intramolecular Hydrogen BondChen, Y.-A.; Meng, F.-Y.; Hsu, Y.-H.; Hung, C.-H.; Chen, C.-L.; Chung, K.-Y.; Tang, W.-F.; Hung, W.-Y.; Chou, P.-T. journal article2525
722016A new class of N-H excited-state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) molecules bearing localized zwitterionic tautomersStasyuk, A.J.; Chen, Y.-T.; Chen, C.-L.; Wu, P.-J.; Chou, P.-T. journal article3636
732016A Versatile Theranostic Delivery Platform Integrating Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Computed Tomography, pH/cis-Diol Controlled Release, and Targeted TherapyTseng, Y.-J.; Chou, S.-W.; Shyue, J.-J.; Lin, S.-Y.; Hsiao, J.-K.; Chou, P.-T. journal article3229
742016Harnessing Fluorescence versus Phosphorescence Ratio via Ancillary Ligand Fine-Tuned MLCT ContributionKondrasenko, I.; Chung, K.-Y.; Chen, Y.-T.; Koivistoinen, J.; Grachova, E.V.; Karttunen, A.J.; Chou, P.-T. ; Koshevoy, I.O.journal article1515
752016Chemical design of nanoprobes for T<inf>1</inf>-weighted magnetic resonance imagingPeng, Y.-K.; Tsang, S.C.E.; Chou, P.-T. journal article2420
762016Room temperature blue phosphorescence: A combined experimental and theoretical study on the bis-tridentate Ir(III) metal complexesKuei, C.-Y.; Liu, S.-H.; Chou, P.-T. ; Lee, G.-H.; Chi, Y.journal article2929
772016Dinaphthozethrene and Diindenozethrene: Synthesis, Structural Analysis, and PropertiesHsieh, Y.-C.; Wu, T.-C.; Li, J.-Y.; Chen, Y.-T.; Kuo, M.-Y.; Chou, P.-T. ; Wu, Y.-T.journal article44
782016Phenazine-Based Ratiometric Hg 2+ Probes with Well-Resolved Dual Emissions: A New Sensing Mechanism by Vibration-Induced Emission (VIE)Zhou, H.; Mei, J.; Chen, Y.-A.; Chen, C.-L.; Chen, W.; Zhang, Z.; Su, J.; Chou, P.-T. ; Tian, H.journal article2925
792016Excited-state intramolecular proton-transfer reaction demonstrating anti-Kasha behaviorTseng, H.-W.; Shen, J.-Y.; Kuo, T.-Y.; Tu, T.-S.; Chen, Y.-A.; Demchenko, A.P.; Chou, P.-T. journal article6061
802016Insight into the mechanism and outcoupling enhancement of excimer-Associated white light generationChen, Y.-H.; Tang, K.-C.; Chen, Y.-T.; Shen, J.-Y.; Wu, Y.-S.; Liu, S.-H.; Lee, C.-S.; Chen, C.-H.; Lai, T.-Y.; Tung, S.-H.; Jeng, R.-J.; Hung, W.-Y.; Jiao, M.; Wu, C.-C.; Chou, P.-T. journal article4445
812016Platinum(II)-Mediated Double Coupling of 2,3-Diphenylmaleimidine with Nitrile Functionalities to Give Annulated Pentaazanonatetraenate (PANT) SystemsPI-TAI CHOU journal article33
822016Infrared-active quadruple contrast FePt nanoparticles for multiple scale molecular imagingPI-TAI CHOU journal article109
832016Insight into the Amino-Type Excited-State Intramolecular Proton Transfer Cycle Using N-Tosyl Derivatives of 2-(2′-Aminophenyl)benzothiazolePI-TAI CHOU journal article3333
842016Orthogonally Substituted Benzimidazole-Carbazole Benzene As Universal Hosts for Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting DiodesPI-TAI CHOU journal article4845
852016The in situ tryptophan analogue probes the conformational dynamics in asparaginase isozymesPI-TAI CHOU journal article65
862016Bis-Tridentate Ir(III) Complexes with Nearly Unitary RGB Phosphorescence and Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with External Quantum Efficiency Exceeding 31%PI-TAI CHOU journal article142140
872016Luminescent Triphosphine Cyanide d10 Metal ComplexesPI-TAI CHOU journal article3332
882016Pyridyl Pyrrolide Boron Complexes: The Facile Generation of Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence and Preparation of Organic Light-Emitting DiodesPI-TAI CHOU journal article10099
892016Effects of amorphous poly(3-hexylthiophene) on active-layer structure and solar cells performanceLiu, C.-H.; Tseng, W.-H.; Cheng, C.-Y.; Wu, C.-I.; Chou, P.-T.; Tung, S.-H.; CHIH-I WU ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; PI-TAI CHOU journal article22
902016Probing the polarity and water environment at the protein-peptide binding interface using tryptophan analoguesChen, Y.-T.; Chao, W.-C.; Kuo, H.-T.; Shen, J.-Y.; Chen, I.-H.; Yang, H.-C.; Wang, J.-S.; Lu, J.-F.; Cheng, R.P. ; Chou, P.-T. journal article30
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4662004物理化學及分析化學研究發展及推動小組周必泰 report
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4822004氫鍵辨識; 轉移分子之設計; 合成; 光譜動力學及應用(2/3)周必泰 report
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5032003物理化學及分析化學研究發展及推動小組周必泰 report
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5272002主客體偶合激發態質子轉移系統研究周必泰 report
5282002物理化學及分析化學研究發展及推動小組周必泰 report
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