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12016Noise propagation with interlinked feed-forward pathwaysChepyala, S.R.; Chen, Y.-C.; Yan, C.-C.S.; Lu, C.-Y.D. ; Wu, Y.-C.; Hsu, C.-P.journal article66
22014Structural rheology of focal conic domains: A stress-quench experimentCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article65
32014Structural rheology of the smectic phaseCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article97
42013A density functional theory of chiral block copolymer meltsCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article44
52012Sizes of multilamellar vesicles in shearCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article87
62012Viscoelasticity of two-layer vesicles in solutionCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article11
72011Theory of the polyelectrolyte dielectric functionLu, C.-Y.David; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article53
82011Smectic edge dislocations under shearChen, Peilong; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU ; Lu, Chun-Yi David journal article00
92011Elasticity of smectic liquid crystals with focal conic domainsFujii, S.; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU ; Komura, S.; Ishii, Y.; Lu, C-Y D.journal article1917
102010Smectic rheology close to the smectic-nematic transitionFujii, S.; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU ; Ishii, Y.; Komura, S.; Lu, C.-Y.D.journal article1813
112010Phase separation of thin-film polymer mixtures under in-plane electric fieldsWang, Chen-Hung; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU ; Chen, Peilong; Lu, C.-Y.Davidjournal article66
122009Uniform mesoporous silica hexagon and its two-dimensional colloidal crystalLin, Yu-Shen; CHUNG-YUAN MOU ; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU ; Lu, Chun-Yi David ; Hung, Yann; Mou, Chung-Yuanjournal article1313
132008Steric Zipper of the Amyloid Fibrils Formed by Residues 109-122 of the Syrian Hamster Prion ProteinCHUN-CHUNG CHAN ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN ; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article3937
142008Non-linear rheology of lamellar liquid crystalsCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article3226
152008Steric Zipper of the Amyloid Fibrils Formed by Residues 109–122 of the Syrian Hamster Prion ProteinLee, Shin-Wen; Mou, Yun; Lin, Shu-Yi; Chou, Fang-Chieh; Tseng, Wei-Hsiang; Chen, Chun-hsien ; Lu, Chun-Yi David ; Yu, Steve S.-F.; Chan, Jerry C.C.journal article
162007兩性分子之自組結構與機制的探討(3/3)陸駿逸 report
172007兩性分子之自組結構與機制的探討(2/3)陸駿逸 report
182007類澱粉質纖維分子結構之固態核磁共振研究-纖維超分子結構成長動力學之模擬(子計畫三)(3/3)陸駿逸 report
192007類澱粉質纖維分子結構之固態核磁共振研究-纖維超分子結構成長動力學之模擬(子計畫三)(2/3)陸駿逸 report
202007The dielectric spectrum of flexible polyelectrolyte solutionsLu, C. Y. D.; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article33
212005Electrokinetic Response of Double LayersCHUN-YI,DAVID LU ; ³°Â@¶h journal article10
222005軟物質中的缺陷與電荷動力學(2/2)陸駿逸 report
232005The dielectric spectrum of polyelectrolyte solutionsCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article55
242004Fluctuation rheology using polymersWoon, W.Y; CHUN-YI,DAVID LU ; Lu, CYD.journal article00
252002Dielectric response of a dilute oil-in-water Emulsion solutionCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article4
262002Dielectric functions of the double layer polarization theory of a charged colloidal suspensionCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article33
272001The static dielectric constant of a colloidal suspensionCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article66
282000Light scattering with swollen hexagonal phasesCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article65
292000Johnson-Segalman model with a diffusion term in cylindrical Couette flowCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article151141
302000Hosted particle positions and dipole moments of protein-filled reverse micellesCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article99
312000Effects of Nonlocal Stress on the Determination of Shear Banding FlowCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article173159
322000Force between charged particles with ion condensationCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article33
331999Shear banding in reaction-diffusion modelsCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article4946
341999Phase coexistence of complex fluids in shear flowCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article3940
351999Phase separation of rigid-rod suspensions in shear flowCHUN-YI,DAVID LU journal article10797