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12022A linear Di-coordinate boron radical cationLin, Yu-Jiang; Liu, Wei-Chun; Liu, Yi-Hung; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Chien, Su-Ying; CHING-WEN CHIU Nature communications10
22022Recognizing the Importance of Fast Nonisothermal Crystallization for High-Performance Two-Dimensional Dion-Jacobson Perovskite Solar Cells with High Fill Factors: A Comprehensive Mechanistic StudyLiu, Yi-Chun; Lin, Jin-Tai; Lee, Yao-Lin; Hung, Chieh-Ming; Chou, Tai-Che; Chao, Wei-Chih; Huang, Zhi-Xuan; Chiang, Tzu-Hsuan; CHING-WEN CHIU ; Chuang, Wei-Tsung; PI-TAI CHOU Journal of the American Chemical Society32
32022Reducing the P-Cycle by GrindingCHING-WEN CHIU ACS Central Science00
42022Chiral Bis(oxazoline) Ligand-Supported Alkyl Aluminum CationsHsu C.-P; Liu C.-A; Wen C.-C; Liu Y.-H; Lin Y.-F; CHING-WEN CHIU ChemCatChem00
52021[Mes-B-TMP]+borinium cation initiated cyanosilylation and catalysed hydrosilylation of ketones and aldehydesChen P.-H; Hsu C.-P; Tseng H.-C; Liu Y.-H; Chiu C.-W.; CHING-WEN CHIU Chemical Communications43
62021A Universal Approach for Controllable Synthesis of n-Specific Layered 2D Perovskite NanoplatesLin J.-T; Chen D.-G; Wu C.-H; Hsu C.-S; Chien C.-Y; Chen H.-M; Chou P.-T; CHING-WEN CHIU ; HAO MING CHEN ; PI-TAI CHOU Angewandte Chemie - International Edition1414
72021Chiral tetra-coordinate aluminum cation in catalysisHsu C.-P; Liu Y.-H; Boobalan R; Lin Y.-F; Chein R.-J; Chiu C.-W.; CHING-WEN CHIU Organometallics32
82021Tuning the Circular Dichroism and Circular Polarized Luminescence Intensities of Chiral 2D Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites through Halogenation of the Organic IonsLin, JT; Chen, DG; Yang, LS; Lin, TC; Liu, YH; Chao, YC; Chou, PT; PI-TAI CHOU ; CHING-WEN CHIU ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION3936
92021+Cations: Chloroborane Masked Chiral Borenium IonsShih D.-N; Boobalan R; Liu Y.-H; Chein R.-J; Chiu C.-W.; CHING-WEN CHIU Inorganic Chemistry10
102021Vertical 2D/3D Heterojunction of Tin Perovskites for Highly Efficient HTM-Free Perovskite Solar CellLin J.-T; Chu T.-C; Chen D.-G; Huang Z.-X; Chen H.-C; Li C.-S; Wu C.-I; Chou P.-T; Chiu C.-W; CHING-WEN CHIU ; HAO MING CHEN ; PI-TAI CHOU ; CHIH-I WU ACS Applied Energy Materials1612
112020PSb+P Ligand: Platform for a Stibenium to Transition-Metal InteractionSrungavruksham, N.K.; Liu, Y.-H.; Tsai, M.-K.; Chiu, C.-W.; CHING-WEN CHIU Inorganic Chemistry54
122020An Update on the "organometallic Chemistry of the Main-Group Elements"Gilliard R.J; CHING-WEN CHIU Organometallics22
132020Pioneers and Influencers in Organometallic Chemistry: Chemistry Olympian Kuo-Wei HuangChiu, C.-W.; CHING-WEN CHIU Organometallics00
142020A Non-innocent Ligand Supported Germylene and Its Diverse ReactionsChen K.-H; Liu Y.-H; Chiu C.-W.; CHING-WEN CHIU Organometallics43
152019Spectroelectrochemical studies of the redox active tris[4-(triazol-1-yl)phenyl]amine linker and redox state manipulation of Mn(ii)/Cu(ii) coordination frameworksNgue, C.-M.; Liu, Y.-H.; Wen, Y.-S.; Leung, M.-K. ; Chiu, C.-W.; Chiu, C.-W. Dalton Transactions98
162019+: A Masked Potent Boron Lewis AcidTseng, H.-C.; Shen, C.-T.; Matsumoto, K.; Shih, D.-N.; Liu, Y.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Yamaguchi, S.; Lin, Y.-F.; Chiu, C.-W.; CHING-WEN CHIU ; SHIE-MING PENG Organometallics129
172019Benzannulated N-heterocyclic plumbylene: An efficient catalyst in ring opening polymerization of L-lactideLin, T.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Chiu, C.-W. ; SHIE-MING PENG Polymer23
182019"Mr. Boron", an Inorganic Chemistry Icon, Turns 90Spokoyny, A.M.; Chiu, C.-W. ; Bosley, B.D.; Schubert, D.M.Inorganic Chemistry22
192018Strongly Coupled Tin-Halide Perovskites to Modulate Light Emission: Tunable 550–640 nm Light Emission (FWHM 36–80 nm) with a Quantum Yield of up to 6.4%Chen, M.-Y.; Lin, J.-T.; Hsu, C.-S.; Chang, C.-K.; Chiu, C.-W. ; Chen, H.M. ; Chou, P.-T. Advanced Materials 3736
202018N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes of Cp*–Aluminum TriflateWang, C.-H.; Lin, Y.-F.; Tseng, H.-C.; Lee, G.-S.; Peng, S.-M. ; Chiu, C.-W. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 66
212018A Co(II) framework derived from a tris(4-(triazol-1-yl)phenyl)amine redox-active linker: an electrochemical and magnetic studyNgue, C.-M.; Chiu, C.-W.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M. ; Leung, M.-K.; Yang, C.-I.; Liu, Y.-H.; Leung, M.-K. ; Chiu, C.-W. Dalton Transactions1010
222018Destabilizing Character of a π-Conjugated Boron Center in Bisphenol RadicalsChung, M.-H.; Yu, I.F.; Liu, Y.-H.; Lin, T.-S.; Peng, S.-M. ; Chiu, C.-W. Inorganic Chemistry 22
2320171,2-Migration of N-Diarylboryl Imidazol-2-ylidene through Intermolecular Radical ProcessLiu, W.-C.; Liu, Y.-H.; Lin, T.-S.; Peng, S.-M. ; Chiu, C.-W. Inorganic Chemistry78
242017N-Heterocyclic Silylene Coordinated Dialkyl Borenium EquivalentTsai, H.-C.; Lin, Y.-F.; Liu, W.-C.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M. ; Chiu, C.-W. Organometallics99
252017Mono- and polynuclear boron dicationsLin, Y.-F.; Chiu, C.-W. Chemistry Letters 1214
262017Preface for the Advances in Main-Group Inorganic Chemistry ForumPower, P.P.; Chiu, C.-W. Inorganic Chemistry 11
272017In Situ Identification of Photo- and Moisture-Dependent Phase Evolution of Perovskite Solar CellsChen B.-A; Lin, J.-T.; Suen, N.-T.; Tsao, C.-W.; Chu, T.-C.; Hsu, Y.-Y.; Chan, T.-S.; Chan, Y.-T.; Yang, J.-S.; Chiu, C.-W. ; HAO MING CHEN ; YI-TSU CHAN et al. ; Yang, J.-S. ACS Energy Letters5653
282016N-Heterocyclic olefin stabilized boron dicationLee, W.-H.; Lin, Y.-F.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M. ; Chiu, C.-W. Dalton Transactions2220
292016Cp*-Substituted Boron Cations: The Effect of NHC, NHO, and CAAC LigandsHuang, J.-S.; Lee, W.-H.; Shen, C.-T.; Lin, Y.-F.; Liu, Y.-H.; Peng, S.-M. ; Chiu, C.-W. Inorganic Chemistry2220
302016Mechanistic studies on the rearrangement of a boron cation: From a nido-Carborane to a flanar boracycleLin, Y.-F.; Shen, C.-T.; Hsiao, Y.-T.; Liu, Y.-H.; Peng, S.-M. ; Chiu, C.-W. Organometallics1411
312016Non-chelating polydentate N -heterocyclic carbenes through assembly approachesLin, Y.-F.; Liu, C.-H.; Hu, C.-H.; Chiu, C.-W. Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements 11
322015Triphenylene-based tris-N-heterocyclic stannylenesHsu, C.-Y.; Chan, L.-W.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M. ; CHING-WEN CHIU Dalton Transactions54
332014Symmetrical non-chelating poly-N-heterocyclic carbenesChen, Y.-H.; Peng, K.-E.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M. ; CHING-WEN CHIU RSC Advances99
342014Redox chemistry of a hydroxyphenyl-substituted boraneFeng, P.-Y.; Liu, Y.-H.; Lin, T.-S.; Peng, S.-M. ; CHING-WEN CHIU Angewandte Chemie - International Edition1414
352014A spiroborate-based anionic bis-N-heterocyclic carbeneSu, J.-H.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M. ; CHING-WEN CHIU Dalton Transactions44
362013A Di-Substituted Boron Dication and Its Hydride-Induced Transformation to an NHC-Stabilized BorabenzeneShen, Chao-Tang; Liu, Yi-Hung; Peng, Shie-Ming; Chiu, Ching-Wen Angewandte Chemie 3835
372013Lewis acid-base adducts of 1-mesityl- and 1-chloro-2,3,4,5- tetraphenylboroleBraunschweig, H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Gamon, D.; Gru?, K.; H?rl, C.; Kupfer, T.; Radacki, K.; Wahler, J.; CHING-WEN CHIU European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 3431
382013Planar tris-N-heterocyclic carbenesWang, Y.-T.; Chang, M.-T.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Chiu, C.-W.; CHING-WEN CHIU Chemical Communications 2020
392012Cis, isotactic selective ROMP of norbornenes fused with N-arylpyrrolidines. double stranded polynorbornene-based ladderphanes with Z-double bondsZhu, L.; Flook, M.M.; Lee, S.-L.; Chan, L.-W.; Huang, S.-L.; Chiu, C.-W.; Chen, C.-H.; Schrock, R.R.; Luh, T.-Y.; CHING-WEN CHIU ; TIEN-YAU LUH ; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN Macromolecules 2928
402012Synthesis, structure, and reactivity of borole-functionalized ferrocenesBraunschweig, H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Gamon, D.; Kaupp, M.; Krummenacher, I.; Kupfer, T.; M?ller, R.; Radacki, K.; CHING-WEN CHIU Chemistry - A European Journal 4037
412012Oligo(borolyl)benzenes-Synthesis and propertiesBraunschweig, H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Damme, A.; Engels, B.; Gamon, D.; H?rl, C.; Kupfer, T.; Krummenacher, I.; Radacki, K.; Walter, C.; CHING-WEN CHIU Chemistry - A European Journal 3027
422011The pentaphenylborole-2,6-lutidine adduct: A system with unusual thermochromic and photochromic propertiesAnsorg, K.; Braunschweig, H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Engels, B.; Gamon, D.; H?gel, M.; Kupfer, T.; Radacki, K.; CHING-WEN CHIU Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 7675
432011Unwinding antiaromaticity in 1-bromo-2,3,4,5-tetraphenylboroleBraunschweig, H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Damme, A.; Ferkinghoff, K.; Kraft, K.; Radacki, K.; Wahler, J.; CHING-WEN CHIU Organometallics 6060
442011NHC-stabilized 1-hydro-1 H-borole and its nondegenerate sigmatropic isomersBraunschweig, H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Kupfer, T.; Radacki, K.; CHING-WEN CHIU Inorganic Chemistry 5349
452010Synthesis and structure of a carbene-stabilized π-boryl anionBraunschweig, H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Radacki, K.; Kupfer, T.; CHING-WEN CHIU Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 163155
462010Platinum substituted borolesBraunschweig, H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Radacki, K.; Brenner, P.; CHING-WEN CHIU Chemical Communications 5955
472010The reduction chemistry of ferrocenylboroleBraunschweig, H.; Breher, F.; Chiu, C.-W.; Gamon, D.; Nied, D.; Radacki, K.; CHING-WEN CHIU Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 6761
482010Probing antiaromaticity: Resonance Raman investigation of a series of differently substituted borolesK?hler, J.; Lindenmeier, S.; Fischer, I.; Braunschweig, H.; Kupfer, T.; Gamon, D.; Chiu, C.-W.; CHING-WEN CHIU Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 2321
492010Chemical reduction and dimerization of 1-chloro-2,3,4,5-tetraphenylboroleBraunschweig, H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Wahler, J.; Radacki, K.; Kupfer, T.; CHING-WEN CHIU Chemistry - A European Journal 6666
502009Lewis acidity enhancement of triarylboranes via peripheral decoration with cationic groupsChiu, C.-W.; Kim, Y.; Gabba?, P.F.; CHING-WEN CHIU Journal of the American Chemical Society 111114
512009Fluoride ion recognition by chelating and cationic boranesHudnall, T.W.; Chiu, C.-W.; Gabbat, F.P.; CHING-WEN CHIU Accounts of Chemical Research 460449
522008Cyanide ion complexation by a cationic boraneChiu, C.-W.; Gabba?, F.P.; CHING-WEN CHIU Dalton Transactions 4858
532008Fluoride ion complexation by a B2/Hg heteronuclear tridentate lewis acidDorsey, C.L.; Jewula, P.; Hudnall, T.W.; Hoefelmeyer, J.D.; Taylor, T.J.; Honesty, N.R.; Chiu, C.-W.; Schulte, M.; Gabba?, F.P.; CHING-WEN CHIU Dalton Transactions 5455
542007A 9-borylated acridinyl radicalChiu, C.-W.; Gabba?, F.P.; CHING-WEN CHIU Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 9691
552007Structural changes accompanying the stepwise population of a B-C π bondChiu, C.-W.; Gabba?, F.P.; CHING-WEN CHIU Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 6459
562006Fluoride ion capture from water with a cationic boraneChiu, C.-W.; Gabba?, F.P.; CHING-WEN CHIU Journal of the American Chemical Society 200193
572006Structural and electrochemical investigations of the high fluoride affinity of sterically hindered 1,8-bis(boryl)naphthalenesMela?mi, M.; Sol?, S.; Chiu, C.-W.; Wang, H.; Gabba?, F.P.; CHING-WEN CHIU Inorganic Chemistry 100100
582006Electroluminescence of bisindolylmaleimide derivatives containing pentafluorophenyl substituantsYeh, T.-S.; Chow, T.J.; Tsai, S.-H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Zhao, C.-X.; CHING-WEN CHIU Chemistry of Materials 3531
592005A study on the dual emissions of organic light emitting devicesChow, T.J.; Tsai, S.-H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Yeh, T.-S.; CHING-WEN CHIU Synthetic Metals 1213
602004Convergent Electron Beam Induced Growth of Copper Nanostructures: Evidence of the Importance of a Soft TemplateYen, M.-Y.; Chiu, C.-W.; Chen, F.-R.; Kai, J.-J.; Lee, C.-Y.; Chiu, H.-T.; CHING-WEN CHIU Langmuir 3329
612003Bisindolylmaleimides as Red Electroluminescence MaterialsChiu, C.-W.; Chow, T.J.; Chuen, C.-H.; Lin, H.-M.; Tao, Y.-T.; CHING-WEN CHIU Chemistry of Materials 5857
622003Synthesis of cable-like copper nanowiresYen, M.-Y.; Chiu, C.-W.; Hsia, C.-H.; Chen, F.-R.; Kai, J.-J.; Lee, C.-Y.; Chiu, H.-T.; CHING-WEN CHIU Advanced Materials 113105
632002Low-temperature synthesis of transition metal nanoparticles from metal complexes and organopolysilane oligomersChang, Y.-H.; Wang, H.-W.; Chiu, C.-W.; Cheng, D.-S.; Yen, M.-Y.; Chiu, H.-T.; CHING-WEN CHIU Chemistry of Materials 2321
642002Syntheses of nano-sized cubic phase early transition metal carbides from metal chlorides and n-butyllithiumChang, Y.-H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Chen, Y.-C.; Wu, C.-C.; Tsai, C.-P.; Wang, J.-L.; Chiu, H.-T.; CHING-WEN CHIU Journal of Materials Chemistry 3428