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12024Towards developing a matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging (MALDI MSI) compatible tissue expansion protocolChen, Li-Cyun; Lee, Chuping; CHENG-CHIH HSU Analytica chimica acta
22024Evaluation of the amelioration effect of Ganoderma formosanum extract on delaying PM2.5 damage to lung macrophagesHou, Chih-Yao; Hsieh, Chen-Che; Hung, Yin-Ci; Hsu, Cheng-Chih ; Hsieh, Chang-Wei; SHU-HAN YU ; KUAN-CHEN CHENG Molecular nutrition & food research0
32024Investigating the Metabolic Heterogeneity of Cancer Cells Using Functional Single-Cell Selection and nLC Combined with Multinozzle Emitter Mass SpectrometryCheng, Kai-Wen; Su, Pin-Rui; Feller, Kate Jo-Ann; Chien, Miao-Ping; CHENG-CHIH HSU Analytical chemistry
42024Bifidobacterium alleviate metabolic disorders via converting methionine to 5'-methylthioadenosineLyu, Qiang; Chen, Rou-An; Chuang, Hsiao-Li; Zou, Hsin-Bai; Liu, Lihong; Sung, Li-Kang; Liu, Po-Yu; Hsin-Yi Wu; Chang, Hsin-Yuan; Cheng, Wan-Ju; WEI-KAI WU ; Wu, Ming-Shiang; Hsu, Cheng-Chih Gut microbes
52023A Boron-Dependent Antibiotic Derived from a Calcium-Dependent AntibioticChiou, Shao-Lun; Chen, Yi-Ju; Lee, Chu-Ting; Ho, Minh Ngoc; Miao, Jiayuan; Kuo, Po-Cheng; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Lin, Yu-Shan; Chu, John Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)00
62023Real-time bottom-up characterization of protein mixtures enabled by online microdroplet-assisted enzymatic digestion (MAED)Ma, Cheng-Hua; Chen, Chih-Lin; CHENG-CHIH HSU Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)00
72023Garlic essential oil ameliorates depression-like behaviors in unpredictable chronic mild stress by modulating the brain NLRP3 inflammasome pathway and influencing the gut barrier and microbiotaHuang, Yun-Ju; Tsai, Min-Shiuan; Panyod, Suraphan; Liu, Po-Yu; Lu, Kuan-Hung; Weng, Cheng-Yu; Huang, Huai-Syuan; Hsu, Cheng-Chih ; LEE-YAN SHEEN Food & function10
82023Microbial metabolites regulate social novelty via CaMKII neurons in the BNSTLiou, Chia-Wei; Cheng, Sin-Jhong; Yao, Tzu-Hsuan; Lai, Tzu-Ting; Tsai, Yu-Hsuan; Chien, Che-Wei; Kuo, Yu-Lun; Chou, Shih-Hsuan; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Wu, Wei-LiBrain, behavior, and immunity41
92023Production and analysis of metabolites from solid-state fermentation of Chenopodium formosanum (Djulis) sprouts in a bioreactorHsieh, Chen Che; SHU-HAN YU ; Cheng, Kai Wen; Liou, Yu Wei; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Hsieh, Chang Wei; Kuo, Chia Hung; KUAN-CHEN CHENG Food Research International44
102023High-throughput Automated Muropeptide Analysis (HAMA) Reveals Peptidoglycan Composition of Gut Microbial Cell WallsHsu, Ya Chen; Su, Pin Rui; Huang, Lin Jie; Cheng, Kum Yi; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN ; CHENG-CHIH HSU eLife00
112023Ginger essential oil and citral ameliorates atherosclerosis in ApoE-/- mice by modulating trimethylamine-N-oxide and gut microbiotaPanyod, Suraphan; WEI-KAI WU ; Peng, Sin-Yi; Tseng, Yea-Jing; Hsieh, Ya-Chi; Chen, Rou-An; Huang, Huai-Syuan; Chen, Yi-Hsun; Chuang, Hsiao-Li; Hsu, Cheng-Chih ; Shen, Ting-Chin David; Yang, Kai-Chien; Ho, Chi-Tang; Wu, Ming-Shiang; LEE-YAN SHEEN NPJ science of food00
122023Mitochondria and cytochrome components released into the plasma of severe COVID-19 and ICU acute respiratory distress syndrome patientsChen, Zhuo Zhen; Johnson, Lloyd; Trahtemberg, Uriel; Baker, Andrew; Huq, Saaimatul; Dufresne, Jaimie; Bowden, Peter; Miao, Ming; JA-AN ANNIE HO ; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Dos Santos, Claudia C; Marshall, John GClinical proteomics51
132023MSIr: Automatic Registration Service for Mass Spectrometry Imaging and HistologyLin, Bo-Jhang; Kuo, Tien-Chueh; Chung, Hsin-Hsiang; Huang, Ying-Chen; MING-YANG WANG ; Hsu, Cheng-Chih ; Yao, Po-Yang; YUFENG JANE TSENG Analytical chemistry32
142023Anti-depressive-like and cognitive impairment alleviation effects of Gastrodia elata Blume water extract is related to gut microbiome remodeling in ApoE-/- mice exposed to unpredictable chronic mild stressHuang, Huai-Syuan; Lin, Yu-En; Panyod, Suraphan; Chen, Rou-An; Lin, Ying-Cheng; Chai, Laura Min Xuan; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; WEI-KAI WU ; KUAN-HUNG LU ; Huang, Yun-Ju; LEE-YAN SHEEN Journal of ethnopharmacology85
152022Atherosclerosis amelioration by allicin in raw garlic through gut microbiota and trimethylamine-N-oxide modulationPanyod, Suraphan; WEI-KAI WU ; Chen, Pei-Chen; Chong, Kent-Vui; KAI-CHIEN YANG ; Chuang, Hsiao-Li; CHIEH-CHANG CHEN ; Chen, Rou-An; Liu, Po-Yu; Chung, Ching-Hu; Huang, Huai-Syuan; ANGELA YU-CHEN LIN ; Shen, Ting-Chin David; Huang, Tur-Fu; Hsu, Cheng-Chih; Ho, Chi-Tang; HSIEN-LI KAO ; Orekhov, Alexander N; MING-SHIANG WU ; LEE-YAN SHEEN ; CHENG-CHIH HSU NPJ biofilms and microbiomes3023
162022Metabolomics Characterization of Scleractinia Corals with Different Life-History Strategies: A Case Study about Pocillopora meandrina and Seriatopora hystrix in the South China SeaPei, Jiying; Chen, Shiguo; Yu, Kefu; Hu, Junjie; Wang, Yitong; Zhang, Jingjing; Qin, Zhenjun; Zhang, Ruijie; Kuo, Ting-Hao; Chung, Hsin-Hsiang; CHENG-CHIH HSU Metabolites20
172022Mass spectrometry-based metabolomic signatures of coral bleaching under thermal stressPei, Ji-Ying; Yu, Wen-Feng; Zhang, Jing-Jing; Kuo, Ting-Hao; Chung, Hsin-Hsiang; Hu, Jun-Jie; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Yu, Ke-FuAnalytical and bioanalytical chemistry63
182022High-performance miniature linear time-of-flight mass spectrometry as an advantageous tool in a high mass-to-charge rangeChang, Ko-Keng; Cai, Yi-Hong; Hsiao, Chih-Hao; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Wang, Yi-ShengThe Analyst11
192022Oral short-chain fatty acids administration regulates innate anxiety in adult microbiome-depleted miceWu, Jo-Ting; Sun, Chia-Ling; Lai, Tzu-Ting; Liou, Chia-Wei; Lin, Yuan-Yuan; Xue, Jia-Ying; Wang, Hong-Wen; Chai, Laura Min Xuan; Lee, Yen-Jung; Chen, Shiou-Lan; Chang, Alice Y W; Hung, Jia-Horung; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Wu, Wei-LiNeuropharmacology108
202022Next-generation pathology practices with mass spectrometry imagingChung, Hsin-Hsiang; Huang, Penghsuan; Chen, Chih-Lin; Lee, Chuping; CHENG-CHIH HSU Mass spectrometry reviews99
212022Microscopy-based single-cell proteomic profiling reveals heterogeneity in DNA damage response dynamicsSu, Pin-Rui; You, Li; Beerens, Cecile; Bezstarosti, Karel; Demmers, Jeroen; Pabst, Martin; Kanaar, Roland; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Chien, Miao-PingCell reports methods108
222022Surface-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Imaging Mass Spectrometry (SALDI-IMS)-Based Detection of Vinca Alkaloids Distribution in the Petal of Madagascar PeriwinkleSu C.-H; Wang B.-W; Dutkiewicz E.P; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Yang Y.-L.Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)00
232022On-Site Diagnosis of Poultry Coccidiosis by a Miniature Mass Spectrometer and Machine LearningWang W.-C; Chung H.-H; Dutkiewicz E.P; Wong J.-Y; Yang W.-C; Chang C.L.-T; CHENG-CHIH HSU ACS Agricultural Science and Technology54
242022Circulating gut microbiota-related metabolites influence endothelium plaque lesion formation in ApoE knockout ratsChuang H.-L; Chiu C.-C; Lo C; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Liu J.-Y; Hung S.-W; Tsai S.-C; Sung H.-H; Wang C.-K.L; Huang Y.-T.PLoS ONE43
252021Association between Levels of Urine Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate Metabolites and Heart Rate Variability in Young AdultsCHING-WAY CHEN ; Tang, Shu-Yu; Hwang, Jin-Shiang; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN ; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Lin, Chien-Yu; TA-CHEN SU Toxics87
262021Mining Gut Microbiota From Bariatric Surgery for MAFLDWEI-KAI WU ; Chen, Yi-Hsun; PO-CHU LEE ; PO-JEN YANG ; CHIN-CHEN CHANG ; KAO-LANG LIU ; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Huang, Chi-Chang; Chuang, Hsiao-Li; Sheen, Lee-Yan; CHUN-JEN LIU ; MING-SHIANG WU Frontiers in endocrinology65
272021The Effects of Bariatric Surgery on Renal, Neurological, and Ophthalmic Complications in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: the Taiwan Diabesity StudyYI-CHENG CHANG ; Chao, Seh-Huang; Chen, Ching-Chu; Ser, Kong-Han; Chong, Keong; Lu, Chieh-Hsiang; Hsieh, Meng-Lun; Huang, Yu-Yao; Lee, Yi-Chih; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; LEE-MING CHUANG ; Lee, Wei-JeiObesity surgery1010
282021Investigating the reciprocal interrelationships among the ruminal microbiota, metabolome, and mastitis in early lactating holstein dairy cowsChuang S.-T; Li K.-Y; Tu P.-W; Ho S.-T; Hsu C.-C; Hsieh J.-C; MING-JU CHEN ; CHENG-CHIH HSU Animals87
292021Comprehensive Profiling of Phenolic Compounds in White and Red Chinese Bayberries (Morella rubra Sieb. et Zucc.) and Their Developmental Variations Using Tandem Mass Spectral Molecular NetworkingLyu Q; Wen X; Liu Y; Sun C; Chen K; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Li X.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry2113
302021Visualizing vinca alkaloids in the petal of Catharanthus roseus using functionalized titanium oxide nanowire substrate for surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization imaging mass spectrometryDutkiewicz E.P; Su C.-H; Lee H.-J; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Yang Y.-L.Plant Journal1718
312021Adipocytes Provide Fatty Acids to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia CellsTucci J; Chen T; Margulis K; Orgel E; Paszkiewicz R.L; Cohen M.D; Oberley M.J; Wahhab R; Jones A.E; Divakaruni A.S; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Noll S.E; Sheng X; Zare R.N; Mittelman S.D.Frontiers in Oncology2525
322021Reaction Tracking and High-Throughput Screening of Active Compounds in Combinatorial Chemistry by Tandem Mass Spectrometry Molecular NetworkingChung H.-H; Kao C.-Y; Wang T.-S.A ; Chu J ; Pei J; CHENG-CHIH HSU Analytical Chemistry11
332021Labeling and Characterization of Phenol-Containing Glycopeptides Using Chemoselective Probes with Isotope TagsWang T.-S.A; Wu R.-Y; Hong Y; Wang Z.-C; Li T.-L; Shie J.-J; TSUNG-SHING WANG ; CHENG-CHIH HSU ChemBioChem33
342021Remodeling nanoDESI Platform with Ion Mobility Spectrometry to Expand Protein Coverage in Cancerous TissueChen C.-L; Kuo T.-H; Chung H.-H; Huang P; Lin L.-E; CHENG-CHIH HSU Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry1410
352020Characterization of TMAO productivity from carnitine challenge facilitates personalized nutrition and microbiome signatures discoveryWEI-KAI WU ; Panyod, Suraphan; Liu, Po-Yu; CHIEH-CHANG CHEN ; HSIEN-LI KAO ; Chuang, Hsiao-Li; YING-HSIEN CHEN ; Zou, Hsin-Bai; Kuo, Han-Chun; CHING-HUA KUO ; Liao, Ben-Yang; Chiu, Tina H T; Chung, Ching-Hu; ANGELA YU-CHEN LIN ; YI-CHIA LEE ; Tang, Sen-Lin; JIN-TOWN WANG ; Wu, Yu-Wei; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; LEE-YAN SHEEN ; Orekhov, Alexander N; MING-SHIANG WU Microbiome2826
362020Pandemic preparedness in TaiwanWEI-KAI WU ; JYH-MING LIOU ; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Lin, Yung-Hsiang; MING-SHIANG WU Nature biotechnology85
372020Measurement of gut microbial metabolites in cardiometabolic health and translational researchWEI-KAI WU ; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; LEE-YAN SHEEN ; MING-SHIANG WU Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM910
382020Development of nanosome-encapsulated honokiol for intravenous therapy against experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisHsiao, Y.-P.; Chen, H.-T.; Liang, Y.-C.; Wang, T.-E.; Huang, K.-H.; Hsu, C.-C.; Liang, H.-J.; Huang, C.-H.; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; TONG-RONG JAN International Journal of Nanomedicine1816
392020Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry Today and Tomorrow: Embracing Challenges and OpportunitiesKuo, T.-H.; Dutkiewicz, E.P.; Pei, J.; CHENG-CHIH HSU Analytical Chemistry9881
402020年輕化學家介紹徐丞志 化學0
412020Toward the Rational Design of Universal Dual Polarity Matrix for MALDI Mass SpectrometryPenghsuan Huang; Huang, C.-Y.; Lin, T.-C.; Lin, L.-E.; Yang, E.; Lee, C.; Hsu, C.-C.; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; PI-TAI CHOU Analytical Chemistry2219
422020Predicting Breast Cancer by Paper Spray Ion Mobility Spectrometry Mass Spectrometry and Machine LearningHuang, Y.-C.; Chung, H.-H.; Dutkiewicz, E.P.; Chen, C.-L.; Hsieh, H.-Y.; Chen, B.-R.; Wang, M.-Y.; CHENG-CHIH HSU Analytical Chemistry4136
432020Rapid Quantification of Gut Microbial Short-Chain Fatty Acids by pDART-MSLEE-YAN SHEEN ; CHENG-CHIH HSU Analytical Chemistry99
442020Nematode-trapping fungi produce diverse metabolites during predator–prey interactionKuo, T.-H.; Yang, C.-T.; Chang, H.-Y.; Hsueh, Y.-P.; CHENG-CHIH HSU Metabolites2722
452020Precision biomarker discovery powered by microscopy image fusion-assisted high spatial resolution ambient ionization mass spectrometry imagingLin, L.-E.; Chen, C.-L.; Huang, Y.-C.; Chung, H.-H.; Lin, C.-W.; Chen, K.-C.; Peng, Y.-J.; Ding, S.-T. ; Wang, M.-Y.; Shen, T.-L. ; CHENG-CHIH HSU Analytica Chimica Acta2925
462019Identification of TMAO-producer phenotype and host-diet-gut dysbiosis by carnitine challenge test in human and germ-free miceWEI-KAI WU ; CHIEH-CHANG CHEN ; Liu, Po-Yu; Panyod, Suraphan; Liao, Ben-Yang; Chen, Pei-Chen; HSIEN-LI KAO ; Kuo, Han-Chun; CHING-HUA KUO ; Chiu, Tina H T; Chen, Rou-An; Chuang, Hsiao-Li; Huang, Yen-Te; Zou, Hsin-Bai; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Chang, Ting-Yan; Lin, Chin-Lon; Ho, Chi-Tang; HON-TSEN YU ; LEE-YAN SHEEN ; MING-SHIANG WU Gut9585
472019Mass spectrometry imaging guided molecular networking to expedite discovery and structural analysis of agarwood natural productsKuo, T.-H.; Huang, H.-C.; Hsu, C.-C. Analytica Chimica Acta2523
482019Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Typings of Edible Oils through Spectral Networking of Triacylglycerol FingerprintsKuo, T.-H.; Kuei, M.-S.; Hsiao, Y.; Chung, H.-H.; Hsu, C.-C. ; HONG-JHANG CHEN ACS Omega1213
492019Multimodal imaging of amyloid plaques: Fusion of the single-probe mass spectrometry image and fluorescence microscopy imageTian, X.; Xie, B.; Zou, Z.; Jiao, Y.; Lin, L.-E.; Chen, C.-L.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Peng, J.; Yang, Z.Analytical Chemistry1915
502019Effect of environmental factors on the oxidative transformation of cephalosporin antibiotics by manganese dioxidesHsu, M.-H.; Kuo, T.-H.; Wei-Po Lai, W.; Huang, C.-H.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Chen, Y.-E.; ANGELA YU-CHEN LIN Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts99
512019AmpI Functions as an Iron Exporter To Alleviate -Lactam-Mediated Reactive Oxygen Species Stress in Stenotrophomonas maltophiliaHuang, Y.-W.; Huang, H.-H.; Huang, K.-H.; Chen, W.-C.; Lin, Y.-T.; Hsu, C.-C. ; CHENG-CHIH HSU Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy1110
522019Nanoparticulated honokiol mitigates cisplatin-induced chronic kidney injury by maintaining mitochondria antioxidant capacity and reducing caspase 3-associated cellular apoptosisLiu, H.-T.; Wang, T.-E.; Hsu, Y.-T.; Chou, C.-C.; Huang, K.-H.; Hsu, C.-C.; Liang, H.-J.; Chang, H.-W.; Lee, T.-H.; TZONG-HUEI LEE ; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; HUI-WEN CHANG ; PEI-SHIUE TSAI Antioxidants1817
532019Exploring the benefit of 2-methylbutyric acid in patients undergoing hemodialysis using a cardiovascular proteomics approachWu, P.-H.; Chiu, Y.-W.; Zou, H.-B.; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Lee, S.-C.; Lin, Y.-T.; Tsai, Y.-C.; Kuo, M.-C.; Hwang, S.-J.Nutrients87
542019Comprehensive structural characterization of phenolics in litchi pulp using tandem mass spectral molecular networkingLyu, Q.; Kuo, T.-H.; Sun, C.; Chen, K.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Li, X.Food Chemistry3534
552019Analytical methods for cholesterol quantificationLi, L.-H.; Dutkiewicz, E.P.; Huang, Y.-C.; Zhou, H.-B.; Hsu, C.-C. Journal of Food and Drug Analysis7261
562019Combinatorial targeting of MTHFD2 and PAICS in purine synthesis as a novel therapeutic strategyCheung, H. Y. C; CHIA-LANG HSU ; Tsuei, C.-Y.; Kuo, T.-T.; Huang, C.-T.; WEN-MING HSU ; Chung, Y.-H.; Wu, H.-Y.; Hsu, C.-C.; Huang, H.-C.; CHENG-CHIH HSU Cell Death and Disease2014
572018Micelles Protect Intact Metallo-supramolecular Block Copolymer Complexes from Solution to Gas Phase during Electrospray IonizationKai Hung Huang; Tsung-Han Tu; Shi-Cheng Wang; Yi-Tsu Chan; YI-TSU CHAN ; Hsu, C.-C. Analytical Chemistry44
582018Template-Assisted Proximity for Oligomerization of FullerenesKum-Yi Cheng; Shern-Long Lee; Ting-Yang Kuo; Chih-Hsun Lin; Yen-Chen Chen; Ting-Hao Kuo; Cheng-Chih Hsu; CHUN-HSIEN CHEN ; Hsu, C.-C. Langmuir910
592018Substructure Reactivity Affecting the Manganese Dioxide Oxidation of CephalosporinsHsu, M.-H.; Kuo, T.-H.; Chen, Y.-E.; Huang, C.-H.; Hsu, C.-C. ; ANGELA YU-CHEN LIN Environmental Science and Technology2624
602018Can diet influence our health by altering intestinal microbiota-derived fecal metabolites?Lyu, Q.; Hsu, C.-C. mSystems910
612018A Simple Sonication Improves Protein Signal in Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization ImagingLin, L.-E.; Su, P.-R.; Wu, H.-Y.; Hsu, C.-C. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry810
622018Cross-Linked Fluorescent Supramolecular Nanoparticles for Intradermal Controlled Release of Antifungal Drug - A Therapeutic Approach for OnychomycosisWang, F.; Yang, P.; Choi, J.-S.; Antovski, P.; Zhu, Y.; Xu, X.; Kuo, T.-H.; Lin, L.-E.; Kim, D.N.H.; Huang, P.-C.; Xu, H.; Lee, C.-F.; Wang, C.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Chen, K.; Weiss, P.S.; Tseng, H.-R.ACS Nano2120
632018Time-resolved method to distinguish protein/peptide oxidation during electrospray ionization mass spectrometryPei, J.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Yu, K.; Wang, Y.; Huang, G.Analytica Chimica Acta66
642018Identification of enantiomeric byproducts during microalgae-mediated transformation of metoprolol by MS/MS spectrum based networkingLv, M.; Lo, C.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Wang, Y.; Chiang, Y.-R.; Sun, Q.; Wu, Y.; Li, Y.; Chen, L.; CHANG-PING YU Frontiers in Microbiology
652018Finely Tunable Surface Wettability by Two-Dimensional Molecular ManipulationChen C.-Y; Li H.-H; Chu H.-Y; Wang C.-M; Chang C.-W; Lin L.-E; Hsu C.-C; WEI-SSU LIAO ; Hsu, C.-C. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces77
662017Effects of plant- and animal-based high-fat diets on lipid storage and distribution in environmental bacteria-colonized gnotobiotic miceChen, Y.-H.; Chiu, C.-C.; Hung, S.-W.; Liu, J.-Y.; Wang, Y.-C.; Lv, Q.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Huang, Y.-W.; Huang, W.-C.; Chuang, H.-L.; Chen, T.-H.Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications11
672017Impacts of penicillin binding protein 2 inactivation on £]-lactamase expression and muropeptide profile in Stenotrophomonas maltophiliaHuang, Y.-W.; Wang, Y.; Lin, Y.; Lin, C.; Lin, Y.-T.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Yang, T.-C.mSystems1312
682017Quantification of Endogenous Cholesterol in Human Serum on Paper Using Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass SpectrometryHsieh, H.-Y.; Li, L.-H.; Hsu, R.-Y.; Kao, W.-F.; Huang, Y.-C.; Hsu, C.-C. Analytical Chemistry3332
692017Top-Down Atmospheric Ionization Mass Spectrometry Microscopy Combined with ProteogenomicsHsu, C.-C. ; Baker, M.W.; Gaasterland, T.; Meehan, M.J.; Macagno, E.R.; Dorrestein, P.C.Analytical Chemistry1212
702017以即時直接分析游離法(DART)質譜儀搭配紙片取樣快速偵測血清中膽固醇含量黃映晨(Ying-Chen Huang); 謝樺儀(Hua-Yi Hsieh); 鄒欣蓓(Hsin-Bai Zou); 李麗花(Li-Hua Li); 許仁裕(Ren-Yu Hsu); 徐丞志(Cheng-Chih Hsu) 台灣法醫學誌0
712017Corona discharge-induced reduction of quinones in negative electrospray ionization mass spectrometryPei, J.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Wang, Y.; Yu, K.RSC Advances1412
722017Unexpected Reduction of Iminoquinone and Quinone Derivatives in Positive Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry and Possible Mechanism ExplorationPei, J.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Zhang, R.; Wang, Y.; Yu, K.; Huang, G.Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry1514
732017Utilizing an iron(III)-chelation masking strategy to prepare mono- and bis-functionalized aerobactin analogues for targeting pathogenic bacteriaHo, Y.-H.; Ho, S.-Y.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Shie, J.-J.; Wang, T.-S.A. Chemical Communications55
742016Genetics of Coronary Artery Disease in Taiwan: A Cardiometabochip Study by the Taichi ConsortiumAssimes, Themistocles L; Lee, I-T; JYH-MING JIMMY JUANG ; Guo, Xiuqing; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Kim, Eric T; Lee, Wen-Jane; Absher, Devin; Chiu, Yen-Feng; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; LEE-MING CHUANG ; Quertermous, Thomas; Hsiung, Chao A; Rotter, Jerome I; Sheu, Wayne H-H; Chen, Yii-Der Ida; Taylor, Kent DPloS one2120
752016Sharing and community curation of mass spectrometry data with Global Natural Products Social Molecular NetworkingHsu, C.-C. Nature Biotechnology22562237
762016Mass Spectrometry Imaging Reveals Elevated Glomerular ATP/AMP in Diabetes/obesity and Identifies Sphingomyelin as a Possible MediatorMiyamoto, S.; Hsu, C.-C. ; Hamm, G.; Darshi, M.; Diamond-Stanic, M.; Decl?ves, A.-E.; Slater, L.; Pennathur, S.; Stauber, J.; Dorrestein, P.C.; Sharma, K.EBioMedicine8585
772015Imaging of Proteins in Tissue Samples Using Nanospray Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass SpectrometryCHENG-CHIH HSU ; Chou, P.-T.; Zare, R.N.Analytical Chemistry8883
782015Direct detection of fungal siderophores on bats with white-nose syndrome via fluorescence microscopy-guided ambient ionization mass spectrometryCHENG-CHIH HSU PLoS ONE2423
792015Visualizing life with ambient mass spectrometryCHENG-CHIH HSU ; Dorrestein, P.C.Current Opinion in Biotechnology5857
802013Trans-ethnic fine mapping identifies a novel independent locus at the 3′ end of CDKAL1 and novel variants of several susceptibility loci for type 2 diabetes in a Han Chinese populationKuo, Jane Z; Sheu, Wayne Huey-Herng; Assimes, Themistocles L; Hung, Yi-Jen; Absher, Devin; Chiu, Yen-Feng; Mak, Jordan; Wang, Jun-Sing; Kwon, Soonil; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Goodarzi, Mark O; Lee, I-Te; Knowles, Joshua W; Miller, Brittany E; Lee, Wen-Jane; JYH-MING JIMMY JUANG ; TZUNG-DAU WANG ; Guo, Xiuqing; Taylor, Kent D; LEE-MING CHUANG ; Hsiung, Chao A; Quertermous, Thomas; Rotter, Jerome I; Chen, Yii-Der IDiabetologia2523
812013Microbial metabolic exchange in 3DWatrous, J.D.; Phelan, V.V.; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Moree, W.J.; Duggan, B.M.; Alex; rov, T.; Dorrestein, P.C.ISME Journal6565
822013Microscopy ambient ionization top-down mass spectrometry reveals developmental patterningCHENG-CHIH HSU ; White, N.M.; Hayashi, M.; Lin, E.C.; Poon, T.; Banerjee, I.; Chen, J.; Pfaff, S.L.; Macagno, E.R.; Dorrestein, P.C.National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2728
832013Real-time metabolomics on living microorganisms using ambient electrospray ionization flow-probeCHENG-CHIH HSU Analytical Chemistry9894
842012Characterization of carotenoid aggregates by steady-state optical spectroscopyWang, C.; Berg, C.J.; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Merrill, B.A.; Tauber, M.J.Journal of Physical Chemistry B7172
852012Harvesting highly electronically excited energy to triplet manifolds: State-dependent intersystem crossing rate in Os(II) and Ag(I) complexesCHENG-CHIH HSU ; Lin, C.-C.; Chou, P.-T.; Lai, C.-H.; Hsu, C.-W.; Lin, C.-H.; Chi, Y.Journal of the American Chemical Society9995
862012Rapid self-healing hydrogelsPhadke, A.; Zhang, C.; Arman, B.; CHENG-CHIH HSU ; Mashelkar, R.A.; Lele, A.K.; Tauber, M.J.; Arya, G.; Varghese, S.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America608585
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