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12017Security implications of redirection trail in popular websites worldwideChang, Li; HSU-CHUN HSIAO ; Jeng, Wei ; Kim, Tiffany Hyun Jin; Lin, Wei Hsiconference paper60
22015A Practical System for Guaranteed Access in the Presence of DDoS Attacks and Flash CrowdsKung, Yi-Hsuan; Lee, Taeho; Tseng, Po-Ning; Hsiao, Hsu-Chun ; Kim, Tiffany Hyun-Jin; Lee, Soo Bum; Lin, Yue-Hsun; Perrig, Adrianconference paper10
32014Efficient large flow detection over arbitrary windows: An algorithm exact outside an ambiguity regionHSU-CHUN HSIAO conference paper40
42013Policy-based secure deletionHSU-CHUN HSIAO conference paper290
52013STRIDE: Sanctuary trail - Refuge from internet DDoS entrapmentHSU-CHUN HSIAO conference paper90
62013The first two lines of chemotherapy for anthracycline-naive metastatic breast cancer: A comparative study of the efficacy of anthracyclines and non-anthracyclinesChen, Wei-Wu; CHING-HUNG LIN ; ANN-LII CHENG ; Chang, Dwan-Ying; Huang, Shu-Min; Lin, Ching-Hung; Lin, Ching-Hung ; Hsu, Chun ; Hsu, Chun; Lin, Ming-Hwai; Lin, Ming-Hwai; Huang, Chiun-Shen; Huang, Chiun-Shen; Lu, Yen-Shen; Lu, Yen-Shen; Cheng, Ann-Lii; Cheng, Ann-Lii; 黃俊升 journal article45
72012LAP: Lightweight anonymity and privacyHSU-CHUN HSIAO conference paper290
82011SCION: Scalability, control, and isolation on next-generation networksHSU-CHUN HSIAO conference paper630
92011Flooding-resilient broadcast authentication for VANETsHSU-CHUN HSIAO conference paper630
102011Efficient and secure threshold-based event validation for VANETsHSU-CHUN HSIAO conference paper270
112010Secure distributed data aggregationHSU-CHUN HSIAO journal article50
122010SPATE: Small-group PKI-less authenticated trust establishmentHSU-CHUN HSIAO journal article1614
132009SPATE: Small-group PKI-less authenticated trust establishmentHSU-CHUN HSIAO conference paper380
142009A study of user-friendly hash comparison schemesHSU-CHUN HSIAO conference paper230
152007感測網路的安全資料彙集機制之概觀陳煜弦; 蕭旭君 ; 雷欽隆 journal article