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12015Downregulation of the KLF4 transcription factor inhibits the proliferation and migration of canine mammary tumor cellsTien, Y.-T.; Chang, M.-H.; Chu, P.-Y.; Lin, C.-S.; Liu, C.-H.; Liao, A.T.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; TAI-CHING LIAO ; CHEN-SI LIN Veterinary Journal 109
22015Functional phenotype and its correlation with therapeutic response and inflammatory type of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in feline lower airway diseaseLin, C.-H.; Wu, H.-D.; Lee, J.-J.; Liu, C.-H.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; JIH-JONG LEE Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 67
32014Functional assessment of expiratory flow pattern in feline lower airway diseaseLin, C.-H.; Lee, J.-J.; Liu, C.-H.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; JIH-JONG LEE Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 56
42013病例報告:Prototheca wickerhamii引起犬皮膚型原壁藻症一例CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
52013Expression of autophagy-related protein beclin-1 in malignant canine mammary tumorsCHEN-HSUAN LIU BMC Veterinary Research 67
62013High Krüppel-like factor 5 expression is associated with a poor prognosis in dogs with canine mammary carcinomaCHEN-HSUAN LIU International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine 
72013History of Rabies Control in Taiwan and ChinaCHEN-HSUAN LIU Epidemiology Bulletin 
82013KIT gene exon 11 mutations in canine malignant melanomaChu, P.-Y.; Pan, S.-L.; Liu, C.-H.; Lee, J.; Yeh, L.-S.; Liao, A.T.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; TAI-CHING LIAO ; JIH-JONG LEE Veterinary Journal 1822
92013Meningothelial meningioma in a Malayan sun bear (Helarctos malayanus)Chien, Y.-C.; Lien, C.-Y.; Guo, J.-C.; Chin, S.-C.; Chang, Y.-P.; Liu, C.-H.; YA-PEI CHANG ; CHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 24
102012Spontaneous neoplasms in zoo mammals, birds, and reptiles in Taiwan - A 10-year surveyChu, P.-Y.; Zhuo, Y.-X.; Wang, F.-I.; Jeng, C.-R.; Pang, V.F.; Chang, P.-H.; Chin, S.-C.; Liu, C.-H.; CHIAN-REN JENG ; VICTOR FEI PANG ; FUN-IN WANG ; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; PEN-HENG CHANG Animal Biology 1115
112012從解剖個案分析闡述獸醫法醫病理學發展之重要性CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
122012大台北地區臨床就診犬隻犬瘟熱病毒感染之調查CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
132012Tubulopapillary Carcinoma-A Frequent Over-Diagnosed Entity in Canine Mammary Gland TumorsCHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
142012Evaluation of Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP), Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), and Non-biotin Polymerized Horseradish Peroxidase (Non-biotin HRP) Immunohistochemistry for Detection of Pseudorabies Virus in Archival Paraffin Sections of Swine Nervous TissueCHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
152012Improving detection of canine distemper virus in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues: Using in situ hybridization with integrated optical density to give a semi-quantitative assessmentCHEN-HSUAN LIU International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine 3
162011Elevated Kruppel-like factor 4 transcription factor in canine mammary carcinomaChu, P.-Y.; Hsu, N.C-H.; Liao, A.T.; Yeh, K.-T.; Hou, M.-F.; Liu, C.-H.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; TAI-CHING LIAO BMC Veterinary Research 55
172011Overexpression of α-enolase correlates with poor survival in canine mammary carcinomaChu, P.-Y.; Hsu, N.C.; Liao, A.T.; Shih, N.-Y.; Hou, M.-F.; Liu, C.-H.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; TAI-CHING LIAO BMC Veterinary Research 1514
182011Chicken HSP70 DNA vaccine inhibits tumor growth in a canine cancer modelCHEN-HSUAN LIU Vaccine 1613
192011以非生物素山葵過氧化酵素免疫組織化學染色法、聚合酶鏈鎖反應及原位雜合技術診斷禽類淋巴球增生性腫瘤疾病CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
202010商業豬群中豬生殖與呼吸綜合症病毒第二型與豬二型環狀病毒感染盛行率之研究CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
212010病例報告:馬爾濟斯犬合併內水腦症及肉芽腫性腦膜腦炎一例CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
222009媒介重要人畜共通傳染病的有害生物-鳥類與兩棲爬蟲類動物篇。潘銘正; 姚正得; 關永才; 劉振軒 
232009人畜共通傳染病臨床指引。劉振軒 ; 潘銘正; 陳宜君; 姜秀子; 余燦華
242009以畢業生意見調查評估臺灣大學獸醫學系之教育訓練制度與教學成果。周崇熙 ; 王汎熒 ; 蔣世峰; 翁怡婷; 劉振軒 台灣獸醫誌 
252009Development and evaluation of an indirect in situ polymerase chain reaction for the detection of porcine circovirus type 2 in formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue specimensLin, C.-M.; Jeng, C.-R.; Hsiao, S.-H.; Chang, C.-C.; Liu, C.-H.; Tsai, Y.-C.; Chia, M.-Y.; Pang, V.F.; CHIAN-REN JENG ; VICTOR FEI PANG ; CHEN-HSUAN LIU Veterinary Microbiology 55
262009以畢業生意見調查評估臺灣大學獸醫學系之教育訓練制度與教學成果CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
272009A 12-year retrospective study of canine testicular tumorsLiao, A.T.; Chu, P.-Y.; Yeh, L.-S.; Lin, C.-T.; Liu, C.-H.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; TAI-CHING LIAO Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 4342
282009Interobserver variation in the morphopathological diagnosis of canine mammary gland tumor among veterinary pathologistsCHEN-HSUAN LIU International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine 1
292008世界動物衛生組織及甲乙丙類通報動物傳染病 第一冊:感染多種動物、牛、綿羊和山羊、豬及其他種動物疾病。劉振軒 ; 潘銘正; 徐榮彬; 蔡睦宗; 林滄龍; 張世忠; 陳裕文; 卓宜興; 何勝裕
302008世界動物衛生組織及甲乙丙類通報動物傳染病 第二冊:馬、禽、兔形目動物、魚、甲殼類動物、蜜蜂及軟體動物疾病劉振軒 ; 潘銘正; 龐飛; 徐榮彬; 黃旭田; 蔡睦宗; 林滄龍; 張世忠; 卓宜興; 何勝裕; 陳裕文
312008牛海綿狀腦病發生時屠宰場之相關因應機制及研析。林志憲; 張照勤; 楊平政; 楊程堯; 劉振軒 ; 潘銘正; 蕭世烜
322008世界動物衛生組織及甲乙丙類通報動物傳染病 第一冊:感染多種動物、牛、綿羊和山羊、豬及其他動物疾病劉振軒 ; 潘銘正; 龐飛; 徐榮彬; 黃旭田; 蔡睦宗; 林滄龍; 張世忠; 卓宜興; 何勝裕; 陳裕文
332008媒介重要人畜共通傳染病的有害生物-哺乳動物篇。潘銘正; 林良恭; 劉振軒 
342008Comparison of Veterinary Medical Education Systems between Taiwan and the United StatesCHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
352008Phylogenetic Analysis and Isolation of Canine Distemper Viruses in TaiwanCHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
362008Interactions of host IL-6 and IFN-γ and cancer-derived TGF-β1 on MHC molecule expression during tumor spontaneous regressionCHEN-HSUAN LIU Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 5551
372008小白鼠子宮液之絲胺酸蛋白酶移除結合於精子表面P12的研究陳玄; Chen, Hsuan 
382007犬疾病診斷與防治指引第二版劉振軒 ; 林中天 ; 林永昌; 楊清文
392007動植物疫病害蟲診斷鑑定作業流程-動物疫病劉振軒 ; 潘銘正; 鍾明華
412007人畜共通傳染病臨床指引劉振軒 ; 潘銘正; 王永衛
422007媒介重要人畜共通傳染病的有害生物-節肢動物篇潘銘正; 劉振軒 ; 張世忠
432007犬疾病診斷與防治指引劉振軒 ; 林中天 ; 林永昌; 楊清文
442007Retinal ischemic injury rescued by sodium 4-phenylbutyrate in a rat modelJeng, Y.-Y.; Lin, N.-T.; Chang, P.-H.; Huang, Y.-P.; Pang, V.F.; Liu, C.-H.; Lin, C.-T.; VICTOR FEI PANG ; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; PEN-HENG CHANG Experimental Eye Research 1011
452007A Non-biotin Polymerized Horseradish-peroxidase Method for the Immunohistochemical Diagnosis of Canine DistemperLiang, C.T.; Chueh, L.L.; Pang, V.F.; Zhuo, Y.X.; Liang, S.C.; Yu, C.K.; Chiang, H.; Lee, C.C.; Liu, C.H.; VICTOR FEI PANG ; CHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Comparative Pathology 1213
462007Case Report: Exophthalmos and Third Eyelid Protrusion Caused by Zygomatic Mucocele in a Shih TzuCHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
472007The role of comparative pathology in the investigation of zoonosesCHEN-HSUAN LIU Tzu Chi Medical Journal 
482007Surgical outcome and ocular complications of evisceration and intraocular prosthesis implantation in dogs with end stage glaucoma: A review of 20 casesCHEN-HSUAN LIU ; Lin, CT; Hu, CK; Liu, CH; Yeh, LSJournal of Veterinary Medical Science 129
492007Use of chemical ablation with trichloroacetic acid to treat eyelid apocrine hidrocystomas in a catCHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 108
502007The Role of Comparative Pathology in the Investigation of ZoonosesCHEN-HSUAN LIU 慈濟醫學雜誌 
512007Amyloid-producing odontogenic tumor and its immunohistochemical characterization in a Shih Tzu dogTsai, Y.-C.; Jeng, C.-R.; Zhuo, Y.-X.; Tsai, Y.-C.; Liu, C.-H.; Pang, V.F.; CHIAN-REN JENG ; VICTOR FEI PANG ; CHEN-HSUAN LIU Veterinary Pathology 87
522007Hypertrophic osteopathy associated with disseminated metastases of renal cell carcinoma in the dog: A case reportChiang, Y.-C.; Liu, C.-H.; Ho, S.-Y.; Lin, C.-T.; Yeh, L.-S.; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; LIN, Chung-Tien Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 1413
532007Pleomorphic extra-renal manifestation of the glomerular podocyte marker podocalyxin in tissues of normal beagle dogsLin, W.-L.; Pang, V.F.; Liu, C.-H.; Chen, J.-Y.; Shen, K.-F.; Lin, Y.-Y.; Yu, C.-Y.; Hsu, Y.-H.; Jou, T.-S.; VICTOR FEI PANG ; CHEN-HSUAN LIU ; TZUU-SHUH JOUHistochemistry and Cell Biology 79
552006三十二例犬皮下軟組織周邊神經鞘膜瘤:病理學及免疫組織化學染色特徵之研究?央昌; 蕭正祥; 李進成; 龐飛; 鄭謙仁; 王汎熒; 鄭穹翔; 劉振軒; 鄭謙仁 ; 王汎熒 ; 劉振軒 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
562006三十二例犬皮下軟組織周邊神經鞘膜瘤:病理學及免疫組織化學染色特徵之研究CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
572006犬黏液型脂肪肉瘤之病理學特徵:三個病例報告CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
582006Proliferative activity, apoptosis and expression of oestrogen receptor and Bcl-2 oncoprotein in canine mammary gland tumours.CHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of comparative pathology 4235
602005犬乳腺腫瘤預後與賀爾蒙受體及Her-2/neu表現之關係宋孟晉; 李進成; 林中天 ; 陳毓君; 祝志平; 劉振軒 台灣獸醫學會雜誌 
612005病例報告:疑似黑色真菌感染之犬化膿肉芽腫性全眼炎蔡文智; 劉振軒 ; 葉力森; 蕭正祥; 張益誠與林中天台灣獸醫誌 
622005動植物疫病害蟲診斷作業流程(2005)劉振軒 ; 林長平 ; 吳文哲
632005五十例癲癇發作犬:臨床及症因之分析CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
642005Case Report: Pyogranulomatous Panophthalmitis with Yeast-like Organism (Most Likely Exophiala spp.) Infection in a DogCHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
652005Epithelioid leiomyosarcoma in the visceral peritoneum of an American badger (Taxidea taxus)CHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 21
662005High incidence of polyarteritis nodosa in the brains of culled sowsLiu, C.-H.; Chiang, Y.-H.; Chu, R.M.; Pang, V.F.; Lee, C.-C.; VICTOR FEI PANG ; CHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 65
672005犬乳腺腫瘤預後與荷爾蒙受體及HER-2/neu表現之關係CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
682005Peritoneal inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor in a brush-tailed porcupine (Atherurus macrourus)CHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 
692005Trichuriasis: A Case ReportCHEN-HSUAN LIU The Changhua Journal of Medicine 
702005第二型豬鏈球菌(Streptococcus suis type 2)感染症CHEN-HSUAN LIU 疫情報導 
712005Suspected Oral, Mesentric and Cutaneous Metastasis of Uveal Melanoma in a Dog: A Case ReportCHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
722004病例報告:犬化學感受體瘤一例卓宜興; 林中天 ; 李悅怡; 李進成; 許永祥; 劉振軒 台灣獸醫學會雜誌 
732004動植物疫病害蟲診斷作業流程(2004)劉振軒 ; 林長平 ; 吳文哲
742004Intracranial granular cell tumor in a dogCHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 2013
752004Intestinal adenocarcinoma with pancreas and lymph node metastases in a captive cotton-top tamarin (Saguinus oedipus)CHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 32
762004病例報告:犬化學感受體瘤一例CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
772004Immunohistochemical diagnosis of mouse hepatitis virus and Mycoplasma pulmonis infection with murine antiserumCHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Comparative Pathology 43
782004Symptomatic granular cell tumor of the neurohypophysisCHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 
792004Fibrosarcoma with lung and lymph node metastases in an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)CHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 84
802004Symptomatic Granular Cell Tumor of the NeurohypophysisCHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 
812004病例報告:犬交通性水腦症一例CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
822003動植物疫病害蟲診斷作業流程劉振軒 ; 林長平 ; 吳文哲; 柯俊成 
8320031995-2005年台灣地區犬乳腺腫瘤之分析宋孟晉; 祝志平; 李進成; 林中天 ; 劉佳遠; 劉振軒 台灣獸醫學會雜誌 
842003動植物疫病害蟲診斷作業流程(2003)劉振軒 ; 林長平 ; 吳文哲; 柯俊成
852003台灣地區犬乳腺腫瘤之分析, 1995-2002年宋孟晉; 祝志平; 李進成; 林中天 ; 劉佳遠; 劉振軒 台灣獸醫誌 
872003病例報告:台灣錦蛇肝簇蟲感染症CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
882003由黑面琵鷺暴斃事件談臘腸毒梭菌症問題CHEN-HSUAN LIU 疫情報導 
892002Scirrhous Gastric Carcinoma with Mediastinal Invasion in a DogFun-In Wang; Jihjong J. Lee; Chen-Hsuan Liu; Victor Fei Pang; Pen-Heng Chang; Chian-Ren Jeng; JIH-JONG LEE ; Wang, Fun-In ; Liu, Chen-Hsuan ; Pang, Victor Fei ; Chang, Pen-Heng ; Jeng, Chian-Ren Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 65
902002Case Report: Jaw Deformity in a Farmed Ayu, Plecoglossus altivelisCHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
912002病例報告:犬顱內惡性腦膜瘤一例CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
922002隱孢子蟲症(cryptosporidiosis)CHEN-HSUAN LIU 院內感染控制雜誌 
932002Scirrhous gastric carcinoma with mediastinal invasion in a dogCHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 65
942001A peritoneal mesothelioma in a captive aardwolf (Proteles cristatus).CHEN-HSUAN LIU Proceedings of the National Science Council, Republic of China. Part B, Life sciences 1
952001Hydatidosis in a Chapman's zebra (Equus burchelli antiquorum)CHEN-HSUAN LIU Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 95
962001傳播性海綿狀腦病變的病理變化與分子診斷CHEN-HSUAN LIU 臺灣醫學 00
982000犬疾病之診斷與防治劉振軒 ; 林永昌; 林中天 ; 楊清文
991999綜說:亨德拉病毒及立百病毒感染CHEN-HSUAN LIU 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1001998Cystic Endometrial Hyperplasia with Adenomyosis in a CatCHEN-HSUAN LIU 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1011998Clinical, Morphological, and Immunohistochemical Features of Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor of the Skin in Three DogsCHEN-HSUAN LIU 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1021998Liposarcoma in a Bengal TigerCHEN-HSUAN LIU 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1031998豬霍亂沙氏桿菌性肺炎之病理學研究及藥物感受性試驗CHEN-HSUAN LIU 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1041997改良式免疫組織化學染色技術應用於福馬林液固定與石蠟包埋豬組織之研究CHEN-HSUAN LIU 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1051997Case Report: Histiocytic Sarcoma in A MouseCHEN-HSUAN LIU 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1061997無特定病原大小鼠自發性腫瘤之發生CHEN-HSUAN LIU 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1071997Case Report: Intestinal Cryptosporidiosis in Goat KidsCHEN-HSUAN LIU 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1081996應用免疫組織化學染色法及電子顯微鏡技術研究豬迴腸培耶氏斑圓頂上皮M細胞之來源、分佈及細胞形態CHEN-HSUAN LIU 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1091996台灣企業養豬場流死產胎兒及新生仔豬死亡原因分析CHEN-HSUAN LIU 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1101994獸醫臨床細菌學檢驗手冊劉振軒 ; 蕭終融; 張照夫; 潘銘正; 陳清; 翁仲男; 張靖男
1111994初生仔豬心肌細胞之初代培養與鑑別黃琇琴; 鄭益謙; 劉振軒 ; 陳世平; 楊平政; 黃琇琴; 劉振軒 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1121994臺灣地區豬繁殖與呼吸道症侯群(II):以無特定病原豬人工接種豬繁殖與呼吸道症候群病毒劉振軒 ; 張志成; 鍾文彬; 林敏雯; 楊平政; 翁仲男; 張文發; 邱雲棕; 劉振軒 ; 張志成; 林敏雯; 楊平政; 張文發; 邱雲棕中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1131994Neuropathology of organophosphate-induced delayed neuropathy (OPIDN) in young chicksCHEN-HSUAN LIU Archives of Toxicology 3938
1141994Avian Embryonic Brain Reaggregate Culture System . I. Characterization for Organophosphorus Compound Toxicity StudiesCHEN-HSUAN LIU Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 87
1151994Avian Embryonic Brain Reaggregate Culture System . II. NTE Activity Discriminates between Effects of a Single Neuropathic or Nonneuropathic Organophosphorus Compound ExposureCHEN-HSUAN LIU Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 107
1161994Avian Embryonic Brain Reaggregate Culture System(I):Characterization for Organophosphorus Compound Toxicity Studies劉振軒 ; Wilson, B. W.; Funk, Kathleen A.; Higgins, R. J.; Liu, Chen-Hsuan ; Wilson, B. W.Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol 
1181994Avian Embryonic Brain Reaggregate Culture System(II):NTE Activity Discriminates between Effects of a Single Neuropathic or Nonneuropathic Organophosphorus Compound Exposure劉振軒 ; Wilson, B. W.; Funk, Kathleen A.; Higgins, R. J.; Liu, Chen-Hsuan ; Wilson, B. W.; Funk, Kathleen A.; Higgins, R. J.Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol 
1201993臺灣地區動物腫瘤發生之分析劉振軒 ; 朱瑞民; 謝懿琦; 龐飛; 朱瑞民; 謝懿琦; Pang, Victor Fei 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
1211993The Effect of Organosphophates on a Chicken Brain or Sea Urchin Egg Kinesin-Driven Microtubule Motility Assay劉振軒 ; Higgins, R. J.; Buster, D.; Sanborn, J. R.; Wilson, B. W.; Liu, Chen-Hsuan ; Higgins, R. J.; Sanborn, J. R.Toxicol Lett. 
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