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12019Nondestructive evaluation of wet aged beef by novel electrical indexes: A preliminary studyIhara, S.; Islam, M.Z.; Kitamura, Y.; Kokawa, M.; Lee, Y.-C.; Chen, S.; YEUN-CHUNG LEE Foods11
22018On enhancing energy harvesting performance of the photovoltaic modules using an automatic cooling system and assessing its economic benefits of mitigating greenhouse effects on the environmentWang J.-C.; Liao M.-S.; Lee Y.-C.; Liu C.-Y.; Kuo K.-C.; Chou C.-Y.; Huang C.-K.; Jiang J.-A.; YEUN-CHUNG LEE Journal of Power Sources1210
32018Comprehensive assessment of the long-term energy harvest capabilities for PV systems with different tilt angles: Case study in TaiwanKuo K.-C.; Liao M.-S.; Wang J.-C.; Lee Y.-C.; Huang C.-K.; Chou C.-Y.; Liu C.-Y.; Hsu H.-H.; Chen P.-H.; Jiang J.-A.; YEUN-CHUNG LEE Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews22
42017A multichannel calorimetric simultaneous assay platform using a microampere constant-current looped enthalpy sensor arrayWei H.-C.; Huang S.-H.; Jiang J.-A.; Lee Y.-C.; YEUN-CHUNG LEE Sensors (Switzerland)22
52017Plasmonic wavelength demultiplexer with a ring resonator using high-order resonant modesWu C.-T.; Huang C.-C.; Lee Y.-C.; YEUN-CHUNG LEE Applied Optics1210
62016A novel embedded system-based backbone communication network for smart gridLiu C.-Y.; Zheng X.-Y.; Wang C.-H.; Syue C.-H.; Tseng C.-Y.; Lee Y.-C.; Jiang J.-A.; Chou F.-C.; YEUN-CHUNG LEE Proceedings of the International Conference on Sensing Technology, ICST30
72016Image repainted method of overlapped leaves for orchid leaf area estimationChan Y.-A.; Liao M.-S.; Wang C.-H.; Lee Y.-C.; Jiang J.-A.; YEUN-CHUNG LEE the International Conference on Sensing Technology10
82016An automatic switch for power consumption reduction based on the technology of Internet of ThingsChen P.-H.; Wang C.-H.; Lee Y.-C.; Jiang J.-A.; Chen S.-Y.; Tseng C.-L.; YEUN-CHUNG LEE Proceedings of the International Conference on Sensing Technology00
92014Mathematical modeling of Vacuum/Steaming/Vacuum pasteurization process of spherical particlesYEUN-CHUNG LEE American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2014, ASABE 2014 1
102014GPR System for Monitoring Paddy Moisture Content in a Drying ProcessYEUN-CHUNG LEE Drying Technology 21
112013Interactions of heat and mass transfer in steam reheating of starchy foodsYEUN-CHUNG LEE Journal of Food Engineering 147
122011Determination of Hazardous Levels of Hydrogen Peroxide Using a Micro-Biocalorimetric SystemHsien-Chin Wei; Su-Hua Huang; Yeun-Chung Lee); YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
132011台灣林木生質碳生產的生命週期比較評估YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
142011秈米糕類蒸製過程的熱傳研究YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
152008吸送式氣力原理應用於稻穀抽樣米刺之改良江昭皚 ; 盧福明; 李允中 ; 廖忠賢
162008Development of a novel BIA enzyme calorimetric biosensor and detection system for hydrogen peroxide determination at hazardous levelYEUN-CHUNG LEE American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2008, ASABE 2008 1
172007One-step immunochromatographic assay for the detection of Staphylococcus aureusYEUN-CHUNG LEE ; Huang, Su-Hua; Wei, Hsien-Chin; Lee, Yeun-ChungFood Control 2023
182006DEVELOPMENT AND TEST OF SOIL PASTEURIZERLee, Yeun-Chung ; Wu, Poching Johnney; Lin, Shih-Bin; 李允中 ; 吳柏青; 林世斌�A�~����ǥZ 
192006菜籽油逆向萃取研究于明嘉; 李允中 ; 謝志誠農業機械學刊 
202006真空預?庫體結構分析與設計莊曉明; 李允中 農業機械學刊 
212006Determination of Glucosamine Content in Nutraceuticals by Capillary Electrophoresis Using In-Capillary OPA Labeling TechniquesYEUN-CHUNG LEE Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 14
222006油菜籽油逆向萃取研究YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
232006真空預冷庫體結構分析與設計YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
242006Study of colloidal instability of millet wineYEUN-CHUNG LEE Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists 21
252006介質消毒機之研製與試驗李允中 ; 吳柏青; 林世斌農業機械學刊 
262005單模共振腔微波加熱器在食品工程的應用李允中; 李允中 
272004住宅區內捷運通風口之振動對周邊環境之影響劉俊傳; 葉仲基 ; 張森富; 李允中 中國機械工程學會第二十一屆全國學術研討會論文集C.固力與設計
282004捷運通風口對周邊環境空氣品質影響之調查劉俊傳; 張森富; 葉仲基 ; 李允中 2004生機與農機論文發表會論文摘要集 
302004製酒用小型填充塔蒸餾器研究(2/2)李允中; 李允中 
312004Determination of benzoate derivatives in soy sauce by capillary electrophoresis and in-capillary microextraction procedureChen, J.-J.; Lee, Y.-C.; Lin, H.-C.; Chen, R.L.C.; YEUN-CHUNG LEE Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 12
351998花胡瓜洗鹽數學模式YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
371996組合式冷藏庫流場分析(一):實驗量測YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
381996組合式冷藏庫流場分析(二):電腦模擬YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
391996罐裝液體食品黏度非破壞檢測系統的自由減振扭轉振動分析YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
401994甜玉米穗冰水預冷之熱傳模式YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
411994紙箱裝甘藍預冷時的熱傳模式YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
421994不同預冷方法對葉菜類品質之影響Tsan-Ru Chan; I-Luen Chen; Yun-Chung Lee; 張粲如; 陳貽倫; 李允中; YEUN-CHUNG LEE 桃園區農業改良場研究彙報 
431992粒狀農產品介電常數與密度關係之有限元素分析YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊 
441992循環型稻穀乾燥機排放物物性分析YEUN-CHUNG LEE 農業機械學刊