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12018Integration of an automatic agricultural and livestock production management system and an agriculture and food traceability system based on the Internet of Things technologyJiang J.-A.; Lin T.-S.; Wang C.-H.; Liao M.-S.; Chou C.-Y.; Chen C.-T.; CHU-YANG CHOU conference paper20
22017Inferring microbial interactions in thermophilic and mesophilic anaerobic digestion of HOG wasteTzun-Wen Shaw G.; Liu A.-C.; Weng C.-Y.; Chou C.-Y.; Wang D.; CHU-YANG CHOU journal article65
32017Treatment of domestic sewage by using 3D printing anaerobic bio-carriersChang Y.-C.; Liu A.-C.; Chou C.-Y.; CHU-YANG CHOU conference paper00
42017Anaerobic co-digestion of bamboo biomass and swine manureChen Y.-C.; Liu A.-C.; Chou C.-Y.; CHU-YANG CHOU conference paper00
52015Bacterial community dynamics in a swine wastewater anaerobic reactor revealed by 16S rDNA sequence analysisCHU-YANG CHOU journal article2221
62011The cultivation of Clostridium cellulolyticumCHU-YANG CHOU conference paper
72011利用乳酸菌轉換豬排泄物化學性質變化之探討CHU-YANG CHOU journal article
82011豬糞尿水處理之活性污泥程序回授控制系統CHU-YANG CHOU journal article
92011Evaluation of halophiles in treatment of mustard wastesCHU-YANG CHOU conference paper0
102010以海水養殖池厭氧污泥處理含鹽廢水CHU-YANG CHOU journal article
112010應用固定化細胞於豬糞尿水之厭氧消化CHU-YANG CHOU journal article
122010應用好氣性固定化細胞處理豬糞尿廢水CHU-YANG CHOU journal article
132010利用HZSM-5沸石觸媒將含水乙醇催化轉製成汽油CHU-YANG CHOU journal article
142009Hydrogen and methane production using synthetic wastewater from modified microbial fuel cell (M-MFC)CHU-YANG CHOU conference paper
152009Degradation of the lignocellulosic biomass by using a symbiotic bacterium in the termite gutCHU-YANG CHOU conference paper0
162008應用RFID於肉種雞經營管理之研究周瑞仁; 周楚洋 ; 陳倩瑜 ; 姜延年book
172008Bioconversion of swine manure to value-added feed additives by lactobacillus spCHU-YANG CHOU conference paper
182008Bioconversion of swine manure to value-added feed additives by lactobacillus sp.CHU-YANG CHOU conference paper
192008Development of the gantry platform prototype for manure collection in pig pensCHU-YANG CHOU conference paper0
202006生化需氧量感測系統之研發蔣志德; 周楚洋 ; Chiang, Chih-Te; Chou, Chu-Yang journal article
2120062006年台灣與德國生質能源策略與研發國際研討會論文集陳世銘 ; 周楚洋 ; 葉仲基 ; 劉安琪; 蔡錦銘book
222006生化需氧量感測系統之研發CHU-YANG CHOU journal article
232005豬糞尿水之生物去氮除磷蔡孟潔; 周楚洋 ; Tsai, Meng-Chieh; Chou, Chu-Yang journal article
242005九十四年度農漁牧產業及檢疫自動化計畫執行成效評估報告書陳世銘 ; 林宗賢 ; 林達德 ; 李國添; 盛中德; 朱元南 ; 姜延年; 雷鵬魁; 周楚洋 book
252005廚餘堆肥控制策略之探討CHU-YANG CHOU ; 林子傑; 周楚洋 journal article
262005豬糞尿水之生物去氮除磷CHU-YANG CHOU journal article
271995台灣農業廢棄物之現況與處理對策:(Ⅰ)農作物廢棄物周楚洋 report
281995厭氧消化程序動態自動控制系統之開發研究(二)周楚洋 report
291995厭氧消化程序動態自動控制系統之開發研究(一)周楚洋 report
301994水平擋板式厭氣消化槽數學模式之建立(II)周楚洋 report
311993水平擋板式厭氧消化槽數學模式之建立周楚洋 report
321981進口玉米儲存試驗之研究張森富; 周楚洋 journal article