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12023Monitoring Cultured Rat Hepatocytes Using RNA-Seq In VitroYUNG-TE HOU ; Wu, Chia Chun; Wang, Wen Ting; Yang, Wen Tse; Liao, Ying Hsiu; CHIEN-YU CHEN International Journal of Molecular Sciences00
22022Development of erythrosine-based photodynamic therapy with a targeted drug delivery system to induce HepG2 cell apoptosis in vitroHsieh B.-C; YEN-HSUAN NI ; Zhang G.-M; Chiu Y.-C; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; YUNG-TE HOU BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL11
32022HGF/heparin-immobilized decellularized liver matrices as novel hepatic patches for hepatocyte regeneration in an acute liver injury modelHsieh Y.-C; Yin W.-R; Xu Y.-Y; Hou Y.-T.; YUNG-TE HOU Biochemical Engineering Journal11
42021Liver-on-a-chip platform to study anticancer effect of statin and its metabolitesChen, P.-Y.; Hsieh, M.-J.; Liao, Y.-H.; Lin, Y.-C.; Hou, Y.-T.; YUNG-TE HOU Biochemical Engineering Journal1111
52020Development of a 3D porous chitosan/gelatin liver scaffold for a bioartificial liver deviceHou, Y.-T.; Hsu, C.-C.; YUNG-TE HOU Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering1612
62020Decellularized liver matrix as substrates for rescue of acute hepatocytes toxicityHou, Y.-T.; Hsu, S.-H.; SHAN-HUI HSU ; YUNG-TE HOU Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials1111
72020Development of glycyrrhizin-conjugated, chitosan-coated, lysine-embedded mesoporous silica nanoparticles for hepatocyte-targeted liver tissue regenerationHou, Y.-T.; Wu, K.C.-W.; YUNG-TE HOU ; KEVIN CHIA-WEN WU Materialia1111
82019Label-free and reagentless capacitive aptasensor for thrombinChen H.-J.; Chen R.L.C.; Hsieh B.-C.; Hsiao H.-Y.; Kung Y.; Hou Y.-T.; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; RICHIE CHEN ; TZONG-JIH CHENG ; YUNG-TE HOU Biosensors and Bioelectronics3531
92019Angiogenic potential of co-spheroids of neural stem cells and endothelial cells in injectable gelatin-based hydrogelHan H.-W.; Hou Y.-T.; YUNG-TE HOU ; SHAN-HUI HSU Materials Science and Engineering C2119
102018藉物理化學性質分析建立摻偽蜂蜜之初步快篩指標陳力騏(Richie Li-Chy Chen); 侯詠德(Yung-Te Hou); 鄭宗記(Tzong-Jih Cheng); 賴盈璋(Ying-Jang Lai); 蔡心慈(Shin-Tzu Tsai); 謝博全(Bo-Chuan Hsieh); YUNG-TE HOU 臺灣農業化學與食品科學0
112018Direct Photometric Assay for Copper Chlorophyll Adulterants in Edible Oil by the Aid of an Ultraviolet-Photobleaching PretreatmentWang H.-C.; Hou Y.-T.; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; YUNG-TE HOU Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry33
122018Development of preliminary rapid screening index for honey adulteration based on the physicochemical property analysisChen R.L.-C.; Hou Y.-T.; Cheng T.-J.; Lai Y.-J.; Tsai S.-T.; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; RICHIE CHEN ; TZONG-JIH CHENG ; YUNG-TE HOU Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Science10
132018以電化學阻抗頻譜分析法辨別天然愛玉凍王昱翔(Yu-Xiang Wang); 侯詠德(Yung-Te Hou); 謝博全(Bo-Chuan Hsieh); YUNG-TE HOU 台灣農學會報0
142018胭脂紅與銅離子錯合反應之化學計量研究及其應用於銅離子快速檢測鄭宗記(Tzong-Jih Cheng); 侯詠德(Yung-Te Hou); 陳力騏(Richie L. C. Chen); 林延(Yen Lin); 林冠成(Guan-Cheng Lin); 謝博全(Bo-Chuan Hsieh); YUNG-TE HOU 台灣農學會報0
152017Near-IR-absorbing gold nanoframes with enhanced physiological stability and improved biocompatibility for in vivo biomedical applicationsWang L.; Chen Y.; Lin H.Y.; Hou Y.-T.; Yang L.-C.; Sun A.Y.; Liu J.-Y.; Chang C.-W.; Wan D.; YUNG-TE HOU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2929
162017Glyphosate Warning Beads陳力騏(Richie L. C. Chen); 侯詠德(Yung-Te Hou); 鄭宗記(Tzong-Jih Cheng); 張桂禎(Kuei-Chen Chang); TZONG-JIH CHENG ; YUNG-TE HOU ; RICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH 中華民國雜草學會會刊0
172017藉氣相層析圖譜辨識檸檬桉侯詠德(Yung-Te Hou); 周哲宇(Zhe-Yu Chou); 陳力騏(Richie L. C. Chen); 鄭宗記(Tzong-Jih Cheng); 謝博全(Bo-Chuan Hsieh); YUNG-TE HOU 台灣農學會報0
182015A selective decoy-doxorubicin complex for targeted co-delivery, STAT3 probing and synergistic anti-cancer effectWang, S.-J.; Hou, Y.-T.; Chen, L.-C.; LIN-CHI CHEN ; YUNG-TE HOU Chemical Communications 12
192015Determination of hematocrit by voltage-induced hemolysis on a disposable electrochemical sensing stripWeng C.-W.; Hsieh B.-C.; Hou Y.-T.; YUNG-TE HOU ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; TZONG-JIH CHENG Analyst77
202015Erratum: Silicate fiber-based 3D cell culture system for anticancer drug screening (Anticancer Research (2015) 33:12 (5301))Yamaguchi Y.; Deng D.; Sato Y.; Hou Y.-T.; Watanabe R.; Sasaki K.; Kawabe M.; Hirano E.; Morinaga T.; YUNG-TE HOU Anticancer Research0
212015Erratum: Silicate fiber-based 3D cell culture system for anticancer drug screening (Anticancer Research (2015) 33:12 (5301))YUNG-TE HOU Anticancer Research 
222013Silicate fiber-based 3D cell culture system for anticancer drug screeningYUNG-TE HOU Anticancer Research 16
232012Development of growth factor-immobilizable material for hepatocyte transplantationWei Fang; YUNG-TE HOU Biochemical Engineering Journal 1313
242011Growth factor/heparin-immobilized collagen gel system enhances viability of transplanted hepatocytes and induces angiogenesisYUNG-TE HOU Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering 3939
252010Development of hepatocyte-embedded hydrogel-filled macroporous scaffold cultures using transglutaminaseIjima, H.; Hou, Y.-T.; Takei, T.; YUNG-TE HOU Biochemical Engineering Journal 1010
262010Effect of a hepatocyte growth factor/heparin-immobilized collagen system on albumin synthesis and spheroid formation by hepatocytesHou, Y.-T.; Ijima, H.; Matsumoto, S.; Kubo, T.; Takei, T.; Sakai, S.; Kawakami, K.; YUNG-TE HOU Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering 3836
272009Composition of culture medium is more important than co-culture with hepatic non-parenchymal cells in albumin production activity of primary rat hepatocytes, and the effect was enhanced by hepatocytes spheroid culture in collagen gelIjima, H.; Kakeya, Y.; Yokonuma, T.; Hou, Y.-T.; Takei, T.; YUNG-TE HOU Biochemical Engineering Journal 1110
282009Primary rat hepatocytes form spheroids on hepatocyte growth factor/heparin-immobilized collagen film and maintain high albumin productionYUNG-TE HOU Biochemical Engineering Journal 1718
292008Formation of Co-cultured hepatocyte spheroid which aimed at liver tissue engineering, and preliminary study for the deviceYUNG-TE HOU 8th World Biomaterials Congress 2008 
302008Hepatocyte growth factor enhances spheroid formation of primary rat hepatocytes and expression of albumin production activityYUNG-TE HOU 8th World Biomaterials Congress 2008 0