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12019Hand-held colorimetry sensor platform for determining salivary α-amylase activity and its applications for stress assessmentHsiao H.-Y.; Chen R.L.C.; Chou C.-C.; Cheng T.-J.; RICHIE CHEN journal article11
22019Label-free and reagentless capacitive aptasensor for thrombinChen H.-J.; Chen R.L.C.; Hsieh B.-C.; Hsiao H.-Y.; Kung Y.; Hou Y.-T.; Cheng T.-J.; RICHIE CHEN journal article77
32018Development of preliminary rapid screening index for honey adulteration based on the physicochemical property analysisChen R.L.-C.; Hou Y.-T.; Cheng T.-J.; Lai Y.-J.; Tsai S.-T.; Hsieh B.-C.; RICHIE CHEN journal article00
42017On-chip hematocrit correction for whole blood glucose amperometric sensing strip using a post-measurement potential stepWeng C.-W.; Cheng T.-J.; Chen R.L.C.; Hsieh B.-C.; RICHIE CHEN journal article32
52015Judgment of pure fermented soy sauce by fluorescence resonance energy transfer of OPA-tryptophan adductRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH journal article44
62013Impedimetric sensing of the ethanol and water contents in gasohol with a flow-through carbon electrode pairRICHIE CHEN journal article44
72013Quantification of 5-aminolevulinic acid by CE using dynamic pH junction techniqueRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH journal article44
82013Electronic Tongue for Tea TastingRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH book00
92012Spanish as the kana for Taiwan southern minRICHIE CHEN journal article
102012High-speed mass measurement of nanoparticle and virusRICHIE CHEN journal article77
112012A sensing properties study on miniature Au/SnO 2 gas sensor for hydrogen sulfide detectionRICHIE CHEN conference paper1
122012Impedimetric sensing of the biodiesel contents in diesel fuels with a carbon paste electrode pairRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; CHEN-KANG HUANG journal article88
132011Pencil lead microelectrode and the application on cell dielectrophoresisRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH journal article22
142011Thin film-resistive gas sensor with SnO 2/Au nanocomposite for hydrogen sulfide detectionRICHIE CHEN conference paper
152010Determination of tannic acid after precipitation with bovine serum albumin by visible light scattering in a flow injection systemRICHIE CHEN journal article66
162010Determination of tea fermentation degree by a rapid micellar electrokinetic chromatographyRICHIE CHEN ; Hsiao, Hsien-Yi; Chen, Richie L.-C.; Cheng, Tzong-Jih journal article2119
172010A hand-held electronic tongue based on fluorometry for taste assessment of teaRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH journal article1917
182010Electrochemical β(1→3)-d-glucan biosensors fabricated by immobilization of enzymes with gold nanoparticles on platinum electrodeRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH journal article1312
192010Sequential determination of tannin and total amino acid contents in tea for taste assessment by a fluorescent flow-injection analytical systemRICHIE CHEN ; Hung, Yueh-Tzu; Chen, Po-Chung; Chen, Richie L.-C.; Cheng, Tzong-Jih journal article3436
202010Evaluation of freshness of ground pork tenderloin by visible/near infrared spectroscopyRICHIE CHEN journal article7
212009Determination of tannic acid precipitated with bovine serum albumin by visible light scattering by a flow-injection systemRICHIE CHEN conference paper00
222009Potentiometric flow-injection estimation of tea fermentation degreeRICHIE CHEN ; Nieh, Chi-Hua; Hsieh, Bo-Chuan; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; Chen, Po-Chung; Hsiao, Hsien-Yi; Cheng, Tzong-Jih ; Chen, Richie L.-C.journal article86
232009Localized deposition of chitosan as matrix for enzyme immobilizationChen, Po-Chung; RICHIE CHEN ; Chen, Richie L.-C.; Cheng, Tzong-Jih ; Wittstock, G.journal article2017
242009Single-scan measurement of conductance of a quartz crystal microbalance array coupled with resonant markers for biosensing in liquid phaseRICHIE CHEN ; Hsiao, Hsien-Yi; Chen, Richie L.-C.; Cheng, Tzong-Jih journal article22
252008Electrochemistry for Biomedical Researchers陳力騏 book
262008鹽品中殘存環境荷爾蒙之生物感測系統陳力騏 report
272008以近紅外線技術鑑別豬肉鮮度蕭介宗; 駱秋英; 陳力騏 ; 莊雅雯; 蘇淑禎; 周震煌; 劉昌群book
282008Assays for serum cholinesterase activity by capillary electrophoresis and an amperometric flow injection choline biosensorHsieh, Bo-Chuan; RICHIE CHEN ; Hsiao, Hsien-Yi; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; Cheng, Tzong-Jih ; Chen, Richie L.-C.journal article1614
292008Determining the levels of tannin in tea by amperometry of ferricyanide pre-reaction with a sample in a flow-injection systemHung, Yueh-Tzu; RICHIE CHEN ; Chen, Po-Chung; Chen, Richie L.-C.; Cheng, Tzong-Jih journal article129
302008Determination of camptothecins in DMSO extracts of Nothapodytes foetida by direct injection capillary electrophoresisHsiao, Hsien-Yi; RICHIE CHEN ; Cheng, Tzong-Jih ; Yang, Ge-Ming; Huang, I-Jen; Chen, Richie L.-C.journal article2016
312008Characterization of superoxide anion scavenging compounds in roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) extract by electron spin resonance and LC/MSHSIEH, Bo-Chuan; RICHIE CHEN ; MATSUURA, Ritaro; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; MORIYAMA, Hironori; CHEN, Richie L. C.; SHIMAMURA, Tomoko; UKEDA, Hiroyukijournal article21
322008電位式茶品發酵度探針之研究張福祥; 陳柏中; 陳力騏 ; 鄭宗記 ; 陳右人 ; 盧福明journal article
332008Deacetylation of chitinous materials using near infrared spectroscopyRICHIE CHEN journal article1
342007Redox potential of tea infusion as an index for the degree of fermentationRICHIE CHEN ; Chen, Iou-Zen ; Chen, P.C.; Chang, F.S.; Lu, F.M.; Cheng, T.J.; Chen, R.L.C.journal article87
352007Choline biosensor constructed with chitinous membrane from soldier crab and its application in measuring cholinesterase inhibitory activitiesRICHIE CHEN ; Hsieh, Bo-Chuan; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; Matsumoto, Kiyoshi; Cheng, Tzong-Jih ; Yuu, Gyokurin; Chen, Richie L.-C.journal article1616
362006部份發酵茶品質及其製程品管檢測技術之開發研究-茶品發酵度電化學探針系統 (新制多年期第1年)陳力騏 report
372006Characterization of natural chitosan membranes from the carapace of the soldier crab Mictyris brevidactylus and its application to immobilize glucose oxidase in amperometric flow-injection biosensing systemRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH journal article1617
382006Real-time assay of immobilized tannase with a stopped-flow conductometric deviceRICHIE CHEN journal article118
392006Determination of glucosamine content in nutraceuticals by capillary electrophoresis using in-capillary OPA labeling techniquesRICHIE CHEN journal article10
402005生質甲醇陳力騏 book
412005Study of deacetylation in chitinous materials using near infrared spectroscopyRICHIE CHEN conference paper10
422005Determination of tannin in green tea infusion by flow-injection analysis based on quenching the fluorescence of 3-aminophthalateRICHIE CHEN ; Chen, Richie L.-C.; Lin, Chun-Hsun; Chung, Chien-Yu; Cheng, Tzong-Jih journal article2626
432004和尚蟹棲地衛星定位調查陳力騏 report
442004豬肉鮮度指標與近紅外線光譜相關性之探討蕭介宗; 駱秋英; 陳力騏 ; 劉昌群; 洪淑玲; 蘇淑禎; Shaw, Jai-Tsung; Lou Cuyr, Chu-Ying; Chen, Richie L.C.; Liu, Chang-Chun; Ang, Sow-Ling; Su, Shwu-Jenjournal article
452004Spectrophotometric determination of deacetylation degree of chitinous materials dissolved in phosphoric acidRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH journal article1310
462004Formation of tannin-albumin nano-particles at neutral pH as measured by light scattering techniquesRICHIE CHEN journal article2521
472004Determination of benzoate derivatives in soy sauce by capillary electrophoresis and in-capillary microextraction procedureRICHIE CHEN journal article12
482003和尚蟹幾丁質皮膜的製備與產業的應用陳力騏 report
492003Use of chitosan membrane from the carapace of the soldier crab Mictyris brevidactylus for biosensor constructionHsieh, Bo-Chuan; RICHIE CHEN ; Cheng, Tzong-Jih ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; Wang, Tzu-Yu; Chen, Richie L.-C.journal article88
502001電滲透流動注射分析系統:開發/整合與應用陳力騏 report
512001Assays for angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory activityRICHIE CHEN journal article3636
521997Conductometric Flow-Injection Glucose Biosensing System with an Immobilized Glucose-Oxidase Mini-ReactorRICHIE CHEN journal article11
531996Novel Enzymatic Assays for the Measurement of Gallotannin, Amino Acids, and Glutamate in Green Tea Infusions: Analytical ResultsRICHIE CHEN journal article1
541996Selective biosensing of L-lysine by a low-temperature flow-injection technique using an immobilized lysine oxidase reactorRICHIE CHEN journal article1312
551996Fluorometric biosensing of the total amino acid content and the glutamate content of green tea infusions using an automated multi-channel flow systemRICHIE CHEN journal article86
561995Enzymatic Determination of Gallotannin in Green-Tea Infusions by a Photometric Flow-Injection Analytical MethodChen R.L.C.; Matsumoto K.; RICHIE CHEN journal article34
571995Biosensing of glucose, sucrose, and lactate in beverages with an automated multi-channel flow analyzerRICHIE CHEN journal article00
581995Sequential enzymatic monitoring of glucose, ethanol and glutamate in bioreactor fermentation broth containing a high salt concentration by a multi-channel flow-injection analysis methodRICHIE CHEN journal article2118