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12021Towards bi-functional all-solid-state supercapacitor based on nickel hydroxide-reduced graphene oxide composite electrodesLo H.-J; Huang M.-C; Lai Y.-H; Chen H.-Y.; HSUN-YI CHEN Materials Chemistry and Physics
22021Electromechanical properties of embedded multifunctional energy storage composite with activated carbon fiber/PVDF gel electrolyteChen H.-Y; Wu C.-Y; Hsueh Y.-T; Huang H.-H.; HSUN-YI CHEN Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Transactions of the Chinese Institute of Engineers,Series A
32020Vapor-stripping and encapsulating to construct particles with time-controlled asymmetry and anisotropyWu T.-Y; Gao C; Huang M.-C; Zhang Z; Wang P.-Y; Chen H.-Y; Chen G; Chen H.-Y.; HSUN-YI CHEN Coatings
42020Impact of acetate additive on PbO2 plating and oxygen evolution in soluble lead flow batteriesChen H.-Y; Lee C.-Y; Lai Y.-H; Pan K.-R; Tan H.-L.; HSUN-YI CHEN ACS Applied Energy Materials
52019Improving lithium-sulfur battery performance with lignin reinforced MWCNT protection layerLai Y.-H.; Kuo Y.-T.; Lai B.-Y.; Lee Y.-C.; Chen H.-Y.; HSUN-YI CHEN International Journal of Energy Research
62019Extending the lifespan of soluble lead flow batteries with a sodium acetate additiveLin Y.-T.; Kuo W.-C.; Lee C.-Y.; Tan H.-L.; Chen H.-Y.; Chan H.-W.; Lai Y.-H.; Pan K.-R.; HSUN-YI CHEN Journal of Visualized Experiments
72018Using metabolic charge production in the tricarboxylic acid cycle (QTCA) to evaluate the extracellular-electron-transfer performances of Shewanella spp.Li S.-L.; Yen J.-H.; Kano K.; Liu S.-M.; Liu C.-L.; Cheng S.-S.; Chen H.-Y.; HSUN-YI CHEN Bioelectrochemistry
82018Stabilizing the electrodeposit-electrolyte interphase in soluble lead flow batteries with ethanoate additiveLin Y.-T.; Tan H.-L.; Lee C.-Y.; Chen H.-Y.; HSUN-YI CHEN Electrochimica Acta
92017All-solid-state supercapacitor based on graphene oxide composite electrodesLo H.J.; Chen H.-Y.; HSUN-YI CHEN ECS Transactions
102017On precisely relating the growth of Phalaenopsis leaves to greenhouse environmental factors by using an IoT-based monitoring systemLiao M.-S.; Chen S.-F.; Chou C.-Y.; Chen H.-Y.; Yeh S.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; Jiang J.-A.; HSUN-YI CHEN Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
112017Thermal-electrochemical coupled simulations for cell-to-cell imbalances in lithium-iron-phosphate based battery packsHuang H.-H.; Chen H.-Y.; Liao K.-C.; Young H.-T.; Lee C.-F.; Tien J.-Y.; HSUN-YI CHEN Applied Thermal Engineering
122016The state of charge of electrodes and its effects on lithium-iron-phosphate battery simulationHuang H.H.; Chung W.L.; Liao K.C.; Lee C.F.; Tien J.Y.; Young H.T.; Chen H.Y.; HSUN-YI CHEN ECS Transactions
132014Performance variability and degradation in porous La1-xSrxCoO3-δ electrodesLu Y.; Kreller C.R.; Adler S.B.; Wilson J.R.; Barnett S.A.; Voorhees P.W.; Chen H.-Y.; Thornton K.; HSUN-YI CHEN Journal of the Electrochemical Society
142013Origins of ion irradiation-induced Ga nanoparticle motion on GaAs surfacesKang M.; Wu J.H.; Sofferman D.L.; Beskin I.; Chen H.Y.; Thornton K.; Goldman R.S.; HSUN-YI CHEN Applied Physics Letters
152012Extended smoothed boundary method for solving partial differential equations with general boundary conditions on complex boundariesHSUN-YI CHEN Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 
162011Modeling SOFC cathodes based on 3-D representations of electrode microstructureHSUN-YI CHEN ECS Transactions 
172011Simulation of coarsening in three-phase solid oxide fuel cell anodesHSUN-YI CHEN Journal of Power Sources 
182010Effect of composition of La0.8Sr0.2MnO3-Y2O 3-stabilized ZrO2 cathodes. Correlating three-dimensional microstructure and polarization resistanceWilson, J.R.; Cronin, J.S.; Duong, A.T.; Rukes, S.; Chen, H.-Y.; Thornton, K.; Mumm, D.R.; Barnett, S.; HSUN-YI CHEN Journal of Power Sources 
192009Quantitative three-dimensional microstructure of a solid oxide fuel cell cathodeHSUN-YI CHEN Electrochemistry Communications 
202009Multifunctionality of three-dimensional self-assembled composite structureHSUN-YI CHEN Scripta Materialia 
212007Three dimensional reconstruction of solid oxide fuel cell electrodes using focused ion beam - Scanning electron microscopyHSUN-YI CHEN ECS Transactions 
222006Three-dimensional reconstruction of a solid-oxide fuel-cell anodeHSUN-YI CHEN Nature Materials