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12019Estimating shrimp body length using deep convolutional neural networkLin, Hong Yang; YUAN-NAN CHU; Lee, Hsin Chen; Pai, Jyh Nain; YAN-FU KUO; Ng, Woei Ling; Liou, Chyng Hwa; KUO-CHI LIAO; Hong-Yang Lin; Hsin-Chen Lee; Woei-Ling Ng; Jyh-Nain Pai; Yuan-Nan Chu; Chyng-Hwa Liou; Kuo-Chi Liao; Yan-Fu Kuo; YUAN-NAN CHU ; KUO-CHI LIAO ; YAN-FU KUO conference paper; conference paper00
22018Failure assessments of polymeric structure for electronic connectorsHuang D.-C.; Juo Y.-T.; Liao K.-C.; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper00
32017Acute rat cutaneous wound healing for small and large wounds using Ar/O 2 atmospheric-pressure plasma jet treatmentLin Z.-H.; Cheng K.-Y.; Cheng Y.-P.; Tschang C.-Y.T.; Chiu H.-Y.; Yeh N.-L.; Liao K.-C.; Gu B.-R.; Wu J.-S.; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article30
42017Thermal-electrochemical coupled simulations for cell-to-cell imbalances in lithium-iron-phosphate based battery packsHuang H.-H.; Chen H.-Y.; Liao K.-C.; Young H.-T.; Lee C.-F.; Tien J.-Y.; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article1614
52016The state of charge of electrodes and its effects on lithium-iron-phosphate battery simulationHuang H.H.; Chung W.L.; Liao K.C.; Lee C.F.; Tien J.Y.; Young H.T.; Chen H.Y.; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper00
62016Ar/O 2 Argon-Based Round Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet on Sterilizing Bacteria and EndosporesLin Z.-H.; Tschang C.-Y.T.; Liao K.-C.; Su C.-F.; Wu J.-S.; Ho M.-T.; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article118
72015Multiphysics Analysis for Temperature Rise of Electronic Connectors Using a Multiscale ModelLiao K.-C.; Lu H.-L.; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article00
82015Failure Assessment of Laser Spot-Welded Electronic Connector StructuresKUO-CHI LIAO journal article00
92014Plastic limit pressure of spherical vessels with combined hardening involving large deformationKUO-CHI LIAO journal article55
102014Applications of laser welding to electric connectorsLiao, C.-F.; Liu, S.-P.; Liao, K.-C.; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper20
112012Wear analysis and verification of metallic terminals for electronic connectorsKUO-CHI LIAO journal article55
122012電動病床雙邊驅動式升降傾斜機構設計與應力分析KUO-CHI LIAO journal article
132012Springback evaluation of porous sheets under draw bending proceduresKUO-CHI LIAO journal article00
142012Development of an autonomous early warning system for Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) outbreaks in remote fruit orchardsLiao, M.-S.; Chuang, C.-L.; Lin, T.-S.; Chen, C.-P.; Zheng, X.-Y.; Chen, P.-T.; Liao, K.-C.; Jiang, J.-A.; JOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article1612
152012Analysis of micro/mesoscale sheet stamping processes based on crystalline plasticity modelLiao, K.-C.; Chen, C.-L.; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article00
162011台灣植物工廠現況與發展策略之分析KUO-CHI LIAO journal article
172011Failure assessments of porous aluminum sheets under stretching proceduresKUO-CHI LIAO journal article10
182011A novel method for the determination of dynamic resistance for photovoltaic modulesWang, J.-C.; Shieh, J.-C.; Su, Y.-L.; Kuo, K.-C.; Chang, Y.-W.; Liang, Y.-T.; Chou, J.-J.; Liao, K.-C.; Jiang, J.-A.; JOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article2926
192010電動病床雙邊驅動式升降機構設計與應力分析謝文賓; 羅遠傑; 廖國基 ; 陳啟倫journal article
202010Effects of oxygen addition and treating distance on surface cleaning of ITO glass by a non-equilibrium nitrogen atmospheric-pressure plasma jetKUO-CHI LIAO journal article3636
212010Investigation of surface roughness of aluminum alloy sheet based on crystalline plasticity modelLiao, K.-C.; KUO-CHI LIAO ; Chen, C.-L.journal article106
222010Analysis of micro/mesoscale sheet stamping processes based on crystalline plasticity modelLiao K.-C.; Chen C.-L.; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper00
232010Modification of hydrophilic property of polypropylene films by a parallel-plate nitrogen-based dielectric barrier discharge jetKUO-CHI LIAO ; Chiang, M.-H.; Liao, K.-C.; Lin, I.-M.; Lu, C.-C.; Huang, H.-Y.; Kuo, C.-L.; Wu, J.-S.journal article2626
242009東方果實蠅生態監測與預警系統江昭皚 ; 盧福明; 楊恩誠 ; 曾傳蘆; 廖國基 ; 嚴崇瑋journal article
252009Application of load-balanced tree routing algorithm with dynamic modification to centralized wireless sensor networksChu, Y.-J.; Tseng, C.-P.; Hung, C.-H.; Liao, K.-C.; Ouyang, C.-S.; Yen, C.-W.; Jiang, J.-A.; Wang, Y.-C.; Tseng, C.-L.; Yang, E.-C.; EN-CHENG YANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper60
262009Elastic-plastic fracture mechanics model for planar isotropic porous materials with small mixed-mode cracksLiao K.C.; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper00
272009The first order load-balanced algorithm with static fixing scheme for centralized WSN system in outdoor environmental monitoringChu, Y.-J.; Tseng, C.-P.; Liao, K.-C.; Wu, Y.-C.; Lu, F.-M.; Jiang, J.-A.; Yang, E.-C.; Wang, Y.-C.; Tseng, C.-L.; Ho, K.-Y.; EN-CHENG YANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper80
282009Fatigue life assessment of an innovative laptop hingeLiao, K.-C.; KUO-CHI LIAO ; Cian, Y.-A.; Lin, W.-C.journal article11
292009Elastic-plastic fracture mechanics model for planar isotropic porous materials with small mixed-mode cracksLiao, K.-C.; KUO-CHI LIAO book00
302009Relaxation investigation on durability for terminals of CPU socket connectorsKUO-CHI LIAO journal article10
312009Effects of thermal and moisture absorption on contact forces of electronic connectorsKUO-CHI LIAO journal article10
322009Fatigue life assessment of a novel mobile phone hingeKUO-CHI LIAO conference paper0
332009Applications of planar anisotropic yield criteria to porous sheet metal forming simulationsLiao, K.-C.; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article43
342009Applications of damage models to durability investigations for electronic connectorsLiao, K.-C.; Chang, C.-C.; KUO-CHI LIAO ; Liao, K.-C.; Chang, C.-C.journal article34
352009A novel coverage-preserving algorithm with energy efficiencyChen, C.-P.; Chuang, C.-L.; Lin, T.-S.; Liu, C.-W.; Liao, K.-C.; Shieh, J.-C.; Jiang, J.-A.; JOE-AIR JIANG ; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper20
362008Relaxation investigation for terminals of electronic connectors under thermal shock testLiao K.-C.; Lin K.-H.; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper10
372008Investigation of relaxation behavior for terminals of CPU socket connectorsKUO-CHI LIAO conference paper50
382008Applications of anisotropic yield criteria to porous sheet metal forming simulationsLiao, K.-C.; Liao, K.-C.; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article66
392007Relaxation investigation for terminals of electronic connectors under thermal shock testKUO-CHI LIAO conference paper00
402006Applications of damage models to reliability investigations for input/output electronic connectorsKUO-CHI LIAO conference paper0
412005Mechanical properties of sintered kovar alloys for structure components of optical devicesKUO-CHI LIAO conference paper20
422005Applications of planar isotropic yield criteria to porous sheet metal under a deep drawing simulationLiao, K.-C.; KUO-CHI LIAO conference paper0
432004Yield criteria for porous ductile sheet metals with planar anisotropy under plane stress conditionsLiao, K.-C.; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article1412
442003A gurson yield function for anisotropic porous sheet metals and its applications to failure prediction of aluminum sheetsWang, D.-A.; Chien, W.Y.; Liao, K.C.; Pan, J.; Tang, S.C.; KUO-CHI LIAO journal article40
451999Texture Development and Hardening Characteristics of Steel Sheets under Plane-Strain CompressionKUO-CHI LIAO journal article55
461998Texture development and plastic anisotropy of B.C.C. Strain hardening sheet metalsKUO-CHI LIAO journal article2121
471998Effects of yield surface shape on sheet metal forming simulationsKUO-CHI LIAO journal article5
481997Approximate yield criteria for anisotropic porous ductile sheet metalsKUO-CHI LIAO journal article8169