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12019Microtubule polymerization in alignment by an on-chip temperature gradient platformLiu J.-H.; Hsia K.-C.; Yokokawa R.; Lu Y.-W.; YEN-WEN LU journal article00
22018DNA methylation assay using droplet-based DNA melting curve analysisLiu F.-W.; Liao H.-F.; Lin S.-P.; Lu Y.-W.; YEN-WEN LU journal article22
32018Gene delivery system using droplet injector and temperature-controlled planarian holderLee M.; Syu J.-J.; Chu C.-Y.; Lu Y.-W.; YEN-WEN LU journal article10
42018A Mechatronic Microinjection Platform for Gene Delivery to PlanarianLee M.; Chu C.-Y.; Lu Y.-W.; YEN-WEN LU conference paper00
52017A microfluidic chip for rapid single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping using primer extension on microbeadsChang Y.-M.; Ding S.-T.; Lin E.-C.; Wang L.A.; Lu Y.-W.; YEN-WEN LU journal article33
62017Automated melting curve analysis in droplet microfluidics for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) genotypingLiu F.-W.; Ding S.-T.; Lin E.-C.; Lu Y.-W.; Jang J.-S.R.; YEN-WEN LU journal article34
72017A wearable tactile sensor based on electrical-contact-resistance (ECR) variation with high sensitivity for health monitoringChen W.-L.; Liao Y.-C.; Lu Y.-W.; YEN-WEN LU conference paper10
82017Automated paper-based devices by microfluidic timing-valve for competitive ELISALai Y.-T.; Tsai J.-S.; Hsu J.-C.; Lu Y.-W.; YEN-WEN LU conference paper30
92016Enhancement of microfluidic particle separation using cross-flow filters with hydrodynamic focusingChiu Y.-Y.; Huang C.-K.; Lu Y.-W.; YEN-WEN LU journal article1514
102015Efficient SNP Discovery by Combining Microarray and Lab-on-a-Chip Data for Animal Breeding and SelectionHuang, Chao-Wei; Lin, Yu-Tsung; Ding, Shih-Torng; Lo, Ling-Ling; Wang, Pei-Hwa; Lin, En-Chung; Liu, Fang-Wei; Lu, Yen-Wen; YEN-WEN LU journal article0
112015Programmable and on-demand drug release using electrical stimulationYEN-WEN LU ; YING-CHIH LIAO journal article67
122015Genetic Testing on Electrowetting-on-dielectric Chips for Magnetic Bead-based DNA ExtractionYEN-WEN LU ; SHIH-KANG FAN journal article00
132015Genomic DNA extraction from whole blood using a digital microfluidic (DMF) platform with magnetic beadsYEN-WEN LU ; SHIH-KANG FAN journal article44
142014Melting analysis on microbeads in rapid temperature-gradient inside microchannels for single nucleotide polymorphisms detectionYEN-WEN LU ; SHIH-TORNG DING journal article68
152014Mechatronic systems in digital microfluidicsYEN-WEN LU ; SHIH-KANG FAN journal article10
162014A bead-based single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection using melting temperature on a microchipYEN-WEN LU ; SHIH-TORNG DING journal article66
172014A conceptual atomic force microscope using LEGO for nanoscience educationYEN-WEN LU journal article60
182014Applications of textured surfaces on bubble trapping and degassing for microfluidic devicesYEN-WEN LU journal article32
192013Paper-based flexible taxel device using electrical contact resistance variation for elasticity measurement on biological objectsYEN-WEN LU ; YING-CHIH LIAO journal article66
202013Contact angle hysteresis on textured surfaces with nanowire clustersYEN-WEN LU ; YING-CHIH LIAO journal article21
212013Application of nanostructure on bubble trapping and degassingYEN-WEN LU conference paper10
222013Bead-based melting analysis in temperature-graident microchannels for single nucleotide polymorphisms detectionYEN-WEN LU conference paper0
232012Fabrication of nanowires on orthogonal surfaces of microchannels and their effect on pool boilingYEN-WEN LU journal article2727
242012On-demand drug release device: An electrophoretic approachYEN-WEN LU conference paper0
252012Pool boiling heat transfer enhancement through nanostructures on silicon microchannelsYEN-WEN LU journal article300
262012Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping methods using bead-based microfluidics with DASH technologyYEN-WEN LU ; SHIH-TORNG DING conference paper00
272012Micro/nano hierarchical structure in microchannel heat sink for boiling enhancementYEN-WEN LU conference paper190
282012A foldable microplasma-generation device on a paper substrateYEN-WEN LU ; YING-CHIH LIAO journal article99
292011Two degree-of-freedom micromirror actuation using thermocapillary effect in liquid dropletsYEN-WEN LU ; YING-CHIH LIAO journal article66
302011Evaporation phase change processes of water/methanol mixtures on superhydrophobic nanostructured surfacesYEN-WEN LU journal article1110
312011Effects of nanowire height on pool boiling performance of water on silicon chipsYEN-WEN LU journal article10795
322011Direct growth of copper nanowires on a substrate for boiling applicationsYEN-WEN LU journal article3836
332011Nanoscale surface modification techniques for pool boiling enhancementa - A critical review and future directionsYEN-WEN LU journal article8477
342011Using a CMOS-biomems cantilever sensor for orchid virus detectionYEN-WEN LU conference paper0
352010Nanoscale surface modification techniques for pool boiling enhancement - A critical review and future directionsYEN-WEN LU conference paper30
362010Marangoni flow-induced droplet deformation for micromirror applicationsYEN-WEN LU conference paper00
372009Feasibility Study of Microplasma MEMS Device for Hydrogen Generation in Portable Fuel Cell ApplicationsYEN-WEN LU journal article
382009Optical micromirror actuation using thermocapillary effect in microdropletsYEN-WEN LU conference paper22
392009Microtechnology and microscale fuel processing: An overview of hydrogen fuel reforming techniquesYEN-WEN LU journal article00
402009Fabrication and characterization of nano-structuring polymeric surfaces for MEMS applicationsYEN-WEN LU conference paper00
412009Influence of redox-induced restructuring of polypyrrole on its surface morphology and wettabilityYEN-WEN LU journal article2724
422008Surface nanostructuring of biocompatible polymer for wettability control in MEMSYEN-WEN LU conference paper60
432008Topography and wettability control in biocompatible polymer for BioMEMS applicationsYEN-WEN LU conference paper50
442007Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) bonding strength characterization by a line force model in blister testsYEN-WEN LU conference paper30
452007A line force model to measure the strength of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)-to-PDMS bonding using blister testsYEN-WEN LU conference paper1
462006Microhand for biological applicationsYEN-WEN LU journal article6159
472006Pneumatically driven microcage for microbe manipulation in a biological liquid environmentYEN-WEN LU journal article2120
482006Negative-Poisson's-Ratio (NPR) microstructural material by soft-joint mechanismYEN-WEN LU conference paper0
492005A microhand: Modeling, manufacturing, and demonstrationYEN-WEN LU conference paper6
502005A numerical model for micro balloon-jointed actuationYEN-WEN LU conference paper00
512003Characterization of balloon-jointed micro-fingersYEN-WEN LU conference paper4
521999Simulation program for the sensitivity and linearity of piezoresistive pressure sensorsYEN-WEN LU journal article9365
531999Stability analysis of nonlinear machining force controllersYEN-WEN LU conference paper2
541992An improved approach for importance sampling simulation in multilevel digital transmission systemsWang, Cheng-Kun; Lee, Lin Shan ; Lu, Yen Wen ; Chen, Wenhsing; Hsu, Yung-Pingjournal article00