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12021Impedimetric sensing of honey adulterated with high fructose corn syrupHuang T.-K; Chuang M.-C; Kung Y; Hsieh B.-C.; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Food Control0
22019Electropolymerised-hemin-catalysed reduction and analysis of tartrazine and sunset yellowSun S.-C.; Hsieh B.-C.; Chuang M.-C.; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Electrochimica Acta58
32019Label-free and reagentless capacitive aptasensor for thrombinChen H.-J.; Chen R.L.C.; Hsieh B.-C.; Hsiao H.-Y.; Kung Y.; Hou Y.-T.; Cheng T.-J.; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Biosensors and Bioelectronics1119
42018藉物理化學性質分析建立摻偽蜂蜜之初步快篩指標陳力騏(Richie Li-Chy Chen); 侯詠德(Yung-Te Hou); 鄭宗記(Tzong-Jih Cheng); 賴盈璋(Ying-Jang Lai); 蔡心慈(Shin-Tzu Tsai); 謝博全(Bo-Chuan Hsieh); PO-CHUAN HSIEH 臺灣農業化學與食品科學0
52018以電化學阻抗頻譜分析法辨別天然愛玉凍王昱翔(Yu-Xiang Wang); 侯詠德(Yung-Te Hou); 謝博全(Bo-Chuan Hsieh); PO-CHUAN HSIEH 台灣農學會報0
62018胭脂紅與銅離子錯合反應之化學計量研究及其應用於銅離子快速檢測鄭宗記(Tzong-Jih Cheng); 侯詠德(Yung-Te Hou); 陳力騏(Richie L. C. Chen); 林延(Yen Lin); 林冠成(Guan-Cheng Lin); 謝博全(Bo-Chuan Hsieh); PO-CHUAN HSIEH 台灣農學會報0
72018Direct Photometric Assay for Copper Chlorophyll Adulterants in Edible Oil by the Aid of an Ultraviolet-Photobleaching PretreatmentWang H.-C.; Hou Y.-T.; Hsieh B.-C.; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry12
82018Development of preliminary rapid screening index for honey adulteration based on the physicochemical property analysisChen R.L.-C.; Hou Y.-T.; Cheng T.-J.; Lai Y.-J.; Tsai S.-T.; Hsieh B.-C.; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Science00
92017藉氣相層析圖譜辨識檸檬桉PO-CHUAN HSIEH 台灣農學會報 00
102017Glyphosate Warning BeadsPO-CHUAN HSIEH 中華民國雜草學會會刊 00
112017On-chip hematocrit correction for whole blood glucose amperometric sensing strip using a post-measurement potential stepPO-CHUAN HSIEH International Journal of Electrochemical Science 33
122015Determination of hematocrit by voltage-induced hemolysis on a disposable electrochemical sensing stripWeng, C.-W.; Hsieh, B.-C.; Hou, Y.-T.; Cheng, T.-J.; YUNG-TE HOU ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Analyst 56
132015Interconversion between formate and hydrogen carbonate by tungsten-containing formate dehydrogenase-catalyzed mediated bioelectrocatalysisPO-CHUAN HSIEH Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research 210
142015Judgment of pure fermented soy sauce by fluorescence resonance energy transfer of OPA-tryptophan adductRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Food Chemistry 45
1520145-Aminolevulinic acid induced photodynamic inactivation on Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosaHsieh, C.-M.; Huang, Y.-H.; Chen, C.-P.; Hsieh, B.-C.; Tsai, T.; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 1821
162013Quantification of 5-aminolevulinic acid by CE using dynamic pH junction techniqueRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Journal of Separation Science 44
172013Electronic Tongue for Tea TastingRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Tea in Health and Disease Prevention 00
182012Impedimetric sensing of the biodiesel contents in diesel fuels with a carbon paste electrode pairRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; CHEN-KANG HUANG Fuel 910
192011Pencil lead microelectrode and the application on cell dielectrophoresisRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Electrochimica Acta 23
202010A hand-held electronic tongue based on fluorometry for taste assessment of teaChang, K.-H.; Chen, R.L.C.; Hsieh, B.-C.; Chen, P.-C.; Hsiao, H.-Y.; Nieh, C.-H.; Cheng, T.-J.; RICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Biosensors and Bioelectronics 1920
212010Electrochemical β(1→3)-d-glucan biosensors fabricated by immobilization of enzymes with gold nanoparticles on platinum electrodeRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Biosensors and Bioelectronics 1416
222010台灣和尚蟹甲殼天然幾丁聚醣皮膜與人工合成幾丁聚醣薄膜之物性研究PO-CHUAN HSIEH 台灣農學會報 
232009Potentiometric flow-injection estimation of tea fermentation degreeRICHIE CHEN ; Nieh, Chi-Hua; Hsieh, Bo-Chuan; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; Chen, Po-Chung; Hsiao, Hsien-Yi; Cheng, Tzong-Jih ; Chen, Richie L.-C.Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 87
242008Assays for serum cholinesterase activity by capillary electrophoresis and an amperometric flow injection choline biosensorHsieh, B.-C.; Hsiao, H.-Y.; Cheng, T.-J.; Chen, R.L.C.; Hsieh, Bo-Chuan; RICHIE CHEN ; Hsiao, Hsien-Yi; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; Cheng, Tzong-Jih ; Chen, Richie L.-C.Analytica Chimica Acta 1615
252008Characterization of superoxide anion scavenging compounds in roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) extract by electron spin resonance and LC/MSHsieh, B.-C.; Matsuura, R.; Moriyama, H.; Chen, R.L.C.; Shimamura, T.; Ukeda, H.; HSIEH, Bo-Chuan; RICHIE CHEN ; MATSUURA, Ritaro; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; MORIYAMA, Hironori; CHEN, Richie L. C.; SHIMAMURA, Tomoko; UKEDA, HiroyukiFood Science and Technology Research 21
262007流動-停止式石英晶體微天平應用於幾丁聚醣分子量檢測PO-CHUAN HSIEH 農業機械學刊 
272007Choline biosensor constructed with chitinous membrane from soldier crab and its application in measuring cholinesterase inhibitory activitiesHsieh, B.-C.; Matsumoto, K.; Cheng, T.-J.; Yuu, G.; Chen, R.L.C.; RICHIE CHEN ; Hsieh, Bo-Chuan; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; Matsumoto, Kiyoshi; Cheng, Tzong-Jih ; Yuu, Gyokurin; Chen, Richie L.-C.Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 1720
282006Characterization of natural chitosan membranes from the carapace of the soldier crab Mictyris brevidactylus and its application to immobilize glucose oxidase in amperometric flow-injection biosensing systemChen, P.-C.; Hsieh, B.-C.; Chen, R.L.C.; Wang, T.-Y.; Hsiao, H.-Y.; Cheng, T.-J.; RICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Bioelectrochemistry 1617
292004Spectrophotometric determination of deacetylation degree of chitinous materials dissolved in phosphoric acidRICHIE CHEN ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH Macromolecular Bioscience 1310
302003Use of chitosan membrane from the carapace of the soldier crab Mictyris brevidactylus for biosensor constructionHsieh, Bo-Chuan; RICHIE CHEN ; Cheng, Tzong-Jih ; PO-CHUAN HSIEH ; Wang, Tzu-Yu; Chen, Richie L.-C.Marine Biotechnology 88