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12019Optimization of air quality monitoring network based on a spatiotemporal-spectrum manifold analysisWang, C.-F., Hu, M.-C., Lee, C.-H., Yu, H.-L.; MING-CHE HU ; HWA-LUNG YU journal article00
22019Development of Kriging-approximation simulated annealing optimization algorithm for parameters calibration of porous media flow modelHu M.-C.; Shen C.-H.; Hsu S.-Y.; Yu H.-L.; Lamorski K.; S?awi?ski C.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article11
32019An efficient spatiotemporal data calibration approach for the low-cost PM2.5 sensing network: A case study in TaiwanLee C.-H.; Wang Y.-B.; Yu H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article31
42018Considering spatial heterogeneity in the distributed lag non-linear model when analyzing spatiotemporal dataChien L.-C.; Guo Y.; Li X.; Yu H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article32
52018Lagged influence of fine particulate matter and geographic disparities on clinic visits for children’s asthma in TaiwanChien L.-C.; Chen Y.-A.; Yu H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article22
62017Spatial-temporal pattern recognition of groundwater head variations for recharge zone identificationTsai J.-P.; Chang L.-C.; Chang P.-Y.; Lin Y.-C.; Chen Y.-C.; Wu M.-T.; Yu H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article43
72017Space-time metric determination in environmental modelingChristakos G.; Angulo J.M.; Yu H.L.; Wu J.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article41
82016Water, climate, and healthYu H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article10
92016Factors controlling changes in epilithic algal biomass in the mountain streams of subtropical TaiwanKuo Y.-M.; Yu H.-L.; Kuan W.-H.; Kuo M.-H.; Lin H.-J.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article55
102016Traffic-related air pollution increased the risk of Parkinson's disease in Taiwan: A nationwide studyLee P.-C.; Liu L.-L.; Sun Y.; Chen Y.-A.; Liu C.-C.; Li C.-Y.; Yu H.-L.; Ritz B.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article2223
112016Emerging patterns in multi-sourced data modeling uncertaintyKolovos A.; Smith L.M.; Schwab-McCoy A.; Gengler S.; Yu H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article44
122016A spatiotemporal dengue fever early warning model accounting for nonlinear associations with hydrological factors: a Bayesian maximum entropy approachYu H.-L.; Lee C.-H.; Chien L.-C.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article918
132015Association between air pollutants and dementia risk in the elderlyWu, Yun-Chun; Lin, Yuan-Chien; HWA-LUNG YU ; Chen, Jen-Hau; TA-FU CHEN; Sun, Yu; Wen, Li-Li; Yip, Ping-Keung; Chu, Yi-Min; YEN-CHING CHENjournal article630
142015Spatial vulnerability of fine particulate matter relative to the prevalence of diabetes in the United StatesChien L.-C.; Alamgir H.; Yu H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article87
152015Analysis of space-time non-stationary patterns of rainfall-groundwater interactions by integrating empirical orthogonal function and cross wavelet transform methodsYu, H.-L.; Lin, Y.-C.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article3333
162015A GIS tool for spatiotemporal modeling under a knowledge synthesis frameworkYu, H.-L.; Ku, S.-C.; Kolovos, A.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article1018
172015A time series analysis of multiple ambient pollutants to investigate the underlying air pollution dynamics and interactionsYu, H.-L.; Lin, Y.-C.; Kuo, Y.-M.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article97
182015Short-term population-based non-linear concentration–response associations between fine particulate matter and respiratory diseases in Taipei (Taiwan): a spatiotemporal analysisYu, H.-L.; Chien, L.-C.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article1718
192014A Probabilistic Spatial Dengue Fever Risk Assessment by a Threshold-Based-Quantile Regression MethodChuan-Hung Chiu; Tzai-Hung Wen; Lung-Chang Chien; Hwa-Lung Yu; TZAI-HUNG WEN ; HWA-LUNG YU journal article87
202014Influences of ambient air pollutants and meteorological conditions on ozone variations in Kaohsiung, TaiwanKuo, Y.-M.; Chiu, C.-H.; Yu, H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article1912
212014Impact of meteorological factors on the spatiotemporal patterns of dengue fever incidenceChien, L.-C.; Yu, H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article3836
222014Analysis of space–time patterns of rainfall events during 1996–2008 in Yilan County (Taiwan)Yu, H.-L.; Chen, B.-L.; Chiu, C.-H.; Lu, M.-M.; Tung, C.-P.; HWA-LUNG YU ; CHING-PIN TUNG journal article43
232014A space-time typhoon trajectories analysis in the vicinity of TaiwanLin, Y.-C.; Chang, T.-J.; Lu, M.-M.; Yu, H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article75
242014An online spatiotemporal prediction model for dengue fever epidemic in Kaohsiung (Taiwan)Yu, H.-L.; Angulo, J.M.; Cheng, M.-H.; Wu, J.; Christakos, G.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article87
252014Acute increase of children's conjunctivitis clinic visits by Asian dust storms exposure - A spatiotemporal study in Taipei, TaiwanChien, L.-C.; Lien, Y.-J.; Yang, C.-H.; Yu, H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article76
262013Efficient mapping and geographic disparities in breast cancer mortality at the county-level by race and age in the U.S.Chien, L.-C.; Yu, H.-L.; Schootman, M.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article130
272013Identifying nearshore groundwater and river hydrochemical variables influencing water quality of Kaoping River Estuary using dynamic factor analysisKuo, Y.-M.; Jang, C.-S.; Yu, H.-L.; Chen, S.-C.; Chu, H.-J.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article1716
282013Spatial vulnerability under extreme events: A case of Asian dust storm's effects on children's respiratory healthYu, H.-L.; Yang, C.-H.; Chien, L.-C.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article2724
292013A study of the temporal dynamics of ambient particulate matter using stochastic and chaotic techniquesYu, H.-L.; Lin, Y.-C.; Sivakumar, B.; Kuo, Y.-M.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article97
302013Spatiotemporal Infectious Disease Modeling: A BME-SIR ApproachAngulo, J.; Yu, H.-L.; Langousis, A.; Kolovos, A.; Wang, J.; Madrid, A.E.; Christakos, G.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article1815
312013Quantile-based Bayesian maximum entropy approach for spatiotemporal modeling of ambient air quality levelsYu, H.-L.; Wang, C.-H.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article2424
322012Spatiotemporal modeling with temporal-invariant variogram subgroups to estimate fine particulate matter PM 2.5 concentrationsChen, C.-C.; Wu, C.-F.; Yu, H.-L.; Chan, C.-C.; Cheng, T.-J.; HWA-LUNG YU ; CHANG-FU WU ; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; CHANG-CHUAN CHAN journal article2420
332012Modeling of space-time infectious disease spread under conditions of uncertaintyAngulo, J.M.; Yu, H.-L.; Langousis, A.; Madrid, A.E.; Christakos, G.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article128
342012Advanced space-time predictive analysis with STAR-BMEYu, H.-L.; Ku, S.-J.; Kolovos, A.; HWA-LUNG YU conference paper40
352012Identifying spatial mixture distributions of PM2.5 and PM10 in Taiwan during and after a dust stormChu, H.-J.; Yu, H.-L.; Kuo, Y.-M.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article2718
362012Estimated effects of Asian dust storms on spatiotemporal distributions of clinic visits for respiratory diseases in Taipei children (Taiwan)Chien, L.-C.; Yang, C.-H.; Yu, H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article4035
372012Asian dust storm elevates children's respiratory health risks: A spatiotemporal analysis of children's clinic visits across Taipei (Taiwan)Yu, H.-L.; Chien, L.-C.; Yang, C.-H.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article3128
382012Spatio-temporal interpolation of precipitation including covariates: During monsoon periods in PakistanHussain, I.; Sp?ck, G.; Pilz, J.; Faisal, M.; Yu, H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article2
392012Recharge signal identification based on groundwater level observationsYu, H.-L.; Chu, H.-J.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article2017
402011Assessing how heavy metal pollution and human activity are related by using logistic regression and kriging methodsLin, Y.-P.; Cheng, B.-Y.; Chu, H.-J.; Chang, T.-K.; Yu, H.-L.; YU-PIN LIN ; HWA-LUNG YU ; TSUN-KUO CHANG journal article4038
412011Modeling and estimation of heterogeneous spatiotemporal attributes under conditions of uncertaintyYu, H.-L.; Christakos, G.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article64
422011Assessment of water quality in a subtropical alpine lake using multivariate statistical techniques and geostatistical mapping: a case study.Liu, W.C.; Yu, H.L.; Chung, C.E.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article3832
432011A spatio-temporal climate-based model of early dengue fever warning in southern TaiwanYu, H.-L.; Yang, S.-J.; Yen, H.-J.; Christakos, G.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article6455
442011Investigating common trends of annual maximum rainfalls during heavy rainfall events in southern TaiwanKuo, Y.-M.; Chu, H.-J.; Pan, T.-Y.; Yu, H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article2423
452011Identifying the factors influencing PM2.5 in southern Taiwan using dynamic factor analysisKuo, Y.-M.; Wang, S.-W.; Jang, C.-S.; Yeh, N.; Yu, H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article2119
462011Estimation of fine particulate matter in Taipei using Landuse regression and Bayesian maximum entropy methodsYu, H.-L.; Wang, C.-H.; Liu, M.-C.; Kuo, Y.-M.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article3730
472011Investigating Temporal Variation of Ambient Pollutants at Hsin-Chuang Supersite in Taipei (Taiwan) by Dynamic Factor AnalysisYu, Hwa-Lung; Lin, Yuan-Chien; HWA-LUNG YU journal article01
482011Spatiotemporal Estimation of PM2.5 by Land Use Regression and Bayesian Maximum Entropy MethodYu, Hwa-Lung; Wang, Chih-Hsin; HWA-LUNG YU journal article00
492010Estimation of effective hydrogeological parameters in heterogeneous and anisotropic aquifersLin, H.-T.; Tan, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-H.; Yu, H.-L.; Wu, S.-C.; Ke, K.-Y.; HWA-LUNG YU ; YIH-CHI TAN journal article1712
502010Retrospective prediction of intraurban spatiotemporal distribution of PM2.5 in TaipeiHwa-Lung Y.; Chih-Hsin W.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article3530
512010Dealing with spatiotemporal heterogeneity: The generalized BME modelYu H.-L.; Christakos G.; Bogaert P.; HWA-LUNG YU book chapter20
522010Spatiotemporal Analysis and Mapping of Oral Cancer Risk in Changhua County (Taiwan): An Application of Generalized Bayesian Maximum Entropy MethodYu, H.-L.; Chiang, C.-T.; Lin, S.-D.; Chang, T.-K.; HWA-LUNG YU ; Chiang, Chi-Ting; TSUN-KUO CHANG ; Lian, Ie-Bin; Su, Che-Chun; Tsai, Kuo-Yang; Lin, Yu-Pin ; Chang, Tsun-Kuojournal article1513
532010Spatio-temporal interpolation of precipitation during monsoon periods in PakistanHussain, I.; Sp?ck, G.; Pilz, J.; Yu, H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article2418
542009Spatiotemporal modelling of ozone distribution in the State of CaliforniaBogaert, P.; Christakos, G.; Jerrett, M.; Yu, H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU ; Bogaert, P.; Christakos, G.; Jerrett, M.; Yu, H.-L.journal article3227
552009BME Estimation of Residential Exposure to Ambient PM<sub>10</sub> and Ozone at Multiple Time ScalesYu, Hwa-Lung ; Chen, Jiu-Chiuan; Christakos, George; Jerrett, Michaeljournal article
562009Understanding Space-time Patterns of Groundwater System by Empirical Orthogonal Functions: a Case Study in the Choshui River Alluvial Fan, TaiwanYu, Hwa-Lung; Chu, Hone-Jay; Yu, Hwa-Lung ; Chu, Hone-Jayjournal article4841
572009BME estimation of residential exposure to ambient PM10 and ozone at multiple time scalesYu, H.-L.; Chen, J.-C.; Christakos, G.; Jerrett, M.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article4439
582008Spatiotemporal statistical analysis of influenza mortality risk in the State of California during the period 1997–2001Choi, Kyung-Mee; Yu, Hwa-Lung ; Wilson, Mark L.journal article
592008Spatiotemporal statistical analysis of influenza mortality risk in the State of California during the period 1997-2001Choi, K.-M.; Yu, H.-L.; Wilson, M.L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article2421
602007A composite solution method for physical equations and its application in the Nea Kessani geothermal field (Greece)Yu, H.-L.; Christakos, G.; Modis, K.; Papantonopoulos, G.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article75
612007Recent results on the spatiotemporal modelling and comparative analysis of Black Death and bubonic plague epidemicsChristakos, G.; Olea, R.A.; Yu, H.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article5143
622007Erratum: Interactive spatiotemporal modelling of health systems: The SEKS-GUI framework (Stoch Environ Res Risk Assess (2007) vol. 21 (647) 10.1007/s00477-007-0135-0)Yu, H.-L.; Kolovos, A.; Christakos, G.; Chen, J.-C.; Warmerdam, S.; Dev, B.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article380
632006Spatiotemporal modelling and mapping of the bubonic plague epidemic in IndiaYu, H.-L.; Christakos, G.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article310
642006Porous media upscaling in terms of mathematical epistemic cognitionYu, H.-L.; Christakos, G.; HWA-LUNG YU journal article66
652005Interdisciplinary public health reasoning and epidemic modelling: The case of Black DeathChristakos G.; Olea R.A.; Serre M.L.; Yu H.-L.; Wang L.-L.; HWA-LUNG YU book860