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12021FKgrain: A topography-based software tool for grain segmentation and sizing using factorial krigingWu F.-C; Wang C.-K; Lo H.P.; FU-CHUN WU Earth Science Informatics30
22021Two-Stage Transition From Gilbert to Hyperpycnal Delta in ReservoirLai S.Y.J; Wu F.-C.; FU-CHUN WU Geophysical Research Letters00
32020Hyporheic Exchange Under Undular Flows Over a Coarse Granular BedShih, W.; Wu, F.-C.; FU-CHUN WU Geophysical Research Letters54
42019Self-Similar Morphodynamics of Gilbert and Hyperpycnal Deltas Over Segmented Two-Slope Bedrock ChannelsLai S.Y.J.; Chiu Y.-J.; Wu F.-C.; FU-CHUN WU Water Resources Research11
52018Delineation of gravel-bed clusters via factorial krigingWu F.-C.; Wang C.-K.; Huang G.-H.; FU-CHUN WU Geomorphology1312
62018A heuristic probabilistic approach to estimating size-dependent mobility of nonuniform sedimentWoldegiorgis B.T.; Wu F.-C.; Van Griensven A.; Bauwens W.; FU-CHUN WU Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment22
72017Asymmetric Effects of Subaerial and Subaqueous Basement Slopes on Self-Similar Morphology of Prograding DeltasLai S.Y.J.; Hsiao Y.-T.; Wu F.-C.; FU-CHUN WU Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface109
82016Anisotropy Characteristics of Exposed Gravel Beds Revealed in High-Point-Density Airborne Laser Scanning DataHuang G.-H.; Wang C.-K.; Wu F.-C.; Atkinson P.M.; FU-CHUN WU IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters22
92015Assessment of flow regime alterations over a spectrum of temporal scales using wavelet-based approachesWu F.-C.; Chang C.-F.; Shiau J.-T.; FU-CHUN WU Water Resources Research1313
102014Macroinvertebrate assemblage patterns as indicators of water quality in the Xindian watershed, TaiwanNarangarvuu D.; Hsu C.-B.; Shieh S.-H.; Wu F.-C.; Yang P.-S.; FU-CHUN WU Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology1916
112014Toward numerical modeling of fine particle suspension using a two-way coupled Euler-Euler model: Part 2: Simulation of particle-induced Rayleigh-Taylor instabilityChou Y.-J.; Wu F.-C.; FU-CHUN WU ; YI-JU CHOU International Journal of Multiphase Flow1211
122014Toward numerical modeling of fine particle suspension using a two-way coupled Euler-Euler model. Part 1: Theoretical formulation and implicationsChou Y.-J.; Wu F.-C.; FU-CHUN WU ; YI-JU CHOU International Journal of Multiphase Flow1917
132013Optimizing environmental flows for multiple reaches affected by a multipurpose reservoir system in Taiwan: Restoring natural flow regimes at multiple temporal scalesShiau J.-T.; Wu F.-C.; FU-CHUN WU Water Resources Research4542
142012Entrainment of sediment particles by retrograde vortices: Test of hypothesis using near-particle observationsWu F.-C.; Shih W.-R.; FU-CHUN WU Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface2422
152011Mesoscale terrestrial laser scanning of fluvial gravel surfacesWang C.-K.; Wu F.-C.; Huang G.-H.; Lee C.-Y.; FU-CHUN WU IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters1612
162011Quantifying the forcing effect of channel width variations on free bars: Morphodynamic modeling based on characteristic dissipative Galerkin schemeWu F.-C.; Shao Y.-C.; Chen Y.-C.; FU-CHUN WU Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface2418
172011Support vector machine approach for longitudinal dispersion coefficients in natural streamsAzamathulla H.M.; Wu F.-C.; FU-CHUN WU Applied Soft Computing Journal124106
182010A dual active-restrictive approach to incorporating environmental flow targets into existing reservoir operation rulesShiau J.-T.; Wu F.-C.; FU-CHUN WU Water Resources Research2222
192009Bayesian updating of parameters for a sediment entrainment model via Markov chain Monte CarloWu, Fu-Chun ; Chen, C. C.Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 2017
202009Regionalization of natural flow regime: Application to environmental flow optimization at ungauged sitesShiau, Jenq-Tzong; Wu, Fu-Chun River Research and Applications 1716
212008多功能河川環境流量設計:水文、地貌、生態健康與監測技術研究-子計畫二:地形貌為基準之河川環境流量 (新制多年期第1年)吳富春 
232008多功能河川環境流量設計:水文、地貌、生態健康與監測技術研究-總計畫 (新制多年期第1年)吳富春 
252008A histogram matching approach for assessment of flow regime alteration: Application to environmental flow optimizationShiau, Jenq-Tzong; Wu, Fu-Chun River Research and Applications 7572
262008Comparison between genetic algorithm and linear programming approach for real time operationAzamathulla, H.; Wu, Fu-Chun ; Ghani, Aminuddin; Narulkar, Sandeep M.; Zakaria, Nor Azazi; Chang, Chun KiatJournal of Hydro-environment Research 11492
272008Potential for application of an acoustic camera in particle tracking velocimetryWu, Fu-Chun ; Shao, Yun-Chuan; Wang, Chi-Kuei; Liou, JimReview of Scientific Instruments 11
282008河床質粒徑分布之數位影像光篩分析陳嘉欣; 邵允銓; 王驥魁; 吳富春 農業工程學報
302007Pareto-optimal solutions for environmental flow schemes incorporating the intra- and inter-annual variability of the natural flow regimeShiau, Jenq-Tzong; Wu, Fu-Chun Water Resources Research 9577
312007A dynamic corridor-searching algorithm to seek time-varying instream flow releases for optimal weir operation: Comparing three indices of overall hydrologic alterationShiau, Jenq-Tzong; Wu, Fu-Chun River Research and Applications 2317
322007Numerical investigation of the role of turbulent bursting in sediment entrainmentWu, Fu-Chun ; Jiang, Men-RongJournal of Hydraulic Engineering 3635
332006Compromise programming methodology for determining instream flow under multiobjective water allocation criteriaShiau, Jenq-Tzong; Wu, Fu-Chun Journal of the American Water Resources Association 7970
342005變異範圍法RVA應用於河川生態流量之規劃蕭政宗; 吳富春 第二屆生態工程學術研討會
352005水田生態環境微氣候及二氧化碳流通量模式分析吳富春 ; 房志懿水田永續經營與環境機能研討會
362005Forced bars induced by variations of channel width: Implications for incipient bifurcationWu, Fu-Chun ; Yeh, T. H.Journal of Geophysical Research 2928
382004Entrainment probabilities of mixed-size sediment incorporating near-bed coherent flow structuresWu, Fu-Chun ; KUO-HSIN YANG Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 5752
392004河川棲地復育方案優選與風險管理吳富春 第一屆生態工程學術研討會
402004Second-order Monte Carlo uncertainty/variability analysis using correlated model parameters: Application to salmonid embryo survival risk assessmentWu, Fu-Chun ; Tsang, Y. P.Ecological Modelling 5351
412004Nonlinear analysis of forced bars in variable-width channelsWu, Fu-Chun 2004 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting
422004水田生態環境微氣候之量測與數值模擬吳富春 ; 李長穎中國農業工程學報 
432004A stochastic partial transport model for mixed-size sediment: Application to assessment of fractional mobilityWu, Fu-Chun ; KUO-HSIN YANG Water Resources Research 3331
452004Tradeoffs associated with sediment-maintenance flushing flows: A simulation approach to exploring noninferior optionsWu, Fu-Chun ; Chou, Yi-Ju River Research and Applications 20: 2617
462004Assessment of hydrologic alterations caused by Chi-Chi diversion weir in Chou-Shui Creek, Taiwan: Opportunities for restoring natural flow conditionsShiau, Jenq-Tzong; Wu, Fu-Chun River Research and Application 20: 8978
472004Feasible diversion and instream flow release using range of variability approachShiau, Jenq-Tzong; Wu, Fu-Chun Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 6990
482003Multiobjective Noninferior Flushing-Flow Options for Sustaining Salmonid Spawning HabitatWu, Fu-Chun The 13th Stockholm Water Symposium
492003水田土地利用型態對區域性微氣候之影響評估吳富春 ; 楊國鑫 中國農業工程學報 
502003Simulation of gravel-sand bed response to flushing flows using a two-fraction entrainment approach: 2. Noninferior options for sediment maintenance flowsWu, Fu-Chun ; Chou, Y. J.Water Resources Research 
512003Simulation of gravel-sand bed response to flushing flows using a two-fraction entrainment approach: Model development and flume experimentWu, Fu-Chun ; Chou, Yi-Ju Water Resources Research 2322
522003Rolling and Lifting Probabilities for Sediment EntrainmentWu, Fu-Chun ; YI-JU CHOU Journal of Hydraulic Engineering136119
552002水田生態環境及微氣候模式(二)吳富春 ; 楊國鑫 
572002水田微氣候模式之建立與應用吳富春 ; 沈易徵中國農業工程學報 
582002Optimal Flow Strategy for Flushing of Fine Sand in Salmonid Spawning GravelsWu, Fu-Chun ; Ma, D.Y.4th International Ecohydraulics Symposium
592002Effect of flow-related substrate alteration on Physical Habitat: A case study of the endemic river Loach Sinogastromyzon puliensis (Cypriniformes, Homalopteridae) downstream of chi-chi diversion weir, chou-shui creek, TaiwanWu F.-C.; Wang C.-F.; FU-CHUN WU River Research and Applications1713
602002Effect of Flow-related Substrate Alteration on Physical Habitat: A Case Study on the Endemic River Loach Sinogastromyzon puliensis (Cypriniformes, Homalopteridae) Downstream of Chi-Chi Diversion Weir, Chou-Shui Creek, TaiwanWu, Fu-Chun ; C. F. WangRiver Research and Applications 
612002Pickup Probability of Sediment under Log-normal Velocity DistributionWu, Fu-Chun ; Lin, Y. C.Journal of Hydraulic Engineering5545
63200112水田生態環境及微氣候模式吳富春 ; 沈易徵
64200107台北都會區淹水區域預測之研究(三)子計畫:北投、士林、大直及內湖地區吳富春 ; 林曜成第十二屆水利工程研討會 
652001礫石河床沖淤水流之數值模擬吳富春 ; 周逸儒 九十年度農業工程研討會 
662001模糊α-cuts法與蒙地卡羅法之鮭魚存活率不確定性分析比較馬昱; 吳富春 ; 曾尹玢中國農業工程學報 
672001水田生態環境微觀系統分析吳富春 ; 沈易徵水稻田生態措施推廣及環境保護研討會 
682001礫石河床鮭魚存活率之敏感度分析吳富春 ; 馬昱; 曾尹玢中國農業工程學報 
692001模糊理論與蒙地卡羅法之鮭魚存活率不確定性分析比較吳富春 ; 曾尹玢第十二屆水利工程研討會 
712001Ecohydraulic Modeling of Instream Physical Habitat by Modified PHABSIMWu, Fu-Chun International Conference on Ecological Protection of the Planet Earth
722001泥砂顆粒帶起機率之研究吳富春 ; 林曜成中國農業工程學報 
75200007台北都會區淹水區域預測之研究(三):北投、士林、大直及內湖地區吳富春 ; 林曜成
762000礫石河床泥砂入滲與溶氧傳輸模式SIDO在河川生態環境評估之應用吳富春 ; 張偉陞八十九年度農業工程研討會 
772000泥砂顆粒帶起機率之研究吳富春 ; 林曜成八十九年度農業工程研討會 
782000水田生態環境微觀系統建立(二)吳富春 ; 沈易徵
792000流況及底質粒徑之改變對河川物理棲地之影響吳富春 ; 王琪芳第十一屆水利工程研討會 
802000Uncertainty and Risk Analyses of Egg Survival in Salmonid Spawning GravelsWu, Fu-Chun ; Chou, Yi-Ju 4th International Conference on HydroInformatics
812000池堰式魚道中台灣石魚賓之溯游行為分區吳富春 ; 鄭武慎中國農業工程學報 
822000Hydraulic Resistance Induced by Deposition of Sediment in Porous MediumWu, Fu-Chun ; H. T. HuangJournal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE 3527
832000Modeling Embryo Survival Affected by Sediment Deposition into Salmonid Spawning Gravels: Application to Flushing Flow PrescriptionsWu, Fu-Chun Water Resources Research 5049
86199907河川沿岸低窪地淹水模式之研究(二)吳富春 ; 鄭武慎
871999礫石河床沖淤流量之探討吳富春 八十八年度農業工程研討會 
881999七家灣溪櫻花鉤吻鮭棲地環境之改善分析吳富春 ; 鄭武慎台灣水利 
891999以蒙地卡羅模擬探討非飽和土壤異質性對入滲之影響吳富春 ; 沈易徵台灣水利 
901999生態水利工程吳富春 土木水利 
911999魚道水理特性對魚類溯游行為影響之研究(二)吳富春 ; 鄭武慎
921999水田生態環境微觀系統建立(一)吳富春 ; 沈易徵
931999礫石河床魚卵存活率之不確定性分析吳富春 ; 周逸儒 第十屆水利工程研討會 
941999以無線電量測系統探討池堰式魚道中臺灣石之溯游行為吳富春 ; 鄭武慎中國農業工程學報 
951999Variation of Roughness with Stage for Simulated VegetationWu, Fu-Chun ; Ma, D.Y.3rd International Symposium on Ecohydraulics
961999水庫集水區治理規劃與成效評估計畫(二)吳富春 ; 王文江
971999Variation of roughness coefficients for unsubmerged and submerged vegetationWu, Fu-Chun ; Shen, Hsieh Wen; Chou, Yi-Ju Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 326289
991999魚道水理特性對魚類溯游行為影響之研究 (二)吳富春 
100199811集集共同攔河堰之環境生態基準流量評估吳富春 ; 李國昇水資源管理研討會 
101199807河川沿岸低窪地淹水模式之研究(一)吳富春 ; 鄭武慎
1021998水田蓄洪對植生環境之衝擊分析吳富春 ; 沈易徵八十七年度農業工程研討會 
1031998水庫水質模擬敏感度分析與優養化風險評估吳富春 ; 沈易徵中國農業工程學報 
1041998Approximation Techniques for Estimating Parameters of a Stochastic Sediment Transport ModelWu, Fu-Chun ; Ma, D.Y3rd International Conference on Hydro-Science and -Engineering
1051998水田蓄洪對植生環境之衝擊分析吳富春 ; 沈易徵
1061998應用棲地模式估算台灣河川之生態流量吳富春 ; 胡通哲; 李國昇; 李德旺第九屆水利工程研討會 
1071998河川棲地模式PHABSIM之水理計算敏感度分析吳富春 ; 李國昇; 陳宣宏台灣水利 
1081998水庫集水區治理規劃與成效評估計畫(一)吳富春 ; 王文江
1091998無線電量測系統應用在魚道溯游研究之初步實驗評估吳富春 ; 李國昇中國農業工程學報 
1101998Higher-order approximation techniques for estimating stochastic parameter of a sediment transport modelWu, Fu-Chun ; Wang, C.-K.Stochastic Hydrology and Hydraulics 33
1121998魚道水理特性對魚類溯游行為影響之研究(一)吳富春 ; 李國昇
1131997水稻田蓄洪功能分析許銘熙; 吳富春 ; 林洙宏; 蘇騰鋐八十六年度農業工程研討會
1141997生態模式應用於水庫水質模擬吳富春 ; 沈易徵八十六年度農業工程研討會
1151997Ecosystem and Environmental Concerns of Paddy Fields in TaiwanWu, Fu-Chun ; Ma, D.Y.IWRA IX World Water Congress
1161997泥砂入滲序率模式二階有限差分近似解之研究吳富春 ; 王驥魁
1171996台灣地區最大可能降雨之頻率因子許銘熙; 吳富春 ; 謝政道; 傅金城八十五年度農業工程研討會
1181996利用水稻田增進洪水調蓄功能之分析評估蔡長泰; 周乃昉; 游保杉; 詹錢登; 鄒禕; 許銘熙; 吳富春 ; 陳榮松; 呂珍謀; 吳秀芳八十五年度農業工程研討會
1191996台灣八掌溪流域洪水與淹水預報模式之先期研究許銘熙; 顏清連; 王如意; 李天浩 ; 吳富春 ; 蔡長泰; 游保杉第二屆海峽兩岸水利科技交流研討會
1201996美國紅河及阿肯色河因截彎取直致河川移位之研究馬昱; 吳富春 第八屆水利工程研討會
1211996含砂水流通過礫石孔隙之顆粒間交互作用吳富春 ; 馬昱第八屆水利工程研討會
1221996A Stochastic Model for Clogging of Porous Column by SedimentWu, Fu-Chun ; Shen, H.W.; Ma, D.Y.; Hsu, M.H.7th IAHR International Symposium on Stochastic Hydraulics
1231995我國與美國加州水權制度之研究馬昱; 吳富春 ; 許銘熙八十四年度農業工程研討會
1241995水稻田蓄洪模式之研究許銘熙; 吳富春 ; 葉森海八十四年度農業工程研討會
1251995台灣地區蓄水庫安全評估之設計洪水標準探討許銘熙; 吳富春 ; 謝政道; 傅金城八十四年度農業工程研討會
1261995河川移位之數值模擬馬昱; 吳富春 台灣水利 
1271995Numerical Simulation of Inundation with Regional Geographic FeaturesHsu, M.H.; Wu, Fu-Chun ; Teng, W.H.HPC-ASIA '95 
1281995自然災害危機管理許銘熙; 吳富春 國際危機管理研討會
1291995因應海平面上升之災害防救系統分析許銘熙; 吳富春 全球氣候變遷的衝擊-制度與人文面向研討會
1301995Numerical Simulation of Supercritical Shock Wave in Channel ContractionHsu, M.H.; Wu, Fu-Chun ; Teng, W.H.Second International Conference on Hydro-Science and Engineering
1311995水稻田之生態環境吳富春 ; 許銘熙農業工程學報 
1321994渠道坡度與水深對試驗模擬植栽粗糙係數之影響吳富春 八十三年度農業工程研討會
1331994Cell Inundation Forecasting Model for Gia-Yi Area in TaiwanHsu, M.H.; Wu, Fu-Chun ; Teng, W.H.The Expert's Conference on River Information System
1341994泥砂滲入孔隙介質之序率模式研究(二)實驗結果與應用部份吳富春 中國農業工程學報 
1351994A Study on the Change of Pore Size due to the Deposition of Fine Sand Within the Gravel FilterWu, Fu-Chun paper presented at AGU Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting
1361994Inundation Models for Pa-Chang Creek Basin in TaiwanHsu, M.H.; Wu, Fu-Chun ; Teng, W.H.; Lin, S.H.US-Taiwan symposium/Workshop on Urban Disaster Mitigation and Role of Engineering Technology
1371994地下水補注時礫石過濾層中孔隙大小改變之研究吳富春 地下水資源及水質保護研討會
1381994泥砂滲入孔隙介質之序率模式研究(一)理論推演部份吳富春 中國農業工程學報 
1391993An Application of Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process in Sediment Infiltration into Gravel BedWu, Fu-Chun ; Shen, H.W.ASCE National Conference on Hydraulic Engineering