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12023工程數學與水文學的3D視覺化建模教學MING-CHE HU; 胡明哲 教育部教學實踐研究計畫
22022Empirical dynamic modeling of rainfall simulationLin, Hsuan Te; MING-CHE HU ; CHING-PIN TUNG Taiwan Water Conservancy00
32022Euler characteristic during drying of porous mediaShih, Yi-Hsuan; SHAO-YIU HSU ; Huang, Qun-Zhan; Lamorski, Krzysztof; MING-CHE HU ; Tsao, Chia-Wen; Sławiński, Cezary; Shokri, NimaDrying Technology11
42020Application of random forest and ICON models combined with weather forecasts to predict soil temperature and water content in a greenhouseTsai, Yi-Zhih; Hsu, Kan-Sheng; Wu, Hung-Yu; Lin, Shu-I.; HWA-LUNG YU ; KUO-TSANG HUANG ; MING-CHE HU ; SHAO-YIU HSU Water (Switzerland)1312
52020Canopy Resistance and Estimation of Evapotranspiration above a Humid Cypress ForestLin, B.-S.; Lei, H.; Hu, M.-C.; Visessri, S.; Hsieh, C.-I.; MING-CHE HU ; BAU-SHOW LIN ; CHENG-I HSIEH Advances in Meteorology88
62020擬譜法分析孔隙介質二相流之最佳震動控制蔡昊宸(Hao-Cheng Tsai); 胡明哲(Ming Che Hu) ; 許少瑜(Shao Yiu Hsu) 農業工程學報00
72019Urban metabolic analysis of a food-water-energy system for sustainable resources managementMING-CHE HU ; CHIHHAO FAN ; Huang, Tailin; Wang, Chi Fang; YU-HUI CHEN International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health2725
82019Development of Kriging-approximation simulated annealing optimization algorithm for parameters calibration of porous media flow modelMing-Che Hu ; Chia-Hui Shen; Shao-Yiu Hsu ; Hwa-Lung Yu ; Krzysztof Lamorski; Sławiński, CezaryStochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment64
92019Optimization of air quality monitoring network based on a spatiotemporal-spectrum manifold analysisWang, Chi-Fang; MING-CHE HU ; Lee, Chieh-Han; HWA-LUNG YU Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment66
102019Empirical framework for a relative sustainability evaluation of urbanization on the water–energy–food nexus using simultaneous equation analysisCHIHHAO FAN ; Fan, C.; Lin, C.-Y.; MING-CHE HU International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health1110
112018Food-energy interactive tradeoff analysis of sustainable urban plant factory production systemsLI-CHUN HUANG ; YU-HUI CHEN ; Chen, Ya Hui; Wang, Chi Fang; MING-CHE HU Sustainability (Switzerland)67
122018Evaluating neighborhood structures for modeling intercity diffusion of large-scale dengue epidemicsWen T.-H. ; Hsu C.-S.; Hu, M.-C. International Journal of Health Geographics118
132018Stochastic competitive analysis of hydropower and water supplies within an energy–water nexusMING-CHE HU ; CHING-PIN TUNG ; HWA-LUNG YU ; Huang, TailinStochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment55
142016Stochastic programming and market equilibrium analysis of microgrids energy management systemsHu, M.-C.; Lu, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-H.; MING-CHE HU Energy5050
152016Stochastic–multiobjective market equilibrium analysis of a demand response program in energy market under uncertaintyHu M.-C.; Lu S.-Y.; Chen Y.-H.; MING-CHE HU Applied Energy2625
162015Development of metrology to estimate energy requirement for water supply systemsLin, C.-Y.; Tung, C.-P.; Hu, M.-C.; Tan, C.-C.; Liao, W.-T.; Chou, C.-H.; MING-CHE HU Taiwan Water Conservancy0
172014Optimal operating strategies and management for smart microgrid systemsHu, M.-C.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chang, Y.-R.; MING-CHE HU Journal of Energy Engineering89
182014A sustainable vegetable supply chain using plant factories in Taiwanese markets: A Nash-Cournot modelMING-CHE HU ; YU-HUI CHEN ; LI-CHUN HUANG International Journal of Production Economics2827
192013Economic analysis and optimal energy management models for microgrid systems: A case study in TaiwanChen, Y.-H.; Lu, S.-Y.; Chang, Y.-R.; Lee, T.-T.; Hu, M.-C.; MING-CHE HU Applied Energy131121
202013Impact of climate change on Taiwanese power market determined using linear complementarity modelCHING-PIN TUNG ; Tseng, T.-C.; Huang, A.-L.; Liu, T.-M.; MING-CHE HU Applied Energy16
212013GIS-based biomass resource utilization for rice straw cofiring in the taiwanese power marketMING-CHE HU ; Huang, A.-L.; TZAI-HUNG WEN Energy
222013The study of electricity consumption of tap water supply systems in taiwanLin, C.-Y., Tung, C.-P., Hu, M.-C.; MING-CHE HU Taiwan Water Conservancy0
232011Analysis of biomass co-firing systems in Taiwan power markets using linear complementarity modelsMING-CHE HU ; CHUN-HUNG LIN ; Chun-An Chou; SHAO-YIU HSU ; TZAI-HUNG WEN Energy Policy98
242011Optimal energy management of microgrid systems in TaiwanChen, Y.-H.; Chen, Y.-H.; Hu, M.-C.; MING-CHE HU IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe120
252010Analysis of multi-pollutant policies for the U.S. power sector under technology and policy uncertainty using MARKALHu, M.-C.; Hobbs, B.F.; MING-CHE HU Energy4841
262010From regions to stacks: Spatial and temporal downscaling of power pollution scenariosHobbs, B.F.; Hu, M.-C.; Chen, Y.; Ellis, J.H.; Paul, A.; Burtraw, D.; Palmer, K.L.; MING-CHE HU IEEE Transactions on Power Systems1816
272009Systems informatics for biomass feedstock productionMING-CHE HU American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2009, ASABE 20093
282009System level analysis of biomass feedstock production for bioenergy sectorShastri, Y.; Domdouzis, K.; Hu, M.-C.; Hansen, A.; Rodriguez, L.; Ting, K.C.; MING-CHE HU American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2009
292009System level analysis of biomass feedstock production for bioenergy sectorShastri, Y.; Domdouzis, K.; Hu, M.-C. ; Hansen, A.; Rodriguez, L.; Ting, K.C.American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 200960
302008Dynamic analysis of demand curve adjustment and learning in response to generation capacity cost dynamics in the PJM capacity marketHu, M.-C.; Hobbs, B.F.; MING-CHE HU IEEE Power and Energy Society 2008 General Meeting: Conversion and Delivery of Electrical Energy in the 21st Century50
312007A dynamic analysis of a demand curve-based capacity market proposal: The PJM reliability pricing modelHobbs, B.F.; Hu, M.-C.; I\\~n\\'on, J.G.; Stoft, S.E.; Bhavaraju, M.P.; MING-CHE HU IEEE Transactions on Power Systems11383
322007PJM reliability pricing Model - A summary and dynamic analysisBhavaraju, M.P.; Hobbs, B.; Hu, M.-C.; MING-CHE HU 2007 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting40
332005Capacity markets: Review and a dynamic assessment of demand-curve approachesHobbs, B.F.; Inon, J.G.; Hu, M.-C.; Stoft, S.E.; MING-CHE HU 2005 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting14