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12024Watershed groundwater level multistep ahead forecasts by fusing convolutional-based autoencoder and LSTM modelsKow, Pu Yun; Liou, Jia Yi; Sun, Wei; Chang, Li Chiu; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Environmental Management0
22023High-spatiotemporal-resolution PM2.5 forecasting by hybrid deep learning models with ensembled massive heterogeneous monitoring dataWu, Kuan Yen; Hsia, I. Wen; Kow, Pu Yun; Chang, Li Chiu; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Cleaner Production0
32023Exploring a multi-objective optimization operation model of water projects for boosting synergies and water quality improvement in big river systemsZhu, Di; Zhou, Yanlai; Guo, Shenglian; FI-JOHN CHANG ; Lin, Kangling; Deng, ZhiminJournal of Environmental Management12
42023A flood Impact-Based forecasting system by fuzzy inference techniquesWee, Gary; Chang, Li Chiu; FI-JOHN CHANG ; Mat Amin, Mohd ZakiJournal of Hydrology00
52023Empowering Greenhouse Cultivation: Dynamic Factors and Machine Learning Unite for Advanced Microclimate PredictionSun, Wei; FI-JOHN CHANG Water (Switzerland)00
62023Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Hydrology and Water Resources ManagementFI-JOHN CHANG ; Chang, Li Chiu; Chen, Jui FaWater (Switzerland)51
72023Develop a hybrid machine learning model for promoting microbe biomass productionKow, Pu Yun; Lu, Mei Kuang; Lee, Meng Hsin; Lu, Wei Bin; FI-JOHN CHANG Bioresource Technology22
82023Deep learning–based neural networks for day-ahead power load probability density forecastingZhou, Yanlai; Zhu, Di; Chen, Hua; Guo, Shenglian; Xu, Chong Yu; FI-JOHN CHANG Environmental Science and Pollution Research00
92023The Critical Recommendations for Providing Energy EfficiencyBaitenova, Laura M.; Mutaliyeva, Lyailya M.; FI-JOHN CHANG Contributions to Economics00
102022Integrate deep learning and physically-based models for multi-step-ahead microclimate forecastingKow, Pu Yun; Lee, Meng Hsin; Sun, Wei; Yao, Ming Hwi; FI-JOHN CHANG Expert Systems with Applications43
112022Develop a Smart Microclimate Control System for Greenhouses through System Dynamics and Machine Learning TechniquesChen, Ting Hsuan; Lee, Meng Hsin; Hsia, I. Wen; Hsu, Chia Hui; Yao, Ming Hwi; FI-JOHN CHANG Water (Switzerland)33
122022Exploring a multi-objective cluster-decomposition framework for optimizing flood control operation rules of cascade reservoirs in a river basinZhu, Di; Chen, Hua; Zhou, Yanlai; Xu, Xinfa; Guo, Shenglian; FI-JOHN CHANG ; Xu, Chong YuJournal of Hydrology34
132022Spatial-temporal flood inundation nowcasts by fusing machine learning methods and principal component analysisChang, Li Chiu; Liou, Jia Yi; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology1624
142022Optimal dispatching scheme of multi-objective cascade reservoirs by parallel mechanism-optimization algorithmsBai, Tao; Li, Lei; Yang, Wang wang; FI-JOHN CHANG ; Huang, QiangJournal of Hydrology00
152022Emerging Themes and Future Directions of Multi-Sector Nexus Research and ImplementationKhan, Zarrar; Abraham, Edo; Aggarwal, Srijan; Ahmad Khan, Manal; Arguello, Ricardo; Babbar-Sebens, Meghna; Bereslawski, Julia Lacal; Bielicki, Jeffrey M.; Campana, Pietro Elia; Silva Carrazzone, Maria Eugenia; Castanier, Homero; FI-JOHN CHANG ; Collins, Pamela; Conchado, Adela; Dagani, Koteswara Rao; Daher, Bassel; Dekker, Stefan C.; Delgado, Ricardo; Diuana, Fabio A.; Doelman, Jonathan; Elshorbagy, Amin A.; CHIHHAO FAN ; Gaudioso, Rossana; Gebrechorkos, Solomon H.; Geli, Hatim M.E.; Grubert, Emily; Huang, Daisy; Huang, Tailin; Ilyas, Ansir; Ivakhnenko, Aleksandr; Jewitt, Graham P.W.; Ferreira dos Santos, Maria João; Jones, J. Leah; Kellner, Elke; Krueger, Elisabeth H.; Kumar, Ipsita; Lamontagne, Jonathan; Lansu, Angelique; Lee, Sanghyun; Li, Ruopu; Linares, Pedro; Marazza, Diego; Mascari, María Pía; McManamay, Ryan A.; Meng, Measrainsey; Mereu, Simone; Miralles-Wilhelm, Fernando; Mohtar, Rabi; Muhammad, Abubakr; Opejin, Adenike Kafayat; Pande, Saket; Parkinson, Simon; Payet-Burin, Raphaël; Ramdas, Meenu; Ramos, Eunice Pereira; Ray, Sudatta; Roberts, Paula; Sampedro, Jon; Sanders, Kelly T.; Saray, Marzieh Hassanzadeh; Schmidt, Jennifer; Shanafield, Margaret; Siddiqui, Sauleh; Suriano, Micaela; Taniguchi, Makoto; Trabucco, Antonio; Tuninetti, Marta; Vinca, Adriano; Weeser, Björn; White, Dave D.; Wild, Thomas B.; Yadav, Kamini; Yogeswaran, Nithiyanandam; Yokohata, Tokuta; Yue, QinFrontiers in Environmental Science53
162022Deep neural networks for spatiotemporal PM<inf>2.5</inf> forecasts based on atmospheric chemical transport model output and monitoring dataKow, Pu Yun; Chang, Li Chiu; Lin, Chuan Yao; Chou, Charles C.K.; FI-JOHN CHANG Environmental Pollution2423
172022Real-time image-based air quality estimation by deep learning neural networksKow P.-Y; Hsia I.-W; Chang L.-C; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Environmental Management1412
182022A hybrid of response surface methodology and artificial neural network in optimization of culture conditions of mycelia growth of Antrodia cinnamomeaLee M.-H; Lu W.-B; Lu M.-K; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Biomass and Bioenergy34
192021Using a self-organizing map to explore local weather features for smart urban agriculture in Northern TaiwanHuang A; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Water (Switzerland)55
202021Article prospects for rooftop farming system dynamics: An action to stimulate water-energy-food nexus synergies toward green cities of tomorrowHuang A; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Sustainability (Switzerland)1010
212021Interactive urban building energy modelling with functional mockup interface of a local residential building stockIssermann M; Chang F.-J; Kow P.-Y.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Cleaner Production1514
222021Fusing stacked autoencoder and long short-term memory for regional multistep-ahead flood inundation forecastsKao I.-F; Liou J.-Y; Lee M.-H; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology3935
232020Explore a Multivariate Bayesian Uncertainty Processor driven by artificial neural networks for probabilistic PM2.5 forecastingZhou, Y.; Chang, L.-C.; Chang, F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Science of the Total Environment2424
242020Seamless integration of convolutional and back-propagation neural networks for regional multi-step-ahead PM<inf>2.5</inf> forecastingKow, P.-Y.; Wang, Y.-S.; Zhou, Y.; Kao, I.-F.; Issermann, M.; Chang, L.-C.; Chang, F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Cleaner Production6260
252020Exploring a Long Short-Term Memory based Encoder-Decoder framework for multi-step-ahead flood forecastingKao, I.-F.; Zhou, Y.; Chang, L.-C.; Chang, F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology192185
262020An advanced complementary scheme of floating photovoltaic and hydropower generation flourishing water-food-energy nexus synergiesZhou, Y.; Chang, F.-J.; Chang, L.-C.; Lee, W.-D.; Huang, A.; Xu, C.-Y.; Guo, S.; FI-JOHN CHANG Applied Energy4742
272020Explore training self-organizing map methods for clustering high-dimensional flood inundation mapsChang, L.-C.; Wang, W.-H.; Chang, F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology1612
282020Explore spatio-temporal PM2.5 features in northern Taiwan using machine learning techniquesChang, F.-J.; Chang, L.-C.; Kang, C.-C.; Wang, Y.-S.; Huang, A.; FI-JOHN CHANG Science of the Total Environment5853
292020Exploring Copula-based Bayesian Model Averaging with multiple ANNs for PM2.5 ensemble forecastsZhou, Y.; Chang, F.-J.; Chen, H.; Li, H.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Cleaner Production2626
302020Self-organizing maps of typhoon tracks allow for flood forecasts up to two days in advanceChang, L.-C.; Chang, F.-J.; Yang, S.-N.; Tsai, F.-H.; Chang, T.-H.; Herricks, E.E.; FI-JOHN CHANG Nature Communications4047
312020Improving the reliability of probabilistic multi-step-ahead flood forecasting by fusing unscented kalman filter with recurrent neural networkZhou, Y.; Guo, S.; Xu, C.-Y.; Chang, F.-J.; Yin, J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Water (Switzerland)3129
322020Efficient urban inundation model for live flood forecasting with cellular automata and motion cost fieldsIssermann, M.; Chang, F.-J.; Jia, H.; FI-JOHN CHANG Water (Switzerland)66
332020Advances in hydrologic forecasts and water resources managementChang, F.-J.; Guo, S.; FI-JOHN CHANG Water (Switzerland)2320
342020Explore Regional PM2.5 Features and Compositions Causing Health Effects in TaiwanWang, Y.-S.; Chang, L.-C.; Chang, F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Environmental Management3833
352020Uncertainty analysis of spatiotemporal models with point estimate methods (PEMs)-the case of the ANUGA hydrodynamic modelIssermann, M.; Chang, F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Water (Switzerland)44
362020Stimulate hydropower output of mega cascade reservoirs using an improved Kidney AlgorithmZhou, Y.; Guo, S.; Xu, C.-Y.; Chang, F.-J.; Chen, H.; Liu, P.; Ming, B.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Cleaner Production87
372020大數據、AI與IOT防災設備於城市淹水預報之應用張麗秋; 王藝峰; 黃克禮; 古濙瑜; 張斐章; FI-JOHN CHANG 土木水利0
382020Explore the relationship between fish community and environmental factors by machine learning techniquesHu, J.-H.; Tsai, W.-P.; Cheng, S.-T.; Chang, F.-J.; SU-TING CHENG ; FI-JOHN CHANG Environmental Research1516
392019Optimize multi-objective transformation rules of water-sediment regulation for cascade reservoirs in the Upper Yellow River of ChinaFI-JOHN CHANG; Wei, Jian; Bai, Tao; Yang, Wangwang; Huang, Q.; Bai, Tao; Wei, Jian; FI-JOHN CHANG; Yang, Wangwang; Huang, Q.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology3332
402019Emergency disposal solution for control of a giant landslide and dammed lake in Yangtze River, ChinaXu, Chong Yu; Chen, Guiya; Zhao, Xiaofeng; Zhou, Yanlai; Guo, Shenglian; FI-JOHN CHANG; Chen, G.; Zhao, X.; Zhou, Y.; Guo, S.; Xu, C.-Y.; Chang, F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Water (Switzerland)21
412019Mathematical modeling suggests high potential for the deployment of floating photovoltaic on fish pondsCh?teau P.-A.; Wunderlich R.F.; Wang T.-W.; Lai H.-T.; Chen C.-C.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Science of the Total Environment4433
422019Drought mitigation under urbanization through an intelligent water allocation systemTsai W.-P.; Cheng C.-L.; Uen T.-S.; Zhou Y.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Agricultural Water Management1412
432019Explore a deep learning multi-output neural network for regional multi-step-ahead air quality forecastsZhou Y.; Chang F.-J.; Chang L.-C.; Kao I.-F.; Wang Y.-S.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Cleaner Production183153
442019AI-based design of urban stormwater detention facilities accounting for carryover storageYang S.-N.; Chang L.-C.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology1814
452019Multi-output support vector machine for regional multi-step-ahead PM 2.5 forecastingZhou Y.; Chang F.-J.; Chang L.-C.; Kao I.-F.; Wang Y.-S.; Kang C.-C.; FI-JOHN CHANG Science of the Total Environment10794
462019Prospect for small-hydropower installation settled upon optimal water allocation: An action to stimulate synergies of water-food-energy nexusZhou Y.; Chang L.-C.; Uen T.-S.; Guo S.; Xu C.-Y.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Applied Energy4741
472019Modeling and investigating the mechanisms of groundwater level variation in the Jhuoshui River Basin of Central TaiwanBai T.; Tsai W.-P.; Chiang Y.-M.; Chang F.-J.; Chang W.-Y.; Chang L.-C.; Chang K.-C.; FI-JOHN CHANG Water76
482019Explore an evolutionary recurrent ANFIS for modelling multi-step-ahead flood forecastsZhou Y.; Guo S.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology9887
492018Exploring synergistic benefits of Water-Food-Energy Nexus through multi-objective reservoir optimization schemesUen T.-S.; Chang F.-J.; Zhou Y.; Tsai W.-P.; FI-JOHN CHANG Science of the Total Environment8277
502018Methodology that improves water utilization and hydropower generation without increasing flood risk in mega cascade reservoirsZhou Y.; Guo S.; Chang F.-J.; Liu P.; Chen A.B.; FI-JOHN CHANG Energy7063
512018Identification of flood seasonality using an entropy-based methodXiong F.; Guo S.; Chen L.; Chang F.-J.; Zhong Y.; Liu P.; FI-JOHN CHANG Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment106
522018Exploring the spatio-temporal interrelation between groundwater and surface water by using the self-organizing mapsChen I.-T.; Chang L.-C.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology5750
532018Evaluation of the BMA probabilistic inflow forecasts using TIGGE numeric precipitation predictions based on artificial neural networkZhong Y.; Guo S.; Ba H.; Xiong F.; Chang F.-J.; Lin K.; FI-JOHN CHANG Hydrology Research1511
542018Boosting hydropower output of mega cascade reservoirs using an evolutionary algorithm with successive approximationZhou Y.; Guo S.; Chang F.-J.; Xu C.-Y.; FI-JOHN CHANG Applied Energy3227
552018HESS Opinions: Incubating deep-learning-powered hydrologic science advances as a communityShen C.; Laloy E.; Elshorbagy A.; Albert A.; Bales J.; Chang F.-J.; Ganguly S.; Hsu K.-L.; Kifer D.; Fang Z.; Fang K.; Li D.; Li X.; Tsai W.-P.; FI-JOHN CHANG Hydrology and Earth System Sciences154139
562018Building ANN-based regional multi-step-ahead flood inundation forecast modelsChang L.-C.; Amin M.Z.M.; Yang S.-N.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Water (Switzerland)7545
572018Building an intelligent hydroinformatics integration platform for regional flood inundation warning systemsChang L.-C.; Chang F.-J.; Yang S.-N.; Kao I.-F.; Ku Y.-Y.; Kuo C.-L.; Amin I.M.Z.M.; FI-JOHN CHANG Water (Switzerland)3536
582018Signals of stream fish homogenization revealed by AI-based clustersCheng S.-T.; Tsai W.-P.; Yu T.-C.; Herricks E.E.; FI-JOHN CHANG ; SU-TING CHENG Scientific Reports1015
592017A data-mining framework for exploring the multi-relation between fish species and water quality through self-organizing mapTsai W.-P.; Huang S.-P.; Cheng S.-T.; Shao K.-T.; SU-TING CHENG ; FI-JOHN CHANG Science of the Total Environment6858
602017Systematic impact assessment on inter-basin water transfer projects of the Hanjiang River Basin in ChinaZhou Y.; Guo S.; Hong X.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology5855
612017Bivariate seasonal design flood estimation based on copulasYin J.; Guo S.; Liu Z.; Chen K.; Chang F.-J.; Xiong F.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrologic Engineering1414
622017Fusing feasible search space into PSO for multi-objective cascade reservoir optimizationBai T.; Kan Y.-B.; Chang J.-X.; Huang Q.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Applied Soft Computing Journal6151
632017Conservation of groundwater from over-exploitation—Scientific analyses for groundwater resources managementChang F.-J.; Huang C.-W.; Cheng S.-T.; SU-TING CHENG ; FI-JOHN CHANG Science of the Total Environment4039
642016Assessing the natural and anthropogenic influences on basin-wide fish species richnessCheng S.-T.; Herricks E.E.; Tsai W.-P.; SU-TING CHENG ; FI-JOHN CHANG Science of the Total Environment2320
652016Modelling Intelligent Water Resources Allocation for Multi-usersChang F.-J.; Wang Y.-C.; Tsai W.-P.; FI-JOHN CHANG Water Resources Management4442
662016Exploring the ecological response of fish to flow regime by soft computing techniquesTsai W.-P.; Chang F.-J.; Herricks E.E.; FI-JOHN CHANG Ecological Engineering1312
672016Data-driven modelling approaches for socio-hydrology: Opportunities and challenges within the Panta Rhei Science PlanMount N.J.; Maier H.R.; Toth E.; Elshorbagy A.; Solomatine D.; Chang F.-J.; Abrahart R.J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Hydrological Sciences Journal7367
682016Exploring the Mechanism of Surface and Ground Water through Data-Driven Techniques with Sensitivity Analysis for Water Resources ManagementTsai W.-P.; Chiang Y.-M.; Huang J.-L.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Water Resources Management1310
692016Apportioning riverine DIN load to export coefficients of land uses in an urbanized watershedShih Y.-T.; Lee T.-Y.; Huang J.-C.; Kao S.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG ; JR-CHUAN HUANG Science of the Total Environment1919
702016Prediction of monthly regional groundwater levels through hybrid soft-computing techniquesChang F.-J.; Chang L.-C.; Huang C.-W.; Kao I.-F.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology9888
712016A nonlinear spatio-temporal lumping of radar rainfall for modeling multi-step-ahead inflow forecasts by data-driven techniquesChang F.-J.; Tsai M.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology8476
722016Estimating spatio-temporal dynamics of stream total phosphate concentration by soft computing techniquesChang F.-J.; Chen P.-A.; Chang L.-C.; Tsai Y.-H.; FI-JOHN CHANG Science of the Total Environment2320
732015AI techniques for optimizing multi-objective reservoir operation upon human and riverine ecosystem demandsTsai W.-P.; Chang F.-J.; Chang L.-C.; Herricks E.E.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology7566
742015Modeling water quality in an urban river using hydrological factors - Data driven approachesChang F.-J.; Tsai Y.-H.; Chen P.-A.; Coynel A.; Vachaud G.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Environmental Management10888
752015Synergistic gains from the multi-objective optimal operation of cascade reservoirs in the Upper Yellow River basinBai T.; Chang J.-X.; Chang F.-J.; Huang Q.; Wang Y.-M.; Chen G.-S.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology10086
762015Multi-step-ahead reservoir inflow forecasting by artificial intelligence techniquesChang F.J.; Lo Y.C.; Chen P.A.; Chang L.C.; Shieh M.C.; FI-JOHN CHANG Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies74
772015Multistep-ahead flood forecasts by neuro-fuzzy networks with effective rainfall-run-off patternsChang F.-J.; Chiang Y.M.; Ho Y.H.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Flood Risk Management98
782014Real-time multi-step-ahead water level forecasting by recurrent neural networks for urban flood controlChang F.-J.; Chen P.-A.; Lu Y.-R.; Huang E.; Chang K.-Y.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology183157
792014Regional flood inundation nowcast using hybrid SOM and dynamic neural networksChang L.-C.; Shen H.-Y.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology8377
802014Including spatial distribution in a data-driven rainfall-runoff model to improve reservoir inflow forecasting in TaiwanTsai M.-J.; Abrahart R.J.; Mount N.J.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Hydrological Processes3429
812014Watershed rainfall forecasting using neuro-fuzzy networks with the assimilation of multi-sensor informationChang F.-J.; Chiang Y.-M.; Tsai M.-J.; Shieh M.-C.; Hsu K.-L.; Sorooshian S.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology6151
822014Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for the prediction of monthly shoreline changes in northeastern TaiwanChang F.-J.; Lai H.-C.; FI-JOHN CHANG Ocean Engineering1513
832014Investigating the interactive mechanisms between surface water and groundwater over the Jhuoshuei river basin in central TaiwanChang F.-J.; Lin C.-H.; Chang K.-C.; Kao Y.-H.; Chang L.-C.; FI-JOHN CHANG Paddy and Water Environment99
842013Dynamic factor analysis and artificial neural network for estimating pan evaporation at multiple stations in northern Taiwan [Analyse factorielle dynamique et r?seaux de neurones artificiels pour l'estimation des ?vaporations de bac de plusieurs stations dans le nord de Ta?wan]Chang F.J.; Sun W.; Chung C.H.; FI-JOHN CHANG Hydrological Sciences Journal1010
852013Self-organizing radial basis neural network for predicting typhoon-induced losses to riceChang F.-J.; Chiang Y.-M.; Cheng W.-G.; FI-JOHN CHANG Paddy and Water Environment54
862013Reinforced recurrent neural networks for multi-step-ahead flood forecastsChen P.-A.; Chang L.-C.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology11295
872013A systematical water allocation scheme for drought mitigationChang F.-J.; Wang K.-W.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology3528
882013A self-organizing radial basis network for estimating riverine fish diversityChang F.-J.; Tsai W.-P.; Chen H.-K.; Yam R.S.W.; Herricks E.E.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology2925
892013A refined automated grain sizing method for estimating river-bed grain size distribution of digital imagesChung C.-H.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology1512
902012A spatial neural fuzzy network for estimating pan evaporation at ungauged sitesChung C.-H.; Chiang Y.-M.; Chang F.J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Hydrology and Earth System Sciences1410
912012Estimation of riverbed grain-size distribution using image-processing techniquesChang F.-J.; Chung C.-H.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology2927
922012Reinforced two-step-ahead weight adjustment technique for online training of recurrent neural networksChang L.-C.; Chen P.-A.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems5245
932012Editorial comments on the special issue of PAWEES 2011 International ConferenceChang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Paddy and Water Environment00
942012A hybrid artificial neural network-based agri-economic model for predicting typhoon-induced lossesChiang Y.-M.; Cheng W.-G.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Natural Hazards53
952011應用類神經網路推估區域地下水中砷污染之研究高力山; 張斐章 ; Kao, Li-shan; Chang, Fi-john 農業工程學報 
962011Assessing the characteristics of groundwater quality of arsenic contaminated aquifers in the blackfoot disease endemic areaLu, K.-L.; Liu, C.-W.; Wang, S.-W.; Jang, C.-S.; Lin, K.-H.; Liao, V.H.-C.; Liao, C.-M.; Chang, F.-J.; Lu, Kuang-Liang; CHEN-WUING LIU ; VIVIAN LIAO ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Wang, Sheng-Wei; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Lin, Kao-Hung; Vivian Liao, Hsiu-Chuan; Liao, Chung-Min ; Chang, Fi-John Journal of Hazardous Materials2524
972011Multi-tier interactive genetic algorithms for the optimization of long-term reservoir operationWang K.-W.; Chang L.-C.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Advances in Water Resources4240
982011PAWEES 2011 International Conference on "Capacity Building for Participatory Irrigation and Environmental Management": 1st AnnouncementChang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Paddy and Water Environment00
992011Identifying natural flow regimes using fish communitiesChang F.-J.; Tsai W.-P.; Wu T.-C.; Chen H.-K.; Herricks E.E.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Hydrology1413
1002011Auto-control of pumping operations in sewerage systems by rule-based fuzzy neural networksChiang Y.-M.; Chang L.-C.; Tsai M.-J.; Wang Y.-F.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Hydrology and Earth System Sciences3936
1012010Real-Time Reservoir Operation for Flood Control Using Artificial Intelligent TechniquesChang, Li-Chiu; Chang, Fi-John ; Hsu, Hung-ChengInternational Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation230
1022010Constrained genetic algorithms for optimizing multi-use reservoir operationChang, Li-Chiu; Chang, Fi-John ; Wang, Kuo-Wei; Dai, Shin-YiJournal of Hydrology137116
1032010Dynamic neural networks for real-time water level predictions of sewerage systems-covering gauged and ungauged sitesChiang, Yen-Ming; Chang, Li-Chiu; Tsai, Meng-Jung; Wang, Yi-Fung; Chang, Fi-John Hydrology and Earth System Sciences3731
1042010Assessing the effort of meteorological variables for evaporation estimation by self-organizing map neural networkChang, Fi-John ; Chang, Li-Chiu; Kao, Huey-Shan; Wi, Gwo-RuJournal of Hydrology8068
1052010遺傳規劃法應用於水庫入流量預測之研究陳永祥; 張斐章 ; Chen, Yung-Hsiang; Chang, Fi-John 臺灣水利 
1062010Artificial neural networks for estimating regional arsenic concentrations in a blackfoot disease area in TaiwanChang, F.-J.; Kao, L.-S.; Kuo, Y.-M.; Liu, C.-W.; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Chang, Fi-John ; Kao, Li-shan; Kuo, Yi-Ming; Liu, Chen-Wuing Journal of Hydrology4747
1072010Dynamic factor analysis for estimating ground water arsenic trendsKuo Y.-M.; Chang F.-J.; FI-JOHN CHANG Journal of Environmental Quality2824
1082009應用類神經網路推估溪流之生物多樣性蔡文柄; 張斐章 ; Tsai, Wen-Ping; Chang, Fi-John 臺灣水利 
1092009Evaluating the Potential Impact of Reservoir Operation on Fish CommunitiesSuen, Jian-Ping; Eheat, J.Wayland; Herricks, Edwin E; Chang, Fi-John Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management3330
1102009Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for operating parallel reservoir systemChang, Li-Chiu; Chang, Fi-John Journal of Hydrology146122
1112009Investigating the impact of the Chi-Chi earthquake on the occurrence of debris flows using artificial neural networksChang, Fi-John ; Chiang, Yen-Ming; Lee, Wong-ShuoHydrological Processes1211
1122009Defining the ecological hydrology of Taiwan Rivers using multivariate statistical methodsChang, Fi-John ; Wu, Tzu-Ching; Tsai, Wen-Ping; Herricks, Edwin E.Journal of Hydrology2117
1132009Auto-configuring radial basis function networks for chaotic time series and flood forecastingChang, Li-Chiu; Chang, Fi-John ; Wang, Yuan-PengHydrological Processes2924
1142009Integrating hydrometeorological information for rainfall-runoff modelling by artificial neural networksChiang, Yen-Ming; Chang, Fi-John Hydrological Processes4036
1152009類神經網路於區域地下水砷濃度的推估高力山; 吳子青; 劉振宇 ; 張斐章 ; Kao, Li-Shan; Wu, Tzu-Ching; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Chang, Fi-John 臺灣水利 
1162009Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks for Hydrological Systems ForecastingChen, Yung-hsiang; Chang, Fi-John Journal of Hydrology140125
1172009ENHANCED DISSOLUTION OF TRICHLOROETHYLENE-CONTAMINATED SOIL WITH SODIUM DODECYL SULFATE-CONTAINING SOLUTIONChen, Yi-Hung; Chang, Ching-Yuan; Shie, Je-Lueng; Chiou, Chyow-San; Chang, Fi-John ; Lin, Rong-Hsien; Chiu, Chun-Yu環境與管理研究 
1182009Valve movement response of the freshwater clam Corbicula fluminea following exposure to waterborne arsenicLiao, C.-M.; Jau, S.-F.; Lin, C.-M.; Jou, L.-J.; Liu, C.-W.; Liao, V.H.-C.; Chang, F.-J.; Liao, Chung-Min ; CHEN-WUING LIU ; VIVIAN LIAO ; Jau, Sheng-Feng; Lin, Chieh-Ming; Jou, Li-John; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Liao, Vivian Hsiu-Chuan; Chang, Fi-John Ecotoxicology3834
1192008Counterpropagation fuzzy-neural network for city flood control systemChang, Fi-John ; Chang, Kai-Yao; Chang, Li-ChiuJournal of Hydrology4036
1202008Assessing the ecological hydrology of natural flow conditions in TaiwanChang, Fi-John ; Tsai, Meng-Jung; Tsai, Wen-Ping; Herricks, Edwin E.Journal of Hydrology4134
1212008Intelligent reservoir operation system based on evolving artificial neural networksChaves, Paulo; Chang, Fi-John Advances in Water Resources8775
1222008Neural network modelling for mean velocity and turbulence intensities of steep channel flowsChang, Fi-John ; Yang, Han-Chung; Lu, Jau-Yau; Hong, Jian-HaoHydrological Processes1212
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2591991An Investigation of Two High-Resolution Spectrum Analysis MethodsChang,Fi-John 台灣水利 
2601991利用基流量推估低流量頻率張斐章 灌溉技術與管理研討會論文集 
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2701989目標函數對水庫即時操作之影響張斐章 ; 陳莉臺灣水利 
2711989甘露成酸雨張斐章 防災科技通訊 
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