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12019Synthesis of Ag-modified TiO<inf>2</inf> nanotube and its application in photocatalytic degradation of dyes and elemental mercuryTsai, Cheng Yen; CHEN-WUING LIU ; HSING-CHENG HSI ; Lin, Kuen Song; Lin, Yi Wen; Lai, Li Chijournal article10
22019Preparation of AgCl/TNTs nanocomposites for organic dyes and inorganic heavy metal removalTsai, Cheng Yen; CHEN-WUING LIU ; HSING-CHENG HSI ; Lin, Kuen Song; Lin, Yi Wen; Lai, Li Chi; Weng, Tsung Nanjournal article10
32019Geochemical, mineralogical and statistical characteristics of arsenic in groundwater of the Lanyang Plain, TaiwanLiu C.-W.; Wu M.-Z.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article0
42019Synthesis of Ag-modified TiO2 nanotube and its application in photocatalytic degradation of dyes and elemental mercuryTsai C.-Y.; Liu C.-W.; Hsi H.-C.; Lin K.-S.; Lin Y.-W.; Lai L.-C.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article0
52019Preparation of AgCl/TNTs nanocomposites for organic dyes and inorganic heavy metal removalTsai C.-Y.; Liu C.-W.; Hsi H.-C.; Lin K.-S.; Lin Y.-W.; Lai L.-C.; Weng T.-N.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article0
62019Correlations between on-site screening methods and laboratory analyses of oil-contaminated fuelling station sitesWeng T.-N.; Liu C.-W.; Liu W.-Y.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article0
72019Reactive transport of arsenic-enriched geothermal spring water into a sedimentary aquiferLiu C.-W.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article0
82018Fabrication and characterization of tin-modified TNT via different tin compounds treatmentTsai C.-Y.; Liu C.-W.; Lai L.-C.; Lin Y.-W.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article2
92017Influence of carbon-functional groups with less hydrophilicity on a TiO <inf>2</inf> photocatalyst for removing low-level elemental mercuryTsai, Cheng Yen; Pan, Yu Tsai; Tseng, Yao Hsuan; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Kuo, Tien Ho; HSING-CHENG HSI journal article55
102017Influence of carbon-functional groups with less hydrophilicity on a TiO 2 photocatalyst for removing low-level elemental mercuryTsai C.-Y.; Pan Y.-T.; Tseng Y.-H.; Liu C.-W.; Kuo T.-H.; Hsi H.-C.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article5
112017Development of HCl-treated titania nanotube photocatalysts for dye photodegradation and low-concentration elemental mercury removalTsai C.-Y.; Liu C.-W.; Chan Y.H.; Chang T.-Y.; Chen B.-C.; Hsi H.-C.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article4
122017Isotopic evidence of nitrogen sources and nitrogen transformation in arsenic-contaminated groundwaterWeng T.-N.; Liu C.-W.; Kao Y.-H.; Hsiao S.S.-Y.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article12
132016Effect of medium permeability anisotropy on the morphological evolution of two non-uniformities in a geochemical dissolution systemCHEN-WUING LIU journal article1411
142016An analytical model for simulating two-dimensional multispecies plume migrationCHEN-WUING LIU journal article87
152016Bioaccumulation of mercury and polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in salty water organismsCHEN-WUING LIU journal article76
162016Influences of specific ions in groundwater on concrete degradation in subsurface engineered barrier systemCHEN-WUING LIU journal article21
172016Transport and bottom accumulation of fine river sediments under typhoon conditions and associated submarine landslides: Case study of the Peinan River, TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article57
182016Assessing the performance of a permeable reactive barrier–aquifer system using a dual-domain solute transport modelChen J.-S.; Hsu S.-Y.; Li M.-H.; Liu C.-W.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article6
192016A novel method for analytically solving a radial advection-dispersion equationLai K.-H.; Liu C.-W.; Liang C.-P.; Chen J.-S.; Sie B.-R.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article6
202016Assessing and simulating the major pathway and hydrogeochemical transport of arsenic in the Beitou-Guandu area, TaiwanLiu, Chen-Wing; Wang, Chin-Jen; Kao, Yu-Hsiun; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article3
212015Dynamic column adsorption of As on iron-oxide-coated natural rock (IOCNR) and sludge managementCHEN-WUING LIU journal article00
222015Characterization of heavy-metal-contaminated sediment by using unsupervised multivariate techniques and health risk assessmentCHEN-WUING LIU journal article1212
232015Effect of sulfidogenesis cycling on the biogeochemical process in arsenic-enriched aquifers in the Lanyang Plain of Taiwan: Evidence from a sulfur isotope studyCHEN-WUING LIU ; PEI-LING WANG journal article33
242015Differentiating the spatiotemporal distribution of natural and anthropogenic processes on river water-quality variation using a self-organizing map with factor analysisCHEN-WUING LIU journal article00
252015Effects of Reclaimed Water on the Growth and Fruit Quality of CucumberCHEN-WUING LIU journal article20
262015Characterization and risk assessment of PAH-contaminated river sediment by using advanced multivariate methodsCHEN-WUING LIU journal article3838
272015A parsimonious analytical model for simulating multispecies plume migrationChen J.-S.; Liang C.-P.; Liu C.-W.; Li L.Y.; CHEN-WUING LIU journal article0
282014Bioaccumulation and translocation of arsenic in the ecosystem of the Guandu Wetland, TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2018
292014Identifying sources and controlling factors of arsenic release in saline groundwater aquifersCHEN-WUING LIU journal article23
302014Effect of permeability-porosity functions on simulated morphological evolution of a chemical dissolution frontCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2422
312014Spatial pattern assessment of river water quality: Implications of reducing the number of monitoring stations and chemical parametersCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2933
322014Assessment of arsenic concentration in stream water using neuro fuzzy networks with factor analysisCHEN-WUING LIU journal article98
332013Implementation of the adsorbent iron-oxide-coated natural rock (IOCNR) on synthetic As(III) and on real arsenic-bearing sample with filterCHEN-WUING LIU journal article1517
342013Regional estimation of groundwater arsenic concentrations through systematical dynamic-neural modelingCHEN-WUING LIU ; VIVIAN LIAO journal article2019
352013Probability-based nitrate contamination map of groundwater in KinmenCHEN-WUING LIU journal article86
362013Hydrogeochemical and mineralogical investigations of arsenic- and humic substance-enriched aquifersCHEN-WUING LIU journal article1212
372013Improvement of the agricultural effective rainfall for irrigating rice using the optimal clustering model of rainfall station networkCHEN-WUING LIU journal article52
382013Probabilistic health risk assessment for ingestion of seafood farmed in arsenic contaminated groundwater in TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2219
392013Arsenate removal from aqueous media on iron-oxide-coated natural rock (IOCNR): a comprehensive batch studyCHEN-WUING LIU journal article66
402013Agricultural water rights and effects on irrigation and management of perennial crop fields in TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article
412013Estimation of pumpage and recharge in alluvial fan topography under multiple irrigation practicesCHEN-WUING LIU journal article43
422013Estimation on consumptive characteristic of irrigation water for paddy fields using water balance theoremCHEN-WUING LIU journal article
432013A bacteria injection scheme for in situ bioaugmentationCHEN-WUING LIU journal article00
442013Hydrochemical, mineralogical and isotopic investigation of arsenic distribution and mobilization in the Guandu wetland of TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU ; PEI-LING WANG journal article1213
452013Using the model of continuous probability distributions to estimate the effective rainfall of paddy fields in TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article0
462013Concurrent concentration declines in groundwater-dissolved radon, methane and ethane precursory to 2011 MW 5.0 Chimei earthquakeCHEN-WUING LIU ; WEN-SHAN CHEN journal article43
472012Estimating mountain block recharge to downstream alluvial aquifers from standard methodsCHEN-WUING LIU journal article88
482012A New Method for Laboratory Estimation of the Transverse Dispersion Coefficient,″ by Marco Massabò, Federico Catania, O. Paladino, May-June 2007, v. 45, no. 3: 339-347CHEN-WUING LIU journal article22
492012Investigation of biogeochemical interactive reaction processes of arsenic in Choushui river alluvial fan and Lanyang plain using isotopic methods, TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU conference paper
502012Estimation of the spatial rainfall distribution using inverse distance weighting (IDW) in the middle of TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article142123
512012A novel method for analytically solving multi-species advective-dispersive transport equations sequentially coupled with first-order decay reactionsCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2728
522012Characterizing hydrochemical properties of springs in Taiwan based on their geological originsCHEN-WUING LIU journal article1010
532012One century of arsenic exposure in Latin America: A review of history and occurrence from 14 countriesCHEN-WUING LIU journal article229210
542012Estimation of pumpage and recharge in a groundwater system considering multiple irrigation practicesCHEN-WUING LIU journal article
552012Arsenic in the human food chain: The Latin American perspectiveCHEN-WUING LIU journal article9685
562012Development of the economical and stable subsurface flow in the upstream rivers of Western TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article
572012Using a mass balance model to evaluate groundwater budget of seawater-intruded island aquifersCHEN-WUING LIU journal article21
582012Assessing soil erosion in a terraced paddy field using experimental measurements and universal soil loss equationCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2521
592012Multivariate approaches optimize locations of groundwater pumping facilities for different hydrogeological scalesCHEN-WUING LIU ; YIH-CHI TAN journal article33
602012Effects of free convection and friction on heat-pulse flowmeter measurementCHEN-WUING LIU ; Lee, Tsai-Ping; HONGEY CHEN ; Chia, Yeeping; YEEPING CHIA ; Chen, Jiun-Szu; Chen, Hongey ; Liu, Chen-Wuing journal article52
612012Biogeochemical cycling of ferric oxyhydroxide affecting As partition in groundwater aquitardCHEN-WUING LIU ; LI-HUNG LIN journal article44
622012Generalized analytical solutions to sequentially coupled multi-species advective-dispersive transport equations in a finite domain subject to an arbitrary time-dependent source boundary conditionCHEN-WUING LIU journal article1818
632012Assessment of groundwater emergency utilization in Taipei Basin during droughtCHEN-WUING LIU journal article64
642012Evaluation and investigation of safety on headworks of rivers in Central TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article0
652012Fixed bed adsorption of As(III) on iron-oxide-coated natural rock (IOCNR) and application to real arsenic-bearing groundwaterCHEN-WUING LIU journal article3940
662012Using multivariate statistical methods to assess the groundwater quality in an arsenic-contaminated area of Southwestern TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2123
672012A New Method for Laboratory Estimation of the Transverse Dispersion Coefficient,? by Marco Massab?, Federico Catania, O. Paladino, May-June 2007, v. 45, no. 3: 339-347Chen J.-S.; Liu C.-W.; Liu Y.-H.; CHEN-WUING LIU others2
682011Assessing the mechanisms controlling the mobilization of arsenic in the arsenic contaminated shallow alluvial aquifer in the blackfoot disease endemic areaVivian Liao, Hsiu-Chuan; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Chu, Yu-Ju Chua; VIVIAN LIAO ; YAW-HUEI HWANG ; Su, Yu-Chen; Lin, Po-Cheng; Hwang, Yaw-Huei ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Liao, Vivian Hsiu-Chuan; Chu, Yu-Ju; Liao, Chung-Min ; Su, Yu-Chen; Chang, Fi-John ; Lin, Po-Cheng; Yu, Chan-Wei; Hwang, Yaw-Huei ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Liao, Chung-Min ; Chang, Fi-John ; Yu, Chan-Weijournal article2423
692011Assessing nitrate contamination and its potential health risk to Kinmen residentsCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2016
702011Effect of transverse dispersion on solute transport in a vertical dipole flow test with a tracerCHEN-WUING LIU journal article42
712011Arsenite-oxidizing and arsenate-reducing bacteria associated with arsenic-rich groundwater in TaiwanLiao, VH; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Chu, YJ; VIVIAN LIAO ; WEI-CHIANG SHEN ; Su, YC; Hsiao, SY; Wei, CC; Liu, CW; Liao, CM; Chang, FJ; Shen, WCjournal article115105
722011Assessing the characteristics of groundwater quality of arsenic contaminated aquifers in the blackfoot disease endemic areaLu, Kuang-Liang; CHEN-WUING LIU ; VIVIAN LIAO ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Wang, Sheng-Wei; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Lin, Kao-Hung; Vivian Liao, Hsiu-Chuan; Liao, Chung-Min ; Chang, Fi-John journal article2222
732011Health risks for human intake of aquacultural fish: Arsenic bioaccumulation and contaminationCHEN-WUING LIU journal article4032
742011Influence of hydrological and hydrogeochemical parameters on arsenic variation in shallow groundwater of southwestern TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article1211
752011Exact analytical solutions for two-dimensional advection-dispersion equation in cylindrical coordinates subject to third-type inlet boundary conditionCHEN-WUING LIU journal article3131
762011Assessment of nitrogen contamination of groundwater in paddy and upland fieldsCHEN-WUING LIU journal article45
772011地下水系統水平衡分析與補注源水量推估之研究CHEN-WUING LIU journal article
782011A comparative study on the estimation of evapotranspiration using backpropagation neural network: Penman-Monteith method versus pan evaporation methodCHEN-WUING LIU journal article109
792011Correlating recurrent radon precursors with local earthquake magnitude and crust strain near the Chihshang fault of eastern TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article44
802011Assessing and managing the health risk due to ingestion of inorganic arsenic from fish and shellfish farmed in blackfoot disease areas for general TaiwaneseCHEN-WUING LIU journal article3231
812011Biogeochemical cycling of arsenic in coastal salinized aquifers: Evidence from sulfur isotope studyCHEN-WUING LIU ; PEI-LING WANG journal article1313
822011Analytical solutions to two-dimensional advection-dispersion equation in cylindrical coordinates in finite domain subject to first- and third-type inlet boundary conditionsCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2729
832011Generalized analytical solution for advection-dispersion equation in finite spatial domain with arbitrary time-dependent inlet boundary conditionCHEN-WUING LIU journal article3937
842011Arsenic removal from real arsenic-bearing groundwater by adsorption on iron-oxide-coated natural rock (IOCNR)CHEN-WUING LIU journal article5454
852011Water balance analysis and recharge source evaluation in a groundwater systemCHEN-WUING LIU journal article3
862010Influences of hydrological variables on the As variation in shallow groundwater of southwestern TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU conference paper
872010Multivariate and hydrogeochemical analyses of arsenic-affected aquifers: Implication to arsenic release processesCHEN-WUING LIU conference paper
882010Comparative analysis of temporal changes of multifunctionality benefit of two major rice paddy plains in TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article86
892010An integrated GIS-based approach in assessing carcinogenic risks via food-chain exposure in arsenic-affected groundwater areasCHEN-WUING LIU journal article1415
902010Analysis of contaminant transport towards a partially penetrating extraction well in an anisotropic aquiferCHEN-WUING LIU journal article33
912010Evaluation of arsenic species preservation method for groundwater samples in TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU conference paper
922010Conservative solute approximation to the transport of a remedial reagent in a vertical circulation flow fieldCHEN-WUING LIU journal article46
932010Management of High Groundwater Level Aquifer in the Taipei BasinCHEN-WUING LIU journal article1715
942010Appraisal of affordable green subsidy of rice paddy in TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article43
952010Development of an artificial neural network model for determination of longitudinal and transverse dispersivities in a convergent flow tracer testCHEN-WUING LIU journal article33
962010Redox characteristics and zonation of arsenic-affected multi-layers aquifers in the Choushui River alluvial fan, TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article1414
972010Primary sink and source of geogenic arsenic in sedimentary aquifers in the southern Choushui River alluvial fan, Taiwan王亭貴 ; Lu, Kuang-Liang; CHEN-WUING LIU ; VIVIAN LIAO ; 張允中 ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Wang, Sheng-Wei; 陳思遠 ; 蕭自佑 ; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Lin, Kao-Hung; Vivian Liao, Hsiu-Chuan; Liao, Chung-Min ; Chang, Fi-John journal article1314
982010Artificial neural networks for estimating regional arsenic concentrations in a blackfoot disease area in TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU ; Chang, Fi-John ; Kao, Li-shan; Kuo, Yi-Ming; Liu, Chen-Wuing journal article2931
992010Arsenic distribution and the influential factors in the Guandu wetland of northern TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU conference paper
1002010Contribution of reducing bacteria to mobilization and transformation of arsenic in groundwaterCHEN-WUING LIU conference paper
1012010Arsenic speciation in fish and shellfish in the blackfoot disease areaCHEN-WUING LIU conference paper0
1022010Assessment of arsenic rich water quality through neuro-fuzzy-based intelligent theoriesCHEN-WUING LIU conference paper0
1032010Arsenite-oxidizing and arsenate-reducing bacteria associated with arsenic-rich groundwater in TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU conference paper0
1042010The Taiwan crisis: A showcase of the global arsenic problemJean J.-S.; Bundschuh J.; Chen C.-J.; Guo H.-R.; Liu C.-W.; Lin T.-F.; Chen Y.-H.; CHEN-WUING LIU book0
1052009類神經網路於區域地下水砷濃度的推估高力山; 吳子青; 劉振宇 ; 張斐章 ; Kao, Li-Shan; Wu, Tzu-Ching; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Chang, Fi-John journal article
1062009Evaluation of front morphological development of reactive solute transport using behavior diagramsCHEN-WUING LIU journal article22
1072009Arsenic accumulation by rice grown in soil treated with roxarsoneCHEN-WUING LIU ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Lin, Ching-Chieh; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Sheu, Guey-Rong; Tsui, Lojournal article2523
1082009Valve movement response of the freshwater clam Corbicula fluminea following exposure to waterborne arsenicLiao, Chung-Min ; CHEN-WUING LIU ; VIVIAN LIAO ; Jau, Sheng-Feng; Lin, Chieh-Ming; Jou, Li-John; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Liao, Vivian Hsiu-Chuan; Chang, Fi-John journal article2121
1092009Determining the probability of arsenic in groundwater using a parsimonious modelCHEN-WUING LIU ; LEE, JIN-JING; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Liang, Ching-Ping; WANG, SHENG-WEIjournal article1212
1102009Effects of mechanical dispersion on the morphological evolution of a chemical dissolution front in a fluid-saturated porous mediumCHEN-WUING LIU ; Chen, Jui-Sheng; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Lai, Geng-Xin; Ni, Chuen-Fajournal article3733
1112009Risk-based assessment of arsenic-affected aquacultural water in blackfoot disease hyperendemic areasJang, Cheng-Shin; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Lin, Kao-Hung; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Lin, Ming-Chaojournal article55
1122008砷於生態水文地質系統之生態毒性及生物地質化學-砷在生態水文地質系統之生物地化傳輸 (新制多年期第2年)劉振宇 report
1132008砷於生態水文地質系統之生態毒性及生物地質化學-砷在生態水文地質系統之生物地化傳輸 (新制多年期第1年)劉振宇 report
1142008Changes in hydrogeological properties of the River Choushui alluvial fan aquifer due to the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake, TaiwanJang, Cheng-Shin; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; YEEPING CHIA ; Chia, Yeeping ; Cheng, Li-Hsin; Chen, You-Chingjournal article1111
1152008Assessing carcinogenic risks associated with ingesting arsenic in farmed smeltfish (Ayu, Plecoglossus altirelis) in aseniasis-endemic area of TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU ; Lee, Jin-Jing; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Liang, Ching-Ping; Liu, Chen-Wuing journal article108
1162008Spatial and temporal changes of groundwater level induced by thrust faultingChia, Yeeping ; CHEN-WUING LIU ; YEEPING CHIA ; Chiu, Jessie J.; Chiang, Yi-Hsuan; Lee, Tsai-Ping; Liu, Chen-Wuing journal article2016
1172008Characterization of groundwater quality in Kinmen Island using multivariate analysis and geochemical modellingCHEN-WUING LIU journal article3635
1182008Delineation of spatial redox zones using discriminant analysis and geochemical modelling in arsenic-affected alluvial aquifersCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2321
1192008Spatiotemporal distribution of arsineic species of oysters (Crassostrea gigas) in the coastal area of southwestern TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Huang, Yung-Kay; Hsueh, Yu-Mei; Lin, Kao-Hung; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Huang, Lan-Pingjournal article129
1202008Zonal management of multi-purpose use of water from arsenic-affected aquifers by using a multi-variable indicator kriging approachCHEN-WUING LIU ; Lee, Jin-Jing; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Liang, Ching-Pingjournal article2017
1212008Acute toxicity and bioaccumulation of arsenic in freshwater clam Corbicula flumineaLiao, Chung-Min ; CHEN-WUING LIU ; VIVIAN LIAO ; Jau, Sheng-Feng; Chen, Wei-Yu; Lin, Chieh-Ming; Jou, Li-John; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Vivian Liao, Hsiu-Chuan; Chang, Fi-John journal article2525
1222007濁水溪沖積扇南翼地層環境中砷之富集、釋出、分布及地化傳輸(3/3)劉振宇 report
1232007蘭陽平原地下水砷之來源、行為及生物地化釋出與致癌性健康風險評估之研究 (新制多年期第1年)劉振宇 report
1242007Arsenic distribution in a tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) water-sediment aquacultural ecosystem in blackfoot disease hyperendemic areasCHEN-WUING LIU ; Wang, S. -W.; Lin, K. -H.; Hsueh, Y. -M.; Liu, C. -W.journal article81
1252007Delimitation of arsenic-contaminated groundwater using risk-based indicator approaches around blackfoot disease hyperendemic areas of southern TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU ; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Lu, Kuang-liang; Lin, Ching-chiehjournal article1110
1262007Time series decomposition of groundwater level changes in wells due to the Chi-Chi earthquake in Taiwan: A possible hydrological precursor to earthquakesCHEN-WUING LIU journal article44
1272007Composite analytical solutions for a soil vapour extraction systemCHEN-WUING LIU journal article66
1282007Reply to comment on 'A novel hysteresis model in unsaturated soil' by A. D. Werner and D. A. LockingtonCHEN-WUING LIU ; YIH-CHI TAN journal article00
1292007Evaluation of potential health risk of arsenic-affected groundwater using indicator kriging and dose response modelLee, Jin-Jing; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Wang, Sheng-Wei; Liu, Chen-Wuing journal article5249
1302007Bioaccumulation of arsenic compounds in aquacultural clams (Meretrix lusoria) and assessment of potential carcinogenic risks to human health by ingestionCHEN-WUING LIU ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Liang, Ching-Ping; Lin, Kao-Hung; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Wang, Sheng-Wei; Huang, Yung-Kay; Hsueh, Yu-Meijournal article4843
1312007Factors responsible for high arsenic concentrations in two groundwater catchments in TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU ; Wang, Sheng-Wei; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Jang, Cheng-Shinjournal article7673
1322007Reply to comment on 'A novel hysteresis model in unsaturated soil' by A. D. Werner and D. A. LockingtonHuang H.-C.; Liu C.-W.; Tan Y.-C.; Chen C.-H.; CHEN-WUING LIU others0
1332006Occurrence of Arsenic in Ground Water in the Choushui River Alluvial Fan, TaiwanLiu, Chen-Wuing ; Wang, Sheng-Wei; Jang, Cheng-Shin; Lin, Kao-Hongjournal article5449
1342006Spatial Analysis of Potential Carcinogenic Risks Associated with Ingesting Arsenic in Aquacultural Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) in Blackfoot Disease Hyperendemic AreasJang, Cheng-Shin; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Lin, Kao-Hung; Huang, Feng-Mei; Wang, Sheng-Weijournal article5248
1352006Assessing the human health risks from exposure of inorganic arsenic through oyster (Crassostrea gigas) consumption in TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Liang, Ching-Ping; Huang, Feng Mei; Hsueh, Yu-Meijournal article6255
1362006Evaluation of longitudinal and transverse dispersivities/distance ratios for tracer test in a radially convergent flow field with scale-dependent dispersionCHEN-WUING LIU ; Chen, Jui-Sheng; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Liang, Ching-Pingjournal article1914
1372006Estimation irrigation water requirements with derived crop coefficients for upland and paddy crops in ChiaNan Irrigation Association, TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU ; Kuo, Sheng-Feng; Ho, Shin-Shen; Liu, Chen-Wuing journal article6050
1382006Estimation of land subsidence caused by loss of smectite-interlayer water in shallow aquifer systemsLiu, Chen-Wuing ; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Lin, Wen-Sheng; Cheng, Li-Hsinjournal article44
1392006Mapping of spatial multi-scale sources of arsenic variation in groundwater on ChiaNan floodplain of TaiwanLin, Yun-Bin; CHEN-WUING LIU ; YU-PIN LIN ; Lin, Yu-Pin ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; YIH-CHI TAN ; Tan, Yih-Chi journal article4142
1402006Tissue accumulation of arsenic compounds in aquacultural and wild mullet (Mugil cephalus)CHEN-WUING LIU journal article119
1412006Application of grey correlation method to evaluate potential groundwater recharge sitesCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2729
1422006Sustainable groundwater management in Kinmen IslandCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2020
1432006倒傳遞神經網路應用於嘉南灌區作物蒸發散量之推估郭勝豐; 程澄元; 劉振宇 journal article
1442005Mathematical model for formation decontamination by pumping with well bore mixingChen, Jui-Sheng; Liang, Ching-Ping; Gau, Hwa-Sheng; Liu, Chen-Wuing journal article55
1452005行政院國家科學委員會補助專題研究計畫成果報告:濁水溪沖積扇南翼地層環境中砷之富集、釋出、分布及地化傳輸(1/3)劉振宇 report
1462005涵養水田 挹補地下水源劉振宇 journal article
1472005Contamination potential of nitrogen compounds in the heterogeneous aquifers of the Choushui River alluvial fan, TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU journal article2019
1482005Determination of the magnitudes and values for groundwater recharge from Taiwan's paddy fieldCHEN-WUING LIU ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Tan, Chih-Huang; Huang, Cheng-Changjournal article1010
1492005Laboratory investigation of plough sole reformation in a simulated paddy fieldLiu, Chen-Wuing ; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Yu, Wei-Sheng; Chen, Wen-Teng; Chen, Shih-Kaijournal article1212
1502005Revised cancer risk assessment of inorganic arsenic upon consumption of tilapia (Oreochomis mossambicus) from blackfoot disease hyperendemic areasCHEN-WUING LIU ; Liu, C.-W.; Huang, F.-M.; Hsueh, Y.-M.journal article2322
1512005A smectite dehydration model in a shallow sedimentary basin: Model developmentCHEN-WUING LIU ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Lin, Wen-Shengjournal article87
1522005A novel hysteresis model in unsaturated soilCHEN-WUING LIU ; YIH-CHI TAN journal article6660
1532005行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫期中進度報告:濁水溪沖積扇三維水文地質特性受集集地震影響之研究(2/3)劉振宇 report
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