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12023Estimating Ground Heat Flux from Net RadiationCHENG-I HSIEH ; Chiu, Cheng Jiun; Huang, I. Hang; Visessri, SupattraAtmosphere
22023Ecological Carrying Capacity Estimation of the Trails in a Protected Area: Integrating a Path Analysis Model and the Stakeholders’ EvaluationChin Chang, Han; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Yu, Chin Chung; YANN-JOU LIN ; BAU-SHOW LIN Forests
32023Estimating Canopy Resistance Using Machine Learning and Analytical ApproachesCHENG-I HSIEH ; Huang, I. Hang; Lu, Chun TeWater (Switzerland)0
42022Estimation of Latent Heat Flux Using a Non-Parametric MethodCHENG-I HSIEH ; Chiu, Cheng-Jiun; Huang, I-Hang; Kiely, GerardWATER01
52021Study of the thermal environment of sidewalks within varied urban road structuresLin B.-S; Cho Y.-H; BAU-SHOW LIN ; CHENG-I HSIEH Urban Forestry and Urban Greening86
62020Gap-filling of surface fluxes using machine learning algorithms in various ecosystemsHuang I.-H; CHENG-I HSIEH Water (Switzerland)
72020Canopy Resistance and Estimation of Evapotranspiration above a Humid Cypress ForestLin, B.-S.; Lei, H.; Hu, M.-C.; Visessri, S.; Hsieh, C.-I.; MING-CHE HU ; BAU-SHOW LIN ; CHENG-I HSIEH Advances in Meteorology88
82019Continuity of care, follow-up care, and outcomes among breast cancer survivorsChen Y.-Y.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; KUO-PIAO CHUNG International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health1111
92019Use of Numerical Model to investigate Density Current in Field SiteCheng-Chia Huang; Hao-Che Ho ; Fong-Zuo Lee; Yih-Chi Tan; Cheng-Chia Huang; Hao-Che Ho ; Fong-Zuo Lee; Yih-Chi Tan; CHENG-I HSIEH ; YIH-CHI TAN 3rd International workshop on Sediment Bypass Tunnels 
102018Differences in the outcomes of adjuvant chemotherapy for colon cancer prescribed by physicians in different disciplines: a population-based study in TaiwanCHENG-I HSIEH ; Raymond N. Kuo ; Liang, Chun-Chieh; Tsai, Hsin-Yun; KUO-PIAO CHUNG BMJ open10
112018A numerical study of the temperature reduction by water spray systems within urban street CanyonsLee, Ying-Chen; TSANG-JUNG CHANG ; CHENG-I HSIEH Sustainability44
122017Effects of canopy gaps on N 2 O fluxes in a tropical montane rainforest in Hainan of ChinaYang H.; Detto M.; Liu S.; Yuan W.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Wang X.; Chen R.; Chen H.; Peng C.; Jiang X.; Li Y.; Xu H.; Liu W.; Yang Q.Ecological Engineering
132017The Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Power Plant Emissions on Birth Weight: Evidence from a Pennsylvania Power Plant Located Upwind of New JerseyYang M.; Bhatta R.A.; Chou S.-Y.; CHENG-I HSIEH Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
142015Wind-induced leaf transpirationHuang, C.-W.; Chu, C.-R.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Palmroth, S.; Katul, G.G.Advances in Water Resources
152014Erratum to "Sensitivity of stand transpiration to wind velocity in a mixed broadleaved deciduous forest" [Agric. Forest Meteorol. 187 (2014) 62-71]Kim, D.; Oren, R.; Oishi, A.C.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Phillips, N.; Novick, K.A.; Stoy, P.C.Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
162014Sensitivity of stand transpiration to wind velocity in a mixed broadleaved deciduous forestKim, D.; Oren, R.; Oishi, A.C.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Phillips, N.; Novick, K.A.; Stoy, P.C.Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
172013樹液感應器之校正與應用謝正義; 洪志凱; 陳明志; CHENG-I HSIEH 農業工程學報
182013Calibration and application of a sap flow sensorCHENG-I HSIEH Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Engineering0
192013Association of treatment and outcomes of doctor-shopping behavior in patients with hepatocellular carcinomaKUO-PIAO CHUNG ; MING-CHIN YANG ; CHENG-I HSIEH Patient Preference and Adherence119
202012溪頭地區二氧化碳通量之初探賴彥任; CHENG-I HSIEH et al. 臺灣大學生物資源暨農學院實驗林研究報告
212010Artificial neural networks in the estimation of monthly capacity factors of WECS in TaiwanTu, Y.-L.; Chang, T.-J.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Shih, J.-Y.Energy Conversion and Management
222010Observation and simulation of meteorology and surface energy components over the South China Sea in summers of 2004 and 2006Lan, Y.-Y.; Tsuang, B.-J.; Tu, C.-Y.; Wu, T.-Y.; Chen, Y.-L.; CHENG-I HSIEH Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
232009Comparison of airflow and particulate matter transport in multi-room buildings for different natural ventilation patternsKao, H.-M.; Chang, T.-J.; Hsieh, Y.-F.; Wang, C.-H.; Hsieh, C.-I.; Kao, Hong-Ming; Chang, Tsang-Jung ; Hsieh, Yi-Fang; Wang, Chia-Ho; Hsieh, Cheng-I. Energy and Buildings3526
242009非均勻地形風場之數值模擬研究謝正義; 陳明志; 許志揆; 賴進松; CHENG-I HSIEH 農業工程學報
252009Long-term estimation of soil heat flux by single layer soil temperatureCHENG-I HSIEH ; Huang, C.-W.; Kiely, G.International Journal of Biometeorology
262009The Lagrangian stochastic model for estimating footprint and water vapor fluxes over inhomogeneous surfacesCHENG-I HSIEH ; Katul, G.International Journal of Biometeorology
272009Transient response of sap flow to wind speedChu, C.R.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Wu, S.-Y.; Phillips, N.G.Journal of Experimental Botany
292008Estimation of sensible heat, water vapor, and CO<inf>2</inf> fluxes using the flux-variance methodCHENG-I HSIEH ; Lai, M.-C.; Hsia, Y.-J.; Chang, T.-J.International Journal of Biometeorology
312007非均勻地形之紊流擴散模擬謝正義; 蔡宗翰; CHENG-I HSIEH 農業工程學報
322006Estimating the uncertainty in annual net ecosystem carbon exchange: spatial variation in turbulent fluxes and sampling errors in eddy-covariance measurementsOREN, RAM; Hsieh, Cheng-I ; STOY, PAUL; ALBERTSON, JOHN; MCCARTHY, HEATHER R.; HARRELL, PETER; KATUL, GABRIEL G.Global Change Biology127138
332005The effect of future climate perturbations on N2O emissions from a fertilized humid grasslandHsieh, Cheng-I ; Leahy, P.; Kiely, G.; Li, C.Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems
342005Photosynthetic responses of a humid grassland ecosystem to future climate perturbationsHsieh, Cheng-I ; Kiely, G.; Birkby, A.; Katul, G.Advances in Water Resources
372004Removal of Cu(II) from aqueous solution in a fluidized-bed reactorLee, C.-I.; Yang, W.-F.; CHENG-I HSIEH Chemosphere
382004Removal of copper (II) by manganese-coated sand in a liquid fluidized-bed reactorLee, C.-I.; Yang, W.-F.; CHENG-I HSIEH Journal of Hazardous Materials
392003Predicting Scalar Source-Sink and Flux Distributions Within a Forest Canopy Using a 2-D Lagrangian Stochastic Dispersion ModelHsieh, Cheng-I ; Siqueira, Mario; Katul, Gabriel; Chu, Chia-RenBoundary-Layer Meteorology2319
412001Quantifying the complexity in mapping energy inputs and hydrologic state variables into land-surface fluxesKatul, G.G.; Lai, C.-T.; Albertson, J.D.; Vidakovic, B.; Sch\\afer, K.V.R.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Oren, R.Geophysical Research Letters
422000An approximate analytical model for footprint estimation of scalar fluxes in thermally stratified atmospheric flowsCHENG-I HSIEH ; Katul, G.; Chi, T.-W.Advances in Water Resources
431999A note on the flux-variance similarity relationships for heat and water vapour in the unstable atmospheric surface layerKatul, G.G.; CHENG-I HSIEH Boundary-Layer Meteorology
441999Spatial variability of turbulent fluxes in the roughness sublayer of an even-aged pine forestKatul, G.; CHENG-I HSIEH ET AL. Boundary-Layer Meteorology
451998Active turbulence and scalar transport near the forest-atmosphere interfaceCHENG-I HSIEH Journal of Applied Meteorology66
461998Skin temperature perturbations induced by surface layer turbulence above a grass surfaceCHENG-I HSIEH Water Resources Research4747
471997The Lagrangian stochastic model for fetch and latent heat flux estimation above uniform and nonuniform terrainCHENG-I HSIEH ; Katul, G.G.; Schieldge, J.; Sigmon, J.T.; Knoerr, K.K.Water Resources Research
481997Turbulent eddy motion at the forest-atmosphere interfaceKatul, G.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Kuhn, G.; Ellsworth, D.; Nie, D.Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres
491997The ejection-sweep character of scalar fluxes in the unstable surface layerKatul, G.; Kuhn, G.; Schieldge, J.; CHENG-I HSIEH Boundary-Layer Meteorology
501997Dissipation methods, Taylor's hypothesis, and stability correction functions in the atmospheric surface layerCHENG-I HSIEH ; Katul, G.G.Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres
511997Lagrangian dispersion model for predicting CO&lt;inf&gt;2&lt;/inf&gt; sources, sinks, and fluxes in a uniform loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) standKatul, G.; Oren, R.; Ellsworth, D.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Phillips, N.; Lewin, K.Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres
521996The "inactive" eddy motion and the large-scale turbulent pressure fluctuations in the dynamic sublayerCHENG-I HSIEH Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences44
531996Latent and sensible heat flux predictions from a uniform pine forest using surface renewal and flux variance methodsCHENG-I HSIEH Boundary-Layer Meteorology88
541996Estimation of momentum and heat fluxes using dissipation and flux- variance methods in the unstable surface layerCHENG-I HSIEH ; Katul, G.G.; Schieldge, J.; Sigmon, J.; Knoerr, K.R.Water Resources Research
551996Energy-inertial scale interactions for velocity and temperature in the unstable atmospheric surface layerKatul, G.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Sigmon, J.Boundary-Layer Meteorology
561995Estimation of surface heat and momentum fluxes using the flux-variance method above uniform and non-uniform terrainKatul, G.; Goltz, S.M.; CHENG-I HSIEH ; Cheng, Y.; Mowry, F.; Sigmon, J.Boundary-Layer Meteorology