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12019Determining the body condition scores of sows using convolutional neural networksHuang, Mao Hsiang; EN-CHUNG LIN; YAN-FU KUO; Mao-Hsiang Huang; En-Chung Lin; Yan-Fu Kuo; EN-CHUNG LIN ; YAN-FU KUO Conference Paper; conference paper00
22019Genome-wide association study on the body temperature changes of a broiler-type strain Taiwan country chickens under acute heat stressZhuang Z.-X.; Chen S.-E.; Chen C.-F.; Lin E.-C.; Huang S.-Y.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article11
32018Whole-genome de novo sequencing reveals unique genes that contributed to the adaptive evolution of the Mikado pheasantLee C.-Y.; Hsieh P.-H.; Chiang L.-M.; Chattopadhyay A.; Li K.-Y.; Lee Y.-F.; Lu T.-P.; Lai L.-C.; Lin E.-C.; Lee H.; Ding S.-T.; Tsai M.-H.; Chen C.-Y.; Chuang E.Y.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article22
42018Population structure and phylogenetic analysis of laboratory rabbits in Taiwan based on microsatellite markersLai F.Y.; Ding S.T.; Tu P.A.; Chen R.S.; Lin D.Y.; Lin E.C.; Wang P.H.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article11
52018Survey of genetic structure of geese using novel microsatellite markersLai F.-Y.; Tu P.-A.; Ding S.-T.; Lin M.-J.; Chang S.-C.; Lin E.-C.; Lo L.-L.; Wang P.-H.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article55
62017A microfluidic chip for rapid single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping using primer extension on microbeadsChang Y.-M.; Ding S.-T.; Lin E.-C.; Wang L.A.; Lu Y.-W.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article33
72017Automated melting curve analysis in droplet microfluidics for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) genotypingLiu F.-W.; Ding S.-T.; Lin E.-C.; Lu Y.-W.; Jang J.-S.R.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article44
82015Emergence of differentially regulated pathways associated with the development of regional specificity in chicken skinChang K.-W.; Huang N.A.; Liu I.-H.; Wang Y.-H.; Wu P.; Tseng Y.-T.; Hughes M.W.; Jiang T.X.; Tsai M.-H.; Chen C.-Y.; Oyang Y.-J.; Lin E.-C.; Chuong C.-M.; Lin S.-P.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article88
92015Efficient SNP Discovery by Combining Microarray and Lab-on-a-Chip Data for Animal Breeding and SelectionHuang, Chao-Wei; Lin, Yu-Tsung; Ding, Shih-Torng; Lo, Ling-Ling; Wang, Pei-Hwa; Lin, En-Chung; Liu, Fang-Wei; Lu, Yen-Wen; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article00
102014Polymorphisms in the promoter region of myostatin gene are associated with carcass traits in pigsTu P.-A.; Lo L.-L.; Chen Y.-C.; Hsu C.-C.; Shiau J.-W.; Lin E.-C.; Lin R.-S.; Wang P.-H.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article910
112014Melting analysis on microbeads in rapid temperature-gradient inside microchannels for single nucleotide polymorphisms detectionLi K.-C.; Ding S.-T.; Lin E.-C.; Wang L.; Lu Y.-W.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article88
122014A bead-based single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection using melting temperature on a microchipKao P.-C.; Ding S.-T.; Lin E.-C.; Li K.-C.; Wang L.; Lu Y.-W.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article67
132013Immune gene expression profiles in swine inguinal lymph nodes with different viral loads of porcine circovirus type 2Lin C.-M.; Jeng C.-R.; Liu J.-P.; Lin E.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Huang Y.-L.; Tsai Y.-C.; Chia M.-Y.; Wan C.-H.; Pang V.F.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article33
142012Effects of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in insulin-like growth factor-1 and insulin-like growth factor-2 genes on growth performance of centrally tested Duroc boars using segregated early weaning entranceHuang S.-Y.; Lo L.-L.; Chung M.-T.; Li H.-L.; Tu C.-F.; Tsou H.-L.; Huang M.-C.; Yu Y.-C.; Huang T.-H.; Lin E.-C.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article11
152012Differential gene expression between the porcine morula and blastocystHsu C.C.; Lin E.C.; Chen S.C.; Huang S.C.; Liu B.H.; Yu Y.H.; Chen C.C.; Yang C.C.; Lien C.Y.; Wang Y.H.; Liu C.W.; Mersmann H.J.; Cheng W.T.K.; Ding S.T.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article11
162012Investigation of genetic relationships among taiwan black pigs and other pig breeds in Taiwan based on microsatellite markersChen Y.C.; Hsu J.T.; Chien C.C.; Leu Y.C.; Chyr C.Y.L.; Lin D.Y.; Lin E.-C.; Chen C.H.; Wang P.H.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article64
172012Development of microsatellite markers in an ungulate mammal, the Formosan serow (Capricornis swinhoei)Chang Y.Y.; Chao M.C.; Ding S.T.; Lin E.-C.; Tsao H.S.; Yuan H.W.; Wang P.H.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article23
182012The association of genetic variations in the promoter region of myostatin gene with growth traits in Duroc pigsTu P.-A.; Shiau J.-W.; Ding S.-T.; Lin E.-C.; Wu M.-C.; Wang P.-H.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article1211
192012Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping methods using bead-based microfluidics with DASH technologyKao P.-C.; Li K.-C.; Ding S.-T.; Lin E.-C.; Wang L.; Lu Y.-W.; EN-CHUNG LIN conference paper00
202011Application of CHD1 Gene and EE0.6 Sequences to Identify Sexes of Several Protected Bird Species in Taiwan林恩仲 ; 許欣安; 趙明杰; 詹芳澤; 王齡敏; 曹先紹; 張志華; ?佩羿; 王寶榮; 袁孝維 ; 丁詩同 ; 王佩華 journal article4
212011Molecular characterization of hypoxia and hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha (HIF-1α) from Taiwan voles (Microtus kikuchii)YI-FAN JIANG ; CHUNG-HSI CHOU ; EN-CHUNG LIN ; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU journal article21
222011Differential expression of porcine testis proteins during postnatal developmentHuang S.-Y.; Lin J.-H.; Teng S.-H.; Sun H.S.; Chen Y.-H.; Chen H.-H.; Liao J.-Y.; Chung M.-T.; Chen M.-Y.; Chuang C.-K.; Lin E.-C.; Huang M.-C.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article1311
232010Regulation of the expression of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 by polyunsaturated fatty acids in porcine adipocytesTseng Y.W.; Wang P.H.; Lee H.S.; Liu B.H.; Mersmann H.J.; Lin E.C.; Ding S.T.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article33
242010Visfatin regulates genes related to lipid metabolism in porcine adipocytesYang C.C.; Deng S.J.; Hsu C.C.; Liu B.H.; Lin E.C.; Cheng W.T.K.; Wang P.H.; Ding S.T.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article1616
252009畜產報導月刊-美國種豬檢定與遺傳評估系統計畫-林恩仲 book
262009基因體學與功能生物學課程講義(上)-Bioinformatics tools for genomics research林恩仲 book
272009基因體學課程講義-Introduction to genomics and genome projects林恩仲 book
282009試驗設計-統計分析與試驗設計訓練班課程講義林恩仲 book
292009生物技術概論-基因體學丁詩同 ; 林恩仲 ; 蔡孟勳 book
30200998年度養豬飼養管理班課程講義-養豬資源索引林恩仲 book
312009以粒線體細胞色素 b 基因序列探討臺灣區域大冠鷲之遺傳結構許芯芯; 丁詩同 ; 許欣安; 林恩仲 ; 王怡惠; 趙明杰; 詹芳澤; 林佩羿; 王齡敏; 曹先紹; 張志華; 王佩華 conference paper
322009利用 AFLP 指紋分析進行大冠鷲性別特異片段選殖許芯芯; 丁詩同 ; 林恩仲 ; 陳怡蓁; 趙明杰; 詹芳澤; 王齡敏; 張岳隆; 曹先紹; 張志華; 林佩羿; 王佩華 conference paper
332009Abundantly expressed hepatic genes and their differential expression in liver of prelaying and laying geeseYen C.F.; Lin E.C.; Wang Y.H.; Wang P.H.; Lin H.W.; Hsu J.C.; Wu L.S.; Jiang Y.N.; Ding S.T.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article98
342009Identification and sequencing of remnant messenger RNAs found in domestic swine (Sus scrofa) fresh ejaculated spermatozoaYang C.C.; Lin Y.S.; Hsu C.C.; Wu S.C.; Lin E.C.; Cheng W.T.K.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article3637
352008台灣土雞表現序列標籤序列庫之分析與註解資料庫之建立王怡惠; 林恩仲 ; 王傳心; 葉昌偉; 謝昌煥; 孫孝芳; 黃木秋; 丁詩同 ; 邱繡河; 歐柏榮; 陳志峰; 李淵百; 鄭登貴conference paper
362008台灣土雞表現序列標籤序列庫之單一核?酸多型性的偵測王怡惠; 林恩仲 ; 王傳心; 葉昌偉; 謝昌煥; 孫孝芳; 黃木秋; 丁詩同 ; 邱繡河; 歐柏榮; 陳志峰; 李淵百; 鄭登貴conference paper
372008豬早期胚功能性註解資料庫吳瑞軒; 林恩仲 ; 練慶儀; 徐啟真; 葉昌偉; 謝昌煥; 孫孝芳; 丁詩同 ; 鄭登貴conference paper
382008藍瑞斯母豬SLA-DQB基因多態性與產仔數相關性之研究苗雨蒔; 凃柏安; 陳祐祥; 陳怡蓁; 林恩仲 ; 丁詩同 ; 王佩華 conference paper
392008IGF-I intron 1微衛星標幟基因型在台灣各品種豬隻屠體性狀及肌肉化學組成差異之研究張怡穎; 曾伊聆; 簡執中; 陳怡蓁; 林恩仲 ; 駱秋英; 凃柏安; 王旭昌; 黃存后; 王佩華 
402008Expressed transcripts associated with high rates of egg production in chicken ovarian folliclesYang K.T.; Lin C.Y.; Huang H.L.; Liou J.S.; Chien C.Y.; Wu C.P.; Huang C.W.; Ou B.R.; Chen C.F.; Lee Y.P.; Lin E.C.; Tang P.C.; Lee W.C.; Ding S.T.; Cheng W.T.K.; Huang M.C.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article2121
412008The expression of genes related to egg production in the liver of Taiwan Country chickensDing S.T.; Ko Y.H.; Ou B.R.; Wang P.H.; Chen C.L.; Huang M.C.; Lee Y.P.; Lin E.C.; Chen C.F.; Lin H.W.; Cheng W.T.K.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article87
422008Docosahexaenoic acid regulates adipogenic genes in myoblasts via porcine peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor {gamma}Yu Y.H.; Lin E.C.; Wu S.C.; Cheng W.T.K.; Mersmann H.J.; Wang P.H.; Ding S.T.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article2117
432008Study of growth and body composition of red snapper Lutjanus erythropterus fed diets containing Escherichia coli expressing recombinant tilapia insulin-like growth factor-ILIAO, Wen-Liang ; LU, Hsin-Hui; HUANG, Shun-Kuo; WU, Jen-Leh; HUANG, Jan-Hsiung; LIN, En-Chung 33
442007分子資訊與超音波技術於豬隻遺傳評估計畫標準作業程序(Ver. 1.0)羅玲玲; 林恩仲 ; 黃木秋; 王佩華 ; 林榮信; 黃三元; 林慧生; 黃存后book
452007豬隻早期胚特異表現之基因陳祐祥; 黃聖慈; 陳璽全; 劉秉勳; 游玉祥; 劉重威; 王佩華 ; 林恩仲 ; 鄭登貴; 丁詩同 conference paper
462007Differentially expressed transcripts in shell glands from low and high egg production strains of chickens using cDNA microarraysYang K.-T.; Lin C.-Y.; Liou J.-S.; Fan Y.-H.; Chiou S.-H.; Huang C.-W.; Wu C.-P.; Lin E.-C.; Chen C.-F.; Lee Y.-P.; Lee W.-C.; Ding S.-T.; Cheng W.T.-K.; Huang M.-C.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article2018
472006禽類肝臟cDNA基因庫之功能性解析王怡惠; 林恩仲 ; 黃柏潤; 楊家瑞; 黃乾綱 ; 徐銘辰; 練慶儀; 蔡濱燦; 顏呈峰; 林虹妏; 丁詩同 ; 鄭登貴; 楊國泰; 黃木秋; 范怡馨; 邱繡河; 陳志峰; 李淵百conference paper
482006哺乳動物早期胚時期的共同表現基因練慶儀; 林恩仲 ; 徐啟真; 丁詩同 ; 鄭登貴conference paper
492006Abundantly expressed genes in pig adipose tissue: An expressed sequence tag approachChen C.H.; Lin E.C.; Cheng W.T.K.; Sun H.S.; Mersmann H.J.; Ding S.T.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article2930
502006Association of polymorphisms in epidermal growth factor, prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 and prolactin receptor genes with semen quality in Duroc boarsHuang S.Y.; Song H.L.; Lin E.-C.; Lee W.C.; Chiang J.C.; Tsou H.L.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article24
512005A reference map and identification of porcine testis proteins using 2-DE and MSHuang S.-Y.; Lin J.-H.; Chen Y.-H.; Chuang C.-K.; Lin E.-C.; Huang M.-C.; Sun H.-F.S.; Lee W.-C.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article4541
522005利用整合工具建立土雞濾泡發育的生理路徑模式楊奐緯; 劉世華; 林恩仲 journal article
532004Genotypes of 5′-flanking region in porcine heat-shock protein 70.2 gene affect backfat thickness and growth performance in Duroc boarsHuang S.Y.; Lee W.C.; Chen M.Y.; Wang S.C.; Huang C.H.; Tsou H.L.; Lin E.-C.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article44
542003Association of a single nucleotide polymorphism in the 5′-flanking region of porcine HSP70.2 with backfat thickness in Duroc breedChen M.-Y.; Huang S.-Y.; Lin E.-C.; Hseu T.-H.; Lee W.-C.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article31
552002Effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the 5′-flanking region of heat shock protein 70.2 gene on semen quality in boarsHuang S.Y.; Chen M.Y.; Lin E.C.; Tsou H.L.; Kuo Y.H.; Ju C.C.; Lee W.C.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article3336
562001Comparison of (co)variance component estimates in control populations of red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum) using restricted maximum likelihood and Gibbs samplingLin E.-C.; Berger P.J.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article42
572000Polymorphism in the 5'-flanking region of porcine heat shock protein 70·2 geneChen M.Y.; Huang S.Y.; Tsou H.L.; Lin E.C.; Yang P.C.; Kuo Y.H.; Huang T.Y.; Lee W.C.; EN-CHUNG LIN others99
582000Association of heat shock protein 70 with semen quality in boarsHuang S.Y.; Kuo Y.H.; Lee Y.P.; Tsou H.L.; Lin E.C.; Ju C.C.; Lee W.C.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article5152
591997Maternal performance differences between porcine stress syndrome-normal and -carrier landrace femalesStalder K.J.; Christian L.L.; Rothschild M.F.; Lin E.-C.; EN-CHUNG LIN journal article50