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12019Application of Zearalenone (ZEN)-Detoxifying Bacillus in Animal Feed Decontamination through FermentationChen, Shiau-Wei; Wang, Han-Tsung; Shih, Wei-Yuan; Ciou, Yan-An; Chang, Yu-Yi; Ananda, Laurensia; Wang, Shu-Yin; Hsu, Jih-Tay; JIH-TAY HSU journal article10
22018The application of digestive tract lactic acid bacteria with high esterase activity for zearalenone detoxificationChen, Shiau-Wei; Hsu, Jih-Tay; Chou, Yan-An; Wang, Han-Tsung; JIH-TAY HSU journal article67
32018The effects of marine farm-scale sequentially integrated multi-trophic aquaculture systems on microbial community composition, prevalence of sulfonamide-resistant bacteria and sulfonamide resistance gene sul1Ying C.; Chang M.-J.; Hu C.-H.; Chang Y.-T.; Chao W.-L.; Yeh S.-L.; Chang S.-J.; Hsu J.-T.; JIH-TAY HSU journal article76
42015A functional study of proximal goat β-casein promoter and intron 1 in immortalized goat mammary epithelial cellsYU-TEN JU ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article54
52015Establishment of a novel, eco-friendly transgenic pig model using porcine pancreatic amylase promoter-driven fungal cellulase transgenesSHINN-CHIH WU ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article21
62015Yeast with bacteriocin from ruminal bacteria enhances glucose utilization, reduces ectopic fat accumulation, and alters cecal microbiota in dietary-induced obese miceHAN-TSUNG WANG ; CHING-YI CHEN ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article42
72014Prevalence of sulfonamide-resistant bacteria, resistance genes and integron-associated horizontal gene transfer in natural water bodies and soils adjacent to a swine feedlot in northern TaiwanCHIA-YANG CHEN ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article6959
82013Site-Specific N-Glycosylation of Caprine Lysostaphin Restricts its Bacteriolytic Activity Toward Staphylococcus AureusYU-TEN JU ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article44
92013Albusin B, mass-produced by the Saccharomyces cerevisiae suppression system, enhances lipid utilisation and antioxidant capacity in miceHAN-TSUNG WANG ; CHING-YI CHEN ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article66
102012Production and characterization of a bacteriocin from ruminal bacterium ruminococcus albus 7HAN-TSUNG WANG ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article44
112012Investigation of genetic relationships among taiwan black pigs and other pig breeds in Taiwan based on microsatellite markersJIH-TAY HSU journal article64
122012Characterization of hTERT-Immortalized Caprine Mammary Epithelial CellsYU-TEN JU ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article77
132012Taiwan field vole (Microtus kikuchii) herbivory facilitates Yushan cane (Yushania niitakayamensis) asexual reproduction in alpine meadowsJIH-TAY HSU journal article11
142011Study on the characteristics of gastrointestinal tract and rumen ecology of Formosan Reeves'Lin, Mei-Fong; Ang, Sow-Ling; Yang, Ci-Wen; Hsu, Jih-Tay; Wang, Han-Tsung; JIH-TAY HSU journal article43
152008以山羊不朽化乳腺上皮細胞株檢測基因轉殖動物產製特定蛋白可行性測試平台之建立(2/3)徐濟泰 report
162008瘤胃細菌之細菌素與其應用王翰聰 ; 陳宜鴻; 徐濟泰 journal article
172008肌肉調控因子基因家族對肌肉組織生長發育及豬屠體性狀之影響陳怡蓁; 王佩華 ; 徐濟泰 journal article
182008反芻動物芻料與飼料替代資源徐濟泰 journal article
192008Heifer managementHsu, Jih-Tay 
202008山羊訊息傳遞與活化轉錄因子5a基因選殖及其在山羊乳腺上皮細胞中之定性分析江慶華; 黃瀞瑩; 龔明祥; 徐濟泰 ; 姜延年; 朱有田 
212007The effects of glutamate can be attenuated by estradiol via estrogen receptor dependent pathway in rat adrenal pheochromocytoma cellsJIH-TAY HSU ; Ching Rong Chan; Jih Tay Hsu ; I. Tea Chang; Chen, Chien-Yuan ; Y. C. Young; Chun Ming Lin; Chingwen Yingjournal article76
222007精芻料比例調整對臺灣長鬃山羊(Capricornis crispus swinhoei)採食及糞便型態之影響林家民; 楊翕雯; 王翰聰 ; 林美峰 ; 徐濟泰 journal article
232007Development and characterization of a specific anti-Caveolin-1 antibody for Caveolin-1 functional study in human, goat and mouseKe, Meng-Wei; Jiang, Yan-Nian; Li, Yi-Hung; Tseng, Ting-Yu; Kung, Ming-Shung; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Cheng, Winston Teng-Kuei; Hsu, Jih-Tay ; Ju, Yu-Ten journal article00
242006Usage of enzyme substrate to protect the activities of cellulase, protease and α-amylase in simulations of monogastric animal and avian sequential total tract digestionWang, Han-Tsung ; Hsu, Jih-Tay journal article1112
252006Factors affecting in vitro true digestibility of NapiergrassJIH-TAY HSU journal article42
262005乳酸菌與酵母對豬隻生長性能、腸道微生物菌群及免疫反應之影響徐維謙; 徐濟泰 journal article
272005冷凍乾燥處理對酵素基質保護酵素活性效果之影響王翰聰 ; 徐濟泰 journal article
282005Production of trans-10, cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid by Megasphaera elsdenii YJ-4: Physiological roles in the rumenJIH-TAY HSU journal article55
292005The combination effects of phytoestrogens on cell proliferation, cell cycle progression and estrogen receptor alphaJIH-TAY HSU journal article2
302005延長光照處理對泌乳山羊之影響徐濟泰 report
312005Optimal protease production condition for Prevotella ruminicola 23 and characterization of its extracellular crude proteaseWang, Han-Tsung ; Hsu, Jih-Tay journal article117
322004Relationship of somatic cell count, physical, chemical and enzymatic properties to the bacterial standard plate count in different breeds of dairy goatsJIH-TAY HSU journal article1512
332004Diverse effects of phytoestrogen biochanin A on rat pituitary tumor cellsJIH-TAY HSU journal article2
342004纖維分解酵素於青貯製作應用方法之改善徐濟泰 report
352003建立商業纖維分解酵素於反芻動物營養應用價值之評估方法徐濟泰 report
362002Relationship of somatic cell count, physical, chemical and enzymatic properties to the bacterial standard plate count in dairy goat milkHAN-TSUNG WANG ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article3028
372002熱季飼糧中添加碳酸氫鈉和氯化鈣對生長乳用女山羊生長性能和血液性狀之影響黃士哲; 張家豪 ; 楊价民; 徐濟泰 ; 陳保基 ; 林榮信journal article
382002利用生物技術大量產製瘤胃細菌纖維分解酵素複合體徐濟泰 report
392002Growth and cell cycle regulation by isoflavones in human breast carcinoma cellsJIH-TAY HSU journal article2119
402002The effect of bovicin HC5, a bacteriocin from Streptococcus bovis HC5, on ruminal methane production in vitro1JIH-TAY HSU journal article460
412001Growth inhibition of human endothelial cells by the phyto-oestrogen biochanin A, a metabolite of genisteinJIH-TAY HSU journal article14
422001The application of genetic programming in milk yield prediction for dairy cowsChiu C.; Hsu J.-T.; Lin C.-Y.; JIH-TAY HSU conference paper00
432000Regulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase by dietary phytoestrogen in MCF-7 human mammary cancer cellsJIH-TAY HSU journal article110
441999Effects of the dietary phytoestrogen biochanin A on cell growth in the mammary carcinoma cell line MCF-7JIH-TAY HSU journal article3734
451999Dietary phytoestrogen regulates estrogen receptor gene expression in human mammary carcinoma cellsJIH-TAY HSU journal article89
461999Differential display screening for specific gene expression induced by dietary nonsteroidal estrogenHsu, Jih-Tay ; Jean, Tzu-Chao; Chan, May-Al; Ying, Chingwenjournal article0
471998山羊糞尿排出量之調查徐濟泰 ; 王翰聰 ; 姜延年journal article
481998乳羊場糞尿處理之調查徐濟泰 journal article
491998The effects of pesticides chlordane, dieldrin and endosulfan on the growth of human breast cancer cell lines MCF-7 and S_TTS.DATEHsu, Jih-Tay ; Ying, Chingwen; Lan, Hsin-Chiehjournal article
501998The effects of starch and protein degradation rates, hay sources, and feeding frequency on rumen microbial fermentation in a continuous culture system.Chen, Ching-Yi ; Hsu, Jih-Tay conference paper
511997鉻之代謝特性李德南; 徐濟泰 ; 沈添富; 陳保基 journal article
521997瘤胃可分解蛋白質與碳水化合物之組合對乳牛產乳與瘤胃微生物蛋白質合成之影響徐濟泰 report
531997玉米與黃豆不同加熱方式對臺灣山羊消化之影響李育才; 徐濟泰 journal article
541997礦物鹽磚供應對熱季乳山羊血液與產乳性狀的影響黃士哲; 楊价民; 林榮信; 徐濟泰 ; 李舜榮; 張直journal article
551996Continuous supercritical carbon dioxide processing of palm oilOoi C.K.; Bhaskar A.; Yener M.S.; Tuan D.Q.; Hsu J.; Rizvi S.S.H.; JIH-TAY HSU journal article4238
561996人工發酵槽的發展及其瘤胃發酵研究應用陳靜宜 ; 徐濟泰 journal article
571996瘤胃微生物之特性及影響其組成之因子陳靜宜 ; 徐濟泰 journal article
581996纖維,澱粉與蛋白質分解速率對瘤胃代謝之影響徐濟泰 report
591996乳牛營養與生殖性能之關係徐濟泰 ; 李育才journal article
601995Effect of protein and starch degradation rates on rumen metabolism in Taiwan native goat.Hung, Yen-Chi, Yu-Tsai Li; JIH-TAY HSU ; Hsu, Jih-Tay journal article2
611995反芻動物對探發性脂肪酸之代謝與利用李育才; 徐濟泰 journal article
621995餵飼頻率變化與乳牛生產表現之關係徐濟泰 ; 李育才journal article
631991Effects of urea and sodium bicarbonate supplementation of a high-fiber diet on nutrient digestion and ruminal characteristics of defaunated sheep.Hsu J.T.; Fahey Jr. G.C.; Clark J.H.; Berger L.L.; Merchen N.R.; JIH-TAY HSU journal article50
641991Effects of defaunation and various nitrogen supplementation regimens on microbial numbers and activity in the rumen of sheep.Hsu J.T.; Fahey Jr. G.C.; Merchen N.R.; Mackie R.I.; JIH-TAY HSU journal article220
651991Manipulation of nitrogen digestion by sheep using defaunation and various nitrogen supplementation regimens.Hsu J.T.; Fahey Jr. G.C.; Berger L.L.; Mackie R.I.; Merchen N.R.; JIH-TAY HSU journal article80
661991Isolation and chemical analyses of nonfermented fiber fractions of oat hulls and cottonseed hulls.Garleb K.A.; Bourquin L.D.; Hsu J.T.; Wagner G.W.; Schmidt S.J.; Fahey Jr. G.C.; JIH-TAY HSU journal article260
671990Effects of Centrifugation Speed and Freezing on Composition of Ruminal Bacterial Samples Collected from Defaunated SheepHsu J.T.; Fahey G.C.; Jr.; JIH-TAY HSU journal article1720
681987Evaluation of corn fiber, cottonseed hulls, oat hulls and soybean hulls as roughage sources for ruminants.Hsu J.T.; Faulkner D.B.; Garleb K.A.; Barclay R.A.; Fahey Jr. G.C.; Berger L.L.; JIH-TAY HSU journal article600