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12024Age and dietary restriction modulate mitochondrial quality in quadriceps femoris muscle of male miceZhang, Ting Rui; Chiang, Chun Hsien; Hsu, Tzu Chieh; Wang, Chih Yun; CHING-YI CHEN Biogerontology00
22024Weight regain, but not weight loss exacerbates hepatic fibrosis during multiple weight cycling events in male miceChiang, Chun-Hsien; Zhang, Ting-Rui; Hsu, Pu-Sheng; SHAU-PING LIN ; CHING-YI CHEN European Journal of Nutrition
32023Thromboembolic Presentations among Patients Hospitalized to the Intensive Care Unit for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – A Northern Taiwan Single Center ExperienceChen, Yen Chou; CHING-YI CHEN ; Wang, An Yi; Hou, Sen Kuang; Lai, Kevin Shu Leung; Chou, Chun Liang; Lin, Yun Yi; Lin, Yi-Cheng; Huang, Chun-YaoActa Cardiologica Sinica00
42023Early-onset caloric restriction alleviates ageing-associated steatohepatitis in male mice via restoring mitochondrial homeostasisChiang, Chun-Hsien; Li, Sin-Jin; Lin, Yu-Han; PEI-YU WANG ; Hsu, Pu-Sheng; SHAU-PING LIN ; Chiang, Ting-Chia; CHING-YI CHEN Biogerontology22
52023Assessment of Brown and Beige Adipose Tissue Activation in Mice Using PET/CT ImagingChen, Yu-Jen; Liao, Pei Xin; WEN-HUNG KUO ; CHING-YI CHEN ; SHIH-TORNG DING ; Wang, Mei HuiMethods in Molecular Biology00
62023Mesobiliverdin IXα-enriched microalgae feed additive eliminates reliance on antibiotic tylosin to promote intestinal health of weaning pigletsLiao, Tz Shian; CHING-YI CHEN ; Lin, Chuan Shun; Chang, Cheng Wei T.; Takemoto, Jon Y.; YUAN-YU LIN Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition00
72023Estimating arsenic biotransfer factors from feed to chicken: a viable approach to animal feed risk assessmentHung, Ching Chi; Lin, Hsin Tang; CHING-YI CHEN ; Chen, Kuan Yi; Lee, Tsung Yu; Chiang, Chow FengFood Additives and Contaminants - Part A10
82023Determination of mitochondrial functions and damage in kidney in female LeeSung minipigs with a high-fat diet-induced obesityChien, Miao-Ju; Li, Sin-Jin; Wong, Shiu-Chung; Chiang, Chun-Hsien; Lin, Yuan Yu ; Mersmann, Harry J; CHING-YI CHEN Archives of physiology and biochemistry22
92022Long-term dietary restriction ameliorates ageing-related renal fibrosis in male mice by normalizing mitochondrial functions and autophagyChiang, Chun Hsien; Li, Sin Jin; Zhang, Ting Rui; CHING-YI CHEN Biogerontology21
102022Effects of essential oil mixtures on nitrogen metabolism and odor emission via in vitro simulated digestion and in vivo growing pig experimentsHsu, Jui-En; Lo, Shih-Hua; Lin, Yuan Yu ; Wang, Hang-Tsung; CHING-YI CHEN ; HAN-TSUNG WANG Journal of the science of food and agriculture11
112022Early-onset dietary restriction maintains mitochondrial health, autophagy and ER function in the left ventricle during agingLi S.-J; Lin Y.-H; Chiang C.-H; PEI-YU WANG ; Chen C.-Y.; CHING-YI CHEN Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry44
122021The effect of Ulva lactuca and Sargassum hemiphyllum var. chinense on arsenic metabolites and enzymes in broilersHung, C.-C.; Chen, B.-J.; Liao, J.-W.; Tai, Y.-P.; CHING-YI CHEN 
132020Colistin and tylosin enhances disaccharidase activities, and improves morphology and permeability of the intestine of broilersHung, C.C.; CHING-YI CHEN ; Chen, B.J.
142020The impact of DRP1 on myocardial fibrosis in the obese minipigChen, C.-Y.; Li, S.-J.; Wang, C.-Y.; Mersmann, H.J.; SHIH-TORNG DING ; CHING-YI CHEN European Journal of Clinical Investigation1111
152019Involvement of pericardial adipose tissue in cardiac fibrosis of dietary-induced obese minipigs- Role of mitochondrial functionLi, Sin-Jin; Wu, Twin-Way; Chien, Miao-Ju; Mersmann, Harry J; CHING-YI CHEN Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular and cell biology of lipids1010
162019The immediate effects of weaning stress on the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal alteration of newly weaned pigletsYu, Chien-Ho; CHING-YI CHEN Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition
172018Expression profile of adiponectin and adiponectin receptors in high-fat diet feeding chickensChen, C.-Y. ; Chen, Y.-J.; Ding, S.-T. ; YUAN-YU LIN Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition77
182018The role of pericardial adipose tissue in the heart of obese minipigsWang, C.-Y.; Li, S.-J.; Wu, T.-W.; Lin, H.-J.; Chen, J.-W.; Mersmann, H.J.; Ding, S.-T. ; Chen, C.-Y. European Journal of Clinical Investigation1915
192018Eicosapentaenoic acid protects cardiomyoblasts from lipotoxicity in an autophagy-dependent mannerHsu, Hsiu-Ching; Li, Sin-Jin; CHING-YI CHEN ; MING-FONG CHEN Cell biology and toxicology1514
202017Adiponectin receptor 1 resists the decline of serum osteocalcin and GPRC6A expression in ovariectomized miceLin, Y.-Y.; Chen, C.-Y. ; YUAN-YU LIN ; Ding, S.-T. PLoS ONE54
212017Docosahexaenoic acid increases accumulation of adipocyte triacylglycerol through up-regulation of lipogenic gene expression in pigsHuang C.-W.; Chen Y.-J.; Yang J.-T.; Chen C.-Y.; Ajuwon K.M.; Chen S.-E.; Su N.-W.; Chen Y.-S.; Mersmann H.J.; NAN-WEI SU ; CHING-YI CHEN ; SHIH-TORNG DING ; Ding, S.-T. Lipids in Health and Disease1210
222017Intermediate CD14++CD16+ monocyte predicts severe coronary stenosis and extensive plaque involvement in asymptomatic individualsSHYH-CHYI LO ; WEN-JENG LEE ; CHING-YI CHEN ; BAI-CHIN LEE International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging1513
232017Identification of potential plasma biomarkers for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by integrating transcriptomics and proteomics in laying HENSTsai M.-T.; Chen Y.-J.; Chen C.-Y.; Tsai M.-H.; Han C.-L.; Chen Y.-J.; Mersmann H.J.; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; Chen, C.-Y. ; Ding, S.-T. Journal of Nutrition2725
242017Effect of supplementation of yeast with bacteriocin and Lactobacillus culture on growth performance, cecal fermentation, microbiota composition, and blood characteristics in broiler chickensCHING-YI CHEN ; Chen S.W.; HAN-TSUNG WANG Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences4233
252016Time-dependent cellular response in the liver and heart in a dietary-induced obese mouse model: the potential role of ER stress and autophagyHsu, Hsiu-Ching; Liu, Chia-Hsin; Tsai, Yi-Chen; Li, Sin-Jin; CHING-YI CHEN ; Chu, Chun-Han; MING-FONG CHEN European Journal of Nutrition2422
262016The high-fat diet induces myocardial fibrosis in the metabolically healthy obese minipigs—The role of ER stress and oxidative stressLi, SJ; Liu, CH; Chu, HP; Mersmann, HJ; Ding, ST ; Chu, CH; Wang, CY; Chen, C.-Y. Clinical2626
272016A nutritional nonalcoholic steatohepatitis minipig modelLi, S.-J.; Ding, S.-T. ; Mersmann, H.J.; Chu, C.-H.; Hsu, C.-D.; Chen, C.-Y. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry1817
282015Yeast with bacteriocin from ruminal bacteria enhances glucose utilization, reduces ectopic fat accumulation, and alters cecal microbiota in dietary-induced obese miceTsai, Y.-C.; HAN-TSUNG WANG ; JIH-TAY HSU ; Li, Y.-H.; CHING-YI CHEN Food and Function
292015Alleviation of Carbon-Tetrachloride-Induced Liver Injury and Fibrosis by Betaine Supplementation in ChickensTsai, M.-T.; Chen, C.-Y.; Pan, Y.-H.; Wang, S.-H.; Mersmann, H.J.; Ding, S.-T.; SHIH-TORNG DING ; CHING-YI CHEN Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine3020
302015Development of a dietary-induced metabolic syndrome model using miniature pigs involvement of AMPK and SIRT1Li, Sin-Jin; Liu, Chia-Hsin; Chang, Chei-Wei; Chu, Hsien-Pin; Chen, Kuen-Jaw; Mersmann, Harry J.; Ding, Shih-Torng; Chu, Chun-Han; SHIH-TORNG DING ; CHING-YI CHEN ; HSUEH-PING CHU European Journal of Clinical Investigation1515
312014The reduced autophagic response by oxidative stress in angiotensin II-induced hypertrophic H9C2 cells causes more apoptotic cell deathCHING-YI CHEN ; Hsu, Hsiu-Ching; MING-FONG CHEN Experimental Biology and Medicine54
322014Adiponectin receptor 1 enhances fatty acid metabolism and cell survival in palmitate-treated HepG2 cells through the PI3 K/AKT pathwayChou, I-Pin; YUAN-YU LIN ; SHIH-TORNG DING ; CHING-YI CHEN European journal of nutrition2625
332014Adiponectin receptor 1 regulates bone formation and osteoblast differentiation by GSK-3β/β-Catenin signaling in miceLin, Y.Y. ; Chen, C.Y. ; Chuang, T.Y. ; Lin, Y.; Liu, H.Y.; Mersmann, H.J.; Wu, S.C. ; SHIH-TORNG DING 5352
342014Adiponectin receptor 1 overexpression reduces lipid accumulation and hypertrophy in the heart of diet-induced obese mice-possible involvement of oxidative stress and autophagyChou, I.-P.; Chiu, Y.-P.; Ding, S.-T.; Liu, B.-H.; Lin, Y.Y.; Chen, C.-Y.; SHIH-TORNG DING ; CHING-YI CHEN Endocrine Research2726
352014Eicosapentaenoic acid attenuated oxidative stress-induced cardiomyoblast apoptosis by activating adaptive autophagyHsu, H.-C.; CHING-YI CHEN ; Chiang, C.-H.; Chen, M.-F.European Journal of Nutrition
362014N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids decrease levels of doxorubicin-induced reactive oxygen species in cardiomyocytes -- involvement of uncoupling protein UCP2Hsu, Hsiu-Ching; CHING-YI CHEN ; MING-FONG CHEN Journal of biomedical science4642
372013Modulation of glucose and lipid metabolism by porcine adiponectin receptor 1-transgenic mesenchymal stromal cells in diet-induced obesemiceLin, Y.Y.; Chen, C.Y.; Lin, Y.; Chiu, Y.P.; Chen, C.C.; Liu, B.H.; Mersmann, H.J.; Wu, S.C.; SHIH-TORNG DING ; CHING-YI CHEN ; SHINN-CHIH WU ; YUAN-YU LIN Cytotherapy1010
382013Albusin B, mass-produced by the Saccharomyces cerevisiae suppression system, enhances lipid utilisation and antioxidant capacity in miceHsieh, Y.-H.; HAN-TSUNG WANG ; JIH-TAY HSU ; CHING-YI CHEN Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
392013Albusin B modulates lipid metabolism and increases antioxidant defense in broiler chickens by a proteomic approachHAN-TSUNG WANG ; Li, Y.-H.; Chou, I.-P.; Hsieh, Y.-H.; BAO-JI CHEN ; CHING-YI CHEN Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
402013Effect of yeast with bacteriocin from rumen bacteria on growth performance, caecal flora, caecal fermentation and immunity function of broiler chicksCHING-YI CHEN ; Yu, C.; Chen, S.W.; BAO-JI CHEN ; HAN-TSUNG WANG Journal of Agricultural Science
412012Design and synthesis of new cationic water-soluble pyrene containing dendrons for DNA sensory applicationsChen, C.-Y.; Ito, Y.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Wu, W.-C.; Higashihara, T.; Ueda, M.; WEN-CHANG CHEN ; CHING-YI CHEN Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry
422011Algorithm and architecture design of image inpainting engine for video error concealment applicationsWu, G.-L.; Chen, C.-Y.; Chien, S.-Y.; SHAO-YI CHIEN ; Chen, Ching-Yi IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology1513
432011Effects of albusin B (a bacteriocin) of Ruminococcus albus 7 expressed by yeast on growth performance and intestinal absorption of broiler chickens-its potential role as an alternative to feed antibioticsWang, H.-T.; Yu, C.; Hsieh, Y.-H.; Chen, S.-W.; Chen, B.-J.; BAO-JI CHEN ; Wang, Han-Tsung ; CHING-YI CHEN ; Pan, Tzu-Ming Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
442010Efficient spatial-temporal error concealment algorithm and hardware architecture design for H.264/AVCWu, G.-L.; Chen, C.-Y.; Wu, T.-H.; Chien, S.-Y.; SHAO-YI CHIEN ; Chen, Chien Chin ; Chen, Ching-Yi IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology1712
452010Betel quid extract promotes oral cancer cell migration by activating a muscarinic M4 receptor-mediated signaling cascade involving SFKs and ERK1/2Chiu, Chien-Chih; Chen, Bing-Hung; Hour, Tzyh-Chyuan; Chiang, Wei-Fan; Wu, Yu-Jen; Chen, Ching-Yi ; Chen, Hau-Ren; Chan, Po-Ting; Liu, Shyun-Yeu; Chen, Jeff Yi-FuBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications1415
462010Docosahexaenoic acid regulates serum amyloid A protein to promote lipolysis through down regulation of perilipinWang, Y.C.; WEN-HUNG KUO ; Chen, C.Y.; Lin, H.Y.; Wu, H.T.; Liu, B.H.; Chen, C.H.; Mersmann, H.J.; KING-JEN CHANG ; SHIH-TORNG DING ; CHING-YI CHEN Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry3434
472009Postprandial glucose improves the risk prediction of cardiovascular death beyond the metabolic syndrome in the nondiabetic populationHUNG-JU LIN ; BAI-CHIN LEE ; YI-LWUN HO ; YEN-HUNG LIN ; CHING-YI CHEN ; Hsu H.-C.; MAO-SHIN LIN ; KUO-LIONG CHIEN ; MING-FONG CHEN Diabetes Care5552
482009The effect of feed restriction on expression of hepatic lipogenic genes in broiler chickens and the function of SREBP1Wang P.H. ; Ko Y.H.; Chin H.J.; Hsu C.; SHIH-TORNG DING ; CHING-YI CHEN Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - B Biochemistry and Molecular Biology3233
492009脂締素受體在小鼠骨髓間葉幹細胞分化為脂肪細胞時所扮演的角色林原佑; 劉秉勳; 林昀; 邱耀邦; 吳信志 ; 陳靜宜 ; 丁詩同 中國畜牧學會會誌 
502009Cell therapy generates a favourable chemokine gradient for stem cell recruitment into the infarcted heart in rabbitsMING-FONG CHEN ; BAI-CHIN LEE ; Hsu H.-C.; WEN-YIH TSENG ; Chen C.-Y.; HUNG-JU LIN ; YI-LWUN HO ; CHING-YI CHEN European Journal of Heart Failure3031
512008離乳仔豬併欄時以Azaperone 處理對血漿皮質醇與下視丘-腦下垂體-腎上腺軸緊迫相關基因表現變化之影響游建和; 蕭世烜; 陳靜宜 ; 張志成Taiwan Veterinary Journal 
522008Hardware-oriented image inpainting for perceptual I-frame error concealmentChen, Ching-Yi; Wu, Guan-Lin; Chien, Shao-Yi; SHAO-YI CHIEN ; Chen, Ching-Yi IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems40
532007Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Surface Structures of Conjugated Rod?Coil Block Copolymer BrushesWu, Wen-Chung; Tian, Yanqing; Chen, Ching-Yi ; Lee, Chun-Sheng; Sheng, Yu-Jane ; Chen, Wen-Chang ; Jen, Alex K.-Y.Langmuir3839
542004Marine Environmental Radioactivity near Nuclear Power Plants in Northern TaiwanHuh, Chih-An; Su, Chih-Chieh ; Tu, Yueh-Yuan; Shao, Kwang-Tsao; Chen, Ching-Yi ; Cheng, I-JiunnJournal of Marine Science and Technology6
552003Synthesis and characterization of organic–inorganic hybrid thin films from poly(acrylic) and monodispersed colloidal silicaYu, Yang-Yen; Chen, Ching-Yi ; Chen, Wen-Chang Polymer 
562003Effects of pile size of artificial reefs on the standing stocks of fishesJan, R.-Q.; Liu, Y.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; Wang, M.-C.; Song, G.-S.; Lin, H.-C.; Shao, K.-T.; GWO-SHYH SONG ; Chen, Ching-Yi Fisheries Research2725
572002Detecting cytokeratin 19 mRNA in the peripheral blood cells of cervical cancer patients and its clinical-pathological correlationYuan, C.-C.; Wang, P.-H.; Ng, H.-T.; Li, Y.-F.; Huang, T.-S.; CHING-YI CHEN ; Tsai, L.-C.; Shyong, W.-Y.Gynecologic Oncology
581998The effects of starch and protein degradation rates, hay sources, and feeding frequency on rumen microbial fermentation in a continuous culture system.Chen, Ching-Yi ; Hsu, Jih-Tay Proceedings of the National Science Council, Republic of China. Part B: Life Sciences
591996人工發酵槽的發展及其瘤胃發酵研究應用陳靜宜 ; 徐濟泰 科學農業
601996瘤胃微生物之特性及影響其組成之因子陳靜宜 ; 徐濟泰 科學農業