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12019Does participation in agricultural cooperatives affect farm sustainability? Empirical evidence from TaiwanCheng, Po Yuan; Lee, Brian; Sun, Lih Chyun; Wang, Bo; HUNG-HAO CHANG; Wang, Bo; Cheng, Po Yuan; Lee, Brian; Sun, Lih Chyun; HUNG-HAO CHANG; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article10
22019Inter-brand competition in the convenience store industry, store density and healthcare utilizationChang H.-H.; Meyerhoefer C.D.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article00
32019A supply-side analysis of agritourism: Evidence from farm-level agriculture census data in TaiwanChang H.-H.; Mishra A.K.; Lee T.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article11
42018農家使用農業設施之決定因素-臺灣農業普查資料之實證分析劉致筠(Jhih-Yun Liu); 張宏浩(Hung-Hao Chang); HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article00
52018Agricultural disaster programs and family farm labor supply in TaiwanWu K.; Chang H.-H.; Sun L.-C.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article11
62018Is deregulation of forest land use rights transactions associated with economic well-being and labor allocation of farm households? Empirical evidence in ChinaHong Y.-Z.; Chang H.-H.; Dai Y.-W.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article42
72017The economic effects of uber on taxi drivers in TaiwanChang H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article77
82017Ex post evaluation of antitrust and unfair competition fines on firms: Empirical evidence from TaiwanChang H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article00
92017Does eating out make elderly people depressed? Empirical evidence from National Health and Nutrition Survey in TaiwanChang H.-H.; Saeliw K.; HUNG-HAO CHANG conference paper1
102017Does a social welfare program affect farmland use? Empirical evidence using administrative data in TaiwanChang H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article11
112017Diversification of marketing strategies among small farms: Empirical evidence from family farms in TaiwanLiao P.-A.; Chang H.-H.; He J.; Saeliw K.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article11
122017The Role of Off-Farm Labor Participation Decisions of Married Farm Couples on Farm Direct Marketing in TaiwanChang H.-H.; He J.; Saeliw K.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article21
132016The Causal Effect of Education on Farm-related Disability: Evidence from a Compulsory Schooling Reform in TaiwanHung-Hao Chang; Chad D. Meyerhoefer; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article00
142016就業輔導及遷徙行為對臺灣原住民生活福利之影響評估蘇怡如(Yi-Ju Su); 張宏浩(Hung-Hao Chang); HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article00
152016Does the minimum lot size program affect farmland values? Empirical evidence using administrative data and regression discontinuity design in TaiwanChang, H.-H.; Lin, T.-C.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article22
162015老農福利津貼制度會影響農家所得嗎?來自臺灣大型農家調查資料的實證分析陳宜君; 張宏浩; 官俊榮; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article
172015Scientific information: Do farmers’ old age pension programs affect farm production? Empirical evidence of dairy farms in TaiwanChang, H.-H.; Wang, J.-H.; Mishra, A.K.; JIUN-HAO WANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article11
182015Change in Weight Status and Academic Performance among Senior High School Students in TaiwanPei-An Liao; Hung-Hao Chang; Jiun-Hao Wang; Min-Chen Wu; JIUN-HAO WANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article22
192015Do forest producers benefit from the forest disaster insurance program? Empirical evidence in Fujian Province of ChinaDai, Y.; Chang, H.-H.; Liu, W.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article1313
202015Working in the Dark: A Look at the Violence Risk of the Street Prostitution ServiceChang, H.-H.; Weng, Y.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article00
212014特刊導讀傅祖壇; 張宏浩; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article
222014Is tattooing a risk factor for adolescents' criminal behavior? Empirical evidence from an administrative data set of juvenile detainees in taiwanLiao, P.-A.; Chang, H.-H.; Su, Y.-J.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article22
232014Are Immigrant Wives Happy in Taiwan? A Look at the Role of Bargaining Power Within the Married CouplesChang, H.-H.; Liao, P.-A.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article22
242014On the political economy of allocation of agricultural disaster relief payments: Application to TaiwanChang, H.-H.; Zilberman, D.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article139
252014Examining the relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness and body weight status: Empirical evidence from a population-based survey of adults in TaiwanHung, T.-H.; Liao, P.-A.; Chang, H.-H.; Wang, J.-H.; Wu, M.-C.; JIUN-HAO WANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article30
262014友善環境農業誘因機制之研究-以稻米環境補貼為例王俊豪; 呂振福; 陳昱廷; 張宏浩; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article
272014How Do Health and Social Insurance Programmes Affect the Land and Labour Allocations of Farm Households? Evidence from TaiwanChang, H.-H.; Meyerhoefer, C.D.; Just, D.R.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article33
282014Childhood, Fast Food, Obesity, and HappinessHung-Hao Chang; Rodolfo M. Nayga; HUNG-HAO CHANG other00
292014Food preparation for the school lunch program and body weight of elementary school children in TaiwanChang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article1
302013Do Consumers Really Care about Biodiversity? Large Scale Choice-Experimental Evidence of Genetically Modified Soymilk in TaiwanFeng-An Yang; Hung-Hao Chang; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article
312013Do Rural Students Really Perform Worse than Urban Students Do? Empirical Evidence from a University Entrance Program in TaiwanLiao, P.-A.; Chang, H.-H.; Wang, J.-H.; Horng, T.-H.; JIUN-HAO WANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article44
322013Urban-rural disparity in physical fitness of elementary schoolchildren in TaiwanWang, J.-H.; Wu, M.-C.; Chang, H.-H.; JIUN-HAO WANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article1212
332013Physical fitness and academic performance: empirical evidence from the National Administrative Senior High School Student Data in Taiwan.HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article1312
342013Migration decisions of parents and the nutrition intakes of children left at home in rural ChinaHUNG-HAO CHANG journal article7
352013Out-of-pocket expenditures on traditional and Western medicine in TaiwanYen, S.T.; Chang, H.-H.; Lin, T.-F.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article00
362013Old farmer pension program and farm succession: Evidence from a population-based survey of farm households in TaiwanChang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article87
372013Functional food consumption and depression among the elderly - What can we learn from a longitudinal survey?Chang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article66
382013Impact of the economic crisis on income inequality among farm householdsChang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article21
392012台灣農家婦女時間分配之實證研究林威志; 呂振福; 張宏浩 journal article00
402012Can off farm employment affect the privatization of social safety net? The case of self-employed farm householdsMishra, A.K.; Chang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article66
412012Association between obesity and depression: Evidence from a longitudinal sample of the elderly in TaiwanChang, H.-H.; Yen, S.T.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article2624
422012Distinguish the Effects of Food Availability and Food Prices on Fat Intakes of the Chinese AdultsHung-Hao Chang; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article00
432012Does the universal health insurance program affect urban-rural differences in health service utilization among the elderly? evidence from a longitudinal study in TaiwanLiao, P.-A.; Chang, H.-H.; Yang, F.-A.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article1918
442012Consumption inequality between farm and nonfarm households in Taiwan: A decomposition analysis of differences in distributionChang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article53
452012Does the use of eco-labels affect income distribution and income inequality of aquaculture producers in Taiwan?Chang, H.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article910
462012National Health Insurance program and life satisfaction of the elderlyLiao, P.-A.; Chang, H.-H.; Sun, L.-C.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article88
472012Chemical usage in production agriculture: Do crop insurance and off-farm work play a part?Chang, H.-H.; Mishra, A.K.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article1010
482012What is more important for prostitute price? Physical appearance or risky sex behavior?Chang, H.-H.; Weng, Y.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article97
492011Tax-deferred retirement savings of farm households: An empirical investigationHUNG-HAO CHANG journal article3
502011Agricultural policy and its impact on fuel usage: Empirical evidence from farm household analysisChang, H.-H.; Mishra, A.K.; Livingston, M.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article66
512011Are participators in the land retirement program likely to grow energy crops?Chang, H.-H.; Chen, Y.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article43
522011Full-time, part-time employment and life satisfaction of the elderlyChang, H.-H.; Yen, S.T.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article96
532011Does the Milk Income Loss Contract program improve the technical efficiency of US dairy farms?Chang, H.-H.; Mishra, A.K.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article1212
542011Mental health and employment of the elderly in taiwan: A simultaneous equation approachChang, H.-H.; Yen, S.T.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article87
552011Mother's nutritional label use and children's body weightChang, H.-H.; Nayga, R.M.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article63
562011Off-farm work, technical efficiency, and rice production risk in TaiwanChang, H.-H.; Wen, F.-I.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article2017
572011Examining changes in fresh fruit and vegetable consumption over time and across regions in urban ChinaErnest Liu, K.; Chang, H.-H.; Chern, W.S.; HUNG-HAO CHANG ; KANG ERNEST LIU journal article32
582011Gendered Analyses of Nutrient Deficiencies Among the ElderlyChang, H.-H.; Nayga Jr. R.M.; Chan, K.-C.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article30
592011Why is the food traceability system unsuccessful in Taiwan? Empirical evidence from a national survey of fruit and vegetable farmersLiao, P.-A.; Chang, H.-H.; Chang, C.-Y.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article3936
602010臺灣農家之農業所得的空間依存性分析許禎育; 張宏浩; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article00
612010Accounting for the market and non-market values of multifunctional outputs in evaluating water transfers to non-agricultural uses: Empirical evidence from Taiwanese rice productionChang, H.-H.; Boisvert, R.N.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article21
622010Changes in the propensity of overweight US women to under-assess their body weight statusChang, H.-H.; Ver Ploeg, S.; Lin, B.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article22
632010Childhood obesity and unhappiness: The influence of soft drinks and fast food consumptionChang, H.-H.; Nayga Jr.; R.M.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article2019
642010Land subsidence, production efficiency, and the decision of aquacultural firms in Taiwan to discontinue productionChang, H.-H.; Boisvert, R.N.; Hung, L.-Y.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article1512
652010Off-farm employment and food expenditures at home and away from homeChang, H.-H.; Yen, S.T.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article1210
662010Smoking, drinking, and the distribution of adult body weightChang, H.-H.; Just, D.R.; Lin, B.-H.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article45
672010Examining the types and payments of the disabilities of the insurants in the national farmers' health insurance program in TaiwanWang, J.-H.; Chang, H.-H.; JIUN-HAO WANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article10
682009Fast Food Consumption, Television Viewing, and Children’s ObesityChang, Hung-Hao ; Nayga, Rodolfo M.journal article
692009Are Farmers’ Decisions to Work off the Farm Related to Participate in the Conservation Reserve Program?Chang, Hung-Hao ; Boisvert, Richard N.journal article
702009Factors Affecting Precautionary Savings of Self-Employed Farm Households.Chang, Hung-Hao ; Mishra, Ashok K.journal article110
712009Television Viewing, Fast-Food Consumption, and Children's ObesityChang, Hung-Hao ; Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.journal article910
722009Internet Access and Farm Household Income – Empirical Evidence using a Semi-parametric Assessment in TaiwanChang, Hung-Hao ; Just, David R.journal article77
732009Depressive symptoms, smoking, and cigarette price elasticity: Results from a population-based survey in TaiwanChang, Hung-Hao; Chiang, Tung-Liang; TUNG-LIANG CHIANG ; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article1010
742009Are farmers' decisions to work off the farm related to their decisions to participate in the conservation reserve program?Chang, H.-H.; Boisvert, R.N.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article65
752009Distinguishing between whole-farm vs. partial-farm participation in the conservation reserve programChang, H.-H.; Boisvert, R.N.; HUNG-HAO CHANG ; Chang, Hung-Hao journal article1314
762009Understanding the Differences in Obesity among Working Adults between Taiwan and ChinaSatoru Shimokawa; Hung-Hao Chang; Per Pinstrup-Andersen; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article00
782008Does participation in the conservation reserve program impact the economic well-being of farm households?Chang, H.-H.; Lambert, D.M.; Mishra, A.K.; HUNG-HAO CHANG ; Chang, Hung-Hao journal article07
792008Impact of off-farm labor supply on food expenditures of the farm householdChang, Hung-Hao; Mishra, Ashok K.; HUNG-HAO CHANG ; Chang, Hung-Hao journal article4138
802008Over, under, or about right: Misperceptions of body weight among food stamp participantsChang, Hung-Hao; Ploeg, Michele L. Ver; Lin, Biing-Hwan; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article2625
822007Health Information Availability and the Consumption of Eggs: Are Consumers Bayesians?Chang, Hung-Hao ; Just, David R.journal article3
832006Multifunctional Agricultural Policy, Reduced Domestic Support, and Liberalized Trade: An Empirical Assessment for Taiwanese RiceBoisvert, Richard N.; Chang, Hung-Hao book
842006Accounting for geographic heterogeneity of multifunctional rice policy in TaiwanChang, Hung-Hao ; Boisvert, Richard N.journal article
852005Achieving environmental objectives under reduced domestic agricultural support and trade liberalization: An empirical application to TaiwanChang, H.-H.; Boisvert, R.N.; Blandford, D.; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article50
862005Semi-Parametric and Parametric Estimations and Tests of Adoption: An Application to Bovine Somatotropin TechnologyHung-Hao Chang; Loren W. Tauer; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article
872002在限量進口之情況下實施直接給付政策對台灣稻米產業之影響陳郁蕙 ; 張宏浩 journal article
882001以經濟學觀點探討非法性藥物濫用之危險因子與防制措施張宏浩; 賴麗華; 唐麗慧; 黃旐濤; 陳國東; HUNG-HAO CHANG journal article00
892001台灣稻農對稻米市場價格理性預期檢定陳郁蕙 ; 張宏浩 journal article
902001火力發電與健康唐麗慧; 張宏浩 ; 陳國東; 林瑞雄journal article
912000應用預期價格與風險分析探討台灣稻米價格政策陳郁蕙 ; 張宏浩 journal article