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12019Differences in Aceria tosichella population responses to wheat resistance genes and wheat virus transmissionKhalaf, Luaay; Michael Smith, C.; WEN-PO CHUANG; Klein, Peter; Aguirre-Rojas, L. M.; Khalaf, Luaay; WEN-PO CHUANG; Aguirre-Rojas, L. M.; Klein, Peter; Michael Smith, C.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article22
22019Defensive responses of rice cultivars resistant to Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)Guo T.-W.; Liao C.-T.; Chuang W.-P.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article22
32019Development of single nucleotide polymorphism markers for the wheat curl mite resistance gene cmc4Zhao J.; Abdelsalam N.R.; Khalaf L.; Chuang W.-P.; Zhao L.; Smith C.M.; Carver B.; Bai G.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article23
42019Genomic and phenotypic evaluation of rice susceptible check TN1 collected in TaiwanLi, Yi; Huang, Yung-Fen; Huang, Shou-Horng; Kuang, Yun-Hung; Tung, Chih-Wei; Liao, Chung-Ta; Chuang, Wen-Po; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article00
52018MiRNA-mediated interactions in and between plants and insectsLi C.; Wong A.Y.P.; Wang S.; Jia Q.; Chuang W.-P.; Bendena W.G.; Tobe S.S.; Yang S.H.; Chung G.; Chan T.-F.; Lam H.-M.; Bede J.C.; Hui J.H.L.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article65
62018The Role of Plant Abiotic Factors on the Interactions between Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) and its Host PlantTu K.-Y.; Tsai S.-F.; Guo T.-W.; Lin H.-H.; Yang Z.-W.; Liao C.-T.; Chuang W.-P.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article11
72017Resistance to wheat curl mite in arthropod-resistant rye-wheat translocation linesAguirre-Rojas L.M.; Khalaf L.K.; Garc?s-Carrera S.; Sinha D.K.; Chuang W.-P.; Michael Smith C.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article65
82017Wheat Genotypes With Combined Resistance to Wheat Curl Mite, Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus, Wheat Mosaic Virus, and Triticum Mosaic VirusChuang W.-P.; Rojas L.M.A.; Khalaf L.K.; Zhang G.; Fritz A.K.; Whitfield A.E.; Smith C.M.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article77
92016Registration of OK05312, a high-yielding hard winter wheat donor of Cmc4 for wheat curl mite resistanceCarver, B.F.; Smith, C.M.; Chuang, W.-P.; Hunger, R.M.; Edwards, J.T.; Yan, L.; Brown-Guedira, G.; Gill, B.S.; Bai, G.; Bowden, R.L.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article77
102015Maize Plants Recognize Herbivore-Associated Cues from Caterpillar FrassRay, S.; Gaffor, I.; Acevedo, F.E.; Helms, A.; Chuang, W.-P.; Tooker, J.; Felton, G.W.; Luthe, D.S.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article2018
112014Caterpillar attack triggers accumulation of the toxic maize protein RIP2Chuang, W.-P.; Herde, M.; Ray, S.; Castano-Duque, L.; Howe, G.A.; Luthe, D.S.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article2827
122014Plant resistance to aphid feeding: Behavioral, physiological, genetic and molecular cues regulate aphid host selection and feedingSmith, C.M.; Chuang, W.-P.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article5653
132014Herbivore cues from the fall armyworm (spodoptera frugiperda) larvae trigger direct defenses in maizeChuang, W.-P.; Ray, S.; Acevedo, F.E.; Peiffer, M.; Felton, G.W.; Luthe, D.S.; WEN-PO CHUANG journal article2626