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12021Survey of rice production practices and perception of weedy red rice (Oryza sativa f. spontanea) in TaiwanYUNG-FEN HUANG ; Wu, Dong Hong; Wang, Chih Lu; Du, Pei Rong; Cheng, Chih Yun; Cheng, Chia ChiWeed Science
22021Erratum: Survey of rice production practices and perception of weedy red rice (Oryza sativa f. spontanea) in Taiwan (Weed Sci. (2020) DOI: 10.1017/wsc.2020.73)Huang Y.-F; Wu D.-H; Wang C.-L; Du P.-R; Cheng C.-Y; Cheng C.-C.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Weed Science
32021Explore the genetics of weedy traits using rice 3K databaseLin Y.-L; Wu D.-H; Wu C.-C; Huang Y.-F.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Botanical Studies
42020Genome-wide association study reveals the genetic architecture of seed vigor in oatsHuang C.-T; Klos K.E; Huang Y.-F.; YUNG-FEN HUANG G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics
52020Evaluation of agronomic performance and exploratory genome-wide association study of a diverse oat panel for forage use in TaiwanHuang C.-W; Liang W.-H; Esvelt Klos K; Chen C.-S; Huang Y.-F.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Grassland Science
62020The screening of resistance against meloidogyne graminicola in oatsYao S.-M; Huang Y.-F; Yang J.-I.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Agriculture (Switzerland)
72019First Report of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus-PAV Infecting Oats (Avena sativa) in TaiwanYao, SM; Hung, TH; HUANG, YF ; Yang, JIPLANT DISEASE
82019第27屆亞太雜草學會年會紀實黃永芬(Yung-Fen Huang); YUNG-FEN HUANG 中華民國雜草學會會刊
92019模擬探討基因體選種在水稻育種計畫中之運用潘芃諭(Peng-Yu Pan); 黃永芬(Yung-Fen Huang); YUNG-FEN HUANG 作物、環境與生物資訊
102019Genomic and phenotypic evaluation of rice susceptible check TN1 collected in TaiwanLi, Y.; Huang, Y.-F.; Huang, S.-H.; Kuang, Y.-H.; Tung, C.-W.; Liao, C.-T.; Chuang, W.-P.; YUNG-FEN HUANG ; WEN-PO CHUANG ; CHIH-WEI TUNG Botanical Studies
112018移植體系下雜草型紅米之危害、傳播與防治策略吳東鴻(Dong-Hong Wu); 李長沛(Charng-Pei Li); 黃永芬(Yung-Fen Huang); YUNG-FEN HUANG 中華民國雜草學會會刊
122017Genetic variation and associations involving Fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol accumulation in cultivated oat (Avena sativa L.)\\AAsmund Bj\\ornstad; Xinyao He; Selamawit Tekle; Kathy Klos; Yung-Fen Huang; Nicholas A. Tinker; Yanhong Dong; Helge Skinnes; YUNG-FEN HUANG Plant Breeding 
132016Population genomics related to adaptation in elite oat GermplasmKlos, K.E.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Plant Genome 
142016A consensus map in cultivated hexaploid oat reveals conserved grass synteny with substantial subgenome rearrangementChaffin, A.S.; YUNG-FEN HUANG et al. Plant Genome 
152016Genetic mapping of major-effect seed dormancy quantitative trait loci on chromosome 2B using recombinant substitution lines in tetraploid wheatChao, S.; Elias, E.; Benscher, D.; Ishikawa, G.; Huang, Y.-F.; Saito, M.; Nakamura, T.; Xu, S.; Faris, J.; Sorrells, M.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Crop Science 
162014A SNP genotyping array for hexaploid oatTinker, N.A.; Chao, S.; Lazo, G.R.; Oliver, R.E.; Huang, Y.-F.; Pol; , J.A.; Jellen, E.N.; Maughan, P.J.; Kilian, A.; Jackson, E.W.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Plant Genome 
172014A negative MYB regulator of proanthocyanidin accumulation, identified through expression quantitative locus mapping in the grape berryHuang, Y.-F.; Vialet, S.; Guiraud, J.-L.; Torregrosa, L.; Bertrand, Y.; Cheynier, V.; This, P.; Terrier, N.; YUNG-FEN HUANG New Phytologist 
182014Using Genotyping-By-Sequencing (GBS) for genomic discovery in cultivated oatHuang, Y.-F.; Pol; , J.A.; Wight, C.P.; Jackson, E.W.; Tinker, N.A.; YUNG-FEN HUANG PLoS ONE 
192013Expression QTL mapping in grapevine-Revisiting the genetic determinism of grape skin colourHuang, Y.-F.; Bertr, Y.; Guiraud, J.-L.; Vialet, S.; Launay, A.; Cheynier, V.; Terrier, N.; This, P.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Plant Science 
202013Selection of candidate genes for grape proanthocyanidin pathway by an integrative approachCarrier, G.; Huang, Y.-F.; Le Cunff, L.; Fournier-Level, A.; Vialet, S.; Souquet, J.-M.; Cheynier, V.; Terrier, N.; This, P.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 
212012Dissecting genetic architecture of grape proanthocyanidin composition through quantitative trait locus mappingHuang, Y.-F.; Doligez, A.; Fournier-Level, A.; Le Cunff, L.; Bertr; , Y.; Canaguier, A.; Morel, C.; Miralles, V.; Veran, F.; Souquet, J.-M.; Cheynier, V.; Terrier, N.; This, P.; YUNG-FEN HUANG BMC Plant Biology 
222012Shedding Light on the Black Boxes of the Proanthocyanidin Pathway with GrapevineHuang, Y.-F.; Cheynier, V.; Terrier, N.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research
232010The genetic architecture of grain yield and related traits in Zea maize L. revealed by comparing intermated and conventional populationsHuang, Y.-F.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Genetics 
242005Malignant transformation of an epithelial cell by v-Src via tv-a-mediated retroviral infection: A new cell model for studying carcinogenesisFu, S.-L.; Huang, Y.-J.; Liang, F.-P.; Huang, Y.-F.; Chuang, C.-F.; Wang, S.-W.; Yao, J.-W.; YUNG-FEN HUANG Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications