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12015Minimum Aberration Regular Two-Level Designs in the Presence of Dispersion FactorsCHEN-TUO LIAO ; LI-YU LIU journal article00
22015Comparative transcriptome analysis of shoots and roots of TNG67 and TCN1 rice seedlings under cold stress and following subsequent recovery: Insights into metabolic pathways, phytohormones, and transcription factorsMEN-CHI CHANG ; LI-YU LIU journal article183
32015Application of an integrated omics approach for identifying host proteins that interact with Odontoglossum ringspot virus capsid proteinYA-CHUN CHANG ; SHIH-SHUN LIN ; LI-YU LIU journal article54
42015Development of a mild viral expression system for gain-of-function study of phytoplasma effector in plantaSHIH-SHUN LIN ; HSIAO-FENG LO ; LI-YU LIU ; CHAN-PIN LIN journal article11
52015The Major Prognostic Features of Nuclear Receptor NR5A2 in Infiltrating Ductal Breast CarcinomasChang, Li-Yun; LI-YU LIU ; Liu, Li-Yu D.; Roth, Don A.; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin ; Chang, King-Jen; Hsieh, Fon-Joujournal article23
62015MicroRNA396-targeted SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE is required to repress flowering and is related to the development of abnormal flower symptoms by the phyllody symptoms1 effector1SHIH-SHUN LIN ; CHUN-NENG WANG ; CHAN-PIN LIN ; LI-YU LIU journal article2121
72015The pineapple genome and the evolution of CAM photosynthesisMing, R.; VanBuren, R.; Wai, C.M.; Hsinwei Tang ; Schatz, M.C.; Bowers, J.E.; Lyons, E.; MAN-LING WANG ; Chen, J.; Biggers, E.; Zhang, J.; Huang, L.; Zhang, L.; Miao, W.; Zhang, J.; Ye, Z.; Miao, C.; ZHEN-FANG LIN ; Wang, H.; Zhou, H.; Yim, W.C.; Priest, H.D.; CHIN-LONG ZHENG ; Woodhouse, M.; Edger, P.P.; Guyot, R.; Guo, H.-B.; Guo, H.; Zheng, G.; Singh, R.; Sharma, A.; Min, X.; Zheng, Y.; Lee, H.; Gurtowski, J.; Sedlazeck, F.J.; Harkess, A.; McKain, M.R.; Liao, Z.; JIM-MIN FANG ; Liu, J.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Q.; Hu, W.; Qin, Y.; KUOCHUAN WANG ; Chen, L.-Y.; Shirley, N.; YANN-RONG LIN ; LI-YU LIU ; Hernandez, A.G.; Wright, C.L.; Bulone, V.; Tuskan, G.A.; Heath, K.; Zee, F.; Moore, P.H.; Sunkar, R.; Leebens-Mack, J.H.; Mockler, T.; Bennetzen, J.L.; Freeling, M.; Sankoff, D.; Paterson, A.H.; Zhu, X.; Yang, X.; Smith, J.A.C.; Cushman, J.C.; Paull, R.E.; Yu, Q.147139
82014Genetic analyses of the FRNK motif function of turnip mosaic virus uncover multiple and potentially interactive pathways of cross-protectionSHIH-SHUN LIN ; CHAN-PIN LIN ; LI-YU LIU journal article1513
92014Comparison the prognostic value of galectin-3 and serum markers of cardiac extracellular matrix turnover in patients with chronic systolic heart failureYEN-HUNG LIN ; Chang, Yi-Yao; Chen, Aaron; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; YEN-WEN WU ; Wu, Xue-Ming; Hsu, Tse-Pin; LI-YU LIU ; Liu, Li-Yu Daisy; Chen, Yenh-Hsein; Wu, Yen-Wen; Lin, Hung-Ju; Hsu, Ron-Bin; Lee, Chi-Ming; Wang, Shoei-Shen; Lo, Men-Tzung; Chen, Ming-Fong; Lin, Yen-Hungjournal article1113
102014High-throughput transcriptome analysis of the leafy flower transition of catharanthus roseus induced by peanut witches'-broom phytoplasma infectionSHIH-SHUN LIN ; LI-YU LIU ; CHAN-PIN LIN journal article3836
112014區域試驗多性狀產量指標之穩定性分析LI-YU LIU journal article
122014A supervised network analysis on gene expression profiles of breast tumors predicts a 41-gene prognostic signature of the transcription factor MYB across molecular subtypesLiu, Li-Yu D.; HSIAO-LIN HWA ; LI-YU LIU ; Chang, Li-Yun; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin ; Chang, King-Jen; Hsieh, Fon-Joujournal article109
132014Transcriptomic analysis reveals that reactive oxygen species and genes encoding lipid transfer protein are associated with tobacco hairy root growth and branch developmentKUNG-TA LEE ; LI-YU LIU journal article34
142014Prognostic features of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 in an ER(+) breast cancer model systemHSIAO-LIN HWA ; LI-YU LIU journal article50
152014Using a genetic algorithm-based RAROC model for the performance and persistence of the fundsLI-YU LIU journal article00
162014Identification of a liver cirrhosis signature in plasma for predicting hepatocellular carcinoma risk in a population-based cohort of hepatitis B carriersLiu, Chia-Chi; Liu, Chia-Chi; Liu, Chia-Chi; MING-WHEI YU ; MONG-HSUN TSAI ; Wang, Ya-Hui; Wang, Ya-Hui; CHUN-JEN LIU ; Chuang, Eric Y.; Tsai, Mong-Hsun; Tsai, Mong-Hsun ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; LI-YU LIU ; Chuang, Ya-Hui ; Chuang, Ya-Hui ; Chuang, Ya-Hui; Lin, Chih-Lin; Lin, Chih-Lin; Lin, Chih-Lin; YA-HUI CHUANG ; Liu, Chun-Jen; Liu, Chun-Jen ; Liu, Chun-Jen ; Hsiao, Bo-Yu; Hsiao, Bo-Yu; Hsiao, Bo-Yu; Lin, Shi-Ming; Lin, Shi-Ming; Liu, Li-Yu; Liu, Li-Yu ; Yu, Ming-Whei; Yu, Ming-Whei journal article54
172013次世代定序資料模擬軟體的比較LI-YU LIU journal article
182013Two-level orthogonal and saturated designs for estimating main effects and certain important interactionsCHEN-TUO LIAO ; LI-YU LIU journal article00
192013多重環境試驗之直線迴歸穩定性統計法LI-YU LIU journal article
202013The extent of Ds1 transposon to enrich transcriptomes and proteomes by exonizationLI-YU LIU ; YUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article31
212013Improving initial infectivity of the Turnip mosaic virus (TuMV) infectious clone by an mini binary vector via agro-infiltrationSHIH-SHUN LIN ; LI-YU LIU journal article44
222013Analysis of new functional profiles of protein isoforms yielded by Ds exonization in riceLI-YU LIU ; YUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article22
232013Delivery system for DNAzymes using arginine-modified hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for therapeutic application in a nasopharyngeal carcinoma modelLI-YU LIU journal article2019
242013Identifying Gene Set Association Enrichment Using the Coefficient of Intrinsic DependenceCHEN-AN TSAI ; LI-YU LIU journal article33
252012Major functional transcriptome of an inferred center regulator of an ER(-) breast cancer model systemCHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; HSIAO-LIN HWA ; LI-YU LIU journal article70
262012In Silico prediction for regulation of transcription factors on their shared target genes indicates relevant clinical implications in a breast cancer populationMING-KWANG SHYU ; HSIAO-LIN HWA ; LI-YU LIU journal article70
272012Genome-wide survey of Ds exonization to enrich transcriptomes and proteomes in plantsYUH-CHYANG CHARNG ; LI-YU LIU journal article53
282012Ds transposon is biased towards providing splice donor sites for exonization in transgenic tobaccoLI-YU LIU ; YUH-CHYANG CHARNG journal article66
292009Statistical identification of gene association by CID in application of constructing ER regulatory networkLiu, Li-Yu Daisy; Liu, Li-Yu D; CHIEN-YU CHEN ; Chen, Chien-Yu ; HSIAO-LIN HWA ; Chen, Mei-Ju M; Chen, Mei-Ju May; HUANG-CHUN LIEN ; LI-YU LIU ; Tsai, Ming-Shian; Lee, Cho-Han S; Lee, Cho-Han Sam; Phang, Tzu L; Phang, Tzu L.; Chang, Li-Yun; Chang, Li-Yun; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin ; Lien, Huang-Chun ; Jung, Shih-Ming; Jung, Shih-Ming; Lin, Yi-Shing; Chang, King-Jen; Hsieh, Fon-Joujournal article9
302008利用本質相關係數建立樣本分類法則之可行性評估劉力瑜 report
312008利用CID與BART建立癌症臨床症狀之分類法則劉力瑜 report
322008Vascularity Change and Tumor Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Advanced Breast CancerMING-KWANG SHYU ; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; Kuo, W.-H.; Chen, C.-N.; PO-HUANG LEE ; Chen, Chiung-Nien ; Hsieh, F.-J.; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; Hsieh, Fon-Jou; LI-YU LIU ; Shyu, Ming-Kwang ; Shyu, M.-K.; Shyu, Ming-Kwang ; Chang, Li-Yun; Chang, L.-Y.; Lee, Po-Huang; Lee, P.-H.; Liu, Li-Yu D.; Liu, L.-Y.; Cheng, C.-H.; Cheng, Chia-Hsien ; Wang, Jane ; Wang, Jane ; Wang, J.; Chang, King-Jen; Chang, K.-J.journal article1511
332008Multivariate survival analysis of children with medulloblastoma - A single-center experienceLI-YU LIU journal article00
342008Gene expression variation increase in trisomy 21 tissuesCHIEN-YU CHEN ; Chou, Ching Yu; Liu, Li Yu; HSIAO-LIN HWA ; LI-YU LIU ; Chen, Chien Yu ; Tsai, Cheng Hsien; Hwa, Hsiao Lin ; Chang, Li Yun; Lin, Yi Shing; Hsieh, Fon Joujournal article2320
352007The interactions between GPR30 and the major biomarkers in infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast in an asian populationKuo, Wen-Hung ; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; PO-HUANG LEE ; RAY-HWANG YUAN ; Chang, Li-Yun; Liu, Daisy Li-Yu; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; Liu, Daisy Li-Yu; HSIAO-LIN HWA ; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin ; Hwa, Hsiao-Lin ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; Lin, Jen-Jen; Lee, Po-Huang; Lee, Po-Huang; HUANG-CHUN LIEN ; Chen, Chiung-Nien ; LI-YU LIU ; Chen, Chiung-Nien ; Lien, Huang-Chun ; Yuan, Ray-Hwang ; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Shun, Chia-Tung ; Chang, King-Jen; Hsieh, Fon-Jou; Hsieh, Fon-Joujournal article400
362007Erratum: The interactions between GPR30 and the major biomarkers in infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast in an Asian population (Taiwanese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (2007) 46, 2 (135-145))PO-HUANG LEE ; RAY-HWANG YUAN ; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; HSIAO-LIN HWA ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN ; HUANG-CHUN LIEN ; LI-YU LIU journal article00
372005The coefficient of intrinsic dependence (feature selection using el CID)LI-YU LIU journal article1918
382005A two-stage normalization method for partially degraded mRNA microarray dataLiu, Li-yu D.; LI-YU LIU ; Wang, Naisyin; Lupton, Joanne R.; Turner, Nancy D.; Chapkin, Robert S.; Davidson, Laurie A.journal article43
392004The use of focus groups in evaluating quality of life components among elderly Chinese peopleLeung, Kai-Kuen; BEE-HORNG LUE ; Wu, En-Chang; Tang, Bee-Horng Lue; Li-Yu journal article3633