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12018Development of predictive signatures for treatment selection in precision medicine with survival outcomesChen Y.-C.; Lee U.J.; Tsai C.-A.; Chen J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article11
22017An Exhaustive Scan Method for SNP Main Effects and SNP × SNP Interactions over Highly Homozygous GenomesTsai S.-F.; Tung C.-W.; Tsai C.-A.; Liao C.-T.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article21
32016Gene set analysis using sufficient dimension reductionHsueh H.-M.; Tsai C.-A.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article44
42016Addressing loss of efficiency due to misclassification error in enriched clinical trials for the evaluation of targeted therapies based on the Cox proportional hazards modelTsai C.-A.; Lee K.-T.; Liu J.-P.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article00
52014An approximate approach to sample size determination in bioequivalence testing with multiple pharmacokinetic responsesTsai, C.-A.; Huang, C.-Y.; Liu, J.-P.; JEN-PEI LIU ; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article44
62014MAVTgsa: An R package for gene set (enrichment) analysisChien, C.-Y.; Chang, C.-W.; Tsai, C.-A.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article11
72014Asymptomatic ratio for seasonal H1N1 influenza infection among schoolchildren in TaiwanHsieh, Y.-H.; Tsai, C.-A.; Lin, C.-Y.; Chen, J.-H.; King, C.-C.; Chao, D.-Y.; Cheng, K.-F.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article2118
82013Identifying Gene Set Association Enrichment Using the Coefficient of Intrinsic DependenceTsai, C.-A.; Liu, L.-Y.D.; CHEN-AN TSAI ; LI-YU LIU journal article33
92013Random forests-based differential analysis of gene sets for gene expression dataHsueh, H.-M.; Zhou, D.-W.; Tsai, C.-A.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article1111
102012Identifying differential gene sets using the linear combination of genes with maximum AUCWang, Z.; Tsai, C.-A.; Chang, Y.-C.I.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article1
112012Recursive feature selection with significant variables of support vectorsTsai, C.-A.; Huang, C.-H.; Chang, C.-W.; Chen, C.-H.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article44
122012Association of response to hepatitis B vaccination and survival in dialysis patientsLin, S.-Y.; Liu, J.-H.; Wang, S.-M.; Wang, I.-K.; Tsai, C.-A.; Liu, Y.-L.; Lin, H.-H.; Chang, C.-C.; Huang, C.-C.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article2120
132011Factors associated with infection by 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus during different phases of the epidemicChao, D.-Y.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article66
142011Comparison of hepatitis B surface antibody decay rates after vaccination between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patientsLin, S.-Y.; CHEN-AN TSAI et al. journal article78
152011Serological evidence of subclinical transmission of the 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus outside of MexicoChao, D.-Y.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article1412
162011Serological response and persistence in schoolchildren with high baseline seropositive rate after receiving 2009 pandemic influenza A(H1N1) vaccineChao, D.-Y.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article88
172011Sarcosine therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder: A prospective, open-label studyWu, P.-L.; Tang, H.-S.; Lane, H.-Y.; Tsai, C.-A.; Tsai, G.E.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article2623
182010Testing Significance of a Class of GenesChen, J.J.; Tsai, C.-A.; CHEN-AN TSAI book00
192009Multivariate analysis of variance test for gene set analysisTsai, C.-A.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article7067
202009Development of biomarker classifiers from high-dimensional dataBaek, S.; Tsai, C.-A.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article4643
212009The relationship between chronic hepatitis B infection and bone mineral, metabolism in peritoneal dialysis patientsCHEN-AN TSAI journal article2
222008Effect of p53 genotype on gene expression profiles in murine liverMorris, S.M.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article33
232008Multispectra CWT-based algorithm (MCWT) in mass spectra for peak extractionHsueh, H.-M.; Kuo, H.-C.; Tsai, C.-A.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article11
242007Gene selection with multiple ordering criteriaChen, J.J.; Tsai, C.-A.; Tzeng, S.; Chen, C.-H.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article2724
252007Kernel estimation for adjusted p-values in multiple testingTsai, C.-A.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article22
262007An integrated tree-based classification approach to prognostic grouping with application to localized melanoma patientsTsai, C.-A.; Chen, D.-T.; Chen, J.J.; Balch, C.M.; Thompson, J.F.; Soong, S.-J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article67
272007Selection of differentially expressed genes in microarray data analysisChen, J.J.; Wang, S.-J.; Tsai, C.-A.; Lin, C.-J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article6059
282007Significance analysis of groups of genes in expression profiling studiesChen, J.J.; Lee, T.; Delongchamp, R.R.; Chen, T.; Tsai, C.-A.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article2218
292007Reproducibility of microarray data: A further analysis of microarray quality control (MAQC) dataChen, J.J.; Hsueh, H.-M.; Delongchamp, R.R.; Lin, C.-J.; Tsai, C.-A.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article9693
302007Incorporating the number of true null hypotheses to improve power in multiple testing: Application to gene microarray dataHsueh, H.-M.; Tsai, C.-A.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article33
312006Database composition can affect the structure-activity relationship predictionYoung, J.; Tsai, C.-A.; Chen, J.; Latendresse, J.; Kodell, R.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article32
322006Decision threshold adjustment in class predictionChen, J.J.; Tsai, C.-A.; Moon, H.; Ahn, H.; Young, J.J.; Chen, C.-H.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article3126
332005Quality assessment of gene expression dataTsai, C.-A.; Chen, D.-T.; CHEN-AN TSAI conference paper00
342005Sample size for gene expression microarray experimentsTsai, C.-A.; Wang, S.-J.; Chen, D.-T.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article4846
352005Classification ensembles for unbalanced class sizes in predictive toxicologyChen, J.J.; Tsai, C.A.; Young, J.F.; Kodell, R.L.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article3633
362005Multi-class clustering and prediction in the analysis of microarray dataTsai, C.-A.; Lee, T.-C.; Ho, I.-C.; Yang, U.-C.; Chen, C.-H.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article2521
372005Alterations in gene expression profiles and the DNA-damage response in ionizing radiation-exposed TK6 cellsAkerman, G.S.; Rosenzweig, B.A.; Domon, O.E.; Tsai, C.-A.; Bishop, M.E.; McGarrity, L.J.; MacGregor, J.T.; Sistare, F.D.; Chen, J.J.; Morris, S.M.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article4242
382004Gene expression profiles and genetic damage in benzo(a)pyrene diol epoxide-exposed TK6 cellsAkerman, G.S.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article6557
392004Gene selection for sample classifications in microarray experimentsTsai C.-A.N.; Chen C.-H.; Lee T.-C.; Ho I.-C.; Yang U.-C.; Chen J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI conference paper2020
402004A generalized additive model for microarray gene expression data analysisTsai, C.-A.; Hsueh, H.-M.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article50
412004Significance analysis of ROC indices for comparing diagnostic markers: Applications to gene microarray dataTsai, C.-A.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article110
422004Analysis of variance components in gene expression dataChen, J.J.; Delongchamp, R.R.; Tsai, C.-A.; Hsueh, H.-M.; Sistare, F.; Thompson, K.L.; Desai, V.G.; Fuscoe, J.C.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article7268
432003Estimation of False Discovery Rates in Multiple Testing: Application to Gene Microarray DataTsai, C.-A.; Hsueh, H.-M.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article113106
442003Testing for differentially expressed genes with microarray data.Tsai, C.A.; Chen, Y.J.; Chen, J.J.; CHEN-AN TSAI journal article43