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12021A robotized handheld smart tool for orthopedic surgeryHung S.-S; Hsu A.S.-F; Ho T.-H; Chi C.-H; Yen P.-L.; CHAU-HWA CHI International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery20
22020Light microscopic and ultrastructural characteristics of heterophil toxicity and leftshifting in green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) from TaiwanWang, Y.-F.; Li, T.-H.; Jiang, Y.-F.; Chi, C.-H.; Cheng, I.-J.; Cheng, C.-H.; Sun, R.; Yu, P.-H.; YI-FAN JIANG ; CHAU-HWA CHI Zoological Studies45
32020Effects of Focal Radiation on [18F]-Fluoro-D-Glucose Positron Emission Tomography in the Brains of Miniature Pigs: Preliminary Findings on Local MetabolismYeh, C.-I.; Cheng, M.-F.; Xiao, F.; Chen, Y.-C.; Liu, C.-C.; Chen, H.-Y.; Yen, R.-F.; Ju, Y.-T.; Chen, Y.; Bodduluri, M.; Yu, P.-H.; Chi, C.-H.; Chong, N.S.; Wu, L.-H.; Adler Jr, J.R.; Schneider, M.B.; CHAU-HWA CHI Neuromodulation46
42020Blood lead and zinc levels and their impact on health of free-living small carnivores in Taiwan, Republic of ChinaLiu, C.-C.; Chi, C.-H.; Yen, S.-C.; Liu, J.-N.; Ju, Y.-T.; Kang, C.-L.; Chang, C.-H.; Yu, P.-H.; YU-TEN JU ; PIN-HUAN YU ; CHAU-HWA CHI Journal of Wildlife Diseases00
52019Growth and Behavior of Congenitally Anophthalmic Lee-Sung PigsCHAU-HWA CHI ; Ju, Yu-Ten; Pan, Yu-Ting; Tu, Ching-Fu; Hsiao, Jan; Lin, Yi-Hsuan; Yu, Pei-Ju; Yu, Pin-Huan; Chi, Chau-Hwa; Liu, I.-LiComparative Medicine22
62018PARACLOACAL GLAND CARCINOMA IN A SUGAR GLIDER (PETAURUS BREVICEPS)CHAU-HWA CHI ; Chen, J.-C.; Yu, P.-H.; Liu, C.-H.; Chi, C.-H.Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine42
72018Hematologic, plasma biochemical, protein electrophoretic, and total solid values of captive oriental turtle doves (Streptopelia orientalis)CHAU-HWA CHI ; Tsai, I.-T.; Chi, C.-H.; Yu, P.-H.Zoological Studies10
82018Comparison of three computed tomographic angiography protocols to assess diameters of major arteries in African grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus)CHAU-HWA CHI ; Yu, P.H.; Lee, Y.L.; Chen, C.L.; Chi, C.-H.American Journal of Veterinary Research52
92016Simultaneous activation and inhibition of autophagy sensitizes cancer cells to chemotherapyCHAU-HWA CHI ; Chi, K.-H.; Wang, Y.-S.; Huang, Y.-C.; Chiang, H.-C.; Chi, M.-S.; Chi, C.-H.; Wang, H.-E.; Kao, S.-J.Oncotarget2320
102015Serum progesterone and estradiol levels throughout the endoscopy-observed ovarian cycle in captive formasan macaques (Macaca cyclopis)Yu, P.-H.; Weng, C.-C.; Kuo, H.-C.; Chi, C.-H.; CHAU-HWA CHI Pakistan Journal of Zoology 0
112015Evaluation of endoscopic salpingectomy for sterilization of female Formosan macaques (Macaca cyclopis)Yu, P.-H.; Weng, C.-C.; Kuo, H.-C.; Chi, C.-H.; PIN-HUAN YU ; CHAU-HWA CHI American Journal of Primatology 65
122015Long-term management of thymic lymphoma in a Java sparrow (Lonchura oryzivora)Yu, P.H.; Chi, C.H.; PIN-HUAN YU ; CHAU-HWA CHI Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery 62
132014Seasonal hematology and plasma biochemistry reference range values of the yellow-marginated box turtle (cuora flavomarginata)Yang P.-Y.; Yu P.-H.; Wu S.-H.; Chie C.-H.; CHAU-HWA CHI Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine2618
142014醋酸甲羥孕酮及左炔諾孕酮利用於圈養台灣獼猴生殖控制之研究余品奐; 翁嘉駿; 郭鴻志; 季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 台灣生物多樣性研究 
152014病例報告:以改良型束縛包紮法處理食蛇龜開放性傷口邱芸姍; 季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
162014Natural A(H1N1)pdm09 influenza virus infection case in a pet ferret in TaiwanLin, H.-T.; Wang, C.-H.; Wu, W.-L.; Chi, C.-H.; Wang, L.C.; LIH-CHIANN WANG ; CHAU-HWA CHI Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research 60
172013Effects of taraxacum mongolicum extract on lipopolysaccharide-induced nitric oxide and cytokines production by bovine mammary epithelial cellsLee, K.-H.; Hsu, K.-C.; Wang, Y.-S.; Yeh, C.-C.; Chen, J.-Y.; Chang, C.-L.; Chi, C.-H.; CHAU-HWA CHI International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine 2
182013Effects of sheng hua tang on uterine involution and ovarian activity in postpartum dairy cowsLee, K.H.; Lee, Y.T.; Chen, T.C.; Yeh, C.C.; Chen, J.Y.; Liu, L.Y.; Chi, C.H.; CHAU-HWA CHI Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 56
192013Hematologic and plasma biochemical reference values of the yellow pond turtle mauremys mutica and the effects of sex and seasonYu, P.-H.; Yang, P.-Y.; Chiu, Y.-S.; Chi, C.-H.; PIN-HUAN YU ; CHAU-HWA CHI Zoological Studies 77
202012Erratum: Morphologic and cytochemical characteristics of Asian yellow pond turtle (Ocadia sinensis) blood cells and their hematologic and plasma biochemical reference values (Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 40:1 (76-85))Chung, C.-S.; Cheng, C.; Chin, S.-C.; Lee, A.-H.; Chi, C.-H.; CHAU-HWA CHI Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 00
212012Fibrin glue mixed with platelet-rich fibrin as a scaffold seeded with dental bud cells for tooth regenerationYang, K.-C.; Wang, C.-H.; Chang, H.-H.; Chan, W.P.; Chi, C.-H.; Kuo, T.-F.; TZONG-FU KUO ; CHAU-HWA CHI Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 4336
222011Observation of reproductive cycle of female yellow-margined box turtle (Cuora flavomarginata) using radiography and ultrasonographyChen, T.-Y.; Lee, Y.-T.; Chi, C.-H.; CHAU-HWA CHI Zoo Biology 42
232011飼糧中添加靈芝對哺乳仔豬免疫力之探討粘碧珠; 李國華; 葉家舟; 林文宏; 胡見龍; 陳志毅; 賈玉祥; 張菊犁; 林祥生; 季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
242010Case Report: Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis in a Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps)Pin-Huan Yu; Chau-Hwa Chi; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
252010病例報告:紅腿象龜之嗜麥芽寡食單胞菌呼吸道感染首次報告楊樸煜; 李安興; 季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
262010Observations on the female reproductive cycles of captive Asian yellow pond turtles (Mauremys mutica) with radiography and ultrasonographyCheng, Y.-Y.; Chen, T.-Y.; Yu, P.-H.; Chi, C.-H.; PIN-HUAN YU ; CHAU-HWA CHI Zoo Biology 1613
272010乳牛產後子宮復舊的中草藥應用季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 中華傳統獸醫學會會刊 
282010病例報告:射紋陸龜(Astrochelys radiate)泄殖腔脫垂及醫療照護李炎道; 季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
292010病例報告:貂的雙側性腎上腺增生劉政宏; 李安興; 劉尹晟; 吳應寧; 季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
302010Neoadjuvant immunotherapy enhances radiosensitivity through natural killer cell activationChi, C.-H.; Wang, Y.-S.; Yang, C.-H.; Chi, K.-H.; CHAU-HWA CHI Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals 109
312010Case Report: Articular and Periarticular Calcinosis in a Chinese Stripe-Necked Turtle (Ocadia sinensis)Li-Xun Jiang; Ying-Ling Wu; An-Hsing Lee; Chau-Hwa Ch; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
322009Morphologic and cytochemical characteristics of Asian yellow pond turtle (Ocadia sinensis) blood cells and their hematologic and plasma biochemical reference valuesChung, C.-S.; Cheng, C.-H.; Chin, S.-C.; Lee, A.-H.; Chi, C.-H.; CHAU-HWA CHI Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 3229
332009The Bronchial Tree and Lobular Division of the Formosan Reeve's Muntjac (Muntiacus Reevesi Micrurus) LungAlbert Taiching Liao; Ming-Huang Chanf; Chau-Hwa Chi; Tzong-Fu Kuo; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
342009Intervertebral disc regeneration in an ex vivo culture system using mesenchymal stem cells and platelet-rich plasmaChen, W.-H.; BAO-JI CHEN et al. ; SHINN-CHIH WU ; CHAU-HWA CHI Biomaterials 9783
352008Synergistic anti-tumor effect of combination radio- and immunotherapy by electro-gene therapy plus intra-tumor injection of dendritic cellsWang Y.-S.; Tsang Y.-W.; Chi C.-H.; Chang C.-C.; Chu R.-M.; Chi K.-H.; CHAU-HWA CHI Cancer Letters1715
362008Development of a novel biochip for rapid multiplex detection of seven mastitis-causing pathogens in bovine milk samplesCHAU-HWA CHI Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 4133
372006Progressive coxa vara by eccentric growth tethering in immature pigsChang, Chia-Hsieh; Chi, Chau-Hwa ; Lee, Zhon-LiauJournal of Pediatric Orthopaedics B 98
382006Progressive coxa vara by eccentric growth tethering in immature pigsCHAU-HWA CHI Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics Part B 98
392005針灸在乳牛消化障礙之治療及中西醫證治的觀點季昭華 中華傳統獸醫學會會刊(Journal of the Chinese Society of Traditional Veterinary Science) 
402005Hepatocyte growth factor gene therapy prevents radiation-induced liver damageChi C.-H.; Liu I.-L.; Lo W.-Y.; Liaw B.-S.; Wang Y.-S.; Chi K.-H.; CHAU-HWA CHI World Journal of Gastroenterology210
412004超音波於臺灣的山羊妊娠診斷之臨床應用徐久忠; 鄭穹翔; 吳應寧; 季昭華 臺灣獸醫誌 
422004Assessment of Mitral Regurgitation in Dogs by Color Doppler EchocardiographyChu-Mei Lai; Sao-Ling Liang; Chau-Hwa Chi; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
432004台灣北部地區三百位家犬畜主對犬心絲蟲病醫療意願之研究鮑海妮; 宋華聰; 施泰華; 郭宗甫; 費昌勇; 楊姮稜; 黃慧璧; 季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
442004寵物犬業者對犬心絲蟲病醫療意願之調查鮑海妮; 宋華聰; 施泰華; 費昌勇; 季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
452003病例報告:犬、貓絕育手術後長期併發症之回溯研究廖柏松; 季昭華; 葉力森; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
462003病例報告:台灣錦蛇肝簇蟲感染症李安興; 陳貞妤; 李盈杰; 費昌勇; 劉振軒; 季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
472003Anti-tumor effect of in vivo IL-2 and GM-CSF electrogene therapy in murine hepatoma modelChi, C.-H.; Wang, Y.-S.; Lai, Y.-S.; Chi, K.-H.; CHAU-HWA CHI Anticancer Research 16
481999輸精管截斷手術在狒狒節育之應用蘇世武; 季昭華 ; 葉力森中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
491999動物園野生貓科動物之似貓免疫不全病毒感染情形嚴慧玲; 闕玲玲; 季昭華; 周健; 龐飛; 鄭謙仁; CHAU-HWA CHI 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
501999簡訊:標記式吹箭的製作與應用朱俊享; 余珍芳; 季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
511998臺北市立動物園弓蟲症血清盛行率調查宋念潔; 費昌勇; 季昭華; CHAU-HWA CHI 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
521998簡訊:台北市立動物園野生白鷺鷥新城雞病抗體力價之檢測林琇玲; 季昭華; 藍怡玲; 蔡向榮; 黃建元; CHAU-HWA CHI 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
531997病例報告:紅毛猩猩便秘及直腸脫之治療季昭華; 朱俊享; CHAU-HWA CHI 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌 
541997Valtrac?-secured intracolonic bypass device: An experimental studyChen T.-C.; Yang M.-J.; Chen S.-R.; Chang C.-P.; Chi C.-H.; CHAU-HWA CHI Diseases of the Colon and Rectum1311