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12019The association of indoxyl sulfate with fibroblast growth factor-23 in cats with chronic kidney diseaseLiao, Yu-Lun; Chou, Chi-Chung; Lee, Ya-Jane; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article10
22019Mutation in cyl operon alters hemolytic phenotypes of Streptococcus agalactiaeChou C.C.; Lin M.C.; Su F.J.; Chen M.M.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article11
32019Methicillin-sensitive and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains and their toxin genes in the nostrils of dogs and workers at an animal shelterHuang T.-M.; Chou C.-C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article10
42018Plasma indoxyl sulfate concentration predicts progression of chronic kidney disease in dogs and catsChen, C. N.; Chou, C. C.; Tsai, P. S. J.; Lee, Y. J.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article44
52017Plasma pharmacokinetics and tissue depletion of cyromazine and its metabolite melamine following oral administration in laying chickensRairat, T.; Ou, S. C.; Chang, S. K.; Li, K. P.; Vickroy, T. W.; Chou, C. C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article42
62017Antimicrobial susceptibility, serotypes and genotypes of Pasteurella multocida isolates associated with swine pneumonia in TaiwanYeh, Jih-Ching; Lo, Dan-Yuan; Chang, Shao-Kuang; Chou, Chi-Chung; Kuo, Hung-Chih; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article75
72017Molecular characteristics of clinical methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius harboring arginine catabolic mobile element (ACME) from dogs and catsYang C.; Wan M.-T.; Lauderdale T.-L.; Yeh K.-S.; Chen C.; Hsiao Y.-H.; Chou C.-C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article22
82016Synergism between two amphenicol of antibiotics, florfenicol and thiamphenicol, against Staphylococcus aureusWei, C.-F.; Chang, S.-K.; Shien, J.-H.; Kuo, H.-C.; Chen, W.-Y.; Chou, C.-C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article98
92016Pharmacokinetics and tissue depletion of doxycycline administered at high dosage to broiler chickens via the drinking waterHsiao, Pai-Feng; Chang, Shao-Kuang; Hsu, Tien-Huan; Li, Kuang-Po; Chou, Chi-Chung; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article44
102016Florfenicol As a Modulator Enhancing Antimicrobial Activity: Example Using Combination with Thiamphenicol against Pasteurella multocidaWei, Chia-Fong; Shien, Jui-Hung; Chang, Shao-Kuang; Chou, Chi-Chung; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article90
112015Detection of indoxyl sulfate levels in dogs and cats suffering from naturally occurring kidney diseasesCheng, F. P.; Hsieh, M. J.; Chou, C. C.; Hsu, W. L.; Lee, Y. J.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article76
122015Functional analysis of the short isoform of orf virus protein OV20.0Tseng, Yeu-Yang; Lin, Fong-Yuan; Cheng, Sun-Fang; Tscharke, David; Chulakasian, Songkhla; Chou, Chia-Chi; Liu, Ya-Fen; Chang, Wei-Shan; Wong, Min-Liang; Hsu, Wei-Li; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article66
132015Acrylamide inhibits cellular differentiation of human neuroblastoma and glioblastoma cellsChen J.-H.; Chou C.-C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article1414
142015Class 1 integrons and the antiseptic resistance gene (qacE?1) in municipal and swine slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plants and wastewater-associated methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureusWan M.T.; Chou C.C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article88
152014Spreading of 帣-lactam resistance gene (mecA) and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus through municipal and swine slaughterhouse wastewatersWan M.T.; Chou C.C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article1516
162014Acrylamide-induced apoptosis in rat primary astrocytes and human astrocytoma cell linesLee J.-G.; Wang Y.-S.; Chou C.-C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article2625
172013Population deviation of piggery-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus based on mec-associated direct repeat unit analysisWan M.T.; Lauderdale T.L.; Kobayashi N.; Urushibara N.; Chou C.C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article22
182013Characteristics and virulence factors of livestock associated ST9 methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus with a novel recombinant staphylocoagulase typeWan M.T.; Lauderdale T.L.; Chou C.C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article1515
192013Acrylamide-induced mitochondria collapse and apoptosis in human astrocytoma cellsChen J.-H.; Yang C.-H.; Wang Y.-S.; Lee J.-G.; Cheng C.-H.; Chou C.-C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article5649
202012Molecular characterization and clonal genetic diversity of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus of pig origin in TaiwanLo Y.P.; Wan M.T.; Chen M.M.; Su H.Y.; Lauderdale T.L.; Chou C.C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article2626
212012Modeling Exotic Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus Entrance Risk Through Air Passenger ViolationsLai J.-M.; Hwang Y.-T.; Chou C.-C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article21
222012Heterogeneity and phylogenetic relationships of community-associated methicillin-sensitive/resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates in healthy dogs, cats and their ownersWan M.T.; Fu S.Y.; Lo Y.P.; Huang T.M.; Cheng M.M.; Chou C.C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article1312
232010Proliferation inhibition, DNA damage, and cell-cycle arrest of human astrocytoma cells after acrylamide exposureChen J.-H.; Tsou T.-C.; Chiu I.-M.; Chou C.-C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article1917
242010Pharmacokinetics and tissue depletion of florfenicol in Leghorn and Taiwan Native chickensChang, S. K.; Davis, J. L.; Cheng, C. N.; Shien, R. H.; Hsieh, M. K.; Koh, B. W.; Chou, C. C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article2021
252009Foot-and-mouth disease entrance assessment model through air passenger violationsLin, Xiao-Wei; Lin, X. W; CHIN-TSANG CHIANG ; C. T. Chiang; Chiang, Chin-Tsang ; Shih, Tai-Hwa; T. H. Shih; Y. N. Jiang; Jiang, Yan-Nian; Chou, Chin-Cheng ; C. C. Choujournal article52
262009Acrylamide-induced astrogliotic and apoptotic responses in human astrocytoma cellsChen J.-H.; Wu K.-Y.; Chiu I.-M.; Tsou T.-C.; Chou C.-C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article2523
272008台灣(路封)鮭魚起源的探究。郭金泉; 徐德華; 林青; 賴伯琦; 周晉澄 journal article
282008Phylogenetic analysis of livestock oxacillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureusHsieh, Jui-Ming; Hsieh, J. M.; TZU-MING PAN ; Chen, R. S.; Chen, Ren-Shinn; Tsai, Tsung-Yu; Tsai, T. Y.; Pan, T. M.; Pan, Tzu-Ming ; Chou, Chin-Cheng ; Chou, C. C.journal article1214
292008以分子標記分辨野生與養殖黑鯛 (Acanthopagrus schlegeli) 的初步實驗徐德華; 寧岳; 王志勇; 李英周 ; 周晉澄 ; 林冠宏; 郭金泉
302007機場旅客違規攜入動物產品傳入疾病模式研究 (新制多年期第1年)周晉澄 report
312007機場旅客違規攜入動物產品傳入口蹄疫風險模式研究周晉澄 report
322006Characterization of bacterial susceptibility isolates in sixteen dairy farms in TaiwanMa Y.P.; Chang S.K.; Chou C.C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article66
332005Bovine ephemeral fever in Taiwan (2001-2002)Hsieh Y.-C.; Chen S.-H.; Chou C.-C.; Ting L.-J.; Itakura C.; Wang F.-I.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article2527
342005Monte Carlo simulation of animal-product violations incurred by air passengers at an international airport in TaiwanShih T.-H.; Chou C.-C.; Morley R.S.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article87
352005Cryopreservation of a marine microalga, Nannochloropsis oculata (Eustigmatophyceae)Gwo J.-C.; Chiu J.-Y.; Chou C.-C.; Cheng H.-Y.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article3024
362005Analysis of oxidative DNA damage 8-hydroxy-2??deoxyguanosine as a biomarker of exposures to persistent pollutants for marine mammalsLi C.-S.; Wu K.-Y.; Chang-Chien G.-P.; Chou C.-C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article3432
372005Field evaluation of flock production performance of in ovo injection of infectious bursal disease virus immune complex vaccine in commercial broiler farmsLi C.S.; Wang L.Y.; Chou C.C.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article22
382004Inactivation and degradation of O Taiwan97 foot-and-mouth disease virus in pork sausage processingChou C.C.; Yang S.E.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article66
392004Determination of fecal sterols in the sediments of different wastewater outputs by GC-MSChou C.-C.; Liu Y.-P.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article1817
402004Microbial indicators for differentiation of human- and pig-sourced fecal pollutionChou C.-C.; Lin Y.-C.; Su J.-J.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article67
412004Congener-specific polychlorinated biphenyls in cetaceans from Taiwan watersChou C.C.; Chen Y.N.; Li C.S.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article2019
422004Risk factors for cumulative mortality in broiler chicken flocks in the first week of life in TaiwanChou, C. C.; Jiang, D. D.; Hung, Y. P.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article2315
432002行政院國家科學委員會專題研究計畫成果報告: 台灣海域鯨豚多氯聯苯濃度與疾病關係分析周晉澄 report
442002Antimicrobial susceptibility and plasmid analysis of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae isolated in TaiwanChang C.-F.; Yeh T.-M.; Chou C.-C.; Chang Y.-F.; Chiang T.-S.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article2727
452000行政院國家科學委員會補助專題研究計畫成果報告:以底泥糞脂醇探討畜牧廢水污染之時序性變化周晉澄 report
461999區隔台灣市鎮污水與畜牧廢水污染之分析指標可行性研究周晉澄 report
471997Linear Pentanuclear Complexes Containing a Chain of Metal Atoms: [Co(5-tpda)4(NCS)2] und [Ni(5-tpda)4Cl2]Shieh, Shen-Jye; Chou, Chin-Cheng ; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Wang, Chih-Chieh; Peng, Shie-Ming journal article
481997檳榔嚼汁之生物可吸收性醛酮基化合物研究(II)周晉澄 report
491997New oligo-α-pyridylamino ligands and their metal complexesSHIE-MING PENG ; Yang, Ming-hwa; Chou, Chin-Cheng ; Lee, Hsiao-Ching; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Leung, Man-kit ; Peng, Shie-Ming journal article38
501997Lineare funfkernige Komplexe mit kettenformiger Anordnung der Metallatome:[Co 5II (μ5-tpda) 4 (NCS) 2] und [Ni 5II (μ5-tpda) 4Cl2] Diese Arbeit wurde vom National Science Council Taiwans gefordert. H2tpda= N, N'-Bis (α-pyridyl)-2, 6-diaminopyridinShieh, Shen-Jye; Chou, Chin-Cheng ; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Wang, Chih-Chieh; Peng, Shie-Ming journal article
511996檳榔嚼汁之生物可吸收性醛酮基化合物化學分析及剌激物生物分析周晉澄 report
521994Saliva-Available Carbonyl Compounds in Some Chewing Tobaccos周晉澄 ; Que Hee, Shane S.; Chou, Chin-Cheng journal article910
531993Bioassay-Driven Analysis of Chewing Tobacco Extracts.周晉澄 ; Que Hee, Shane S.; Chou, Chin-Cheng journal article300
541992Separation of pH, Dilution, Ionic Strength, and Chemical Matrix Effects for Biological Monitoring of Urines with the Microtox Test Using Nicotine, Cotinine, and Reffrence Urines周晉澄 ; Que Hee, Shane S.; Chou, Chin-Cheng journal article1515
551992Characterization of the O-(2,3,4,5,6 Pentafluro-Benzyl) Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride (PFBOA) Derivation of Some Aliphatic Mono- and Di-Aldehydes and Ruggedization of Water Analysis of These Aldehydes周晉澄 ; Que Hee, Shane S.; Cancilla,Devon A.; Chou, Chin-Cheng journal article
561992Microtox EC50 values for drinking water by-products produced by ozonolysisChou C.C.; Que Hee S.S.; CHIN-CHENG CHOU journal article1515