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12019Nanoparticulated honokiol mitigates cisplatin-induced chronic kidney injury by maintaining mitochondria antioxidant capacity and reducing caspase 3-associated cellular apoptosisHuang, Kai Hung; Wang, Tse En; TZONG-HUEI LEE; HUI-WEN CHANG; Chou, Chi Chung; YU-TING HSU; PEI-SHIUE TSAI; Liu, Hung Ting; CHENG-CHIH HSU; Liang, Hong Jen; Liu, H.-T.; Wang, T.-E.; Hsu, Y.-T.; Chou, C.-C.; Huang, K.-H.; Hsu, C.-C.; Liang, H.-J.; Chang, H.-W.; Lee, T.-H.; & Tsai, P.-S.; HUI-WEN CHANG ; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article11
22019Identification of Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting Novel Conformational Epitopes of the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea Virus Spike ProteinChang C.-Y.; Cheng I.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Tsai P.-S.; Lai S.-Y.; Huang Y.-L.; Jeng C.-R.; Pang V.F.; Chang H.-W.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article98
32019Toxic effects of VCD on kidneys and liver tissues: A histopathological and biochemical studyAhmadian S.; Sheshpari S.; Mahdipour M.; Pazhang M.; Tsai P.-S.J.; Nouri M.; Rahbarghazi R.; Shahnazi M.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article20
42018The effects of type I collagenase on the degelification of chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) semen plug and sperm qualityYu J.-F.; Lai Y.-H.; Wang T.-E.; Wei Y.-S.; Chang Y.-J.; Li S.-H.; Chin S.-C.; Joshi R.; Chang H.-W.; Tsai P.-S.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article11
52018Honokiol, a polyphenol natural compound, attenuates cisplatin-induced acute cytotoxicity in renal epithelial cells through cellular oxidative stress and cytoskeleton modulationsWang T.J.; Liu H.-T.; Lai Y.-H.; Jan T.-R.; Nomura N.; Chang H.-W.; Chou C.-C.; Lee Y.-J.; Tsai P.-S.J.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article124
62018Efficacy of heat-labile enterotoxin B subunit-adjuvanted parenteral porcine epidemic diarrhea virus trimeric spike subunit vaccine in pigletsChang Y.-C.; Chang C.-Y.; Tsai P.-S.; Chiou H.-Y.; Jeng C.-R.; Pang V.F.; Chang H.-W.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article77
72018Plasma indoxyl sulfate concentration predicts progression of chronic kidney disease in dogs and catsChen C.N.; Chou C.C.; Tsai P.S.J.; Lee Y.J.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article55
82018Mouse quiescin sulfhydryl oxidases exhibit distinct epididymal luminal distribution with segment-specific sperm surface associationsWang T.-E.; Li S.-H.; Minabe S.; Anderson A.L.; Dun M.D.; Maeda K.-I.; Matsuda F.; Chang H.-W.; Nixon B.; Tsai P.-S.J.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article34
92018The characterization of immunoprotection induced by a cdna clone derived from the attenuated taiwan porcine epidemic diarrhea virus pintung 52 strainKao C.-F.; Chiou H.-Y.; Chang Y.-C.; Hsueh C.-S.; Jeng C.-R.; Tsai P.-S.; Cheng I.-C.; Pang V.F.; Chang H.-W.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article56
102018Different intestinal tropism of the G2b Taiwan porcine epidemic diarrhea virus-Pintung 52 strain in conventional 7-day-old pigletsPeng J.-Y.; Chang C.-Y.; Kao C.-F.; Chang Y.-C.; Hsueh C.-S.; Jeng C.-R.; Cheng I.-C.; Pang V.F.; Tsai P.-S.; Chang H.-W.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article22
112017Phylogenetic Analysis of the Spike (S) Gene of the New Variants of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea Virus in TaiwanChiou H.-Y.; Huang Y.-L.; Deng M.-C.; Chang C.-Y.; Jeng C.-R.; Tsai P.-S.; Yang C.; Pang V.F.; Chang H.-W.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article2922
122017Determination of the cell tropism of serotype 1 feline infectious peritonitis virus using the spike affinity histochemistry in paraffin-embedded tissuesCham T.-C.; Chang Y.-C.; Tsai P.-S.; Wu C.-H.; Chen H.-W.; Jeng C.-R.; Pang V.F.; Chang H.-W.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article22
132017Evaluation and comparison of the pathogenicity and host immune responses induced by a G2b Taiwan porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (strain pintung 52) and its highly cell-culture passaged strain in conventional 5-week-old pigsChang Y.-C.; Kao C.-F.; Chang C.-Y.; Jeng C.-R.; Tsai P.-S.; Pang V.F.; Chiou H.-Y.; Peng J.-Y.; Cheng I.-C.; Chang H.-W.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article2019
142017Identification, characterization and purification of porcine Quiescin Q6-Sulfydryl Oxidase 2 proteinKuo Y.-W.; Joshi R.; Wang T.-E.; Chang H.-W.; Li S.-H.; Hsiao C.-N.; Tsai P.-S.J.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article33
152016The involvement of epididymal secretory proteins in the selection processes of sperm cellsKuo, Yu Wen; Liu, Hung Ting; Li, Sheng Hsiang; Maeda, Kei Ichiro; Gadella, Bart; Tsai, Pei Shiue Jason; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article00
162016Roles of the reproductive tract in modifications of the sperm membrane surfaceKuo Y.-W.; Li S.-H.; Maeda K.-I.; Gadella B.M.; Tsai P.-S.J.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article98
172012Coup d'oeil of spermFlorman, H.M.; Cao, W.; Jungnickel, M.K.; Sutton, K.A.; Tsai, P.-S.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article00
182012Involvement of complexin 2 in docking, locking and unlocking of different SNARE complexes during sperm capacitation and induced acrosomal exocytosisTsai, P.-S.J.; Brewis, I.A.; van Maaren, J.; Gadella, B.M.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article3130
192011Preparation of the cortical reaction: Maturation-dependent migration of SNARE proteins, clathrin, and complexin to the porcine oocyte's surface blocks membrane traffic until fertilizationTsai, P.-S.; Van Haeften, T.; Gadella, B.M.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article2523
202010How pig sperm prepares to fertilize: Stable acrosome docking to the plasma membraneTsai, P.-S.; Garcia-Gil, N.; van Haeften, T.; Gadella, B.M.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article6054
212009Molecular kinetics of proteins at the surface of porcine sperm before and during fertilization.PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article15
222008Capacitation-dependent reorganization of microdomains in the apical sperm head plasma membrane: Functional relationship with zona binding and the zona-induced acrosome reactionBoerke, A.; Tsai, P.S.; Garcia-Gil, N.; Brewis, I.A.; Gadella, B.M.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article6662
232008Sperm head membrane reorganisation during capacitationGadella, B.M.; Tsai, P.-S.; Boerke, A.; Brewis, I.A.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article125118
242007Syntaxin and VAMP association with lipid rafts depends on cholesterol depletion in capacitating sperm cellsTsai, P.-S.; De Vries, K.J.; De Boer-Brouwer, M.; Garcia-Gil, N.; Van Gestel, R.A.; Colenbr; er, B.; Gadella, B.M.; Van Haeften, T.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article4845
252005Characterisation of the progesterone receptor on canine spermatozoaWu, J.-T.; Tsai, P.-S.; Lee, S.-L.; Cheng, F.-P.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article1614
262005The effect of DNA repair defects on reproductive performance in nucleotide excision repair (NER) mouse models: An epidemiological approachTsai, P.S.; Nielen, M.; Van Der Horst, G.T.J.; Colenbr; er, B.; Heesterbeek, J.A.P.; Van Vlissingen, J.M.F.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article66
272005Effects of cryo-injury on progesterone receptor(s) of canine spermatozoa and its response to progesteroneCheng, F.-P.; Wu, J.-T.; Tsai, P.-S.; Chang, C.L.-T.; Lee, S.-L.; Lee, W.-M.; Fazeli, A.; PEI-SHIUE TSAI journal article1211