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12022Responses of Surface Evaporative Fluxes in Montane Cloud Forests to the Climate Change ScenarioYang, Tzu Ying; CHO-YING HUANG ; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; Chen, Yi Ying; Cheng, Chao Tzuen; MIN-HUI LO Journal of Hydrometeorology0
22022Assessment of spatiotemporal dynamics of diurnal fog occurrence in subtropical montane cloud forestsLi, HJ; Lo, MH; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; Wang, JAT; Huang, CYAGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY11
32022Discontinuity of Diurnal Temperature Range Along Elevated RegionsJang, YS; Sheng-Feng Shen ; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; Huang, CY; Lo, MHGEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS33
42022Quantifying the influence of management strategies on surface radiation budgets and energy patterns in tea fieldsWang, SH; JEHN-YIH JUANG ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS00
52021An alternative body temperature measurement solution: Combination of a highly accurate monitoring system and a visualized public health cloud platformJiang J.-A; Wang J.-C; Hsieh C.-L; Tseng K.-S; Ye Z.-W; Su L.-K; Sun C.-H; Wen T.-H; Juang J.-Y.; JEHN-YIH JUANG IEEE Internet of Things Journal33
62020Central Taiwan's hydroclimate in response to land use/cover changeChen, C.-J.; Chen, C.-C.; Lo, M.-H.; Juang, J.-Y.; MIN-HUI LO ; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; JEHN-YIH JUANG Environmental Research Letters88
72020Central Taiwan's hydroclimate in response to land use/cover changeChen, C.-J.; Chen, C.-C.; Lo, M.-H.; Juang, J.-Y.; Chang, C.-M.; MIN-HUI LO ; JEHN-YIH JUANG Environmental Research Letters88
82020Mobile measurement of particulate matter concentrations on urban streets: System development and field verificationChiang Y.-L; Wang J.-C; Sun C.-H; Wen T.-H; Juang J.-Y; Jiang J.-A.; JEHN-YIH JUANG IEEE Access33
92019Reconstructing Taiwan's land cover changes between 1904 and 2015 from historical maps and satellite imagesChen, Y.-Y.; Huang, W.; Wang, W.-H.; Juang, J.-Y.; Hong, J.-S.; Kato, T.; Luyssaert, S.; JEHN-YIH JUANG Scientific Reports2726
102019Urban area PM 2.5 prediction with machine methods: An on-board monitoring systemChiang, Yu-Lun; Hsieh, Chao-Liang; Huang, Hsiang-Yu; Wang, Jen-Cheng; CHENG-YING CHOU ; CHIH-HONG SUN ; TZAI-HUNG WEN ; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG International Conference on Sensing Technology30
112018土地資源核心議題-土地系統動態變遷之因果與機制研究林裕彬 ; 詹士樑; 陸曉筠; 江莉琦; 徐家雯; 林昭遠; 劉小蘭; 吳振發; 林峰田; 李慧琳; 陳佳正; 莊振義 ; 羅敏輝 ; 簡旭伸 ; 連宛渝; 余佳珍; 吳岱蓉; 林士淵臺灣土地研究 00
122017Methane Emissions from a Subtropical Grass Marshland, Northern TaiwanPhilipp K.; Juang J.-Y. ; Deventer M.J.; Klemm O.Wetlands 77
132016Estimating the Bowen Ratio for Application in Air Quality Models by Integrating a Simplified Analytical Expression with Measurement DataJEHN-YIH JUANG Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology22
142016Canopy-atmosphere interactions under foggy condition-Size-resolved fog droplet fluxes and their implicationsJEHN-YIH JUANG Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences1010
152016A Spectral Budget Model for the Longitudinal Turbulent Velocity in the Stable Atmospheric Surface LayerTirtha Banerjee; Dan Li; Jehn-Yih Juang; Gabriel Katul; JEHN-YIH JUANG Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences1413
162015Investigating effect of environmental controls on dynamics of CO 2 budget in a subtropical estuarial marsh wetland ecosystemJEHN-YIH JUANG Environmental Research Letters1411
172014On the difference in the net ecosystem exchange of CO 2 between deciduous and evergreen forests in the southeastern United StatesJEHN-YIH JUANG Global Change Biology6058
182014The Role of Vegetation on the Ecosystem Radiative Entropy Budget and Trends Along Ecological SuccessionJEHN-YIH JUANG Entropy 109
192014Low-level jets and above canopy drainage as causes for turbulent exchange in the nocturnal boundary layerJEHN-YIH JUANG Biogeosciences Discuss. 00
202014Low-level jets and above-canopy drainage as causes of turbulent exchange in the nocturnal boundary layerEl-Madany, T.S.; Duarte, H.F.; Durden, D.J.; Paas, B.; Deventer, M.J.; Juang, J.-Y.; Leclerc, M.Y.; Klemm, O.; JEHN-YIH JUANG Biogeosciences87
212013Monitoring Street-Level Spatial-Temporal Variations of Carbon Monoxide in Urban Settings Using a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) FrameworkTzai-Hung Wen; Joe-Air Jiang; Chih-Hong Sun; Jehn-Yih Juang; Tzu-Shiang Lin; TZAI-HUNG WEN ; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; CHIH-HONG SUN IJERPH 1210
222013Comparison of sonic anemometer performance under foggy conditionsTarek S. El-Madany; F. Griessbaum; G. Fratini; J.-Y. Juang; S.-C. Chang; O. Klemm; JEHN-YIH JUANG Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 1818
232012An observational study of the carbon-sink strength of East Asian subtropical evergreen forestsZheng-Hong Tan; JEHN-YIH JUANGet al. Environmental Research Letters 3733
242012Application of a reliable MAC protocol for the urban air quality monitoring system based on the wireless sensor networkTzu-Shiang Lin; Hsu-Cheng Lu; Jen-Hao Liu; Joe-Air Jiang; Tzai-Hung Wen; Chih-Hong Sun; Jehn-Yih Juang; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; CHIH-HONG SUN 2012 Proceedings of IEEE Southeastcon 60
252012An air quality monitoring system for urban areas based on the technology of wireless sensor networksLiu, J.H.; Chen, Y.F.; Lin, T.S.; Chen, C.P.; Chen, P.T.; Wen, T.H.; Sun, C.H.; Juang, J.Y.; JOE-AIR JIANG ; CHIH-HONG SUN ; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; TZAI-HUNG WEN International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems520
262012An air quality monitoring system for urban areas based on the technology of wireless sensor networksLiu, J.H.; Chen, Y.F.; Lin, T.S.; Chen, C.P.; Chen, P.T.; Wen, T.H.; Sun, C.H.; Juang, J.Y.; Jiang, J.A.; JEHN-YIH JUANG International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems520
272011A QoS-Guaranteed Coverage Precedence Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor NetworksJoe-Air Jiang; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; Jiang, Joe-Air ; Lin, Jiun-Chuan Sensors 2218
282011Urban Warming and Urban Heat Islands in Taipei, TaiwanYingjiu Bai; Jehn-Yih Juang; Akihiko Kondoh; JEHN-YIH JUANG Groundwater and Subsurface Environments 160
292011Developed urban air quality monitoring system based on wireless sensor networksLiu, J.-H.; Chen, Y.-F.; Lin, T.-S.; Lai, D.-W.; Wen, T.-H.; Sun, C.-H.; Juang, J.-Y.; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; JOE-AIR JIANG ; CHIH-HONG SUN ; TZAI-HUNG WEN International Conference on Sensing Technology680
302011Urban warming and urban heat islands in Taipei, TaiwanBai, Y.; Juang, J.-Y.; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; JEHN-YIH JUANG Groundwater and Subsurface Environments: Human Impacts in Asian Coastal Cities150
312009The relationship between reference canopy conductance and simplified hydraulic architectureKimberly Novick; Ram Oren; Paul Stoy; Jehn-Yih Juang; Mario Siqueira; Gabriel Katul; JEHN-YIH JUANG Advances in Water Resources 6461
322009The effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 and nitrogen amendments on subsurface CO2 production and concentration dynamics in a maturing pine forestEdoardo Daly; Sari Palmroth; Paul Stoy; Mario Siqueira; A. Christopher Oishi; Jehn-Yih Juang; Ram Oren; Amilcare Porporato; Gabriel G. Katul; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; Hsu, Shan-hui Biogeochemistry 2524
332008THE STRUCTURE OF TURBULENCE NEAR A TALL FOREST EDGE: THE BACKWARD-FACING STEP FLOW ANALOGY REVISITEDMatteo Detto; Gabriel G. Katul; Mario Siqueira; Jehn-Yih Juang; Paul Stoy; JEHN-YIH JUANG Ecological Applications 5250
342008Role of vegetation in determining carbon sequestration along ecological succession in the southeastern United StatesPAUL C. STOY; JUANG, JEHN-YIH et al. Global Change Biology7069
352008Investigating a Hierarchy of Eulerian Closure Models for Scalar Transfer Inside Forested CanopiesJehn-Yih Juang; Gabriel G. Katul; Mario B. Siqueira; Paul C. Stoy; Heather R. McCarthy; Juang, Jehn-Yih Boundary-Layer Meteorol 4241
362007Separating the effects of albedo from eco-physiological changes on surface temperature along a successional chronosequence in the southeastern United StatesJEHN-YIH JUANG Geophysical Research Letters 151141
372007Are ecosystem carbon inputs and outputs coupled at short time scales? A case study from adjacent pine and hardwood forests using impulse?response analysisJEHN-YIH JUANG Plant Cell Environ 6567
382007On the spectrum of soil moisture from hourly to interannual scalesJEHN-YIH JUANG Water Resources Research6967
392007Hydrologic and atmospheric controls on initiation of convective precipitation eventsJEHN-YIH JUANG Water Resources Research6460
402007Eco-hydrological controls on summertime convective rainfall triggersJEHN-YIH JUANG Global Change Biology 5154
412006Separating the effects of climate and vegetation on evapotranspiration along a successional chronosequence in the southeastern USPAUL C. STOY; GABRIEL G. KATUL; MARIO B. S. SIQUEIRA; JEHN-YIH JUANG; KIMBERLY A. NOVICK; HEATHER R. McCARTHY; A. CHRISTOPHER OISHI; JOSHUA M. UEBELHERR; HYUN-SEOK KIM; RAM OREN; JEHN-YIH JUANG Global Change Biology176168
422006Multiscale model intercomparisons of CO2 and H2O exchange rates in a maturing southeastern US pine forestM. B. SIQUEIRA; G. G. KATUL; D. A. SAMPSON; P. C. STOY; J.-Y. JUANG; H. R. MCCARTHY; R. OREN; JEHN-YIH JUANG Global Change Biology7071
432006Modeling nighttime ecosystem respiration from measured CO 2 concentration and air temperature profiles using inverse methodsJehn-Yih Juang; Gabriel G. Katul; Mario B. S. Siqueira; Paul C. Stoy; Sari Palmroth; Heather R. McCarthy; Hyun-Seok Kim; Ram Oren; JEHN-YIH JUANG Journal of Geophysical Research3230
442006An evaluation of models for partitioning eddy covariance-measured net ecosystem exchange into photosynthesis and respirationPaul C. Stoy; Gabriel G. Katul; Mario B.S. Siqueira; Jehn-Yih Juang; Kimberly A. Novick; Joshua M. Uebelherr; Ram Oren; JEHN-YIH JUANG Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 170165
452005Variability in net ecosystem exchange from hourly to inter-annual time scales at adjacent pine and hardwood forests: a wavelet analysisJEHN-YIH JUANG Tree Physiology 113105
462005Variability in net ecosystem exchange from hourly to inter-annual time scales at adjacent pine and hardwood forests: A wavelet analysisStoy, P.C.; Katul, G.G.; Siqueira, M.B.S.; Juang, J.-Y.; McCarthy, H.R.; Kim, H.-S.; Oishi, A.C.; JEHN-YIH JUANG ; JEHN-YIH JUANG Tree Physiology112105
472004Carbon dioxide and water vapor exchange in a warm temperate grasslandJEHN-YIH JUANG Oecologia 198193