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12021The role of social context in physiological and psychological restoration in a forest: Case study of a guided forest therapy program in TaiwanYu C.-P; Chen H.-T; Chao P.-H; Yin J; Tsai M.-J.; CHIA-PIN YU International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health00
22021Is green space exposure beneficial in a developing country?Kusumaning Asri A; Lee H.-Y; Pan W.-C; Tsai H.-J; Chang H.-T; Candice Lung S.-C; Su H.-J; Yu C.-P; Ji J.S; Wu C.-D; Spengler J.D.; CHIA-PIN YU Landscape and Urban Planning0
32021A retrospective analysis of injury cases for visitor risk management in a nature-based touristic destinationRamanpong J; Wu C.-D; Yu C.-P; Tsai M.-J.; CHIA-PIN YU Current Issues in Tourism0
42020Linkage between residential green spaces and allergic rhinitis among Asian children (case study: Taiwan)Lee H.-Y., Wu Y.-H., Kusumaning Asri A., Chen T.-H., Pan W.-C., Yu C.-P., Su H.-J., Wu C.-D.; CHIA-PIN YU Landscape and Urban Planning4
52020Beyond restorative benefits: Evaluating the effect of forest therapy on creativityYu C.-P.S., Hsieh H.; CHIA-PIN YU Urban Forestry and Urban Greening19
62020Risk management in suburban forest recreation areas: A retrospective analysis of illness casesRamanpong J., Yu C.-P., Chiang P.-N., Tsai M.-J.; CHIA-PIN YU Urban Forestry and Urban Greening1
72020Restorative effects of virtual natural settings on middle-aged and elderly adultsYu C.-P., Lee H.-Y., Lu W.-H., Huang Y.-C., Browning M.H.E.M.; CHIA-PIN YU Urban Forestry and Urban Greening7
82020An Actual Natural Setting Improves Mood Better Than Its Virtual Counterpart: A Meta-Analysis of Experimental DataBrowning M.H.E.M., Shipley N., McAnirlin O., Becker D., Yu C.-P., Hartig T., Dzhambov A.M.; CHIA-PIN YU Frontiers in Psychology22
92020Risk management in suburban forest recreation areas: A retrospective analysis of illness casesRamanpong, J.; Yu, C.-P.; Chiang, P.-N.; Tsai, M.-J.; CHIA-PIN YU ; MING-JER TSAI Urban Forestry and Urban Greening1
102020Global greenness in relation to reducing the burden of cardiovascular diseases: ischemic heart disease and strokeAji Kusumaning Asri; Chia-Pin Yu; Wen-Chi Pan; Yue Leon Guo; Huey-Jen Su; Shih-Chun Candice Lung; Chih-Da Wu; John D. Spengler; CHIA-PIN YU Environmental Research Letters7
112019Effectiveness of family-oriented interpretive media with different design characteristics: A study of family visitors’ satisfaction on the worksheets of a botanical gardenChao, P.-H.; Yu, C.-P.; Chang, J.-P.; Chueh, H.-C.; CHIA-PIN YU ; HO-CHIA CHUEH Applied Environmental Education and Communication0
122019Examining an extended technology acceptance model with experience construct on hotel consumers’ adoption of mobile applicationsHuang Y.-C.; Chang L.L.; Yu C.-P.; Chen J.; CHIA-PIN YU Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management426
132019Assessing Visitors' Memorable Tourism Experiences (MTEs) in Forest Recreation Destination: A Case Study in Xitou Nature Education AreaYu, Chia-Pin; Chang, Wei-Chun; Ramanpong, Jittakon; CHIA-PIN YU Forests211
142018Resident support for tourism development in rural midwestern (USA) communities: Perceived tourism impacts and community quality of life perspectiveYu C.-P.; Cole S.T.; Chancellor C.; CHIA-PIN YU Sustainability1641
152018森林浴之生心理效益評論李曉昀(Hsiao-Yun Lee); 余家斌(Chia-Pin Yu); 陳奐存(Huan-Tsun Chen); CHIA-PIN YU 旅遊健康學刊
162018The effects of forest bathing on stress recovery: Evidence from middle-aged females of TaiwanChen H.-T.; Yu C.-P.; Lee H.-Y.; CHIA-PIN YU Forests1740
172018The effect of virtual reality forest and urban environments on physiological and psychological responsesYu C.-P.; Lee H.-Y.; Luo X.-Y.; CHIA-PIN YU Urban Forestry and Urban Greening2265
182018The effect of leisure activity diversity and exercise time on the prevention of depression in the middle-aged and elderly residents of TaiwanLee H.-Y.; Yu C.-P.; Wu C.-D.; Pan W.-C.; CHIA-PIN YU International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health924
192018Effectiveness of family-oriented interpretive media with different design characteristics: A study of family visitors’ satisfaction on the worksheets of a botanical gardenChao P.-H.; Yu C.-P.; Chang J.-P.; Chueh H.-C.; CHIA-PIN YU Applied Environmental Education and Communication00
202017生態旅遊服務品質研究:應用生態旅遊服務品質量表(ECOSERV)余家斌(Chia-Pin Yu); 唐瑋陽(Wei-Yang Tang); 陳奐存(Huan-Tsun Chen); CHIA-PIN YU 國立臺灣大學生物資源暨農學院實驗林研究報告0
212017Residents’ attitudes toward island tourism development in TaiwanYu C.-P.; Huang Y.-C.; Yeh P.-F.; Chao P.-H.; CHIA-PIN YU Island Studies Journal70
222017Effects of short forest bathing program on autonomic nervous system activity and mood states in middle-aged and elderly individualsYu C.-P.; Lin C.-M.; Tsai M.-J.; Tsai Y.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; CHIA-PIN YU International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health4066
232017生態旅遊服務品質研究:應用生態旅遊服務品質量表(ECOSERV)余家斌; 唐瑋陽; 陳奐存; CHIA-PIN YU 國立臺灣大學生物資源暨農學院實驗林研究報告0
242017森林浴生理效益初探-以唾液澱粉酶為生理指標余家斌; 蔡明哲; 楊智凱; 吳采諭; 陳群育; CHIA-PIN YU 國立臺灣大學生物資源暨農學院實驗林研究報告0
252017陽明山國家公園二子坪生態保育費願付價格研究余家斌; 謝莉蘋; 陳奐存; CHIA-PIN YU 觀光與休閒管理期刊0
262016Assessing Community Quality of Life in the Context of Tourism DevelopmentYu, C.-P.; Cole, S.T.; Chancellor, C.; CHIA-PIN YU Applied Research in Quality of Life 1724
272015認真休閒、流暢體驗與休閒滿意度之研究-以自行車活動為例Chia-Pin Yu; Yu-Hsiang Chuang; Wei-Ju Chen; CHIA-PIN YU 運動休閒餐旅研究 
282015森林遊憩與健康Chia-Pin Yu; Hsiao-Wei Yuan; Ming-Jer Tsai; hyi-Rong Choiu; CHIA-PIN YU 中華林學季刊 
292015森林環境對生心理狀態效益之研究Chia-Pin Yu; Yen-Chen Chao; Wei-Ju Chen; CHIA-PIN YU 中華林學季刊 
302014溪頭自然教育園區社會心理承載量調查Ya-Nan Wang; Li-Chen Lin; Pei-Cheng Chang; Kuan-Hsien Li; Chia-Pin Yu; CHIA-PIN YU 臺灣大學生物資源暨農學院實驗林研究報告 
312014溪頭自然教育園區遊憩衝突與滿意度之研究:台灣與中國遊客之比較Chia-Pin Yu; Shen-Wei Li; Chun-Yu Chen; CHIA-PIN YU 臺灣大學生物資源暨農學院實驗林研究報告 
322013Assessing impact of Natural Disasters on Tourist Arrivals: The Case of Xitou Nature Education Area (XNEA), TaiwanChyi-Rong Chiou; Ming-Yuan Huang; Wei-Lun Tsai; Li-Chen Lin; Chia-Pin (Simon) Yu; CHIA-PIN YU International Journal of Tourism Sciences 00
332011Sensory MarketingChia-Pin (Simon) Yu; CHIA-PIN YU Managing Service Quality 01
342011Examining the Effects of Tourism Impacts on Resident Quality of Life : Evidence from Rural Midwestern Communities in USAChia-Pin (Simon) Yu; H. Charles Chancellor; Shu Tian Cole; CHIA-PIN YU International Journal of Tourism Sciences 00
352011Exploring quality of life perceptions in rural midwestern (USA) communities: An application of the core-periphery concept in a tourism development contextChancellor, C.; Yu, C.-P.S.; Cole, S.T.; CHIA-PIN YU International Journal of Tourism Research 2132
362011Measuring residents' attitudes toward sustainable tourism: A reexamination of the sustainable tourism attitude scaleYu, C.-P.; Chancellor, H.C.; Cole, S.T.; CHIA-PIN YU Journal of Travel Research 95113