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12021Low-Temperature-Grown Single-Crystal Si Epitaxially on Ge, Followed by Direct Deposition of High-κ Dielectrics-Attainment of Low Interfacial Traps and Highly Reliable Ge MOSWan H.-W; Hong Y.-J; Cheng Y.-T; Cheng C.-K; Hsu C.-H; Wu C.-T; Pi T.-W; Kwo J; Hong M.; CHIA-KUEN CHENG ACS Applied Electronic Materials
22020環境複雜性與一致性對偏好影響之再檢視程鈺絜(Yu-Chieh Cheng); 鄭佳昆(Chia-Kuen Cheng); CHIA-KUEN CHENG 造園景觀學報
32020環境感知危險的影響因子之再檢視-情境與環境隱匿之關係探討郭怡君(Yi-Chun Kuo); 鄭佳昆(Chia-Kuen Cheng); CHIA-KUEN CHENG 造園景觀學報
42020Low-temperature grown single-crystal Si on epi Ge(001)-2 × 1 and its oxidation: Electronic structure study via synchrotron radiation photoemissionCheng, Y.-T.; Wan, H.-W.; Cheng, C.-K.; Cheng, C.-P.; Kwo, J.R.; Hong, M.; Pi, T.-W.; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Applied Physics Express
52020Epitaxy from a periodic y–o monolayer: Growth of single-crystal hexagonal YALO<inf>3</inf> perovskiteHong, M.; Cheng, C.-K.; Lin, Y.-H.; Young, L.B.; Cai, R.-F.; Hsu, C.-H.; Wu, C.-T.; Kwo, J.; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Nanomaterials
62020Surface electronic structure of Si<inf>1-x</inf>Ge <inf>x</inf>(001)-2 × 1: A synchrotron radiation photoemission studyCheng, Y.-T.; Wan, H.-W.; Cheng, C.-K.; Cheng, C.-P.; Kwo, J.; Hong, M.; Pi, T.-W.; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Applied Physics Express
72019個人懷舊傾向與神經性人格特質對地方連結之影響王興文(Xing-Wen Wang); 王婷萱(Ting-Hsuan Wang); 鄭佳昆(Chia-Kuen Cheng); CHIA-KUEN CHENG 造園景觀學報
82019近五年戶外遊憩研究之議題定位與趨勢-以引用之國際期刊來源分析王婷萱(Ting Hsuan Wang); 沈立(Li Shen); 鄭佳昆(Chia Kuen Cheng); CHIA-KUEN CHENG 戶外遊憩研究
92019Topological insulator Bi <inf>2</inf> Se <inf>3</inf> films on rare earth iron garnets and their high-quality interfacesChen, C.C.; Chen, K.H.M.; Fanchiang, Y.T.; Tseng, C.C.; Yang, S.R.; Wu, C.N.; Guo, M.X.; Cheng, C.K.; Huang, S.W.; Lin, K.Y.; Wu, C.T.; Hong, M.; Kwo, J.; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Applied Physics Letters
102019Epitaxy of High-Quality Single-Crystal Hexagonal Perovskite YAlO<inf>3</inf> on GaAs(111)A Using Laminated Atomic Layer DepositionYoung, L.B.; Cheng, C.-K.; Lin, K.-Y.; Lin, Y.-H.; Wan, H.-W.; Cai, R.-F.; Lo, S.-C.; Li, M.-Y.; Hsu, C.-H.; Kwo, J.; Hong, M.; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Crystal Growth and Design
112018地方依附對遊憩景點衝擊知覺之影響探討-以假日之森海岸與風力發電廠為例王婷萱(Ting-Hsuan Wang); 沈立(Li Shen); 鄭佳昆(Chia-Kuen Cheng); CHIA-KUEN CHENG 造園景觀學報
122018Strongly exchange-coupled and surface-state-modulated magnetization dynamics in Bi2Se3/yttrium iron garnet heterostructuresFanchiang Y.T; Chen K.H.M; Tseng C.C; Chen C.C; Cheng C.K; Yang S.R; Wu C.N; Lee S.F; Hong M; Kwo J.; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Nature Communications
132018A new stable, crystalline capping material for topological insulatorsLin H.Y; Cheng C.K; Chen K.H.M; Tseng C.C; Huang S.W; Chang M.T; Tseng S.C; Hong M; Kwo J.; CHIA-KUEN CHENG APL Materials
142018High-quality thulium iron garnet films with tunable perpendicular magnetic anisotropy by off-axis sputtering – correlation between magnetic properties and film strainWu C.N; CHIA-KUEN CHENG et al. Scientific Reports
152017Van der Waals epitaxy of topological insulator Bi2Se3 on single layer transition metal dichalcogenide MoS2Chen K.H.M; CHIA-KUEN CHENG et al. Applied Physics Letters
162017Enhancement of effective dielectric constant using high-temperature mixed and sub-nano-laminated atomic layer deposited Y2O3/Al2O3 on GaAs(001)Lin K.Y; CHIA-KUEN CHENG et al. Microelectronic Engineering
172017GaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor push with molecular beam epitaxy Y2O3 – In comparison with atomic layer deposited Al2O3Wan H.W; Lin K.Y; Cheng C.K; Su Y.K; Lee W.C; Hsu C.H; Pi T.W; Kwo J; Hong M.; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Journal of Crystal Growth
182017Atomic layer deposited single-crystal hexagonal perovskite YAlO3 epitaxially on GaAs(111)AYoung L.B; CHIA-KUEN CHENG et al. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces and Films
192016Exploring compatible facility colors and associated colors for outdoor recreational spacesCheng, Chia-Kuen; Lee, Yin-Chieh; Shen, Li; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Color Research and Application
202015Bonding to a new place never visited: Exploring the relationship between landscape elements and place bondingCheng, Chia-Kuen; Kuo, Huei-Yu; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Tourism Management
212015The Influence of Place Change on Place Bonding: A Longitudinal Panel Study of Renovated Park UsersCheng, Chia-Kuen; Chou, Shu-Farn; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Leisure Sciences
222015Positioning Usa in the Chinese Outbound Travel MarketLi, Xiang; Cheng, Chia-Kuen; Kim, Hyounggon; Li, Xiangping; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research
232014Modeling daily visits to the 2010 Taipei International Flora ExpositionSu, Ai-Tsen; Cheng, Chia-Kuen; Lin, Yann-Jou; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Urban Forestry & Urban Greening
242011An examination of tourism journal developmentCheng, Chia-Kuen; Li, Xiang; Petrick, James F.; O'Leary, Joseph T.; CHIA-KUEN CHENG Tourism Management
252009Integrating Social Marketing into Sustainable Resource Management at Padre Island National Seashore: An Attitude-Based Segmentation ApproachLai, Po-Hsin; Sorice, Michael G.; Nepal, Sanjay K.; Cheng, Chia-Kuen Environmental Management 
262009An examination of tourism journal development. Tourism ManagementCheng, Chia-Kuen ; Li, X.; Petrick, J. F.; O'Leary, J. T.Tourism Management 
272009熟悉度於不同情境下對視覺景觀偏好之影響探討鄭佳昆 ; 沈立; 全珍衡戶外遊憩研究
282008A systematic comparison of first-time and repeat visitors via a two-phase online surveyLi, Xiang Robert; Cheng, Chia-Kuen ; Kim, Hyounggon; Petrick, James F.Tourism Management 
291996以相片評估造園鋪面材料之可行性研究鄭佳昆 ; 林晏州(Lin, Yann-Jou)台大農學院研究報告